Grapevine: Background check firm accused of cutting corners

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Waste, Fraud, & Abuse

The same security firm that did government background checks on NSA leaker Edward Snowden -- and the man who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard last year -- is being accused of cutting corners in the vetting process.

The Justice Department is suing United States Investigations Service-- the largest private provider of security checks for Uncle Sam.
It alleges more than 650,000 background investigations on government employees -- were not done correctly -- and were fraudulently charged to the government.

DOJ says USIS cheated the government out of millions of dollars by using a system designed to approve candidates quickly -- and without going through the proper review process.

The company says it is cooperating with the government's investigation -- and that oversight has been improved.

The Little Things

A student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro -- arrested for trying to use counterfeit money -- apparently did not read the fine print.
But somebody else did.

The bills look pretty convincing -- until you look at the signature circled here.

In the place reserved for the Treasury Secretary -- the first name on the fake bill is Moe -- last name Money.

The woman was taken into custody and nearly $13,000 worth of fake money was seized.

Northern Hospitality

Russian hotels are getting a crash course in customer service as part of Olympic preparations.

The Olympic hospitality workshops are teaching hotel workers how to smile at strangers -- maintain eye contact -- and deal with difficult people.

Those hotels could be welcoming guests and athletes dressed in the new USA uniforms released today.

Reaction to the Ralph Lauren design has been -- rough.

Some called them perfect -- for an ugly sweater party.

Deadspin called them knit patriotic barf.

Relevant Magazine tweeted --
"Please thank your grandma for all her work on this year's USA Olympic Uniforms"

At least they were made in America -- unlike the ones from two years ago