Grapevine: Krispy Kreme marketing plan goes all wrong in UK

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Weather Wimps

Washington is frequently the butt of jokes for its propensity to shut down at the first sight of snow.

But the district was not the only capital to take a snow day Tuesday, as a freshman state politician quickly found out.

North Carolina State Senator Jeff Jackson showed up to work yesterday in Raleigh and found he was the only lawmaker to do so.

Instead of grabbing a sled and taking off, the Democrat and his sense of humor turned to Twitter.

Quote -- "No problem getting a parking space this morning.

Then, on to his legislative agenda -- quote -- "I think I'm the only legislator in the building. Let me take care of a few things. Medicaid --  expanded. Teachers -- paid. Film -- jobs. Went ahead and got rid of puppy mills. Not sure why that took so long..."

By the end of the day, Jackson had attracted the attention of lobbyists, he joked -- quote -- "even the false appearance of power gets their attention."

There He Joes Again

Vice President Joe Biden -- a frequent figure here in the Grapevine -- has earned his spot once again. For the warm welcome he showed new Defense Secretary Ash Carter's wife yesterday, as her husband delivered his first speech in office.

Biden kept his hands on Stephanie Carter's shoulders for several seconds apparently whispering something in her ear.

Well, word of the veep's latest hands-on approach spread quickly. He was dubbed "America's Creepy Uncle" and "a walking HR violation."

Biden's touching should not come as a surprise, after this awkward moment with a senator's daughter during swearing-in ceremonies last month.

And countless other moments over the years that clearly have many Americans -- at least on social media -- shaking its collective head.

Glazing Over History

And finally, a marketing plan for doughnuts that went horribly wrong.

Krispy Kreme in the U.K. rolled out a new, alliterative promotion this week for Krispy Kreme Klub Wednesdays.

They called it "KKK Wednesdays."

Apparently, the advertising team and execs who signed off did not think of the racist connotation the term might bring to mind.

The campaign has been pulled and the doughnut chain has apologized.

The promotion will continue under a new name.