Grapevine: Are TV shows getting faster?

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A Need for Speed

If you feel like re-runs of your favorite TV shows are just flying by it is not your imagination.

Some cable networks have been speeding up TV shows and movies to fit in more commercials.

You have probably noticed closing credits often fly by way too fast to read them.

But now, the Wall Street Journal reports some actual shows are playing in fast forward, albeit, a subtle speed-up to pad that bottom line.

One man noticed, when watching the "Wizard of Oz" on TBS, the Munchkins were singing at an even higher pitch than normal which is what happens at slightly faster speeds.

The Journal reports "Seinfeld" and "Friends" on TNT and TV Land have also been "compressed" -- as the industry calls it.

It is an effort to make up for declining ad revenue and waning viewership.

Critics say the result is damaging -- more ads makes each one less effective and diminishes the overall viewer experience.

Home Is Where the Border Is

A homeowner who lives on the New York-Connecticut border was shocked to learn that a mistake by the bank allowed half of her house to be sold to her neighbor for a mere $275.

Half of Rosanne Di Guilio's house is in New Fairfield, Connecticut. The other half is in Brewster, New York.

She tells the New York Post the bank failed to pay taxes on the New York side of her house for several years forcing it into foreclosure.

She had no idea, but one of her neighbors reportedly saw a notice, and then bid on it, securing the kitchen, living room, and porch for under $300.

Then her neighbor demanded $150,000 to sell it back.

The bank is now negotiating with the neighbor.

Answering the Call

And finally, some Virginia firefighters came to the aid of one of America's heroes who found himself in a real jam.

The U.S. Marine was scheduled to get married Saturday, but a pipe burst at his wedding venue.

His deployment date -- the very next day.

That's when Arlington Fire Station Five stepped in.

The captain says he could not say no to a serviceman in need.

His crew cleaned up a fire truck bay, set up chairs, and pulled together a ceremony for the Marine and his beaming bride complete with a first dance.