Free Condoms for Children?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Sex and the City

A Philadelphia safe sex campaign is offering free condoms to children as young as 11. A city health department website has a link to order condoms mailed to youngsters aged 11 to 19.

Another page reads -- quote -- "let's face it, sex is more fun when you're not worried about getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease"

One health clinic official notes abstinence is mentioned in the campaign, but says it's unrealistic to think young people who want to have sex won't.

However, some parents still think it's pretty a bad idea. One said -- quote -- "I get the sex education thing for kids in schools, but mail-order condoms for 11-year-olds? It's shocking to me."

Eye of the Storm

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has agreed to avoid future references to LensCrafters after the eyewear company complained about being dragged into the abortion debate.

Bachmann recently called Planned Parenthood the LensCrafters of big abortion. Roll Call reports LensCrafters really didn't appreciate it -- quote -- "She's using our name without our knowledge or permission... We have nothing to do with these parties or the debate."

Bachmann called the company's request perfectly understandable.


And finally, some folks on Capitol Hill might be smiling more than usual this week.

The Daily Caller reports more than a dozen staffers have received free Botox injections after a D.C. area plastic surgeon offered free treatments worth $400 as part of a government shutdown special. Even though the shutdown was averted, the doctor still honored the promotion.

A CNBC correspondent joked she's surprised more people haven't signed up and that maybe it shows what's wrong with Washington -- quote -- "Our nation's capital is so used to spending money freely that employees don't recognize great savings when it hits them in the face. Literally."