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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The ACORN scandal continues to widen tonight. In fact, it now spans all the way to the west coast.

Now over the past few days you have seen videos of ACORN officials offering to help set up underage prostitution rings in Baltimore, Washington, and New York but tonight we take to you to San Bernardino, California, where the most shocking footage was captured to date.

Now the investigation in California began like all of the others. Let's take a look.


JAMES O'KEEFE, POSED AS PIMP IN ACORN VIDEO: This has to do with my girlfriend's unique line of work.

TRESA KAELKE, ACORN STAFFER: Oh, OK. What is it? Is it stripping?

Video: Watch the shocking video and Sean's interview


KAELKE: Is it — is it exotic dancing?

GILES: No. It's prostitution.


GILES: Yes. I don't — it that OK?

KAELKE: It's OK with me. I think it should be totally legalized.


HANNITY: And it didn't take long to find out why this ACORN official was so understanding. Just listen to this.


KAELKE: You know, a long time ago, myself, although I don't think ACORN knows it, not that I care whether they do or don't, what we — we called escorts.


KAELKE: You know. And I ran a service.

GILES: Really?

KAELKE: Yes. Well, Heidi Fleiss is my hero.


HANNITY: And if things couldn't get any worse for ACORN the official who has already admitted to running a call girl service is now about to reveal her own involvement in a much more serious crime. Take a look at this.


KAELKE: I think in my life I have been abused also. I mean, just with an ex-husband. You know, that just beat the hell out of me, you know, a few times and then, you know, I killed him.

O'KEEFE: How old were you then?

KAELKE: Um, it was only, actually, about — well, I was 35.

GILES: Was he abusing you when you shot him or.

KAELKE: No. Not right that instant. He came at me and I let him throw me around a little bit, you know. And then I just picked up the gun and said (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you. And I shot him. And he died. Right there.


HANNITY: Back with us tonight from BigGovernment.com is Andrew Breitbart and Hannah Giles who played the prostitute in that video, only 20 years old.

So you said I'm a prostitute. Oh, OK.

GILES: Yes. Completely accepting.

HANNITY: And then she admits that she, herself, was an escort.

GILES: Yes. She — and not only was she an escort but she ran the service, the escort girl service.

HANNITY: Right. Three things that really strike me in this video tonight. The first is that she admits — you very specifically say underage girls that you are going to bring in from other countries.

GILES: Mm-hmm.

HANNITY: And she's like oh, she is totally fine with that.


HANNITY: And you basically say you want to take them from this pimp, from this other guy and that you want them to work for you, the underage girls?


HANNITY: Walk us through that and what she says.

GILES: Not only did we explain that we were going to bring in underage girls from El Salvador to run — to live in a house and run a brothel, you know, make money off of them, but we also explained to her that that if they were physically abused — physically abused, like punched, kicked, we would get more money off of them. And so that was going to be going on in the house, also.

And she began to explain that oh, well, you know, you can bring it to the level of decency or indecency that you want. So she was fine with child abuse, using the girls', you know, bodies to fund James' political campaign.

HANNITY: Andrew, four cities in a row. This is a group that is on par now to get, what, $8.5 billion in stimulus funds.

ANDREW BREITBART, BIGGOVERNMENT.COM: Well, it's not just a case of vetting, you know, those that weren't vetted by the press before the election as in individuals like Van Jones. It's about actually looking at a group like ACORN which is set to get so much more money than it ever has historically and be granted so much power.

And the amount of e-mail that is coming in to Big Government right now, I don't think — we're going to have to hire 200 people to deal with. The tentacles of ACORN and how it goes into our government and how it is currently working in ways that don't even appear legal, you know. At first glance.

HANNITY: When you put it all together, and it's all four cities. And, by the way, there is another one tomorrow night.

BREITBART: It's California, also. I mean if you look last week it was Baltimore, Washington, and then New York. I mean, we have — they have gone across the country here.

HANNITY: Why did you decide to release it this way? You know, a day at a time?

BREITBART: I think that's an important question. When the Van Jones story came out, we all know that the media, to call it biased at this point, there has to be a stronger word. It's duplicity.

HANNITY: Journalism is dead.

BREITBART: I call — look, I think this is the perfect exposure of the Democrat media complex. It's not bias, it just happens to be a group of people who have a common interest, fine. Well, now there is an alternative to it. The reason why was when they came to me to tell me about this thing, I said if you were to drop this, if you were to go to ABC, if you were to CBS or NBC, they'd laugh you out of the place.

I suggested to them maybe you should put the camera, you know, and pitch them the story and put that up on the Internet, too.

HANNITY: That would be worth it, too.

BREITBART: Yes. I don't —

HANNITY: Let me go to the other aspect of this which we just showed here. Not only does she admit to — if I heard her correctly running a prostitution ring.


HANNITY: Heidi Flies is my idol. Is that the right word?

GILES: Yes, her hero.

HANNITY: Her hero. OK. Specifically now, she goes into this scenario about her husband and the killing of him.


HANNITY: Why don't you explain exactly because I want to make sure people understand it?

GILES: So this is exactly what happened. She said she was abused by her husband. And that she killed him. Now, if a woman is getting abused, she has the right to defend herself. And I went ahead and I asked her oh, was he abusing you when you killed him? And she goes no, not right that instant; which is huge.

HANNITY: All right. She is saying she killed her husband or created the plot to kill her husband?

GILES: Right, then after — she goes well, she tried to cover up for saying she didn't kill him in self-defense and said she went around to the community and let different groups know that she was being abused. And so it's basically she set up the murder of her husband.

HANNITY: Have you ever checked to see if, in fact, she had a husband that was killed?

GILES: We are working on that.

HANNITY: You haven't gotten to the details on that?

BREITBART: Look, there is so much stuff coming in, we have — there are more than four cities as you know.

HANNITY: Because she could have just — in fairness.

BREITBART: She certainly does exist. And if you look on the Internet you can see that she's also involved on the other side of ACORN, ACORN political side. So she is a community organizer in the political sense as well.

GILES: There is a criminal record also for her if you look her up and different things and then...

HANNITY: So you are really investigating that now.

GILES: We are working on that.

HANNITY: So she's on the tape admitting that she plotted to kill and had her husband killed but we don't know if it's true yet.

GILES: Yes. We don't know if it's true. She also threatened to kill someone else.

HANNITY: All right, now. You both are being threatened with a lawsuit along with James O'Keefe, who is the filmmaker, who we also had on the program. What is the status of that?

BREITBART: Well, interestingly today, Baltimore, the Baltimore charter, they were the ones that were threatening the lawsuit along with the Baltimore City attorney. I believe it was the city attorney, who happened to run on the platform of helping children and abused children, great irony there.

But we just found out that the Baltimore chapter of ACORN had lost its charter because it had lapsed in the last year.

HANNITY: I got the last question. What are we going to have on the program? You're not going to run — air it until tomorrow night exclusively on this program, the next phase. What's tomorrow night?

GILES: Shocking.

BREITBART: Yes, well, we go towards the border and criminality suggested that relates to that neck of the woods.

HANNITY: Is tomorrow the worse tape? Even worse than tonight?

BREITBART: It really depends on your criminal palette.

HANNITY: It's a judgment call?



HANNITY: All right, guys, great work. And we're going to have much more on the widening scandal that is unfolding in this investigation into ACORN.

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