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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: There you see the president wrapping up a massive rally in Nashville, Tennessee. We've got a ton of highlights will bring you throughout the hour.

We have incredible breaking news that we're going to be covering all night tonight. The Trump administration pushing hard for peace on the peninsula and now, a senior North Korean official as we speak is traveling right here in New York for a historic meeting with the Secretary of State Mark Pompeo. By the way, they'll probably have to pay taxes while they're here. It's such a high tax state.

Meanwhile, the, of course, destroy Trump media openly mocking the president's negotiations with Kim Jong Un and guess what? They're all but ignoring the Trump administration's massive diplomatic success here including freeing the American hostages from all over the world. We're going to show you the worst of the worst and how corrupt your bias media is tonight.

Also, we have Robert Mueller's out of control Russia probe has now lost any sense of legitimacy and will explain. And according to reports, Obama's Justice Department, they utilized at least one informant to spy on multiple Trump campaign officials and associates during the 2016 election. And by the way, the media is lying about it.

Also Robert Mueller has allegedly weaponized the information collected by the informants, spies in order to target President Trump and those connected to his campaign. I think one of the funniest moments tonight. By the way, if you here as a spy, just let me know. Please put your hand up and he's dragging out, by the way, the investigation he wants to derail many pro-Trump Republicans in the midterms.

We'll explain the president's tweet from earlier and, of course, the media doesn't get it. And they are running for full cover for Robert Mueller, downplaying this elicit deep state spying scheme, the biggest abuse of power, the biggest corruption scandal in American history.

Also, liberal activists all across the country were publicly embarrassed this week after they were caught pushing a salacious fake story about President Trump putting illegal immigrants in cages well it turns out that actually was under Obama's administration.

And finally, we'll bring you all the latest on "Roseanne" canceled by ABC after Roseanne Barr's incendiary comments.

Sit tight, buckle up, tonight's very important breaking news opening monologue is next.

HANNITY: You just saw the president gave a rousing speech in Nashville, Tennessee, during a campaign push for Senate candidate friend of the show, Marsha Blackburn, ahead of the midterm elections. We're going to play you some of the best moments of this rally throughout the show.

But first, as the president's historic talks now with Kim Jong Un weigh in the balance, now despite what you are hearing from the left-wing media in this country, we have full reason to believe and be hopeful about the potential upcoming talks with North Korea.

Tomorrow, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to meet with a high- ranking North Korean official in New York City -- now, the most senior official to visit the United States in nearly two decades. A massive development and only the latest sign that these historic talks might still take place in Singapore. They're scheduled to begin on June the 12th.

Of course, last week, President Trump initially canceled the summit, sending a strongly worded letter to Kim Jong Un after the despot, the dictator, authorized a series of aggressive statements and failed to comply with the -- some of the basic planning ahead of the talks. And as you can imagine, your corrupt media use that letter to trash the president, revealing what I have been saying so many times on this program, they in order to have the president fail that means the country has to fail. They're openly rooting for the president to fail, even for more peaceful world is at stake for our children watch this pathetic despicable display of Trump derangement syndrome.


AMB. WENDY SHERMAN: It's a friend of mine who sent an email to me as I was on the train to New York. It sounds like a year old stream of consciousness in a breakup letter from overnight camp.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I get it. I'm going to break up with you before you break up with me, but by the way, call me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Last week, a U.S. team in Singapore stood up on a date by North Korea, then ghosted by North Korea. They're not even responding to U.S. overtures. And today, of course, culminating in name-calling, a very awkward breakup letter. Oh and by the way, the threat of using nuclear weapons.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As far as we know, he didn't consult with his own National Security Council. He dictates this bizarre actually embarrassing letter.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN: This is a total breakup letter and you realize like this -- when your relationships are souring, but you want to be the one to break up first, so you cut it off, and you're kind of like maybe we can leave it open and then, that's what this feels like.


HANNITY: Breakup letter, how many times have I said that everyone in the media, they're all sheep. And they got this little, little echo chamber and they all quote themselves and they all think they're so smart.

So, while the media is quick to bash the president during every twist and turn and what is a negotiation, they need to learn the art of the deal with North Korea, although more than happy to ignore the president's historic, diplomatic triumphs.

This includes Trump success. So far, he has freed 17 Americans who were once detained or held hostage abroad. The latest example came this weekend when the Trump administration secured the release of an American, Joshua Holt, and his wife after they spent nearly two years in a Venezuelan prison after being detained on several bogus, politically motivated charges.

Take a look.


JOSHUA HOLT, FREED AMERICAN: I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude for you guys for everything that you've done, for the support of my wife through those two years they were very, very, very difficult two years. Just so grateful for what you guys have done and for thinking about me and caring about me just a normal person. So, it really touches me and thank you.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You've been very brave actually. You've been incredibly brave. We saw what was happening inside of that prison. So, you really have been very, very brave.


HANNITY: Thank God our fellow Americans are home.

We're going to have up more on the president's historic diplomatic gains around the world throughout the program tonight. First, we have more disturbing developments from Robert Mueller's illegitimate runaway witch hunt. This needs to go away.

Last week, we first reported that the Justice Department under the Obama administration utilized at least one FBI informant to actively spy on multiple people that are associated with the Trump campaign. That includes Sam Clovis and Carter Page. They will be here tonight along with George Papadopoulos who recently played guilty to lying to the FBI after pressure from the Office of the Special Counsel.

Sam Clovis recently told Byron York that the informant FBI spy used him in order to secure the meeting with Papadopoulos.

Meanwhile, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo. He also, all three of these guys that were approached by the spy will join us tonight and, of course, Caputo's claiming that he was approached by multiple government informants during the 2016 election.

Imagine for a second if there were spies in Hillary's campaign and she did do a deal for Russian propaganda. Take a look.


MICHAEL CAPUTO, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE: Let me tell you something that I know for a fact the -- this informant, this person that they planted tried to plant into the campaign, and even into the administration if you believe "Axios", he's not the only person that came at the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency that came at the campaign.

I know because they came at me and I'm looking for clearance to my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning.


HANNITY: Even former assistant U.S. attorney from the Southern District of New York, Andy McCarthy, he's backing up some of these claims in an article entitled: 'The Obama administration's hypocritical pretext for spying on the Trump campaign.'

And in the article, McCarthy writes, quote: 'The Obama administration decided to use its counterintelligence powers to spy on the Trump campaign using at least one covert informant electronic monitoring of communications and other intelligence gathering tactics. It ignored the norm against deploying such tactics against political opponents not based on evidence of a Trump Russia criminal conspiracy but on speculation about the Trump campaign's Russia contacts and Russians to sympathies.' How many times have I said they're weaponizing the powerful tools of intelligence?

This elicit, this unprecedented spying is now being used by team Mueller to malign President Trump and everybody else around him. Hours ago, the president raised another pressing concern surrounding the ongoing Mueller witch hunt.

He tweeted out, quote, 'the 13 angry Democrats plus people who work eight years for Obama worked on the rigged Russian witch-hunt will be meddling with the midterm elections, especially now that Republicans stay tough are taking the lead in the polls. There was no collusion except by the Democrats.'

The president raises an important concern especially given the new revelation surrounding what the president is calling, rightly, spygate. And, of course, the mainstream media, they are providing cover for Team Mueller as they actively are rooting for the special counsel investigation to find something, to find anything on this president.

And as you can probably imagine, the media's been doing everything in its power to downplay what is the single biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in American politics and history. And, by the way, you have an administration using the Justice Department to spy on an opposing political party during a presidential election, using bought and paid for the other campaign in this case, Hillary Clinton, using her bought and paid for funneled money through a law firm, to Fusion GPS, to hire a foreign national to get Russian lies that even he says in an interrogatory in Great Britain maybe 50/50 at best raw intelligence, to then get a warrant by lying to a spy -- a FISA judge in an original application and three subsequent applications and not telling any of the judges that Hillary paid for it.

Take a look at how the bias press is trying to brush aside this huge, massive national abuse of power corruption scandal.


JAMES CLAPPER, FORMER DNI: I have inversion to the use of the word "spy", but let's just for the sake of discussion use that term which conventionally means the use of tradecraft, using a formally trained case officer who would mask identity, who would attempt to recruit. So, none of the classical attributes of a spy craft, if I can use that term were present here. This is the most benign form of information gathering. So, to characterize it as a spy or spygate is, of course, part of the narrative, and it's directly antithetical to what I actually said.

JOHN HEILEMANN, MSNBC: At various times, Trump has seemed attracted to conspiracy theories there's the obviously a much for (INAUDIBLE) looseness with the truth and the lies, et cetera, et cetera. But these -- the obsession with conspiracy theories in tall tales as you say, Joe, dates back for a long time. I think the point right now though is that he's using them to a particular kind of political effect.


HANNITY: Heilemann is a liberal hack and Clapper is a known liar. We're going to have much more on the spying scandal and the complicit media's cover-up all throughout the show.

Let's turn to a story that left many on the left totally embarrassed over the weekend. Remember this picture circulated online showing many illegal immigrants being detained in a chain-linked cage? And, of course, many on the left became outraged, just outraged, quickly accusing the Trump administration of massive human rights violations.

You have activist Shawn King said that children of immigrants being held in cages like dogs and Linda Sarsour, remember her? Oh, yes, she's chimed in, hashtagging #weareourchildren.

What Sarsour, King, and, yes, your friends and the media failed to realize is -- let's put those pictures back up. Those pictures were taken in 2014, Barack Hussein Obama was your president. And back then, they voice zero concern about Obama's detention policies.

Meanwhile, others on the left used these photos, of course, to attack President Trump whoops-a-daisy. Take a look.


HALLIE JACKSON, MSNBC: As the president correctly points out, the photo is from 2014, but that tweet highlights just how heated this whole discussion has become surrounding parents and children who crossed the border.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN: Some renewed scrutiny that some children are being separated from their parents at the border. It is a policy the Trump administration has defended.

STEPHANIE RUHLE, MSNBC: President Trump tweeted about one of his favorite topics this morning, immigration. This as its policies are facing major criticism, writing in part, quote, Dems must agree to wall a new border protection for good of country. Bipartisan bill!

The president has been taking serious heat for his immigration policies recently, particularly his policy of separating families in detention.

ALIDA GARCIA: There's actually a new policy from the administration right now to separate families. These are families who made the courageous decision, a hard decision to leave behind everything that they had, their families, their communities, their belongings out of fear to come to the United States.


HANNITY: Finally, tonight, the reboot of the sitcom "Roseanne" has been canceled. This after "Roseanne Barr" made some really incendiary pretty appalling comments on Twitter about the appearance of Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. Earlier today, she did apologize, but the show is now over. We're going to have more reaction later in the show.
But, first, joining us with reaction to all of this breaking news and, of course, the president's big rally in Nashville, Tennessee, is Sara Carter, and the author of the very soon to be released number one bestseller, BarnesandNoble.com, Hannity.com, you're going to want to read this book. I have read a lot of it. It's amazing.

"The Russian Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump". Our own Gregg Jarrett is with us.

Let's start with spygate. First of all, you did -- you know, this is what I love about you. You've become a really close friend and you're two doors down for me, when we get a lot of time to talk and you said, Sean, I looked up the definition of what a spy is. It's the government definition?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: No, this is just your plain dictionary definition. And in fact, if you look up spy in the thesaurus, it says, quote, secret or undercover agent.

That's what this guy was. He was deployed undercover to gather information. It can be gathered through observation or listening or conversations done secretly. So, yes, this was a spy who was operating, but the media wants to quibble over semantics so they can trash Trump as a liar.

The media frankly is either too lazy or stupid to look it up.

HANNITY: No, no, journalism in America is dead. It's dead. It's gone. It's buried. They are all liberal activists.

And I've got some amazing stuff we're doing that you're going to be proud of, I can promise you that.

Sara, let's say I'm like -- fix that. Good to see you. Let's talk about it.


HANNITY: I didn't watch a lot of TV this weekend and I don't like fake news, so I don't watch them very often. But I'm watching some of these shows , I'm like, they're all -- it sort of like -- oh, it's like a love letter the letter to Kim Jong Un, or what did they say break up first -- or whatever breakup -- a breakup letter.

And I'm watching. They're all saying the same thing. Oh, it's not a spy. It's only an informant.

OK, the informant that is approaching people in the campaign, three of whom will be on this show tonight, and trying to get information from them. That's a spy.

CARTER: He is a spy because he didn't reveal his original intent and his intentions when he met them, Sean. So, it's obvious he was there to gather information. He did the same thing with George Papadopoulos after he met with Sam Clovis. He then contacts George Papadopoulos, offers him $3,000 to write a paper and come to England in August of 2016, and when Papadopoulos is there, he starts pushing on him, he starts asking him questions about what does he know about the Russians, what does he know about emails?

I mean, even at that point --

HANNITY: Why don't they ask WikiLeaks? Did anyone ever ask WikiLeaks?

CARTER: That's right.

HANNITY: If WikiLeaks have any proof where they got the info from, because we do know that Hillary Clinton's server and the original draft of Comey said that there were six Foreign Intelligence Services that got into her email server? So, it could have been Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and I'm just guessing.

CARTER: And, of course, that's what the U.S. intelligence officials that I've spoken with have said, that there is no doubt that her server was infiltrated by foreign actors. So, why haven't they asked WikiLeaks?

HANNITY: I want that information. America deserves that information.

CARTER: America deserves all the information, including all of the documentation --


CARTER: -- that opened up this investigation. That's what America deserves.

HANNITY: You know, there's a "New York Times" piece out tonight, and the bottom line of it is, is Mueller is so desperate, he's now looking into a March 2017 meeting with Trump and Sessions about him unrecusing himself.


HANNITY: And -- look, I'm not the lawyer. You are. I am beginning to think Mueller is so -- so wrapped up on this, so abusively biased and he's so desperate, he doesn't understand simple fundamentals of the law, that he should know. For example, that the president has the right to ask for investigations and stopping investigations.

GREGG JARRETT, LEGAL ANALYST, FOX NEWS: Or prosecutions, or not to prosecute. A historical example would be President Andrew Johnson after the Civil War who sent word to the U.S. attorney in Norfolk, Virginia, dismiss all those indictments against Robert E. Lee and the other Confederate generals for treason. The president was authorized to do that.

So, fast forward to 150 years, here we are now and Mueller wants to criminalize a perfectly legitimate conversation with the attorney general in which he's being scolded for essentially using the wrong regulation to recuse himself? The regulation calls for recusal in criminal cases.

This wasn't a criminal case. It was a counter intelligence probe. This just underscores what a colossal waste of taxpayer money. Mueller is squandering and how desperate he is.


HANNITY: But this is so important. He has, the president has the constitutional authority.


HANNITY: This is what Mark Levin has been saying and you've been saying. He -- the Constitution is on his side. He has the precedence and the constitutional authority, and it's not ambiguous, Gregg. It's straightforward. And we have all this precedent.

JARRETT: Mueller seems to want to criminalize a legitimate conversation the president is having with--


HANNITY: Bingo. Alan Dershowitz.


HANNITY: To criminalize political differences.

JARRETT: That's exactly what it was.

HANNITY: Sara, you also have a good, really good -- remember, you know, this phony Rod Rosenstein wants to -- he doesn't want -- want the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to give the information. Begging on his hands and knees last hour, essentially became the FISA memo in the House Senate, a House intel committee and the Grassley-Graham memo. But then they use this tactic of redacting in the name of national security.

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: They don't have that right. And Rod Rosenstein should know better, because under the article one of the Constitution, regardless, and this is based on Supreme Court precedents, I'm sure Gregg can talk about this extensively, that even if it's classified information, Congress has the authority for oversight.

And Rob Rosenstein knows this better than anyone else and that is why they are fighting so hard for these documents. These documents are essential, Sean.

HANNITY: I agree.

CARTER: Because if we want to find the answers to this Russia investigation, we need to get them.


HANNITY: Release them.

CARTER: They need to be made public. Release them.

HANNITY: Release them.

CARTER: And if -- and if they won't then the president should have them released.

HANNITY: And by the way, the attorney general -- you can command that they get released. The American people have had it. And I know and you know, Sara, and Gregg knows that if they are released, this whole thing blows up in their face in a massive way which is why they are fighting so hard not to release them.

CARTER: Which is why we are fighting to have them released.

HANNITY: Good point. Great job as always. Gregg, when is the book out?

JARRETT: It's coming out about six weeks. You can pre-order it.

HANNITY: Can you release it sooner, faster?

JARRETT: Let's call up Harper and Collins and see if they can--


HANNITY: Yes, tell them to get the rest of here. I agree. Absolutely. All right. Our company owns Harper Collins. Yes, get moving.

All right. Tonight during his rally in Nashville the president spoke about 'spygate' as we've been discussing. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: So, how do you like the fact that they had people infiltrating our campaign. Can you imagine? Can you imagine?


TRUMP: Can you imagine, people infiltrating our campaign? Is there anybody in this big beautiful arena right now that's infiltrating our campaign? Would you please raise your hand? That would take courage. Now look, you take a look at what's going on. Never in the history of our country has something taken place like took place during this election.


HANNITY: Joining us now, exclusively, three people whose lives have been severely and harshly impacted by Robert Mueller and his pit bull Andrew Weissmann's witch hunt. They are former Trump campaign chairman Sam Clovis, former Trump campaign aide, Michael Caputo, former Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

All right. Good to see you all. Let me ask you all a simple question. I turn to you, Carter, first. Were you spied upon? Did a spy approach you?

CARTER PAGE, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN FOREIGN POLICY ADVISER: I'm not sure, Sean. And you know, there are two parts of the fake DNI report of January 2017. First is hacking. And we know I've been hacked, eventually.


HANNITY: And by way, I want to make sure people know. This is the Trump campaign associate. This is the guy that they used the Clinton bought and paid for phony Russian dossier with Russian lies to get FISA warrant to spy on an American. You're in, they lied to those courts four times. And Rod Rosenstein signed off on one of them, the last time which makes it worse because by then they knew it was paid for Russian lies.

PAGE: Absolutely. But you know, but the other part of the DNI report as well is the fake news government propaganda and we know now, you know, which led to that FISA warrant. There is broadcasting board of governors, you know, there are affiliate--


HANNITY: Why we are going to Russia and why didn't they just say to the FBI in the spring of 2016. Why didn't they go to the Trump campaign and say, this guy Carter Page is a Trump -- you never met Trump, right?

PAGE: Never.

HANNITY: Why didn't you just go to Trump and his campaign and say this guy is going to Russia, he works for your campaign, we're worried about him?

PAGE: Because there's absolutely nothing to it. And I think they want to play a big story.


HANNITY: Why were you in Russia?

PAGE: Gave a speech. You know, and--


HANNITY: You didn't get paid for it?

PAGE: Zero. No.

HANNITY: It's been reported you are a former CIA FBI operative.


HANNITY: Intelligence operative.

PAGE: It's funny, there's double standard there as well. I had -- I've given the information to the CIA and FBI--


HANNITY: You cooperated with your country?

PAGE: Absolutely.

HANNITY: For the betterment of your country?

PAGE: Absolutely.

HANNITY: When you made these foreign trips?


HANNITY: You were debriefed?

PAGE: I gave--


HANNITY: You don't like the questions, do you?

PAGE: Not really. Generally, I tried to be confidential that--


HANNITY: But you were trying to help. When you were debriefed do you love America?

PAGE: Yes.

HANNITY: And you were trying to help your country by meeting with intel CIA people.

PAGE: They asked for my help and I did not say no. Absolutely.

HANNITY: OK. Sam Clovis, let's start with you.


HANNITY: You were approached -- I won't even -- I knew who the guy was two weeks before or long time before they mentioned his name. You were approached by this guy. What did he say to you? What did he want from you?

CLOVIS: It's a bit what he wanted, he used -- he used Carter Page as the person to gain access to a meeting with me. And we met on the 1st of September in 2016 in the Washington, D.C. area. And I think he used me to create an introduction to George Papadopoulos and I did not know that this individual subsequently met with George. I had no idea about that.

But our meeting was totally innocuous. It was so innocuous that I didn't report it up the chain of command at all and I didn't think anything of it. In fact, I've never open any of the attachment--


HANNITY: Yes, because all he was saying all I work--

CLOVIS: -- that was sent to me.

HANNITY: -- I was a policy guy in three campaigns, I want Trump to win.

CLOVIS: Right.

HANNITY: He is presenting himself. But meanwhile, he wants information from you.

CLOVIS: Right.

HANNITY: Fair statement?

CLOVIS: Well, he wanted -- no, he didn't gather or try to get information from me. I think what this meeting was about was they used me as a way to get an introduction to George. He wanted to go to George Papadopoulos. And I think he used Carter Page to get to me and then he used me to get to George.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

CLOVIS: And I really think that was the chain of -- the whole chain of events there. Because I really think what the goal was, was to create a linkage between an affiliate of the Trump campaign back to those e-mails, and in order to create more probable cause, to create more probable cause for FISA warrants and to also help create a scandal. And I really do think that was the intent and purpose of what this individual was about.

HANNITY: You guys stay right here. This is very important. I have a very important question for all of you. Michael, I promise I'll get to you when we get back and all of you. And that is, here is an article of the headline, how Robert Mueller ruined my life. We're going to get to that and more as we continue. Stay with us on Hannity.


HANNITY: As we continue on 'Hannity,' exclusively now we have Sam Clovis, Michael Caputo, Carter Page, all three of them approached by the spy in the Trump campaign.

Mike, tell us your side. When you were approached by the spy -- and imagine if this was Hillary's campaign. Imagine civil libertarians, imagine the left and the media in this country, how different this narrative would be.

MICHAEL CAPUTO, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE: Well, I believe I got at least two and perhaps more approaches by individuals who were trying to offer information to the campaign that would have jammed us up in some way, shape or form. I mean, it's very clear that Sam and Carter were both approached by a spy. I don't care what they call the spy, I mean, human intelligence or whatever.

You know, back here in Buffalo, you can call it elongated cylindrical semolina but we still call it spaghetti here. A spy is a spy is a spy.


CAPUTO: And that's what it is. And I'll tell you, they've done more than this. They had could have done than what they did with Sam and -- and Sam and Carter.

HANNITY: That's more than once.

CAPUTO: They had done a lot more. I mean, in reality these--


HANNITY: Look at the FISA court, who lies to a judge?

CAPUTO: We would be like that guy in good fellows, you know, watching out for helicopters and tomato sauce all day long. I mean, these guys are going at us from all different angles. I'm convinced--


HANNITY: And by the way, what congressman or senator--

CAPUTO: -- I've been to--

HANNITY: -- somebody called -- what's congressman or senator, I don't think there is one, that if they've got a phone call I've got op research on your opponent you got to want to hear this, wouldn't take the meeting? Name one. And anyone that says otherwise is a liar. I don't believe them for a second.

All right. Here's the bigger picture that I want our audience to fully understand. And we know you nearly lost your house, Michael, column about you know, Carter, that says how Robert Mueller ruined my life, nearly ruined my life.

PAGE: Listen, Sean, it's like what President Trump always said on the campaign trail. It's not about me. It's about us. I think about all of the damage this did to our entire all of our volunteers on our committee.

Look at what it did to Sam. You know, this is the first time I've had a chance to be talking with him in over a year and a half. And you know, all of the support he gave in terms of talking through a lot of these lies that were being put out by the U.S. government and fake media outlets, so.

HANNITY: And leaking it's like a sieve from that special counsel's office.

PAGE: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Sam, I don't know, I've read about you, how was your life impacted by all of this? And you are laughing, but I don't think it's funny.

CLOVIS: Well, I'm pretty calm. I have a great faith. And again, it's great to finally have a chance to communicate with Carter again.

And I will say this. One of the reasons, I left government here about three weeks ago. I was in the administration. And I left the administration. And one of the reasons, there were many, but one of the reasons I left is because I was tired of not being able to defend myself.


CLOVIS: And I said that's enough. I'm going to come out. I'm going to take the muzzle off. And I'm going to talk to everyone, I'm going to tell everyone what this has been about. And I can you what Michael and Carter have talked about, this has been, and I agree with Michael. This has been - - they've come at us in multiple directions and multiple avenues and from multiple agencies.

And I think the American people need to know, that this is the worst possible abuse of power--


CLOVIS: -- at taxpayer's expense.


CLOVIS: And I will say this. I've taken the oath of office three times. I've sworn my oath to the Constitution three times. And we have any number of people, many high ranking people in the Obama administration that took the same oath, and they wouldn't know it if it came up and beat them on the butt.


HANNITY: Michael Caputo--

CLOVIS: And that's how a lot of people feel about that.

HANNITY: -- you nearly -- that's a powerful statement. Michael, you nearly lost your house. From what I understand the American people stepped up to help you. Real quick.

CAPUTO: They really did. And I'll tell you if it weren't for the American people, you know, giving money to pay for my legal fees and more legal fees, I'm starting to pay other people's legal fees, this thing is really outrageous.

I mean, you know what? I'll tell you, today I spent photocopying papers about a jealous husband--


HANNITY: I've got to run.

CAPUTO: -- and it happened after the election, just for Robert Mueller.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

CAPUTO: That's how ridiculous this is.

HANNITY: Yes. Hope Hicks spent more on lawyers than she did make for trying to serve the country. Last word, Carter. Quick.

PAGE: The Senate should demand that Sam is brought on as the undersecretary of agriculture immediately.

HANNITY: All right.

PAGE: Given everything he's been through.

HANNITY: We'll have you guys back. Your story is important. This can't happen in our country, otherwise, we're the former Soviet Union or Venezuela. We cannot. This is the rule of law of the Constitution, equal application, equal justice under the law. It's all relevant. We've got to end this witch hunt. Dr. Gorka and Dan Bongino, next.


HANNITY: As his Tennessee rally tonight in support of Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn. President Trump went after Blackburn's opponent the Democratic leadership. This is great stuff. Watch this.


TRUMP: He's an absolute tool of Chuck -- true, of Chuck Schumer. He's a tool of Chuck Schumer, and of course, the MS-13 lover Nancy Pelosi.

I said they are animals, and she said how dare you say that? How dare you say that? Have you seen what they've done? Have you seen what they are doing to us? And we are taking them out of our country by the thousands. Out!


HANNITY: Joining us now, former deputy assistant to the president, Fox News security strategist, Dr. Gorka, NRATV and contributor former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino.

Dr. Gorka, the election, I think is the biggest most important midterm. It will be about taking back the tax cuts, it will be about impeaching this president and undoing an election and it be about a lot of the other things the president mentioned tonight, he talked a lot about the election.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST, FOX NEWS: Tonight was a barnstormer. I just started taking off the things he covered, and I just ran out of space, Sean, whether it's, you know, Nancy, the MS-13 lover, whether it's standing up for the flag, whether it's the Second Amendment, rebuilding our military, the tax cuts.

This was the speech. You don't any talking points for November. I don't care who the candidate is, whether it's the Senate it's the House. This is the speech that nailed the Republican wave, not the Democrat wave. And I'm not going to say blue wave. Because guess whose color is blue, it's our color. If there is any party that's red, it's the Democrats.

So, tonight was spectacular. And I don't see what the Democrats have to run on after tonight. Bringing back ISIS? Raising your taxes? Letting more MS- 13 into the country? Tonight was fabulous, Sean.

HANNITY: What's your take, Dan? I think -- I think this midterm election is the biggest in our lifetime. Because knowing what they want to do, is that they are saying to each other, yes, we want to do it but don't tell the American people. It's like a big lie to the American people.

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Yes, you are right, Sean. Listen, if we lose the House, this president will be impeached for nothing, he'll be impeach because he won an election. There will be no serious crimes and misdemeanors.

But I thought the line of the night was the MS-13 line.


HANNITY: Gosh, it's hilarious.

BONGINO: Again, Sean, this is the gift of Donald Trump.

HANNITY: Sad. It's hilarious.

BONGINO: This is the gift of Donald Trump, right? Donald Trump gets the Democrats to show their butts to the American people all the time. It show them who they really are. He gets them to defend MS-13, Hamas and the North Koreans all in the span of the last month. That's your Democrats, that's who they really are. Nice job, President Trump. He's the only one that could have done that.

HANNITY: It's so true. And it's like they are on the media that shift that they're, it's like a breakup letter. Well, the breakup letter got within 24 hours, Kim Jung-un's people, pretty pleased, little rocket man begging to meet with the president. It's a classic example art of the deal.

All right. Thank you both.


GORKA: Sure--

HANNITY: We got to run short tonight because of the speech. When we come back, more Hannity right after this.


HANNITY: All right. Unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. We always thank you for being with us. I want to remind you of a couple of things.

Now, so there is big news. We are going to continue our investigation. The media is wrong as it relates to no spies in the Trump campaign. We gave you tonight the definition of what a spy is, the dictionary definition. The Thesaurus definitions of what a spy is. So it's getting kind of interesting.

We also are expecting the I.G. report as it relates to the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, it could be any day of this week and all the other news.

We promise we'll always be fair and balanced. We're not the destroy-Trump media. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham has a big show. No time to chit chat, by the way. Take it away.

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