Grapevine: President's PAC wants to give Brits a raise?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

London Calling

A new ad out by the Obama camp urges congress to "Give America a Raise"-- but at least one of the hard working Americans in the ad-- appears to be a Brit.

The President's PAC-- Organizing for Action-- released the spot-- which employs images of America’s work force-- in an appeal to raise the minimum wage.

But upon closer inspection, this woman from the opening seconds of the ad-- is riding the British Overground train-- not the D.C. metro, New York subway, or Chicago's “L”.

An OFA official says the error has been corrected-- and was a result of the clip being pulled from stock footage.

This kind of error is not uncommon.
Last year, we told you how another stock photo slip-up-- led to Pittsburgh's skyline making a cameo-- in Anthony Weiner's bid for New York mayor.

Job Well Done?

The company responsible for building the disastrously flawed ObamaCare website-- has been given several more government contracts-- all while was imploding.

The Daily Caller reports-- the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-- has awarded six contracts -- totaling $37 million--  to CGI Federal -- since the launch of on October 1.

CGI tells The Daily Caller-- some of those deals may have been modifications of existing contracts.

Last month-- the administration fired CGI from its role as prime contractor of the ObamaCare website.
CMS has not answered our request for a comment.

Send Him Back

And finally-- a Senator who is not afraid to admit what many Americans are thinking-- the U.S. would be better off-- without Justin Bieber.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner was on a morning radio show yesterday, when he was asked about the petition to have the much-troubled Canadian pop star deported.

That petition has almost 250,000 signatures.

The senator did not appear to know about the campaign -- but responded quote-- "As a dad with three daughters -- is there some place I can sign?"

Bieber has had numerous recent run-ins with the law, including a DUI arrest.

Warner later tweeted quote-- "It's true. I'm not a Belieber."