Flynn lawyer on outside prosecutor reviewing case

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We begin tonight a FOX News alert. Big, breaking positive developments to share surrounding the deep state.

This is very detailed. Pay close attention. I've got to unpeel the layers of this onion.

First, I have to admit the McCabe news on the declination of prosecution is frustrating, especially when the I.G. had identified four separate incidents of lack of candor. That means lying. It seems -- as I said last night -- only conservatives, they seem to get punished for that in today's America.

Now, what we know is this is the single biggest abuse of power scandal, corruption scandal in modern American history. And it is playing out before our very eyes. We now see that the corruption at the highest levels of government, what we've been talking about unequal justice, a lack of equal application of our laws, equal justice under the law, a two-tiered justice system operated by a group of -- again, the 1 percent lawless, vindictive, evil government officials.

All of this is on the line in this country and it matters how it turns out. But we have reason tonight that your hearts not be troubled. Why? Because big, major, consequential developments clearly are on the horizon.

Now, so far, we have been completely vindicated on everything we have reported to you, the media mob, three long years of lies and conspiracy theories and hoaxes and smears and slander and besmirchment and everything else in between -- propaganda.

Tonight, at this hour, there are still career, unelected bureaucrats who hate President Trump, hate that you elected him, and are on what is an unyielding mission to continue to destroy anyone and everyone who supports him. And the events unfolding this week represent the perfect example of everything we have been telling you for three years on this show.

Robert Mueller's Trump-hating minions recommended first-time offender Roger Stone get nine years in prison? Nine years for a process crime? What, over a few overblown lies? Nonviolent process crimes, including four counts of lying to Congress.

Well, they lie every day. Adam Schiff lies almost every word that comes out of his mouth.

On the other side, breaking today, we learned Andrew McCabe will face no charges, to trial, no nothing. McCabe lied over and over again and we proved that. He was fired by the DOJ for his lying, and the department's inspector general recommended him for federal prosecution writing, quote: McCabe lacked candor on multiple occasions. Three of those occasions involved his testimony under oath.

That's not all. McCabe even admitted that he lied to the FBI. But Andrew McCabe is facing no charges whatsoever.

And get this: look at your screen, because breaking moments ago, fellow deep state hack Lisa Page is celebrating. She posted that picture on Twitter holding a glass of wine captioned "Cheers, Andy".

And keep in mind, the same classless individual, she was forced to resign from the FBI in disgrace after exchanging dozens and dozens of nasty text messages about Donald Trump, with pure, ugly, political bias with her best friend Peter Strzok -- you know, the guy who said, oh, I can smell them from here, the smelly Trump-supporting Walmart shoppers. Oh, what a great pair they are.

And, apparently, if you are a Trump-hating bureaucrat or a Democrat, oh, you can perjure yourself or lie to the FBI with zero consequences or can you? Come to think of it, look at your screen -- if Comey or Hillary Clinton or quid pro quo Joe or any prominent Democrat or deep state official seems at this hour but it's about to change, I think. You can commit a whole host of potential crimes and not even face an indictment.

But, if you're Roger Stone or Paul Manafort, by the way, not taking a high ranking government official and you've got have no power whatsoever, but if you're Stone and you lied to Congress, I want to put you away for, oh, nine years.

By the way, the median time spent in prison for rape is four years and two months, murder just a little over 13 years. Yes, that's real.

But breaking tonight, this could all be changing very soon. We are now beginning to see something very large unfold.

Moments ago, Roger Stone's attorneys have filed a motion for a new trial. That is a major development. That should be granted. And, by the way, it should be the beginning of Stone's ultimate vindication.

We have more good news. McCabe's dismissal is frankly when you really look at it, it's a declination prosecuted on one specific issue.

Here is my read between that and General Flynn news today because we know that Barr just installed an outside counsel to look into the General Flynn case. So, I'm reading the tea leaves here and my sources confirming, the same sources that I've been using for you and getting the story right for three years, that the Attorney General Bill Barr is now focused on something much bigger, much deeper, that will have far ranging ramifications, serious ramifications for that 1 percent that abused power. That 1 percent involved in the corruption, those deep state bureaucrats who abused their power, because, as we speak, the Durham-Barr criminal probe is underway.

I've been told by my sources that, in fact, it has gone deep. It has gone wide. It has gone far. And the evidence they are accumulating is overwhelming and incontrovertible. That's what my sources are telling me tonight.

On this program, we refer to all of this as the investigation into the investigators.

Now, according to reports, this investigation is scrutinizing the actions now -- and we've been wondering when this is going to come -- former CIA Director John Brennan and many other current and former deep state officials responsible for the Russia hoax. Remember, the origins of the Russia hoax, that's the heart of the investigation. And now, it's expanded out far and wide.

Durham has spent weeks in Italy and Great Britain. That would tell me and indicate to me that the outsourcing of intelligence-gathering and spying on Americans to circumvent American law is in play. I am told that this evidence that we already have was about premeditated fraud on a FISA court. Nobody else in the media got that story right. We got it right on this program.

The evidence is proven. It's a slam-dunk case. We already have that.

And Barr has already confirmed -- you have got to pay attention -- that the FISA applications were fraudulent. Barr has already confirmed that a candidate, Donald Trump, his transition team and deep into the presidency of Donald Trump spying happened. Yes, he used the word spying. OK.

Now, we know about the warnings, multiple warnings that were given to those when they filed the FISA applications. Don't trust Steele, he has an agenda. Hillary paid for it and it's not verified. Multiple warnings, that means premeditated fraud on the court.

That means a huge day of reckoning to me seem to be on the horizon. I may be wrong. I don't think so.

It also would be mean potential charges for so many who recklessly abuse the FISA court or any of this nation's powerful tools of intelligence. We entrust with you those tools. You don't get to turn them on the American people because you have a political agenda.

And a new development. That's not all. Now, we learned today that Barr ordered outside prosecutors to review the case of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Thank God.

You might remember James Comey bragging on camera about, oh, setting Flynn up and oh, I sent my guys in there. I would never do that in the Trump or Bush administrations or ever get away with it. Decorated military hero, 33 years, they forced of him to plead guilty to one charge -- lying to investigators. But the investigators actually didn't think he was lying.

Why did he do it? Because they threatened to go after his family and his kid and he already had to sell his house because he couldn't pay his lawyers. In their initial reports, the agents wrote that Flynn didn't appear to be lying. So, they made him lie so he could save his son.

What father I guess wouldn't do that? Good for General Flynn.

And here's how I interpret that action. I can now see that General Flynn will be vindicated. I can believe tonight and I have believed tonight that the Durham-Barr probe will deliver a devastating blow to the deep state which has to happen, or we might as well take our Constitution and shred it, because equal justice under the law and application of our laws will be dead.

But these are clear messages now being sent. Barr stepped in and stopped the prosecutorial abuse on Roger Stone, that was huge. That case needs to be vacated completely as we now know the jury foreperson had a political agenda -- oh, a Democrat, an activist Democrat, that actually even talked about the case.

And to date, my sources have been right the entire time. So, tonight, I can report this, I'm cautiously optimistic that real justice will be done. And it seems like the decks are being cleared.

It looks like a five alarm fire happening at the Justice Department and we should know in short order, well, short order meaning a few months, what will happen. How this will fall out.

To his credit, the president as the attorney general said yesterday, has given the attorney general, the DOJ inspector general, the space, to conduct what is important, independent investigations.

It is completely by the way within the president's power to order the probe himself. Did you know the president is the chief law enforcement officer in the country? He's number one.

When the A.G. stepped in to amend the egregious sentencing of Roger Stone, he did that on his own. What he did with General Flynn, he did on his own.

According to a brand new report from Kimberley Strassel, "Wall Street Journal," here's what actually happened, quote -- and her sources have been impeccable. Interim U.S. Attorney Tim Shea told the department's leadership he and other career officials in the office felt the proposed sentence was excessive. As for the deadline for the filing as that neared, the prosecutors on the case nonetheless threatened to withdraw from the case unless they got their demands for the stiffest penalties met (ph).

Mr. Shea, new to the job, suffered a moment of cowardice and submitted to that ultimatum. High ranking DOJ officials made to decide these things, they decided to reverse the sentencing way before the president issued any tweet condemning it.

But, four of the Trump-hating prosecutors hell-bent on revenge and prosecutorial zealousness and, frankly, in my mind, overreach and abuse, resigned in a fit of anger apparently.

And as Strassel points out, they failed to realize that career civil servants aren't some aristocratic class entitled to immunity from supervision. They are employees. The danger isn't political authority but rather unelected mandarin class that believes itself exempt from democratic accountability.

Now, of course, Democrats will never let the truth get in the way of a good old fashioned anti-Trump witch-hunt, will they?

Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia now warning that Democrats are using the Stone sentencing for an excuse -- now, they're talking about another impeachment push.

And you have, of course, the compromised, corrupt, congenital liar and coward, here he is, Adam Schiff. He is foaming at the mouth already. And the only way to stop another Schumer-Schiff sham show -- well, there's only one other way that I know. In 263 days, you're ultimate jury. You can shock the world again. If you vote for the president, you elect Republican congressmen and senators, they can't do this anymore.

This is the most consequential election, frankly, in modern history. And I'm not overstating the case. We are now, as a nation, and frankly the world on the brink.

But tonight, we have reason to be hopeful. I can't give you a timeline for the investigation into the investigators because the wheels of justice move pathetically slow, it drives me nuts. But I think it's coming to a head.

The DOJ stepping in on Stone, that is not a small thing. The four hacks leaving the DOJ, that's not a small thing. The review of the Flynn case, that's not a small thing either.

And the weeks and weeks that Durham and Barr have spent abroad, that is sending a real signal that they want to get to the outsourcing of spying on Americans and that brings it right to the front door of John Brennan. What did he know, when did he know it? Clapper, what did he know, when did he know it? And what did Obama know, and when did he know it?

So, I'm putting aside my temporary anger and praying that justice is now near.

Here now with me more, FOX News contributor, former Congressman Trey Gowdy.

You know, Congressman, I don't like that as of today, we have a two tiered justice system. If you're a conservative Trump supporter, you're going to get -- you know, you're going to get arrested for jaywalking, lying under oath. We know these people lied under oath.

How do you read the crumbs as I read them because what I see is Durham and Barr with what they did in the case of General Flynn, what they did in the case of Roger Stone, what they said about real spying occurring, what they have now said and confirmed, and -- we have been vindicated on premeditated fraud on a FISA court with the dirty dossier being the basis of it, seems to be where they're headed.

Your thoughts?

TREY GOWDY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: My thoughts, Sean, are that it's been a terrible four years for the Department of Justice and the FBI. Two institutions of this country absolutely needs for its citizenry to have respect for it.

So, Bill Barr, in my judgment, I'm a huge fan of his -- I think he is doing everything he can to put the blindfold back on that lady. The lady -- Lady Justice needs that blindfold back on. I think that he needs help from some of us. Even on days like, you know, Andy McCabe not being indicted. Bill Barr is also the same guy that also said President Trump did not obstruct justice. He's the same guy that said we need some proportionality in the Roger Stone's sentence.

This is the department that said we didn't have the evidence on Andy McCabe.

So, we've got to give him the resources and the time and the support to get those institutions back where we need them as a country to be.

HANNITY: The only way, now, I -- if I recall, it was Brennan himself that said to you the dirty Clinton bought and paid for dossier was not used in an intelligence assessment. Hasn't that been contradicted Trey Gowdy and what does that tell you?

GOWDY: Yes. I asked him in House Intel. And keep in mind, the dossier was still classified at the time. So, I had to refer to it another way.

And I have said was it used in a court file. I was referring to the FISA, because I couldn't say it publicly. Then he said not to his knowledge.

So, what we need is we need John Durham to go -- look, the lady shouldn't care whether you're a Republican or Democrat. If Roger Stone lied to Congress then let there be a consequence for that. If John Brennan lied to Congress --

HANNITY: Nine years?

GOWDY: No. No.

HANNITY: Nine years?

GOWDY: But there needs to be consequences but not that.

If John Brennan lied to Congress, there also needs to be a consequence. Let John Durham figure it out. But, if people don't have confidence in the Department of Justice, we're not going to agree with whatever they come up with anyway.

HANNITY: Do you have any doubt Trey Gowdy tonight that premeditated fraud on FISA court was -- happened and occurred? Because Bill Barr already said it occurred. The inspector general said it occurred.


GOWDY: Which is why Devin and I wrote -- which is why Devin and I wrote the FISA court 18 months ago and brought this to their attention. And Adam Schiff and all of our friends in the D.C. media said, look at those crazy House Republicans.

No, I have been living with this for 18 months, Sean -- 18 months.

HANNITY: OK. So, let's follow the bouncing legal ball, shall we? Here's my question --

GOWDY: But I can't put people in -- I can't put people in jail until there's been a jury trial. I'm just -- I'm not wired to put people in jail.

HANNITY: Do you see pre -- do you see premeditated fraud on the FISA court using a dirty dossier --


HANNITY: -- they were warned not to use? Do you see that because I do?

GOWDY: Yes, yes.

HANNITY: Do you see a danger if we don't prosecute the people that did that?

GOWDY: I see a danger any time we have a justice system that is perceived as treating people differently.

Let me stop. Let me say this. The FISA court today could bring those agents and prosecutors before it and mete out punishment. They could do that today.

HANNITY: Are you confident that the people who did this to this country will be held accountable tonight? That's my last question?

GOWDY: Yes. Depending on how we define accountability. Will everyone go to jail? No. It may be that no one goes to jail.


GOWDY: But the American people have a unique way of meting out accountability.

HANNITY: Shred the Constitution. Shred it. They don't go to jail for that until you can spy on a presidential candidate and --


GOWDY: That same Constitution gives you a jury trial.

HANNITY: That would really suck.

GOWDY: But that same Constitution gives you a jury trial. You've got have to have a jury trial, Sean. I can't put --


HANNITY: I believe it. But the evidence is there. Well, the inspector general confirmed it. We now know it all happened. We know it all happened.

GOWDY: Right. And Horowitz referred it to the Department of Justice, at least as it relates to Andy McCabe. And they wound up not indicting. So, I can't --

HANNITY: To me, that's like small ball.


GOWDY: -- one day and not like him the next.

HANNITY: Trey Gowdy, thank you.

Joining us now, former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

Matt Whitaker, I'm going to ask you the same question I asked Trey Gowdy.

I think we already know. Premeditated fraud on a FISA court. Do you see what I see?

MATT WHITAKER, FORMER ACTING U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: I see what you see and I saw what you see. I was there when some of this was happening. And I think it's -- I take a little more of a belief that Bill Barr is going to bring people to justice. And I think those --

HANNITY: I believe that, too. I believe that, too.

WHITAKER: Yes, I think those that did this, those that lied -- intentionally lied to the FISA court with, you know, using the dossier as a sole basis for obtaining what the court says were warrants that would not have been issued but for the fact of these made-up facts, I think we will see people brought to justice and I think Bill Barr and John Durham are working on that as we speak. And I think we should have a lot of faith in them.

HANNITY: If little old Sean Hannity, little old me, if I happen to have subpoenaed emails and I decided I'm going to delete them, I'm going to get rid of any potential forensically recovering them with Bleach Bit and I'm going to bust up devices with hammers -- do you think under those circumstances I would probably be charged with obstruction of justice? Because maybe I'm just paranoid, because I think I'd be arrested, handcuffed, thrown in jail, and the key thrown away.

WHITAKER: That sounds like de facto obstruction, if you had done something wrong like, say, hidden documents that are classified on a home brew server.

So, I mean, I think, you know, this is where at the time, when Jim Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook, I wrote an op-ed in the "USA Today", that I said, you know, I'm a reasonable prosecutor and I wouldn't have let her off the hook. I think this is a case that needed to be brought.

HANNITY: All right. Matt Whitaker, thank you.

Now, when we come back, exclusively, we have Michael Flynn, General Flynn's attorney, Sidney Powell, will weigh in on Bill Barr assigning an outside prosecutor to review his case. Thank God that's happening -- straight ahead.



HANNITY: All right. This is a FOX News alert.

Today, we learned the Attorney General Bill Barr has now appointed an outside prosecutor to review Michael Flynn's case.

Here now to react exclusively is General Flynn's attorney, Sidney Powell.

There has been a travesty of justice here.


HANNITY: You know, what Comey admitted to, well, I'd never do this in the Bush -- or try and get away with in the Bush or Obama years. And then, McCabe saying, oh, you don't need -- you don't need -- you don't need a lawyer, and then he did need a lawyer. They denied him his constitutional rights.

Then, irony of all ironies, they didn't think he lied but they said, we want you to lie and say you lied. They're telling him to lie so we won't go after your son after you've had to sell your house and everything in between that happened.

POWELL: It's even worse than that, Sean.

The small group at the FBI, including McCabe and Peter Strzok, and agent I can't name, and Trish Anderson and James Baker and others literally worked together to figure out how and when to interview him to keep him from knowing he was even the subject of the interview. So, not only was he not warned of his rights, he didn't even know that he was being investigated. In fact, he was led to believe that he wasn't being investigated.

I don't even know of a false statement prosecution ever in the history of our country where somebody wasn't even warned of their rights or told they were being investigated. And then, of course, we have the missing 302, the original 302 they say they can't find, Mr. Van Grack can't produce it. He's got conflicts of interest out the wazoo himself because he'd be witness number one if we have to have a hearing in front of Judge Emmet Sullivan for his side deal with Covington that wasn't disclosed.

I mean, there's just one atrocity after the other in this case.

HANNITY: Let me look big picture when I was asking Trey Gowdy earlier. You know, let's look at the declination statement at it relates to McCabe and the four times he's been identified as lying. I'm looking at other things.

The attorney general is stepping in on the Roger Stone case in a major way because it was such an overreach, an overzealous and outrageous attempt at, you know, a process crime nine years. The average rapist gets 4.2 years in prison.

Then I'm looking at what happened now that the attorney general installed this prosecutor to review General Flynn's case.

Then I see the investigations that have gone on in Great Britain and Italy and with Australia.

Then I hear the attorney general has said, yes, they spied on a presidential candidate, transition team, and a president.

And I'm putting it all together, and what I see coming is, I see that the attorney general and I hope I'm right, you tell me if you agree with me -- clearing the decks now because something huge is going to happen, and everything that we now have been vindicated on and that being premeditated fraud on FISA court to spy on a presidential campaign, transition, deep into a presidency, it's all about to come crashing down on their heads. It's not only my hope, I think it has to happen.

POWELL: Well, there is an immediate and urgent need to restore the application of the rule of law, which means it has to be applied equally regardless of political party. I think that is what Attorney General Barr realizes has to be done for the public to have any trust in the FBI or the Department of Justice ever again.

HANNITY: All right. Sidney Powell, thank you for being with us. And I hope General Flynn now -- this is the beginning of the end of what has been a three year nightmare for him and his family and travesty of justice.

That is not the only big news that broke today. Also another report, U.S. Attorney John Durham -- we're waiting for that Durham report -- is putting former CIA Director John Brennan under the microscope for his suspicious handling of Russian interference before the 2016 election.

Joining us now with reaction, author of the bestseller "Guilt By Accusation", Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, as well as FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, FOX News contributor Sara Carter.

All right. This is what we know. We know that there was Russian interference, the dirty Russian dossier. We were about -- we were all right about all of this. We know premeditated fraud on a FISA court. That's another crump.

The attorney general said that his office until couple weeks ago, yes, those warrants never should have happened. It took away Carter Page's rights, the spying on a president's campaign, transition team, et cetera, all happen, a candidate.

So, my question, and I'll start with you, Gregg Jarrett, on the legal side here is: OK, now it seems like he's also looking into the outsourcing of spying against Americans to friendly nations to circumvent American law. That's what I think is the next shoe to drop.

Am I wrong?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: No. I think you're absolutely right. It's no coincidence that all of those things are happening simultaneously. And, for example, you know, it's impossible for the Department of Justice to drop criminal charges against Andrew McCabe for lying and at the same time prosecute Michael Flynn who told the truth.

You know, there is a summary of the 302 FBI reports of the interview of Michael Flynn. I recite them in my book chapter 8. And it states: Flynn told the truth. Flynn did not lie. The agents who interviewed Flynn concluded he was telling the truth.

And so, you know, I would predict that his plea will be withdrawn, at which point the Department of Justice, in the interest of justice, will drop the charges against Michael Flynn. He should never have been charged by Robert Mueller's team of political partisans.

HANNITY: And what, Alan Dershowitz, was admitted to -- what they -- in the Flynn case, they didn't think he lied. But then they made him lie, because he lost his home, because he didn't have any more money. Thirty-three years, this is how we treat you.

You heard what Comey said, oh, yes. I would never get away with this or even try it and those other administrations. And you know what McCabe told them, oh, you don't need a liar. They set him up.

Now, you're a civil libertarian. We also know that real spying occurred. Phony FISA warrants issued.

Now, if we don't prosecute this, Professor, we will never have equal justice under the law or application of our laws. And you might as well take that document you've spent most of your adult life studying called the Constitution, and we might as well throw it in a paper shredder. So, I think you agree --

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR EMERITUS: I agree, yes. I agree, and I think it's in the enough to appoint a special counsel in the Flynn case.

Look, months and months ago, I suggested that Flynn withdraw his guilty plea. I don't think what he did was a crime. I don't think it was material, and there are issues about whether it was even false. But what we need now --


HANNITY: Hang on. Premeditated fraud in the FISA court we now know happened.

DERSHOWITZ: -- perjury and false statements.

You can't just look at Flynn. You should have the same person. I would suggest the former judge like Michael Mukasey or Stephen Trott should be appointed by the Justice Department to see -- to make sure we have a consistent policy on charging perjury and false statement, and also whether we should abolish the whole concept of punishing false statements.

You know, when you take an oath, you know you have to tell the truth. But these false statements 1001 are so subject to abuse. The FBI doesn't tell you there's an investigation. They are chummy with you. They ask you leading questions, they throw perjury traps at you, and then whether you're Martha Stewart or you are Flynn, you get in deep trouble for saying something not that was necessarily untrue, but that somebody else disagreed with you on.

So, I think we need to take a look at the whole issue of perjury, false statements. Get one person to look at it and make sure the department has a single nonpartisan policy. If you got one person looking at Flynn and one person looking at McCabe, you're going to get different results.

HANNITY: Let me go to Sarah at the other side of what is going on at the DOJ right now, because what I think is happening is now the decks are being cleared. We have now been vindicated. You, me -- our entire ensemble team - - Gregg, and that is, we know premeditated fraud on a FISA court happened. And now, the Justice Department confirmed it two weeks ago.

Here's my question, what is happening at this point. And what do you think the clearing of the decks that we're observing means? Because my sources are telling me that it's real. That those that did he premeditated fraud on FISA, the phony dossier, they know was phony and used it as a bulk of information, they're all going to now -- they're about to see their worlds rock.

Is that true?

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: That's what I'm hearing too, Sean. And I know it's very disappoints because there are some people in the country that are up in arms now that Andrew McCabe, there was no follow-through on prosecuting him.

We know he lied. He perjured himself under oath three times. He was actually interviewed four times, three of those times that was under oath.

But now, what we know is that John Durham's probe is expanding. And remember, this is a criminal probe. So, we don't know exactly what he has already collected. What we do know is that John Durham is focusing very closely on General Brennan and the CIA, and the CIA's role in this. They're also looking at the 2017, that's the intelligence assessment, the full intelligence assessment which John Brennan testified under oath to Trey Gowdy he said -- no, we did not use the dossier in the intelligence assessment.

But we see in the I.G. report, Michael Horowitz's report that James Comey and even Andrew McCabe said, no, no, wait a minute. Brennan did say he used it in the intelligence assessment. So, there's a conflict there.

We also know that John Durham has expanded his probe to the Pentagon and is investigating the Office of Net Assessment and what money was flowing through that office for FBI counter -- you know, the informant Stefan Halper. So there is a huge investigation underway.

HANNITY: Thank you, all.

Joe Biden heckled while leaving a fundraiser last night in New York City. We've got the tape.

Bernie Sanders floating the idea of legalizing sex workers on top of, yes, raising taxes and promising to lose jobs. You can't make this up.

And Katie Couric doesn't like us. Why not? Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. So, now, as Michael Bloomberg continues to try and fend off racism accusations following the release of that secret audio about stop-and-frisk. Oh, Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett is saying that an apology is not enough.

Let's take a look.


VALERIE JARRETT, FORMER OBAMA ADIVSER: I had a call with him with a group of African-American business leaders on Tuesday. He had to deal with stop and frisk obviously. We were very concerned about the impact that had on so many black families right here in New York. He apologized as he has done publicly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you satisfied with that apology.

JARRETT: You know what? I think he has a lot more to do than just apologize. One of things I recommended is, why don't you sit down with some of the families impacted by it?


HANNITY: And even amid Bloomberg's struggles, we've got quid pro quo Joe and his path is only getting more complicated as he bets the whole campaign on now South Carolina later this month. But according to him he is headed down the, quote, right straw. I didn't make that up.

Take a look.


REPORTER: How is the campaign doing today, sir?


REPORTER: How do you feel about your campaign, sir?

BIDEN: We're heading down the right straw.


HANNITY: The right straw.

And last night in New York, well, a few hecklers had some advice for quid pro quo Joe. Take a listen.


CROWD: Drop out, Joe! Drop out, Joe! Drop out, Joe!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Skip Nevada, skip South Carolina. Just go home early.

CROWD: Drop out Joe! Drop out, Joe! Drop out, Joe!


HANNITY: Oh, boy, not good for a campaign.

All the disarray is now putting the Democratic establishment, they are in a full blown panic, especially as Soviet style socialist, Bernie Sanders, you know, the guy that honeymooned in the former Soviet Union, he moves closer and closer to a party takeover while ramping up his radicalism all along the way, because last night, he's in Nevada, and he's even floating the idea now of legalizing sex work in America. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your plan to work with the sex worker community to not only legalize and regulate sex work make it safe for all women and LGBTQ to participate?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, we will do everything that we can to make sure that sex workers are treated with respect. The question of legalizing sex work is something that we are looking at. But we have not yet reached a conclusion. I want to hear from a whole lot of people.


HANNITY: Joining us with reaction, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, senior legal advisor for Trump 2020, that would be Jenna Ellis.

All right. I think Joe is toast. So, quid pro quo, let's put that aside.

Let's look at now Bloomberg, because Bloomberg has now been on defense. It's interesting he left some exclusive golf clubs when he was mayor and then he rejoined them. He's going to leave them again.

And for 17 years, he didn't say a thing about stop-and-frisk. Let's go over what he said Jenna if I can. Oh, yes, he says, police stop white people too much and minorities too little. That stop and frisk targeted minority kids whom cops must throw up against the wall.

And now he is saying that he will grant illegal immigrants citizenship and he will have open borders. And he said in a 2006 interview, Jenna, that, in fact, well, if we don't have illegal immigrants who's going to take care of the greens and fairways at our golf courses? That's another new --


HANNITY: That's a new one today.

ELLIS: I know. And, you know, Bloomberg is just -- he is just all over the map here. And I think that this really shows very clearly what his true policy priorities have been, when he was in office.

And so, now that he is walking those back, I don't think that he is doing that effectively enough, because he's just pandering to the black vote in America, trying to say, you know, hey, I'm on your side. That's obviously not being very effective whatsoever.

And so, he has to somehow show that he has a legitimate reason to say, you know, my policies have changed. My perspectives have changed. And I don't think that he is coming across very genuine, because guess what? He is really not that genuine about it.

This is the typical Democratic rhetoric that they'll say anything just to get a vote from minority from women, from whoever it is they are targeting. They'll say whatever they want in a campaign trail and then they will forget about it as soon as they get in office.

Contrast that with President Trump who's actually doing a lot in office for criminal justice reform, for, you know, for the minorities as far as the lowest unemployment rate. I mean, so many different things that he's actually putting that into action.

HANNITY: Matt Schlapp, I don't know if you play golf or not, but who will take care of the greens and fairways if we don't have illegal immigrants, and he tells the Hispanic language network that he will grant citizenship to all illegal immigrants, and have open borders.

How is that going to go or in the general election?

MATT SCHLAPP, CHAIR, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION: Well, this is the problem the Democrats have. I don't think I have ever seen a couple of weeks in a row where the Democrats were in such meltdown. And as you go through all the candidates, Sean, it's now getting harder and harder to see how the list of candidates, what is their path?

I agree with you on quid pro quo Joe. He is out of the box. I think Mayor Pete is on a real roll. But after being in New Hampshire and Iowa, this Democratic Party, they really want to pick Bernie Sanders. They don't want to pick Michael Bloomberg.

He is their heart and soul. If they do anything that looks like they are changing the rules along the way. I don't think they'll be able to pull all this back together with the nominee they eventually have.

HANNITY: All right, guys. This is going to be interesting.

This is most insane group of people you can ever put together. You can't even make this up. If I'm President Trump, I think I'm saying I will take you on -- any of these people.

When we come back, things have really heated today on that hard-hitting news view called "The View", between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar. Topic? President Trump, of course.

Why does Katie Couric not like me? I am very upset about this. I'm frustrated. We'll explain, next.


HANNITY: All right. Things got really heated today on that hard hitting ABC News show, "The View." Meghan McCain called out Joy-less Behar for saying that Bloomberg has a chance in 2020, and that President Trump lost in 2016, all in the same 30-amazing television seconds. Take a look.


MEGHAN MCCAIN, HOST, "THE VIEW": You have to win over black voters to win a Democratic --

JOY BEHAR, HOST, "THE VIEW": He is already done doing it.

MCCAIN: But you have to win over the Midwest and Pennsylvania and coal miners and people that are not attractive to a lot of the Democratic coalition in order to win the presidency and Trump has that locked and loaded right now.

And I'm sorry, a guy that wants to take away your Slurpee is going to have a real problem with coal mining towns.

BEHAR: And you know what? And the guy who wants to take away your healthcare is even a worse shape.


MCCAIN: You know what, Joy? You know what, Joy? I've been right about election stuff and you've been wrong, so just trust me on this. All I'm saying is not --

BEHAR: How I have been wrong? How I have been wrong?

MCCAIN: You thought Trump was going to lose in 2016 and I didn't.

BEHAR: Me and 100 million people. He did actually lose, you know. We're reminded, 3 million votes against him. Sorry.


MCCAIN: You know what? I always say, does that make you feel good at night?

BEHAR: Yes. No, it makes me feel bad.

MCCAIN: He's still in the White House. It's a ridiculous thing to say every day of this show he is president, move on!


HANNITY: Joy can't move on. Now, this is very upsetting to me.

Look at this headline in "Washington Times", apparently, Katie Couric doesn't like watching the network. She's quoted as saying: Sometimes I watch FOX News just who to see how they're covering things, and I don't know why I'm shocked every time I watch it, but it's just an alternate universe and it's crazy to me and anyway, it just, well, it makes me crazy.

Well, I'd like to invite Katie, come on the show. Let's talk it out. I will offer free therapy right here. You can find out.

You've already met me. I'm not a horrible person.

Here with reaction, he's the media reporter with "The Hill", Joe Concha, FOX News contributor, Emily Compagno.

My -- is it fair, Joe, to say that -- I'm a nice guy. I think Katie Couric can stand the fact that not everybody has her distorted liberal left wing world view.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER, THE HILL: FOX News is successful because it found a niche audience way back when and that's half the country, right?  And that's the half the country that Katie Couric can't relate to.

And, by the way, she is -- one of the last people to lecture about being objective. This is somebody while she was at "The Today Show" as a serious journalist and anchor that took part in a pro-choice march -- that's a big no, no.

She also did, remember a documentary a couple years ago called "Under the Gun". And she asked some gun owners, Sean, what -- the exact question is, if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun, and then all the people on the room, the gun activists, were stunned silent, right, except they weren't when some raw audio revealed that, no, it was deceptively edited to make them look clueless. They were more than able to answer that question and Katie Couric had to apologize for that.

So, if I'm going to take lessons on how to be an unbiased reporter or journalist, Katie Couric is basically the last person I'm going to go to.

HANNITY: You know, and, Emily, as I look at the media landscape, you got, you know, Area 51 Roswell Rachel Maddow's conspiracy channel, state TV, MSDNC, fake news CNN, "The Washington Post," "New York Times," three networks. And we actually have all opinions on this network and they can't stand that there are other opinions apparently.

But it's the level of arrogance. All these media people that I've learned - - they all talk to each other and they live in this bubble, and they -- no, I hate Trump. No, I doubly hate Trump. No, I hate, hate, hate, hate, quadruply hate Trump.

And they like try to outdo each other and they feel good about each other by patting each other on the back. And it's like they're living in their own little bubble. And I don't think they have a clue what this country thinks of the president. I think the president is loved as we can see in these rallies and they look down on us, don't they, as evidenced by CNN and Don Lemon last week or the week before?

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, they do. And they have for years. It is an insulated insular repetitive echo chamber. The other night, I was at a dinner here in New York City with a large group of people all across the political spectrum and along with a few other FOX employees.

And the one person at the table who is the loudest and the most angry about FOX News who asked everyone how can you work there and what can you do, after having this kind of bloviating speech about it is, someone said, how often do you watch it? And he said, I've never watched it.

And to me, that hit the nail on the head that the assumptions about this network are not based in any type of fact whatsoever. It's the fiction, it's an assumption, and it's to their own group that they are shouting to that has no resonance with the rest of the country.

HANNITY: Guys, good to see you. Appreciate it.

Yes. The lawyer of the year, Michael Avenatti, I gave him due process what he didn't give Justice Kavanaugh. He was found guilty today for trying to extort Nike, extortion. We have that full report coming up, straight ahead.


HANNITY: A bad, bad day for Stormy Daniels former lawyer, disgraced media darling. Oh, how many times was he on MSDNC and fake news CNN?

Michael Avenatti guilty for trying to extort Nike, extortion. T

Here now with the very latest in details, David Lee Miller.

David, what happened to the poor Stormy Daniels lawyer today?

DAVID LEE MILLER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sean, the jury deliberated for almost three days before convicting high-profile lawyer, Michael Avenatti, on three criminal charges, including extortion and wire fraud.

Avenatti, according to the prosecutors, demanded that athletic shoe company Nike pay him as much as $25 million to conduct an internal investigation of the company or he would hold a damaging news conference, alleging Nike made him proper payouts to high school athletes, on the eve of the Nike's quarterly financial report.

Avenatti's lawyer tried to portray him as an aggressive attorney who was representing a client upset with Nike cancellation of sponsorship of a youth basketball program. The U.S. attorney in New York says Avenatti was found guilty of an old-fashioned shakedown. He still faces two more criminal federal trials and a slew of charges, including embezzlement and tax fraud -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. David Lee Miller, well, interesting. He didn't give due process to Kavanaugh, did he?

Oh, by the way, Haley Thornton (ph), college student fighting for Donald Trump, I'm with your dad tonight. He's in our studio. Keep up the great work defending the president. That's a message from dad.

That's all the time we have left this evening. We will always be fair, balanced. We'll never be the hate Trump, destroy Trump, psychotic media mob. We seek the truth.

And let not your heart be troubled. The news continues, "The Ingraham Angle" is next. Have a great weekend. We'll see you Monday.

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