You've probably heard of these huge bonuses they're doling out on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs handing out millions of dollars to even relatively low-ranking workers. Very happy workers, I might add. I should know, some of 'em are my friends. Remind me next time I do lunch with 'em, "they" pick up the tab.

But I digress.

It never fails, but every year, every time I ask them what they plan to do with their bounty, not a one has said, "Give it to the government."

Not one.

Some are actually pretty liberal too, so I'm surprised.

No, most buy houses, or fancy cars, you name it. But they also give to some good causes too. One guy I went to grad school with makes a large donation, anonymously, to a favorite charity. Year in. Year out.

They do with their money what they want to do with their money. The causes they value, "they" give to.

Their money. Their choice.

Just like Warren Buffett. Now there's a guy with a lot of money. And a guy who has said we shouldn't eliminate the estate tax because the government needs the money. Yet, when Warren had a choice about what to do with his money, he went to his friends Bill and Melinda Gates. Not the government. Because he trusted they would do more good with his dough than Uncle Sam would do with his dough.

You know, I don't ever remember anyone bequeathing millions, let alone billions of dollars to the government. Ever. Because you don't have to follow their words. Just follow their money.

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