Think fast: What do Congress and fat people suing fast food have in common?

They both shift the blame.

And for my money, the shift has finally hit the fan.

Maybe it's me, but it just seems easier to take out a lawsuit than take a look in the mirror.

I order the Big Mac with fries. I get the big butt and clogged arteries.

Congress does nothing about the lack of refineries in this country. Congress is stuck explaining how there are no refineries in this country.

I could always blame McDonald's for making me fat and sue. Congress could always blame oil companies for gouging and force hearings.

The problem is we'd sooner create scapegoats than solutions. So we blame fast food for adding fast pounds and bad oil companies for bad energy policy.

Look, I'm the one who has to put the fork down and Congress is the one that has to put the microphone down.

Quit grandstanding and start admitting. You've done nothing on conservation and little on exploration.

If it takes eight years of permits and legal fights to build a refinery, you have to build a solution. Just like if it takes years of bad eating to create a bad body, I have to build a new regimen.

I'd love to super-size the blame and say others made me fat, but I won't. Just like Congress would love to super-deflect its incompetence, but shouldn't.

Food for thought.

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