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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Former John Edwards' Aide Andrew Young was the ultimate insider who found himself at the center of one of the most shocking political scandals in American history. And tonight, in part two of my interview, Andrew Young, the author of the tell-all book, "The Politician" reveals a bombshell that you have not heard anywhere else. Here's part two, let's take a look.


HANNITY: We discussed about the tapes and the relationship with John Edwards last night. And you have the sex tape, you said, you will never release it?


HANNITY: Under any circumstances?

YOUNG: Unless somebody holds a gun to my head.

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HANNITY: OK. But not for any financial amount?

YOUNG: No, so many offers —

HANNITY: Then why did you hold on it?

YOUNG: Well, I mean, for one thing, it was corroboration of what we were saying — at the point when it started two years ago, you know, the senator promised me that he was going to come clean and tell the whole truth. At that point, Elizabeth and John were still held in high esteem, Elizabeth especially. Nobody would have believed that words, I mean, we are little peons.

HANNITY: I kind of wonder to go tonight with you after the interview we had last night, it did not end well. Here you facilitated John Edwards' affair.

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: You covered for John Edwards.

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: You spent money on John Edwards.

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: He never paid you back.

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: He made a lot of promises to you?

YOUNG: He wrecked my car.

HANNITY: OK, all that. And then, I was a little shocked after all you had done for him. Tell everybody how the relationship ended and what he said to you?

YOUNG: There was a — at the very end, there was, — Fred Baron called me and sent me a text that said.

HANNITY: I think Fred Baron is the guy that was —

YOUNG: The trial lawyer.


YOUNG: … who desperately wanted Edwards to be the attorney general — who has since passed. But he sent me a message, the bizarre thing about this was at this point, Elizabeth had taken away all the senator's car keys and cell phones, and I just thought that was the most bizarre thing. This guy is almost leader of the free world, he didn't have a cell phone or a car.

HANNITY: Except for the bat phone to Rielle Hunter which you held.

YOUNG: Yes. Yes. But, well that have been before, now after he was caught, it was gone. But he told me to drive a mile to the right of the senator's driveway — I'd just park and the senator would find me. So, he pulls up in his black Suburban and we are driving out in the middle of country roads here and there. And then he has me get in the car with him. And he's acting bizarre, he's acting kind of like he's drunk, he's talking on the cell phone, he's looking in the rear view mirrors.

And all I could think of was Vince Foster and all of this. Because we were caught between some, you know, billionaires and some very powerful people and a guy who is in viable contention for VP or attorney general. And nobody knew where I was.

So, I was scared to death of him. We went through the whole thing. And then at the end of it, I just, I mean, I told him, I said, look, since you have asked me to do this, I didn't record conversations. I saved the voice mails that you left on my cell phone and I've saved the e-mails.

HANNITY: And you told him you had the tape?

YOUNG: And I told him I had the tape. I mean, it wasn't a threat, it was a way of telling him.

HANNITY: And what he said to you?

YOUNG: Andrew you cannot hurt me. You cannot hurt me.

HANNITY: When did he stop seeing Hunter or has he?

YOUNG: I don't — I don't think he has. I think he's very much still —

HANNITY: Probably even now?


HANNITY: And now that they are separated.

All right. Let me go through, because you did save some of the voicemails?

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: We've got three of them. We're going to roll the first one. This is where he says, Andrew, it's John. Here's what he says.


JOHN EDWARDS, FORMER UNITED STATES SENATOR: Andrew, it's John. I'm going to leave you this message just in case you get a call from me where I ask you, "What's going on?" The reason we are calling is because Elizabeth is standing there. So, if I'm calling saying, "What happened, how did this happen?" You know. "What's going on?" Then that's because Elizabeth is standing there with me."


HANNITY: Remember that, pretty well.

YOUNG: Very well, that was the day — either the day he asked me or the day after he asked me, I'm not sure which.

HANNITY: He's telling you to lie. You just said that you don't think he has ever stopped seeing her?

YOUNG: I don't think so. Because Rielle wouldn't go along with it.

HANNITY: I mean, is this a real love relationship? Do you think they will get married?

YOUNG: I don't think they will get married. I mean, I can't speak now because I haven't seen her since June. But, I can tell you that there was a special relationship between the two of them.

HANNITY: Why would she describe to you all the specific details of their sexual relationship as you described in the book? I mean.

YOUNG: It wasn't just her, it was both of them.

HANNITY: Both of them.


HANNITY: Why would you sit and listen to that?

YOUNG: Oh I didn't, I kept on saying TMI, TMI. She is a very different kind of person. She is very open, you know, she is new age, you know, very open about everything. Way too open. And it was shocking when she would start — for once they finally had a confidant that knew everything and they had something to talk to. The senator had not had any close friends that he could talk to.

HANNITY: We have a voicemail from Elizabeth to you. Your relationship with Elizabeth was not good. Let's roll this tape.


ELIZABETH EDWARDS, JOHN EDWARDS' WIFE: This is completely crazy, desperate, pathetic woman with no skills and no possibility of employment. You are going to have to take care of your baby. If you do that, she won't behave in this erratic way. And then you and your concubine and your entire family can stay out of our lives.


HANNITY: She believed what Edwards said which you were the father, you were the one having the long term affair?

YOUNG: Right. Right. And that made sense to me after doing the book was that for a long time, he had been throwing me under the bus, and he nicknamed me "throw him under the bus Young." He had been blaming stuff on me whenever it was suspicious.

There are also a series of voicemails, tons of them, that I saved where Elizabeth would call in the middle of the night, put on the voice of a 14-year-old girl and threaten my wife's life, or say, you know, "This is not Andrew's first woman" or accuse me of stealing her dead son's baseball cards.

HANNITY: Are you going to release these calls?

YOUNG: That will be something that my lawyer will determine if we can do.

HANNITY: All right. For all the protection of John Edwards that you had over the years, he did often tell you I love you, you are like family. Here's one of those examples.


JOHN EDWARDS: Andrew, hey, it's John. It's 7:27 East Coast time. I had a wonderful conversation, long and wonderful conversation with Bunny. She will be there no matter what. I think we can completely count on her. I just wanted to you hear that and once again to tell you I love you. I really love you, Andrew.


HANNITY: If you had words to describe John Edwards now, the guy you once believed should be president...

YOUNG: Right.

HANNITY: ... give me the adjectives. Give me five.

YOUNG: Despicable. Calculating. Ambitious. This is more of a phrase — ambitious to the disregard of everyone else. And another phrase, loyalty runs two ways except for with him.


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