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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Welcome to “Hannity.”

Buckle up. Tonight, a system wide meltdown at our southern border. This is real.

Now, that according to senior DHS officials. They are sounding the alarm about the very real crisis now spiraling out of control this very hour in a major way. Illegal immigration is surging. Border Patrol is expected to make 100,000 apprehensions this month alone. The majority of those taken into custody are family units or accompanied minors.

One senior official telling Fox News tonight that the volume of migrants is unsustainable. Major ports of entry are now facing serious backlogs. Hundreds of trucks delivering important cargo wait around to be processed. U.S. border personnel are overwhelmed tonight. Cartels, drug traffickers, human traffickers, are now more dangerous than ever, in more danger, when you think about it, putting us in more danger.

And get this, it's about to get worse. Another massive migrant caravan is on the way. We are literally at a breaking point, which is why the president is standing by his pledge, he may have to close the southern border completely. Let's take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Mexico. I wanted to close it. Mexico said, no, no, no, first time in decades. We will not let anybody get through. And they apprehended over 1,000 people today at their southern border. But they don't want the border closed.

You know who else doesn't want the border closed? The Democrats. They don't want the border closed.

I agree, it's going to be a big toll, but trade and commerce and making money for our country, it's all very important. But to me, the most important job I have is the security of our country, even more important than those other things I talked about.


HANNITY: It's also why this weekend, the president cut off U.S. aid to three countries. On this program, we've been raising serious concerns about this very real crisis on our southern border. For years, it's worse than other, and for good reason.

We've all seen images, tens of thousands, unvetted, undocumented individuals carrying flags from different countries, demanding entry into the United States. We have all seen the data. We repeated it often, including the devastation from heroin. That's right, 90 percent of that drug pours across that southern border, responsible for nearly 300 deaths each and every week in this country. Never mind fentanyl.

Now, we've also heard directly from Border Patrol personnel. They are calling out, they are asking for help, asking for walls, asking for more agents, asking for more security equipment. Even the border patrol chief under President Obama, who will join us tonight, he is saying, this is not a manufactured crisis, a very real emergency.

Remember when the media mob, the press arm of the extreme radical Democratic socialist party, they were all using the same phrase, "manufactured crisis." You know, you have the Democrats and you have the media mob using the same exact words. You can't even come alike, separate them or delineate them by picking different words. That's how connected they are.

Watch this.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: President Trump must stop holding America hostage, must stop manufacturing the crisis.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y., SENATE MINORITY LEADER: This president just use the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The big scam of the whole address was that there is a crisis. There is not a crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Locals are telling him at the border, even conservatives, is that there isn't a national security crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Donald Trump is manufacturing a national security crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The notion we have a crisis there, a security crisis, is absolute nonsense.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some questioned if there is a question at all as the president has claimed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is not a crisis of the border. It's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political win.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This artificial crisis that the president isn't going to justify his appropriating money for a wall that Congress is unwilling to give.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there a crisis at the border? The president s says there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. Is there?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's determined to convince you there's a crisis at the border, even though an intelligence official tells CNN, quote, no one is saying this is a crisis except them.


HANNITY: Drug cartels, gangs, let's see, in a two-year period, 4,000-plus homicides, 30,000 plus sexual assaults, oh, and 100,000 violent assaults by illegal immigrant criminals, the 2 percent. Remember, they were always the same people spreading a conspiracy theory about President Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, for two years on collusion. Their hatred trip for Trump overrides any common sense, logic, or even a real national security, humanitarian emergency at our southern border.

Remember, these countries, people in these countries are seeing this while being built. Other areas fixed. They are seeing this as their last opportunity to maybe get into America illegally.

So, we sent our Fox News contributor, our very special contributor, Lawrence Jones, to the great border state of Texas. See what they think of the ongoing manufactured crisis. Take a look.


LAWRENCE JONES, CONTRIBUTOR: So, Beto O'Rourke is running for president. You are already shaking your head. He says that we should tear the wall down that we already have.


JONES: As a Texas resident, you don't feel like that's reasonable?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, not at all. We need to keep the walls up. If people want to come here, they can come legally.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it would be a huge mistake. We have to have borders. We got to enforce the immigration laws.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do believe like they should tear down the walls all together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Leave the fencing, but that's enough. We have enough border security. I don't feel like we need to build the wall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We put borders up to secure the country and secure Texas and, you know, secure the sovereignty of the United States. So, I think the border is there for a reason.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think fencing is a good idea, like I think the wall is becoming kind of (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's all kinds of cyber intelligence security, of course, right?

JONES: How do you stop them from crossing over?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hhmmm. I am certain there is technology that is better than a wall.

JONES: Do you feel like there is a current crisis with the border right now?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The logical conclusion is you would be naive to say there is no issue at all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think the borders are being overwhelmed right now, it's over taxing the citizens of Texas, and is overtaxing the citizens of the United States.

JONES: The president said if they don't get it together, then he will shutdown the entire border. What say you to that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It does sound extreme. If it needs to be done, let's do it. Let's do it.


HANNITY: We will continue to track the emergency at our southern border very closely and show what you other networks will not actually report: facts. That's coming up tomorrow. Lawrence will be with the border w patrol agents in Laredo, Texas, a special segment. You don't want to miss out. We'll have more on that also later tonight.

But, first, we tend to our very important "Hannity Watch" on the radical, extreme Democratic socialist 2020 candidates.

And breaking just moments ago, according to "The New York Times," two more women have now come forward to accuse creepy, crazy Uncle Joe Biden of inappropriate conduct. This includes one survivor of sexual assault who claims, quote: Biden rested his hand on her thigh, even as she squirmed in her seat, showing him discomfort. And according to reports, creepy crazy Uncle Joe is not happy that his cringe-worthy, unsolicited, multiple public displays of affection is a big issue now in this campaign.

Instead of owning up to his creepy behavior and apologizing, Biden's camp is blaming everybody, even Bernie Sanders campaign, of course, the smears and forgeries from the right wing trolls. But a picture like that and so many others speak thousands of words on their own. These images do not look good.

The Sanders campaign denying that they planted the story. And wasn't it the Democratic Party that told us we are supposed to believe all women? No due process. No presumption of an innocence. Anyone accused, should just sit down and shut up. Remember this?


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF.: I believe her. Listen, first of all, anybody who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the United States Senate against someone who is being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the United States government, that takes an extraordinary amount of coverage.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D-HI: Not only do women like Dr. Ford who bravely come forward need to be heard, but they need to be believed. They need to be believed.

I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up and step up. Do the right thing.

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, D-CONN.: Let me just say right at the outset, I believe Dr. Ford. I believe the survivor here.

SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND, D-N.Y.: I believe her. I stand with her.


HANNITY: I believe, I believe, I believe. Well, I guess that doesn't apply to the women that are accusing Biden of harassing allegedly and quite frankly really any other Democrat.

You want another example? Oh, do they believe the women that have been accusing the Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, facing two serious separate horrific allegations of violent sexual assault and rape?

Why are all of the "I believe women" crowd people? Are they protesting in the streets of Richmond? Have they demanded his firing or a criminal investigation?

Nope. Virginia Democrats won't even hold a bipartisan hearing for the accusers. So, now, these two women are speaking out in very powerful interviews. Last night we first showed you this clip from Vanessa Tyson. Take a look.


VANESSA TYSON, FAIRFAX ACCUSER: He was pushing down and pushing down. I could not hold my neck up. I didn't know what was going on. I honestly didn't know what was going on. And the next thing I know, like my head is literally in his crotch.

The sexual assault is an epidemic taking place across the country every day.

GAYLE KING, CBS HOST: What do you want to happen to Fairfax? Why are coming forward?

TYSON: I want him to resign.


HANNITY: And today, the second accuser, Meredith Watson, also speaking out, telling Gayle King how Fairfax allegedly raped her at Duke University. Look at this.


MEREDITH WATSON, FAIRFAX ACCUSER: He did things that you should not do to someone. Without their permission. I tried several times to get up and leave. I was pushed back down.

KING: What happened?

WATSON: He forcibly sexual assaulted and raped me.

KING: And you made it clear, this is not what I want?

WATSON: It was very clear.

KING: Because, you know, he is saying this night was consensual?

WATSON: If you have to hold someone down, it's not consensual.


HANNITY: Both women telling people at the time, scary, heart-wrenching accounts. And the silence is deafening. The lieutenant governor because incidents consensual.

On this program, we will be consistent, believing a due process, believing in the presumption of innocence, but we also take these allegations very seriously. By the way, we commend Gayle King for doing the same. And even for Republicans, for once, they did something right with professor Ford. They treated it with a seriousness it deserved. They gave a hearing, and they gave a response for Justice Kavanaugh in those hearings.

And meanwhile, most of the mainstream media just totally, completely content with ignoring those serious allegations, just hoping it goes away. With the exception of a few good journalists, the hatred media mob working in partnership once again with their friends in the Democratic Party.

Fake news CNN, tinfoil hat conspiracy theory network MSNBC, others actively ignoring real scandals, real stories, real evidence about their friends in the Democratic Party acting the exact opposite as they would if it was a Republican. Instead, they spend, what, years pushing collusion, collusion, hoax, collusion, conspiracy theory with no evidence to back it up, while also simultaneously ignoring the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history.

This media mob is prepared to give any Democrat a free pass. And we'll see this play out in real time. Where are all of you "I believers"? Where are you?

Now, for example, Elizabeth Warren is facing zero blowback for calling the president a walking, talking threat to national security. She can say anything she wants. Take a look.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: At least 25 people in this administration have been denied security clearances. Yes. Why? Oh, because they had ties to foreign governments, because they had conflicts of interest, because they had financial problems that made them vulnerable.

What does the president of United States do? Instead of saying, hey, whoa, my responsibility is to watch out for the American people? No. These are friends. These are people with money and with connections. The answer was, just ram them on through.

You know, the Trump administration is a walking, talking, living, breathing threat to national security.


HANNITY: Really, Senator? I think save the lectures because you have been faking your background for decades, and taking advantage of something that was not true -- walking, talking, living, breathing embarrassment. That would be you, to the people of Massachusetts and the country.

Let's not forget two other serious embarrassments of the Democratic Party. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is on a quest to end the Electoral College. So, that means places like New York and California, they will have more power and so, too, is Beto Bozo O'Rourke, actually comparing the Electoral College is slavery.

Sadly, O'Rourke is just one of many radical Democrats running on a platform of how do we get more power? Not more power for the American people, more power for them. More power for the government. More power for a few concentrate -- let's see, people of Washington, New York, New Jersey, let's see, Illinois. They are going to get to decide every president?

I don't think a lot of states are going to want to be participants in that. Power over your wallets, power over your business, they will tell you how to run at, power over your health care, power over your property rights, your gun rights, power over your life.

Don't be fooled by false promises, New Green Deal, no oil, no gas, no combustion engine, no cars, no cows, no planes. Great plan. And everything is free.

The future of America as we know is now at stake, OK? It's that serious.

Before we get our guest, we have one more important breaking story at this hour tonight. We are now learning, according to "The Daily Caller," that George Soros, his backed group paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele nearly $4 million in 2017 to provide research into government entities. That's roughly three times what the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid in 2016.

The outcome is the same. Collusion, let's see? A 9-month FBI report, two congressional investigations and, yes, the Mueller report -- definitive, no collusion, a hoax.

All right. Joining us now with reaction to this, and our top story on immigration, former U.S. Border Patrol chief under Obama, Mark Morgan. Fox News contributor Sarah.

Mark, I just ask you -- I mean, Jeh Johnson is saying what you are doing. You're saying what you're saying. Everybody else in the media, the Democratic Party, there is no crisis at the border.

But in the last term of Barack Obama, those same Democrats supported building a wall, paying to build a wall, thought there was a crisis, it was real, and when President Trump even offered Dreamers and DACA as part of the deal, they wouldn't sit down with him for 5 minutes to negotiate.


MARK MORGAN, FORMER BORDER PATROL CHIEF UNDER OBAMA: Look, that's because they do not want to give the president a victory on this issue. As a law enforcement officer, I can draw no other conclusion. Congress has failed to create legislation to fix the asylum laws and (INAUDIBLE) you just saw precedents -- they failed to give the experts the tools and resources they need still today with incontrovertible evidence, they still refused to admit there's a crisis.

The billions of dollars that we've given the Northern Triangle countries has gone nowhere, and had no impact. And, Mexico, they have gone from total, inept bystanders to facilitators. We have a crisis and the president's absolutely right to threaten to close the border.

HANNITY: All right. You've been down there for us, on your own, multiple times, Sara Carter. I've been down there, what, 10, 12, 14 times, I can't count the actual number. I've seen it up close and person. I've been on a drug warehouse, I've seen tunnels, I even saw a gang member arrested. We have it all on tape.

And for those that say manufactured, why? Why was it not manufactured in a second term of Obama but it is because of Trump? Do you agree with Mark?

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR: I absolutely agree with Mark. It's based on facts. We knew in 2014, Sean, when I was in Texas, along the Rio Grande Valley sector, and there was a flood of unaccompanied minors coming in, even President Obama himself called it a crisis. Democrats in the region called it a crisis.

I can tell you this. The facts speak for themselves. Since 2010, we've seen an increase of unaccompanied minors of 169 percent. Since 2013, we have seen an increase of family unit of over 670 percent. In 2010, there was one out of every 100 would ask for asylum. Now, it's one out of every 10.

We know for a fact, and these are based on facts, that the drug cartels and the criminal trafficking organizations are basically advertising this. They are basically saying, look, we are going to get you in, let's go to end before Trump shuts down the border.

And we know that there are groups within Central America and other parts of Mexico that are actually funneling money to get these people up here and through the border. There are tens of thousands of people waiting to come into this country illegally and many of them haven't even been accounted for. Border Patrol and ICE do not have the resources that they need in order to be able to accurately determine how many people have actually snuck into the country already.

So, we're left with all of these questions. This is a huge crisis. It's a national security issue. It's a human rights issue because all of these young people that are being traffic are not always with their parents. They are with strangers and some of them are being sex traffic into the United States.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this -- how many people, Mark, how many criminal aliens -- I will concede, 98 percent want a better life, they probably see the walls going up I may see things tightening up and up and they say, let me get in quick, which I would argue is -- at least they believe the president. The president obviously didn't have an override to his veto. That means $9 billion allocated, reallocated, not to spend from the Defense Department on the other monies he is available. It's going to go up fairly expeditiously, knowing the president, he does keep promises.

So, my question is, how many more homicides have to take place? How many more Angel Moms and Dads do we need? How many more hundreds of Americans every week dying from the 90 percent of heroine crossing that border, before people see what Sarah sees, what you see, what Jeh Johnson sees, what I see, and clearly what Donald Trump sees?

MORGAN: Sean, that's the question. And from a law enforcement perspective, I've been doing this for 30 years, I don't understand.

Sara is spot on. The American people need to understand that because the Border Patrol is pulled off the line to handle the humanitarian -- I call it day care provider issues -- is that border now is even more wide open. We have no idea what is getting through, but we know the cartels are exploiting this humanitarian crisis to bring additional bad things and bad people into this country. We have no idea who's coming in.

HANNITY: Sara, last word.

CARTER: Well, this is the first time we have a president in office that actually wants to do something about the border. Congress better listen because I believe the president is going to stand by his words and that border will be shut. And, believe me, there's a lot of people backing him on that issue as well.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both. Very important, very informative, and things you won't get elsewhere.

All right. We have a busy news night. Senator Graham's reaction to James Comey talking President Trump.

Also -- OK, we have tonight, Alec Baldwin is being sued. He now has to go to anger management classes. Try to pick a fight with me.

I have the single best tapes of Alec Baldwin of his most insane meltdowns, a “Hannity” exclusive. If you know Alec, tell him to tune in as soon as possible. He doesn't want to miss it.


HANNITY: "The Daily Caller" tonight reporting that the Soros-backed Democracy Integrity Project paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, the foreign agent, a whopping $3.8 million in 2017. Why? To dig up dirt on, quote, government entities.

Now, despite all that we have uncovered, night after night, James Comey, he's continuing to remain defiant, insisting that he has nothing to hide. Try to remind him many times, Jimbo, you have the right to remain quiet. You may want to exercise that right as you dig a deeper hole every day.

Like, oh, signing off on a FISA warrant, saying it's verified, and telling Trump it's salacious but unverified months later. Take a look.


JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: Investigate what? To investigate the investigations we're conducting? What would be the crime you'd be investigating?

So it's a terrible cycle to start. He's already started, calling for the locking t up of his political opponents, including people like me. So it would just be more of that dangerous step and I would hope, although they continue to disappoint me, the Republicans would finally stand up and say, we don't do that kind of thing.

But me, personally, asked me questions, go ahead. I'd like to answer them in the daylight if I could.


HANNITY: I would like to see that, too. We know a lot more than we did before.

Here with reaction, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Senator Lindsey Graham.

When the president was on this program last week, Senator, the president said very clearly, he will -- there will be a cascade of information. Doug Collins today releasing yet another closed door conversation, Bill Priestap, in this very particular case, very revealing.

Then we're going to get the FISA applications, aren't we?


HANNITY: The Grassley-Graham memo said bulk of information came from the phony Hillary bought and paid for Russian dossier. Interesting.

Then, we are going to have a Gang of Eight information, and we'll get 302 information.

Democrats aren't asking for their transparency, but we will get it, and you will continue. You've made that promise to us.

GRAHAM: Yes. Let me tell you why, because millions of Americans believe at the top level of the Department of Justice and the FBI, they wanted Clinton to win and Trump to lose. They manipulated the law to let her off, manipulated the facts and the law to go after Trump, and that's the big deal to a lot of people, Republicans and some independents.

So, I promise you, former Director Comey will get to testify in the light of day. I'll ask him about the dossier, was it the chief reason you got a warrant against Carter Page? Is it verified to this day?

If there's a counterintelligence investigation open against the Trump campaign, why didn't you tell Trump about it so he could do something like you told Feinstein? And at the end of the day, how could you write that Clinton did nothing wrong even before you interviewed her and why did you interview here with two people in the room, her aides, and not under oath? Most people don't get that treatment.

HANNITY: Right. So, the important thing is, your committee will take over where the House Intel Committee left off. It gives you a big leg up.

But then I don't know at what point a lot of this information will be released. I believe the president is serious when he says that information is coming out. You raise a lot of other questions with Comey. I would argue, as Gregg Jarrett and others, lawyers, on this program, have argued, that there is a vulnerability for Comey. There is a vulnerability for Strzok and Page. There's a vulnerability for McCabe.

We know criminal referrals will be coming this week from Devin Nunes, a number of them.

GRAHAM: So the criminality, it's not my job to find out crimes were committed. It's my job as oversight of the executive branch, did they bend the rules, did they break the rules to get an outcome? Did they mislead the FISA court? Do we need to change the rules about FISA courts? Are there any rules at all about counterintelligence operations? Why did you not tell Trump? You told Feinstein she had somebody on her staff working with China. Why didn't you go to Trump and tell him about suspicions about Russia? Was it a back door attempt to get in his campaign?

Some prosecutor, not a politician, needs to look at Comey, McCabe and all of these characters to find out if in fact they broke the law. And I'm hoping Attorney General Barr will assign somebody to this case with the same resources and commitment to look at them as Mueller had to look at Trump.

HANNITY: Let's look really quickly at the border crisis that is going on, even hearing from--


HANNITY: --Barack Obama's Director of Homeland Security yesterday--


HANNITY: --Mark, who we had on earlier in the program. Real crisis. But--


HANNITY: --Donald Trump, his veto was not overridden. That money will be re-appropriated. $9 billion. The President tried to work with Democrats. The things they say they wanted, they wouldn't sit down with him.

GRAHAM: Right.

HANNITY: In a way, it's actually a bigger victory for the President, more money than he ever dreamed of, probably enough to get a real good chunk of this done and complete. But I think these other countries see what's happening, and they're trying to get to that border as quickly as possible knowing it won't be open as long as maybe they thought.

GRAHAM: So I asked the head of the Border Patrol, do you need a wall? And he said, "Absolutely." So the President stood firm. He has more money for a wall than he's ever had because he is willing to declare an emergency and there is one. But he also said if you don't change our laws, the wall won't work. Right now, if you step one foot into the United States and claim asylum, you're entitled to a hearing. We have no place to put you and we release you in the country. If you come here with children, you can only be held 20 days. We'll release you because we have no place to put you. That's why we're being overrun by people from the triangle countries because we can't deport you back to those countries. If you don't change that, you'll never fix this. And I hope Democrats will help us.

HANNITY: All right. Lindsey Graham, thank you. We appreciate you - your commitment to go forward, get to the truth, and those that violated laws, they need to be held accountable. We will do that on this program, as we have promised you.

When we get back, Dan Bongino, Geraldo Rivera, we'll get their reaction. Yes, now, two more women coming forward as it relates to creepy, crazy Uncle Joe Biden. Later, with special reaction, Alec Baldwin, he's tried to pick a fight with me. You will see tape and hear tape tonight that you will - you never heard before. You're going to love it. I like it, love it. Stay tuned.


HANNITY: All right. So the mainstream media mob divided this week as allegations of, yes, more unwanted touching that has surfaced against creepy, well, crazy Uncle Joe Biden. Now, some are defending this in your face, invasive--


HANNITY: --weird behavior. Take a look.


CAROL MOSELEY BRAUN, D-ILL, FORMER SENATOR: To make a big kerfuffle out of this with the man who's done nothing but spend his life in the service of others, I think, is just wrong.

What else he's supposed to do? "Lucy, I'm sorry, I got too close to you?" I mean, seriously, what else is he supposed to do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's one person of allegation that's five years old. And that cannot negate or change or diminish in any way Joe Biden's very strong record, empowering women.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice-over): There's so much about a politician from another school, from those old touchy feely days, put your arm around somebody, give him a hug, give them a kiss. That's the way politicians behaved.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let me just say it. This is ridiculous. It's completely - it's - the whole thing has gotten - the conversation has gotten out of control.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, Fox News contributor, Dan Bongino; Fox News Correspondent-At-Large, Geraldo Rivera. OK. This guy is one - who does this? Then you're a very warm and affectionate guy.


HANNITY: OK. But you're not him.

RIVERA: But like Joe Biden and like the President of the United States, I come from a generation where that was not that bad. It was pretty accepted, generally speaking.

HANNITY: Do you try to kiss the women you don't know on the lips?

RIVERA: It's funny that their (inaudible) person Bridget (ph) said that you don't sniff a stranger unless you are a dog.


RIVERA: An absolute great line. I don't know Joe Biden. (Inaudible) couple of times back in the ‘70s.

HANNITY: Look at the grab, the grope, the fondle, the smell, the nose touching--


RIVERA: --by all accounts, he's a great family man. He - he stuck up for President Obama--


HANNITY: Look at that. Geraldo, who does that?

RIVERA: It's kind of creepy when you look at it--

HANNITY: Oh, thank you.

RIVERA: --without--


HANNITY: Thank you.

RIVERA: --but he has a - he's highly regarded by a lot of people.

HANNITY: You've been on a lot of public events.


HANNITY: People get in your grill. Right?

RIVERA: They do.

HANNITY: And then - and then you're like, OK, you want to step back, then they're getting even closer. And they usually have bad breath. But he's not--

RIVERA: Erica and I - my wife and I debated this, and all of her friends, admittedly they are Democrats say that he is not a sexual predator, he's not - this isn't sexual assault. He may go a little too far--

HANNITY: He grabs your wife by the neck and kisses your wife on the lips, how are you going to feel?

RIVERA: Well, I would - I would whack him. I would whack him.


HANNITY: You make it personal, and Geraldo changes.


HANNITY: Dan - look, it's that, but then the - and I want to get your comments on that. And then there's a real serious side. Where are all the I-believe people? Gayle King doing these interviews with these women alleging rape. And--

RIVERA: Exactly.

HANNITY: And they told people at the time - no I-believers here. No - where are the I-believe, believe-the-women? Where are - where's that group? I guess--

RIVERA: Who's alleging rape?

HANNITY: Well, that's in the case of Lieutenant Governor--

RIVERA: Oh, that.

HANNITY: --of Virginia.


DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, this is why I could never be a liberal. I mean, being a liberal requires you to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and be a total fake and a fraud. Conservatives have been entirely consistent on this. Women are to be taken absolutely seriously, any victim for that m after. They're to be respected. But evidence is to be believed. Everybody can't be believed any time. Anybody can make up a charge against anyone. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often. But we have a system that affords people due process. Conservatives have never changed on that. Liberals came out on Kavanaugh and anybody aligned with the conservative cause at all and, of course, completely jumped the shark and said, "No, women are to be believed."

Well, Sean, what about these women? Why aren't they to be believed? And Sean, there's photographic evidence. And one thing for Geraldo, who is my good buddy. I love Geraldo. No one is accusing Joe Biden being a sexual predator. But can we just be candid here? This is straight up creepy. If this was a guy in a workplace doing this and you had photo evidence, you would run.

Did you see that picture, Sean, of him grabbing Hillary, when she was in the blue pantsuit.

HANNITY: Look at the slow-mo. Look at this.



BONGINO: Hillary looks like she's ready to shoot a double leg takedown to get away from this guy.


BONGINO: She kicked him away quick enough.


RIVERA: --slow dance.


HANNITY: By the way, four women are saying they felt invaded here, and seriously.

RIVERA: Well, I mean, those women who felt invaded have a right to say so, and I think it has, in effect, ended his run for the President. You can take my word for it. Starting right now, I think - I think that it is over. And the one I feel bad about is Al Franken who did so much less than the Vice President--

HANNITY: Excuse me--

RIVERA: --and his career ended. What did he do? He faked - he faked something, sleeping women--


HANNITY: He's creepy, too.

RIVERA: He's not as creepy.

HANNITY: All right. Last word, Dan Bongino.

BONGINO: Listen, Sean, the one thing you never want to be OK as a dude is the close-talker creepy dude.


BONGINO: You just don't. I don't know what a sophisticated way to say that. You don't want to be the close-talking creepy dude.


HANNITY: I just love Geraldo.

BONGINO: Sorry, Joe. This race is over.

HANNITY: If it was my wife, what would you do?

RIVERA: Well, I'd whack him. But (inaudible) like grandpa without any teeth (inaudible).

(LAUGHTER) RIVERA: Come on (inaudible).

(LAUGHTER) RIVERA: Alec Baldwin, wait.

HANNITY: Very well. All right. The great actor, Alec Baldwin, picking a fight. I've got the best tape you've ever seen. You've got to see this next, and Jesse Watters, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Crazy Alec Baldwin, very angry man, becoming more and more unhinged. Well, he's obsessed with Fox News, talk radio, and even yours truly. We've got our back-and-forth over the years. Just listen to him attacking me, The Great One Mark Levin. He was on with Howard Stern. Take a look and listen.


ALEC BALDWIN, AMERICAN ACTOR: Hannity is an idiot and he's an untalented idiot.


BALDWIN (voice-over): He has no talent what-so - he has none.


BALDWIN: He's a ranting - he's like a - he's like a guy who gets (inaudible) like, "what about this immigration, ha? This immigration?"

He's like a Long Island working-class buffoon.


BALDWIN: --where everything is just hate. Sean Hannity, who lacks self- awareness on any level. He's got zero self-awareness.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you had a discussion with him? Have you--?

BALDWIN: No, no, no. Why would I waste my time doing that?


BALDWIN: --horrible broadcaster. Levin is a whacked-out (ph) idiot.


BALDWIN: The things he says are just not interesting.


HANNITY: OK, Alec. I'm so dumb. What I do on radio and TV is so easy. Why have you failed a cable TV news show, a network show? And you and I both know you wanted to work in talk radio. You failed and flopped in both of these businesses over and over again.

Now, just to remind everybody, Alec Baldwin wanted to be a radio talk show host. One day, he was given a chance to try out at a New York station that I worked at. So I called in, The Great One Mark Levin called in. Something really interesting happened. Watch.



HANNITY: Is that Brian Whitman?

WHITMAN: Hi, Sean.

HANNITY: Alec, I wanted to give you an official WABC welcome, considering you were supposed to come on my program last week and you - you didn't show up. What happened?

BALDWIN: No, I wasn't supposed to come on your program, Sean Hannity.



BALDWIN: I wouldn't dream of coming on your program, Sean Hannity. I'm here with Brian. I'm here with a really talented--


HANNITY: --that you are. You don't tell the truth.

BALDWIN: I'm here with a really talented broadcaster. Why would I want to come on the show with a no-talent former construction worker hack like you?


HANNITY: Are you the guy that said that our Vice President, while we're at war, while we're leading troops in harm's way, are you the reckless third- rate Hollywood actor that--

BALDWIN: --all the acid venom spewing and the hatred. It is Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: Well, you're the one--

MARK LEVIN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: --actually we've only just begun. Are you 40 or 50 pounds overweight now?

WHITMAN: Oh, come on now. Who is--?

HANNITY: That's the (inaudible).

WHITMAN: Oh, Mark Levin is--


HANNITY: All right. I wish I could play the whole thing. Have to be and completely embarrassed. Baldwin got so angry. He left his own show that he was hosting, walked out of his own talk show, nowhere to be found. Now, he was the host of Brian Whitman, a good friend of ours. He brought in and helped him get through his first show. Listen to how this ended.


WHITMAN: Listen, Sean--


BALDWIN: (Inaudible).

HANNITY: You don't have courage to debate--



WHITMAN: Come back. Come back. Alec, come back. They are gone. Alec? Alec has walked out of the studio. Alec, please come - please come back. He is in the other room. Alec Baldwin has put on his jacket. And he has left.

I just went into the station lobby to the elevator bank to see if I can find Alec Baldwin and ask him to please return to the radio show, but he is gone.


HANNITY: All right. Alec wasn't done trying out for talk radio. He thinks, "all right, I won't go to a station they know" and went to our affiliate in Philadelphia, WPHT. I have to admit - Alec, I give you credit. This is the greatest tape in the history of radio. So good because you are so bad. Watch.


BALDWIN: When can we take some calls, Ivan (ph)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Whenever we want.

BALDWIN: Do we have calls that are on there now?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No calls yet. No calls yet.

BALDWIN: No calls yet. Why didn't (ph) people call to get on the air? I mean, do we have that number?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's right in there and--

BALDWIN: Oh, do I have the call number in front of me? Oh, I'm so sorry. That's interesting. Interesting. Do we have any calls yet there, Ivan (ph)? No calls. Let's read some more about scientology. Is Sean Hannity, a scientologist - Alec Baldwin posing the big questions tonight here. Do we have any calls here yet, Ivan (ph)? None. Boy! It's just incredible.



HANNITY: That was a real trap. No calls. So eventually he just called his mother to be the caller. And we can't forget ever Alec's lowlights. This is only a small sampling.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope you choke to death.




BALDWIN: Do you hear what I said?


BALDWIN: You got to answer me. Yes or no?


BALDWIN: If you're here when my wife and my kid come out here, you've got a big problem. You know that, don't you?


BALDWIN: Maybe you are as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?



BALDWIN: You're the one that almost hit my wife with the microphone at her face?


BALDWIN: You didn't?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: --almost hit your wife.

BALDWIN: Yes? Yes?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I honestly did not--


BALDWIN: Yes? Do you want to apologize to my family?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn't hit her.

BALDWIN: I asked you a question. Do you want to apologize to--



BALDWIN: I asked you a question. Can you get the (inaudible) out of here?




BALDWIN (voicemail to his daughter): So you better be ready Friday, the 20th, to meet with me, so I'm going to let you know just how I feel about what a rotten little pig you really are.


HANNITY: Out of respect for his daughter and his brother Stephen, I'll just stop there. Because Alec - he had a rough time. TV shows failure, talk radio career collapsed before he even started. You know what, Alec? After you work out your anger management classes and your legal issues and you're being sued today because you fought over a parking spot because you were too cheap to get one yourself, maybe you can try again.

And let me be clear. I'm extremely proud 20 years, two decades of my life, yes, son of a prison guard and a family probation court officer, yes, I spent two decades in my life doing every job in a restaurant, construction worker you could ever do. All of them. I'm really proud of it. It makes me who I am today, taught me the value of hard work, helped me understand, you know what, what my grandparents and parents went through.

All right. Here with reaction, Jesse Watters, and Geraldo still stays with- -


HANNITY: Greatest tape ever. Call me. Call me. Ivan (ph), any more call? Call me.

JESSE WATTERS, THE FIVE CO-HOST & WATTERS' WORLD HOST: Well, yes. It didn't work out for radio. But Sean, you can't say that this guy has not had a fantastic TV career, movie career, and he gets a bad rap in the press sometimes because some of the paparazzi, they're bunch of animals. They come up. So what? He says, "get off my lawn." Who cares, Sean? He roughed up a guy over a parking spot. Big deal. He's a grown man. Now he's getting sued. That's just a money-hungry lawyer trying to shake him down because the guy got his feelings hurt.



HANNITY: This guy next to you has been in this business 50 years. Have you even dealt with this a time or two?

RIVERA: Well, I'd love to see you and him going at it because I think you're at the same weight class. Mixed martial arts.

HANNITY: I'm in.

RIVERA: He used to box at my gym. I'd like to promote that fight. I think you'd kick his butt. I think that - Alec - I mean, Jesse is right about his career. He has a very multi-faceted career. I think that the best thing he's done and it's run out of steam is playing President Trump on Saturday Night Live. It's not funny anymore. If you saw last week, they're so apologetic of getting collusion wrong that I think that that best role of his life is gone.

HANNITY: OK. First of all, how - he thinks he's insulted me by saying you worked in construction. I'm like, no. How does somebody get that out of touch? That's what I don't understand.

WATTERS: I don't think he's out of touch, Sean. I honestly think he lives in Manhattan. He is not in a little penthouse up top. He's not riding around in limos. He's in the street. He's parking in the street. Who parks in the street, anyway? So he doesn't have an entourage around him.


WATTERS: This is why he gets a lot of stuff from the press.

HANNITY: Jesse, if somebody takes your parking spot, you don't chase him across the room, you don't get in a woman's face like he just did.

WATTERS: Well, I mean, I don't think he knocked the guy's teeth out--


RIVERA: --uncontrollable temper. That's uncontrollable temper.

WATTERS: And he's a hot head.

RIVERA: That's - he is a hot head.

WATTERS: He's a hot head.

HANNITY: He walked out of his own--

RIVERA: I mean, you don't yell at him--


HANNITY: He walked out of his own radio talk show host try-out.

WATTERS: That wasn't good.

RIVERA: But he really doesn't like you. I mean, I think he feels threatened by you. I think he feels threatened by you.

(LAUGHTER) WATTERS: Yes. I think he's honestly--


RIVERA: He hates your success.

WATTERS: He is bitter that you were right on the collusion deal--

RIVERA: Really. He should be.

WATTERS: --and you're making a lot more money than he is. And there's some sort of deep-seated hatred he has towards you. I don't know what it is.

HANNITY: This has been going on for years. I really can hit him so much harder. This part of me that's just too nice.

WATTERS: There's more than that--


HANNITY: I can hit - oh, yes. Oh, I've got a lot more.

RIVERA: All right.


HANNITY: Should I do it, yes or no? Quick.

RIVERA: I think you live and--

WATTERS: I'd say, do it, why not?

RIVERA: Live and let live. Live and let live. Come on. What does he mean to you?

WATTERS: He's too nice--


HANNITY: Defending him.

RIVERA: You've got 600 radio stations. Why do you care about Alec Baldwin.

HANNITY: Actually, 623, but who--

RIVERA: Sorry.


HANNITY: Villain of the Day. Which member of the Obama administration still has not accepted the fact?


HANNITY: Villain of the Day, former Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett. She still seems stuck in 2016. In her new book, she writes "Since the night Donald Trump became President of the U.S., I've been going through the five stages of grief. I still haven't embraced acceptance." Two years. Grow up. Get over it. Two other words. No collusion.

We'll never be the destroy-Trump, hate-Trump media mob. Laura Ingraham's here. Let not your heart be troubled.

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