Grapevine: Los Angeles to bribe people to vote?

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Friendly Fire

Choosing your friends is important in politics.

And that's something Florida Governor Rick Scott's re-election campaign is learning again.

This is Mikael Duarte-Torres a Florida small business owner in a Spanish language ad for the governor.

The problem?

The Miami Herald reports in 2010, Duarte-Torres was convicted of human smuggling on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten.

The ad is no longer running.

But this is not the first time Governor Scott has had this problem.

The Tampa Bay Times reports back in April, the campaign released a Web ad using video of a city manager who had previously resigned over corruption charges.

Out of the Box Thinking

Los Angeles is considering an unusual approach to getting out the vote...bribes.

The City Ethics Commission has approved a measure authorizing a cash prize for voters.

Officials say voter turnout is truly depressing.

Many local residents don't like the plan, warning it would attract people who know nothing about candidates or issues.

Heavy Hitting

Finally, negative political campaigns are tough and often personal.

New York Congressman Tom Reed says his opponent has crossed the line by using old and unflattering photos of him.

Pictures in numerous ads for Democrat challenger Martha Robertson show Reed before his 2013 surgery to lose weight.

Reed -- seen with his wife in the picture on the right -- claims to have lost 100 pounds since the procedure.

Robertson's spokesman defends the commercials, saying -- quote -- "Tom Reed is desperately trying to distract voters from the issues we raise in our ad."