Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Put on Ice

The blizzard conditions here in the nation's capital have shut down most area federal government activity. A scheduled Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing discussing the impacts of global warming had to be postponed because of the snow and frigid temperatures.

Meantime, Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry tells The Hill newspaper, those who think climate change legislation is dead for the year because of the harsh winter weather are "dead wrong" and guilty of what he calls "inside the Beltway thinking."

Oklahoma Republican Senator and vocal global warming skeptic James Inhofe used the winter wonderland to have a little fun at the expense of climate activist Al Gore. Inhofe posted on Facebook photos of his family building an igloo near the Capitol, with a sign that read "Al Gore's new home." Liberal blog Think Progress didn't find the joke amusing with Brad Johnson writing: "Scientists have been warning for decades that global warming would increase the severity of winter storms." More about this in the panel.

Higher Calling

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent about five minutes at last week's National Prayer Breakfast talking about helping the late Mother Teresa open an adoption ministry here in Washington, D.C.

But a Christian publication reports the Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children is no longer operating and may never have actually facilitated any adoptions. World Magazine says the ministry's building was sold in 2002.

Philippe Reines from the State Department tells Fox: "[Hillary Clinton] remains very proud of her work with Mother Teresa in opening this home in 1995. Their partnership is a success story to be emulated."

Not Funny

And finally, it seems the White House press briefings have been no laughing matter in recent months. Politico reports that instances of laughter, as indicated in official transcripts, have decreased from 179 per month in the first six months of the Obama administration, to 89 per month in the second half of the year.

American Urban radio reporter April Ryan noticed the change: "There are lots of serious questions begging for serious answers. Those questions do not meld with laughter and light banter."

Fox News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.