Grapevine: Hawaii advises woman to shorten her name

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Idol Thoughts

An elementary school student had to re-do a school assignment this week, because she wrote about God.

A Memphis TV station reports the teacher told students to write about their idol.

10-year-old Erin Shed chose God.

Her mother says the teacher made the girl start over, telling her to keep religion out of it -- God cannot be her idol.

The second time, Erin chose Michael Jackson, which the teacher deemed an appropriate idol.

School officials say teachers cannot promote religion, but there is no rule against students writing about God.

"New" is a Relative Term

The pope has a new set of wheels -- well, new to him, at least.

Pope Francis has obtained a 1984 Renault which he plans on driving around by himself.

The nearly 30-year-old car was donated by an Italian priest who used it to visit parishioners.

The priest says he took the pope for a test drive this past weekend and he's ready to go.

This does not mean the real "Popemobile" is obsolete.

The pope will likely use his new car -- or relatively new care to him -- mostly for short trips on Vatican grounds.

It's Complicated

And finally, the woman who has been advised by her state to change her last name, because it's causing all kinds of problems.

This, is Janice's last name -- Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele.

It is 35 letters long, and does not fit on her Hawaii driver's license.

Instead, the Hawaii Department of Transportation cuts her last name off and doesn't include her first and middle name at all.

She says that has led to confusion during traffic stops, and you can imagine the TSA at the airport.

Well, the Fox affiliate in Honolulu says the county had a suggestion -- change your name, or shorten it.

But Janice says no way -- it is her late husband's last name and she's keeping it.

Now the Hawaii Department of Transportation is working on a way to fit 40 characters on the license.