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ACTOR GARY COLE AS COACH LARRY GELWIX: It's important for you to know right up front, you spend a whole lot of time in the gym. You work your hardest with the complete commitment to do your best, you eat smart, get enough sleep, and you work your tail off. Some day, some day you can have a body like mine.

Glad you're here. It will be great to teach you how to play rugby.


HANNITY: And that’s a scene from a new movie "Forever Strong," which is based on the coaching career of Highland rugby coach Larry Gelwix. With 19 national championships and a record of 392-9, is considered to be the winningest coach in America.

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Now, the DVD was released nationwide yesterday, and the man who played coach Gelwix, Gary Cole, is now with us.

Gary, how are you?

COLE: Sean, how are you? Good to be here.

HANNITY: Listen, I've watched you over the years, in many roles. I love what you do.

You know what I like about this? And I want you to walk us — this is a story, really, of redemption. A lot of kids on the ropes. Why don't you walk us through the challenges he had and then how you worked with them?

COLE: Well, like you said, this is based on Larry Gelwix and his Highland rugby club in Salt Lake City. The character that Sean plays, you know, basically gets himself into trouble. And through some fortunate circumstance, is able to, in addition to doing his time at a juvenile center, is allowed to participate in this rugby club and learn a lot more than rugby, which is really what the story is about.

And how this team is put together, how it — how it plays, what it means to one another, and how they work off the field as well as on. And — and he is able to better himself.

HANNITY: One of the things, I have young kids. They're in sports. And I love sports, because I think in many ways, it reflects life. And in other words, winning, and losing, honesty, integrity. There's a lot that goes into it. The ups and downs of it all.

But what Coach Gelwix was best known for is honesty, hard work, dedication, training hard. The end result would be victory or, perhaps, better than you ever thought, right?

COLE: Right. Yes, I mean, sports is — that's why I'm — I'm a soft touch for a sports movie, because sports to me is inherently dramatic. And it's — it's hard but simple.

And the winning and losing aspect is something that especially young people can really focus on, and not necessarily the point is winning is everything, but the point to strive to win is — is how you learn a lot about a lot of things that you have to deal with, you know, in your everyday life.

And rugby is a sport, especially, I think, that really has to be played together, or there is not going to be much success.

HANNITY: No, I totally agree. And one of the things, good coaches can really bring the best out of people, and they find a way to work with whatever their individual talent is. And — and I've witnessed it in my kids' lives.

All right, so you play the vice president on "The West Wing." And does it give you a sense of what, really, that job would be like?

COLE: Well, I'm sure it does not. The only thing it gives you a sense of is the amount of, you know, information and assault and the caution that everybody goes through making their next move, because they know it's going to be, you know, scrutinized.

HANNITY: Yes, but Martin — but Martin Sheen as president, I mean, do you know how frightening that is for a conservative like me, the thought of...?

COLE: I'm sure — I'm sure it makes you have dreams at night. Of that I'm certain.

HANNITY: Dreams? Are you kidding? Frightening nightmares.

COLE: Exactly, exactly.

HANNITY: I don't think I'd ever sleep again. Well, but actually, in many ways, we got that in Barack Obama, about as an extreme left as we can be, but I'm not going to drag you into that conversation, unless you want to go there.

COLE: No, thanks. You said it all.

HANNITY: All right. That's fair.

COLE: I'm one of those Hollywood liberals that, you know, you speak so kindly of all of the time.

HANNITY: But you seem like a normal American. I'm trying to understand.

COLE: I am a normal American. You know, they can be normal Americans, too.

HANNITY: A Hollywood liberal is a Lear Jet, limousine liberal that wants to tax everybody and be generous with everybody else's money. You're not...

COLE: That's what you said. That's not what I said.

HANNITY: Well, what — how do you define a Hollywood liberal?

COLE: I'd define it as somebody who has beliefs and who stands behind those beliefs, just as you believe what you believe. You know?

HANNITY: All right. Give me one hour.

COLE: You can put labels on it.


COLE: Exactly. I don't think everything is reduced to a sound bite. You know, so that's what we're — that's the time we have here.

HANNITY: In all honesty, I got a copy of the movie, and it's a great inspirational story. Putting politics aside, I hope everyone goes to see it. Thanks for being with us.

COLE: All right. Thanks, Sean.

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