Fundraiser: Adam Keys Climbs Mt Kilimanjaro


From the website: 

Hello everyone!

My name is Adam Keys and I've had a lot of help along my road to recovery the last 8+ years. Here's a little bit about myself. 

I was wounded during my first ( and only) deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. I am a Soldier and Paratrooper in the U.S. Army. I was part of the 20 Engineer Brigade, 27th Battalion, 618 Engineer Support Company, "NASTY COMPANY!". We were deployed to southern Afghanistan  (Zabul province) for the entire year of 2010. Unfortunately, my time was cut short when I became a triple amputee during my 7th month in country.  I lost both legs, above my knees, and  my left hand below my elbow, from a improvised explosive device (IED). I spent just over 5 years in the hospital, both as an inpatient and outpatient.  After well over 100 surgeries, ranging from very serious surgeries to very minor, i was finally able to retire in July of 2015.  After working with several great non-profits over the years, I've decided to try to give back to 3 of those non-profits that I hold dear to my heart.  These 3 non-profits have been there for me, and my family, when I (we) needed them the most. I want to pay it forward  and I'll need your help!

I'll be climbing MOUNT KILIMANJARO at the end of September on my shortie legs!!

-The Semper Fi Fund

-Warrior Events

-Achilles International (Freedom Team)

I decided to fund myself in this endeavor and create this page to raise money for these 3 worthy causes, so all the money raised will go to these 3 non-profits.  I chose these 3 because of several reasons and I'll name just a few reasons now. All 3 were there for me and my family from the day we met them, they all work great with other non-profits to get the best possible outcome (or resources) for the wounded, ill or injured service member that needs the help, and all 3 do a lot of work for our service members( often behind the scenes) from their hearts. I have been truly blessed to meet such wonderful, hard working people since my injury and my hope is to help them get more money to keep their efforts going.

I'm ambitious and hardworking on my end and i will get to the top of the mountain, hopefully walking, but I'll crawl if I have to!

I'll be posting videos and pictures here and on my Facebook page :  Adam Keys - "One Step Forward"

so please follow me, motivate me, and together, lets raise some money to help the service members that need it right now, that will need it forever, and those that may not even know yet that they will need it.

My goal is $30,000 but i hope we can TOP that number many times over!

Thank you everyone!