Grapevine: ObamaCare opponents the biggest losers of 2013?

And now for the first 2014 fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Trouble & More Trouble

We have told you for months about the shoddy website rollout -- mass plan cancellations -- low enrollment -- misinformation -- and the many other issues plaguing ObamaCare.

Put simply -- it's a story that just is not going away.

Despite all of this – Executive Editor Richard Wolffe thinks "ObamaCare haters" were the biggest losers of 2013.

“They really thought they had that moment. The health care site was just ready to fail completely, this was the last chance that they could stop this train wreck.”

“And then it got fixed. And then people started to get better health care.”

“And all of those individual stories that they globbed on to and said -- 'Look, someone didn't get the health care' -- it turned out to be untrue."

Wolffe went on to compare ObamaCare opponents to people still fighting WWII on a lost island.

The latest Fox polls show two out of three Americans want ObamaCare delayed at least a year.

That's a lot of haters.


If President Obama's pollster had his way -- we would not be able to tell you -- what we just told you.

Joel Benenson's New Year's wish to Politico's Playbook -- is for news outlets to stop reporting -- polls -- for an entire year.

The Daily Caller described the resolution as “strikingly candid and pessimistic” -- noting that if reporters followed his plan -- the public would not hear the president's approval numbers until after the 2014 midterm election.

The latest Fox poll shows the president's approval rating at just 41 percent.

Peace on Earth

Finally -- as the Telegraph put it -- by French standards -- it was a peaceful New Year's Eve.

France's Interior Minister says “only” 1,067 cars were set ablaze.

All things considered -- he says -- it was a positive result -- since it was a 10 percent reduction from a year earlier.

Young French partiers -- often in poor neighborhoods -- have been torching cars since at least the 1990s.