Girl barred from selling mistletoe, told to beg speaks out

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MEGYN KELLY, HOST: New developments tonight in the story of the 11-year-old girl trying to sell hand-picked mistletoe this holiday season. The mayor of Portland, Oregon, is looking into changes in the law that prevented little Madison Root from selling her Christmas adornments.

Joining me tonight, Madison Root. Madison, it's so great to meet you. I saw you yesterday and knew I needed to know you. You were out there trying to earn money to help pay for your braces. A security guard came up to you in a public park, cites as city ordinance saying you're not allowed to sell your mistletoe. What made you so mad about that?

MADISON ROOT, BANNED FROM SELLING MISTLETOE: What made me mad is that he said that I could beg but I couldn't work hard and sell. What has society really come to? Teaching these kids to beg instead of work hard and sell?

KELLY: How old are you?

ROOT: I'm 11.

KELLY: Incredible. Going on 30, and the next president of the United States in about 25 years.

Here's my question for you. The city said no. Now the people who want to donate because they love that, your personal responsibility and your attitude towards life. But you don't want their donations, do you?

ROOT: Yes. I would rather have them buy. I'm all into buying and giving something back for their money.

KELLY: That's incredible to me because I think a lot of people watching the show right now would write you a check for nothing. They wouldn't want the mistletoe in response. Your answer is I would rather work for it and sell you a product.

ROOT: Of course. That's what I believe in is work ethic.

KELLY: Madison, how did you get this way?

ROOT: Just everyone around me. My family, everyone in my family is an entrepreneur. Everyone I know is, so being around that has been engraved into me.

KELLY: I see great things for you in your future. I hope it works out, all the best to you.

ROOT: Thanks.

KELLY: We'll be right back.


KELLY: If you want to help Madison by buying her mistletoe, you can go to her website, Space it out because if everybody goes right now, then the web site is going to crash. But you're used to that. Thanks for watching. I'm Megyn Kelly. Follow me on Twitter @megynkelly, see you tomorrow night.

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