Grapevine: Flip-flop for man with Romney-Ryan tattoo

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

News Judgment

On the same day that former "Today Show" producer Jeff Zucker has been tapped to head CNN, some are questioning the network's editorial decision-making.

Conservative site NewsBusters reports that the March for Life -- which drew tens of thousands of peaceful pro-life marchers to Washington D.C. earlier this year -- was given but two brief mentions on the channel.

By comparison, the protesters who stripped naked in House Speaker John Boehner's office -- not shown here -- were interviewed for almost five minutes Wednesday.

Soledad O'Brien's first question -- quote -- "So how did you get naked into the speaker's office?...That can't be easy to get access and then take off all your clothes."

O'Brien let the protesters talk about AIDS funding and budget cuts and closed the interview thanking them for keeping their clothes on while in the studio.

Money Talks

Feminist activist Sandra Fluke is auctioning off an hour of her time for a political strategy session.

The College Fix quotes from the auction page -- quote -- "Social justice advocate Sandra Fluke will help you harness the power of activism and/or advocacy...You bring the expertise on your issue, and Sandra will bring her sharp strategic mind and national experience."

If the offer sounds tempting, it's probably also worth noting that it won't be a face-to-face meeting. The strategy session will take place on the phone or via Skype.

According to the rules, even if you do not feel you've gotten your money's worth all sales are final.


And finally, a man who was arguably one of former presidential nominee Mitt Romney's most ardent supporters has flip-flopped.

Eric Hartsburg, the professional wrestler who inked the Romney-Ryan logo on his face for five grand was initially intent on keeping that tattoo.

On Election Day, he told Politico he would never have it removed. Now he is planning to laser it off -- a process that could take a year.

Hartsburg was disheartened by Romney's post-election comments, particularly, that the president won because of gifts to various constituencies.

Quote -- "It stands not only for a losing campaign but for a sore loser. He's pretty shameful as far as I'm concerned."