Grapevine: 'Flash frozen' fish in Norway

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Silent Fight

A California first-grader was silenced while giving a presentation to her class because she mentioned the bible in an assignment about Christmas.

The teacher told the class to bring in something representing a holiday tradition for their families.

Brynn Williams brought in the star from her Christmas tree.

When the 6-year-old mentioned that the wise men followed the star to find the baby Jesus, the teacher abruptly ended the presentation.

The principal backed the teacher's decision, saying they did not want other students to be offended.

The Temecula Valley Unified School District is looking into the incident.

International Affair

The sex scandal involving the president of France, may be causing a predicament for the White House.

President Francois Hollande admits he is going through quote -- "struggles" in his relationship with his partner -- but not wife -- Valerie Trierweiler.

Hollande is rumored to be having another relationship with an actress.

The French leader is scheduled to visit Washington next month and be the guest of honor at a state dinner.

So now the big question -- does he get a plus one?

Quote -- "Quel dommage" -- House Foreign Affairs Committee member Gerry Connolly tells The Hill. What a predicament to have.

Hollande's partner was included on the White House invitation mailed out last month.

Spokesman Jay Carney says, there have been no changes.

The whole affair is re-igniting debate about whether France's first lady should be a taxpayer-funded -- if informal -- position.

The Guardian reports that Trierweiler's office and staff cost taxpayers more than $22,000 a month.

Flash Frozen

And finally, a new meaning to the term "flash frozen."

Norway -- which has pushed the UN for ambitious reforms to address global warming is home to the Lovund Bay.

A few days ago, it got so cold, so fast, the fish were frozen in place.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reports, it was not the temperature of 18 degrees that caused the instant ice, but rather the sharp wind that blew in quickly.

Some biologists speculate that the herring were likely being chased by a predator when that breeze came -- hence the close grouping of fish.