Grapevine: Marine vet left behind inside VA clinic

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Upgrade Needed

Upgrading computers is expensive but, of course, makes them more efficient.

In government, sometimes it is just as expensive.

In 2008, the Social Security administration embarked on a plan to replace computer systems handing disability claims saying the upgrade would take two to three years.

Now, six years later, the improvements are still two to three years away from being done and have already cost taxpayers nearly $300 million.

With the project still in the testing phase critics are calling the program an IT Boondoggle.

An outside consultant group was brought in and found that no single person was in charge.

An assistant deputy commissioner has now taken the lead and says the administration is committed to deliver the upgrades though the agency can't say when they will be done or how much it will cost.

Sole Survivor

The warrior ethos is leave no one behind.

One Marine veteran was left behind -- but not in Iraq or Afghanistan -- but in a Veteran's Affairs doctor's office.

Jeff Duck went to the outpatient clinic for a pain medication refill and waited to be seen, and kept waiting.

After a few hours, he discovered he was all alone in the office and took this video.

Duck says the incident is an indication of just how much fixing the VA has left to do -- quote -- "In the military, you never leave anybody behind...Obviously I was left behind."

The VA has apologized and says they will make changes to prevent any similar problems. No one was there.


Finally, traffic is frequently bad in Los Angeles, everyone knows that, the worst in the nation according to Time Magazine.

And when the president is in town it is a nightmare.

Well, one woman learned that the hard way yesterday, she was in labor -- yes in labor -- and prevented from crossing the street to a medical center because the road was shut down for the motorcade.

Local reports say, a few medical staff made their way to her.

Critics called it unbelievable and a bad PR move, while others said it just part of the necessary security.

The woman waited about 30 minutes, before heading in to the clinic in time to have her baby.