Good, Bad and Bizarre Campaign Ads From 2010 Election Cycle

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, with only 71 days remaining before the midterms, candidates from both parties are trying get their message out to as many voters as possible and one of the most effective ways of doing so is placing ads both on TV and on the internet.

Tonight, we're going to take a look at some of the good, the bad and the downright bizarre ads in this election cycle. Joining me from Washington to help count them down Republican strategist Karen Hanretty and Democratic strategist, former adviser to soon to be ex-Senator Harry Reid, Penny Lee. I know, I can help myself.

All right, this is my all-time favorite. This is, Penny, all the Democrats they're going down the chute of Air Force One to run from the president.


VOICE PARODYING PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Attention passengers, fellow Democrats. We're just about ready to depart D.C. and go on my national fundraising tour to your home states. That's right, I'm coming to your hometowns.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With the president's approval rating at an all time low, a lot of Democrats don't want him anywhere near their districts.

TIM KAINE, DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Democrats who kind of are afraid to be who they are or who are pushing back on their leaders, I think they're crazy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a three-day sprint from Milwaukee to Los Angeles to Seattle to Columbus to Miami.




HANNITY: Penny, great truth in that, no?

PENNY LEE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: It's a very effective ad. It is really well done. One of the great ways to do negative ads is with a little bit of humor and that you can catch it.

So that is a very effective ad that the Republicans are putting out there right now and there is some truth to it. There is no question that a lot of Democrats are separating themselves from Washington. Democrats and Republicans both are.

HANNITY: No, it's from Obama.

LEE: But they both are running from Washington. The ones that are challenging the greatestly (ph) are saying they are independent. You saw that with Sestak right now. I mean, just today he had Republicans endorsing him, Chuck Hagel endorsing him. He is trying to show his independence from Barack Obama --

HANNITY: Chuck Hagel, real right-wing Republican there.

All right, let me throw this to you, Karen, this is the DNC and this is driving me crazy. Blaming Bush, blaming Bush.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This fall, America faces a big choice. Do we continue to move forward like Democrats are doing? Investing in education for every child, manufacturing here at home, clean energy powering a new economy? Do we put Main Street ahead of Wall Street?

Do we hold big business accountable when they've again too far or go back to the same Republican policies that got us into this mess?

FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Fool me -- you can't get fooled again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This fall our choice is clear.


HANNITY: I can't -- he begged for this job. Karen, he's been president 19 months at what point does he take responsibility here?

KAREN HANRETTY, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Listen, this ad is about one thing and that is stirring up the Democratic base. It is so demoralized right now and it will continue to be even further demoralized between now and November.

They have to remind people look, President Obama didn't do what you wanted him to do. All of you liberal grass roots out there, he didn't go far enough on health care. He didn't go far enough on the environment, gays in the military, pick your issue. But don't forget we still hate George Bush.

So this is just kind of the rallying call to, you know, at a time, when you would think that Democrats should be absolutely be enthused to go out there, they've got the majority, they've got the White House. This is a very depressed base right now. I think there's great concern among Democrats they are not going to turn out for Democrats in this election.

HANNITY: I think probably the most bizarre ad that I've seen up to this point, is you've got a Vermont Democrat Daniel Freilich taking on Pat Leahy. Remember the Old Spice deodorant commercials? This one is truly bizarre.


SENATE CANDIDATE DANIEL FREILICH, D-VT.: Look down, back up, where are you? You're in the 21st Century with a candidate Vermont deserves.

What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's a pledge to serve no more than two terms because I'm not a career politician.

Look again, the pledge is now all the special interest money I've gained and spent in my campaign: zero.

Anything is possible when your senator votes with his conscience and not his pocketbook. I'm Daniel Freilich and I approve of this message.

I'm on a cow. Yee haw!



HANNITY: Penny Lee, I don't know who's worse, either him or Leahy.

LEE: That is just one bizarre commercial. There's one thing to be said for being creative that is over-the-top and I think Pat Leahy -- and the voters the Vermont know him extremely well, they're going to be returning someone who is sensible, who makes -- who puts worth in agenda. I mean, somebody who's riding around in a cow saying yee haw up in Vermont. I just don't think it's going to resonating with those people up there.

HANNITY: Karen, the one thing I don't think Democrats can get away from, this cycle is moving really dramatically in the Republican direction.

HANRETTY: Oh, absolutely. Look, the way that the Democrats really took control of the House in 2006 and strengthened that majority in 2008 is they had a strategy of picking off a lot of their conservative Democrats, you know, voters, but those voters right now -- you know, you called blue dogs, yellow dogs like everyone call them. They are so different franchise by the Obama administration and what Congress is doing right now.

I think they are looking for fiscal conservatives and candidates who are going to go to Washington, cut spending and get this deficit under control and assure the American people they are not going to raise taxes. So this is a great environment for us, Sean.

HANNITY: All right, good to see -- poor Penny -- good to see you both. Thanks for being with us. 

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