Grapevine: Musical political profiling

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Musical Profiling

Pandora says it knows which way you lean politically by what music you listen to.

The National Journal reports, the music streaming service is going to target ads to its listeners after sizing up what party they might favor.

Listen to country? Chances are you will vote Republican.

A fan of jazz? You're a Democrat.

Jam to classic rock or hip-hop? It's a little harder to tell.

So does its theory hold up? That's really the question.

Spotify reports Stevie Wonder and Beyonce top President Obama's playlist.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio listens to everything from Tupac to electronic dance music.

And Republican Congressman Paul Ryan listens to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin on his iPod.

Act of Congress

Believe it or not, it took an act of Congress to make sure our military's American flags are not made in other countries.

Last month, a bill passed requiring all flags purchased by the Pentagon be 100 percent made in America.

The office of California Congressman Mike Thompson -- who sponsored the legislation -- says the bill is about making sure all DOD flags are made in the U.S. with 100 percent U.S. products.

The Pentagon says in the past all flags were made in the U.S. but it could not guarantee all the materials used in the flags were American made.

Never Too Old

And finally, a Florida man is proving you are never too old to make a difference.

A 101-years-old, Joe Newman is running for Congress.

He lived through the depression and two world wars.

He says his fruit of experience far surpasses everyone else in the race.

But he knows he will not be around forever.

Quote -- "At 101 years of age, a natural term limit exists and I have no designs on a lengthy political career."