Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Loyalties Exposed?

A newscaster for Dubai-based Al-Sharqiya TV — owned by a former chief of radio and television for Saddam and known to some critics as "al-Baathiya" for its sympathies to the former regime — may have been less than neutral in his coverage of Saddam's execution — wearing black mourning clothes while reporting on Saddam's execution this weekend.

Two days later, the Interior Ministry shut down the station's Baghdad office, saying al-Sharqiya had incited violence and hatred in its news coverage. The government says the order was issued after an allegedly false report about the abduction of three Sunni female students from a university.

Murderers Forfeit Right to Life?

Meanwhile, though the British government may have opposed the death penalty for Saddam, the Iraqi regime's decision to hang the deposed despot is being defended by one bishop of the Church of England.

The Bishop of Lichfield, the Right Reverend Jonathan Gledhill, tells the London Telegraph that anyone who deliberately murders another human being "immediately forfeited his or her right to life." He adds that while there are good reasons to oppose the death penalty, the Iraqi government's decision could not be criticized as unjust, since Saddam had been afforded a fair trial and an opportunity to appeal.

AP-parently No Evidence

A former top executive at CNN is calling out the Associated Press — saying he could find no evidence that one of its top Iraqi sources actually exists. Eason Jordan, who now runs a Web site devoted to Iraq news, says neither he nor the governments, news outlets, and bloggers trying to track down Iraqi police captain Jamil Hussein have been able to turn up even a family member, friend or colleague... and the AP isn't helping.

A spokesman says Hussein — who has been quoted in dozens of AP stories and is often critical of the United States — is someone they've talked to for years, but she would not respond to critics' demands to prove his existence.

All About His Mother?

One of the Iranian president's top advisers claims Adolf Hitler was a Jew who co-founded the state of Israel. The Middle East Media Research Institute reports Mohammad Ali Ramin told an Iranian Web site that Hitler — who orchestrated the murder of millions of Jews — was the son of a Jewish prostitute... and that while the Nazi leader identified with the Jewish faith, he was also disgusted by it in part because of his mother's promiscuous ways.

Ramin said Hitler was driven to create a Jewish state by his Jewish relatives — and out of a desire to push the Jews out of Europe.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.