Grapevine: Pelosi's US history mix-up

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Two seventh-graders in Virginia could possibly be expelled from school for playing with a pellet gun.

They were not at school. They were not on a school bus. They reportedly were in one of the boys' front yard -- private property. A TV station in Virginia Beach talked with one of the boys.


KHALID CARABALLO, STUDENT: Because we were in our yard and this had nothing to do with school. I didn't have any of this at the school at any time.


A neighbor called 911. The TV station confirmed with her that the boys were taking target practice using a Zombie Hunter Airsoft gun.

There was a net behind the target to catch the plastic pellets.

The neighbor says she was uncomfortable -- as a mom -- seeing a boy pointing a gun.

The middle school principal conducted an investigation and claims the boys shot at people near a bus stop on public property.

A school official tells Fox, one of the boys will be sent to an alternative school.

He may be allowed to return to his regular school in the second semester with good behavior, we're told.

Minority Report

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has her history a bit mixed up.

At a Center for American Progress event she said, in part -- quote -- "To paraphrase what our founders said in the Constitution of the United States -- they said the truths that are self-evident, that every man and woman, that men and women were created equal and that we must go forward in recognition of that."

As you may have noticed, the reference to self-evident truths is actually in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

Transparent Administration

Monday, the White House marked Bisexual Visibility Day with an event that was not visible to the media or the public.

About two dozen activists from across the country came to a roundtable discussion about issues facing the bisexual community.

The official event was closed -- meaning we, and you are not allowed to know what went on at the celebration of visibility.

We asked the White House about that but have not heard back.