Grapevine: Judge cuts abortion clinic's health code fines

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Bargain Settlement

A judge in Chicago has reduced a fine against an abortion Clinic for extensive health code violations--
from $36,000 -- down to just 77 bucks.

During an inspection in 2011 the Illinois Health Department found a laundry list of problems at the Women's Aid Clinic-- from rust and dirt in exam rooms -- to storing fetal tissue in the same freezer as TV dinners-- to a soiled paper towel being removed from the trash-- and used on a patient's food tray.

Court documents show a lawsuit was also filed against the clinic for not performing CPR on a patient who later died.

The Thomas Moore Society--a public interest group-- reports that a judge reduced fines to just $77 after the owner claimed the clinic had been shut down -- and that was all the money left.

The Thomas Moore Society claims a new facility-- just like the old one-- has opened in the same place-- with the same website.

Life Imitating Art

A new, steamy twist in the real-life soap opera playing out between billionaire George Soros and his soap star ex-girlfriend.

It happened Tuesday during a deposition for a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by 30-year-old Brazilian actress Adriana Ferreyr -- against the 83-year-old—for allegedly going back on a promise to give her a posh condo in New York City-- he gave it to his new wife instead.

The New York Daily News obtained court documents alleging Ferreyr lost her cool-- to put it mildly-- going on a profanity-laced tirade---

And attacking several people after she was told she could not video tape her deposition to send to the media.

Soros' lawyer claims she lunged at Soros-- hitting him in the head, and knocking off his headphones.

She's also accused of punching both lawyers-- and slapping an assistant to Soros-- before kicking him in the shins.

I'm Lovin' It

And finally-- nothing says romance-- like a night beneath the Golden Arches.

A McDonald's in Tampa is transforming for Valentine's Day into a sit-down restaurant, complete with waiters, flowers, and fake candles.

What isn't changing-- is the menu -- because nothing says romance-- like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The restaurant is fully booked-- with more than 40 reservations for tomorrow night.

The Tampa Bay Times reports a similar concept has reportedly been quite successful at a Mickey D's in North Carolina

A special event there-- live music-- by a performer known as Ron.