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LISA BOOTHE, HOST: Great job. Good to see you. All right, well, I'm Lisa Boothe in for Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle” live from New York City tonight.

A frantic manhunt is under way in California for a vicious cop killer and the suspect is an illegal immigrant.

More on that in just a moment. Plus new reports of another migrant caravan making its way toward Mexico as the border battle budget rages on in Washington D.C. and Democrats revealing the top pick for who they want to see take on Trump in 2020.

Also New York Giant fans are suing for the right to curse out players. Yeah, you heard that right. But first a desperate manhunt is underway. A California police officer killed during a routine traffic stop, gunned down in cold blood by a suspect who police say is in the United States illegally.


ADAM CHRISTIANSON, SHERIFF, STANISLAUS COUNTY: This suspect is in our country illegally. He doesn't belong here, he's a criminal. We will find him. We will arrest him and we will bring him to justice.


BOOTHE: That Sheriff will join me in a moment but first, Fox news chief correspondent Jonathan Hunt is live in our west coast news room with the late breaking details. Jonathan.

JONATHAN HUNT, CORRESPONDENT: Good evening Lisa. 33-year old Ronil Singh was gunned down at 1:00 AM, Wednesday in the small town of Newman in Northern California.

HUNT: Just hours earlier on Christmas day, he had taken this photo with his wife, Anna Micah and their 5-month old son.


RANDY RICHARDSON, POLICE CHIEF, NEWMAN: His 5-month old, he will never hear talk. He will never see his son walk. He doesn't get the hold that little boy, hug his wife, say good night anymore because a coward took his life.


HUNT: On Wednesday officer Singh pulled over a gray pickup truck that had no license plate. Minutes late he radioed, "Shots fired, I've been hit." The suspect was seen on security camera footage buying beer at a convenience store shortly before the shooting. He has not yet been formally named but officials say they know who he is, they believe he is still in the area.

They know he is armed and dangerous and they revealed he is an illegal immigrant. That prompted a tweet from President Trump highlighting the manhunt for the suspect and saying, "Time to get tough on border security. Build the Wall."

Officer Singh was a legal immigrant from Fiji and apparently even took extra English lessons to make himself better understood over the police radio.


RICHARDSON: He was truly just a human being and an American patriot. Ron was not born in America. Ron was born in Fiji. He came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve this country.


HUNT: The Chief and others who work with Ronil Singh say he loved being a police officer, he loved his family and he was, "living the American dream." Lisa.

BOOTHE: All right, thank you Jonathan. All right and Singh's Chief Randy Richardson breaking down earlier today while speaking about the murdered officer. Watch this.


RICHARDSON: You have to understand this was not supposed to happen here. I've been - I've been to too many of these funerals and I never thought ever that I would have to be doing this. I do not want to be here today. I would give anything not to. I did not know Christmas morning, at 4:00 in the morning when I say goodbye to him and sent him off to his family that it would be the last time that I saw him.

My department is hurting. We are struggling through this. So please be in mind when you see them that it's hard for them. We're a family. We're not an agency, we're a family.


BOOTHE: All right, well, joining me now exclusively is Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson. Hi Sheriff.

CHRISTIANSON: Hello Lisa and thank you for having me on the show.

BOOTHE: Sheriff, our hearts just break for you tonight and the community I don't know how anyone can't watch that without breaking down themselves and with tears, and just my heart goes out to you and what you're feeling. I know Randy Richardson said that it was a close knit community at the Newman police department,12 people.

You can obviously see the love and admiration that he had for Officer Singh. So I want to start out with his legacy and honoring him and what he meant to you and the new main police department. Can you tell me about Corporal Singh?

CHRISTIANSON: Well, I can tell you that the Sheriff's office is the lead investigative agency and we are fully supporting the Newman police department so even though I'm the Sheriff, Chief Richardson is really trying to keep his team together and we're there to support him.

Officer Singh is the shining example of what immigration in America should be. This is a young man who immigrated here legally, it was his dream to come to America, it was his dream to be a police officer and he worked hard to achieve that goal.

And unfortunately he sacrificed his life, trying to defend and protect his community. Newman is very small it's almost like Mayberry. These critical incidents don't occur and for this law enforcement agency, in the history of its existence, this is their first line of duty death.

BOOTHE: And so he leaves behind a wife and a 5-month old child. Can you tell us a little about his family?

CHRISTIANSON: He's got a wonderful family and I think what Chief Richardson shared with everyone, your viewers and the nation and even here locally speaks to the character of Officer Singh and how much he loved his family.

I think the photograph speaks volumes to his devotion not only to his family but his community.

BOOTHE: And Sir just tell us a little bit more about his dedication to the job. I read that he drove 2.5 hours to attend the Police Academy which he put himself through. He took lessons to learn how to speak English better so he can move up the ladder. Can you tell us a little bit more about that dedication?

CHRISTIANSON: He did and it's an amazing story. He didn't start with the Newman Police Department. He was a cadet in with the Turlock Police Department, he worked very hard, he was reserve with the Merced county sheriff's office. He pursued his dream and to get through the academy he was willing to make that commute every day to complete that training program, making him eligible to be a peace officer in the state of California.

And yes, he knew that he was difficult to understand because of his accent and again, he's threw everything into language classes. English is not his first language.

And even I remember what he sounded like on the radio and we all kind of, all chuckled about that accent and how hard he worked out to ensure that his language got better, his English skills got better because again, he wanted so badly to be a police officer and he worked diligently to achieve his goal.

BOOTHE: And where does this manhunt stand now?

CHRISTIANSON: So we have identified a suspect. Although we're not naming that suspect primarily because we have a very specific protocol that we use to make positive identifications and as you know people use multiple aliases often times people share similar or same names.

And we're not going to make a mistake so we're not ready to actually name the suspect but we have multiple teams utilizing our federal law enforcement partners, state and local partners, we have multiple teams out chasing down multiple investigative leads.

We have a hot line set up and we are working nonstop, we're not sparing any expense to hunt this suspect down and bring him to justice.

BOOTHE: Are Californians in danger right now?

CHRISTIANSON: No, they're not. Yes, this suspect is armed and dangerous but we believe he is on the run. We have no evidence whatsoever to believe he is still a credible threat although I suspect when law enforcement moves in, he might be but we encourage the public, there's plenty of information out there.

If you see him or you think you see the suspect, do not approach him, don't engage him, don't try to stop him. Call 911 and let us come intercept him because we want to get him into custody safely without anybody else being injured or killed as a result of this investigation or this incident.

BOOTHE: And do we know if the suspect has a criminal background?

CHRISTIANSON: Not yet because again, we're working on that positive identification and so without completing that protocol we don't want to miss identify anybody so we're going to make absolutely sure that we have an identification and really the best way to do that is fingerprints.

And we're not going to have that until we get him in custody.

BOOTHE: Sir, I want to ask you about something you brought up at the press conference earlier. You made the distinction between the fact that Corporal Singh came here legally, he came here with the sole purpose, he wanted to be a police officer, he wanted to serve this country. He wanted to serve his community.

And you drew the distinction between the suspected killer who came here, broke the law and came here illegally. Why was it important to you to draw that distinction?

CHRISTIANSON: Because I want the nation to know, I want your viewers to know that Officer Singh really should be the focus of this investigation and his sacrifice but I also want everybody to know that immigration is good for America if done legally.

Illegal immigration doesn't serve our communities especially criminals who victimize and exploit our communities.

Whether you hate the President or love the President, border security goes hand in hand with national security, the safety of our communities and public safety. We need to know who's in our communities that shouldn't be. We should be focusing on criminal activity without political interference.

And there is only one entity that can fix immigration, even though there are laws on the books and we should stand by the rule of law and we should be enforcing those laws. Congress is the only entity that can fix this problem and until they decide to depolarize themselves and focus on what's in the best interest of the people, you can't establish a system of immigration that lacks bureaucracy, hopefully and allows people a path to become good citizens and contribute to what makes America great.

Officer Singh, he is the absolute poster child for why immigration works if done legally and properly.

BOOTHE: So should more be done at this southern border to prevent this illegal activity?

CHRISTIANSON: Well, I think that there is at least from what I know, I think that there's a lot of great work going on, on our southern border. I think it's inexcusable that we continue to attack the men and women who are there, either as members of U.S. customs, the border patrol, I.C.E. or any of our other federal law enforcement partners.

Stop demonizing and villainizing the men and women who are there trying to protect our communities. It's time to come together and fix the problem and yes, border security needs to be a priority and it's not just the immigration issue, Lisa. We have cartels that are trafficking narcotics, weapons, little girls.

We have a problem with human trafficking. We need to secure our borders and we need to give the men and women who protect us, our federal law enforcement partners, the ability to do their job without political interference.

BOOTHE: And Sir, California's come under fire for being a sanctuary state, has that hamstrung your ability to do your job in anyway?

CHRISTIANSON: Well, certainly it has. First of all and as I told the President of the United States when I sat next to him, I don't think we should be subjected to political interference. I understand why the state legislature and politicians have decided to create these laws because they believe that people need to be protected.

Law enforcement is here to protect people but you can't provide sanctuary for criminals. That - all that does is silence the voices of our victims and I certainly didn't sign up to do that. Remember that our partners with I.C.E. Great, great law enforcement partners. They're not in my county sweeping through churches and schools and convenience stores, they're only interested in the fugitives and the criminals.

Why are we providing sanctuary for people who victimize and exploit the weak and the defenceless, we should not be doing that.

BOOTHE: And Sir, before I let you go, is there any place where viewers and people at home can help the Singh family?

CHRISTIANSON: Absolutely. If you go to our Facebook page.

Just search for the Stanislaus County Sheriff's office. There's an official donation site, remember that there's also a lot of fraudulent creation of GofundMe sites, be very careful of those. If it's not our official site which was set up by the Stanislaus sworn Deputies Association and that is on our Facebook page.

That is the only official site where people can absolutely donate and help this family. Understanding that we're going to help this family. There are benefits available to them and my office, the Sheriff's office and the men and women of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's office - along with all of our other local partners, you can absolutely be sure that we're going to support Officer Singh and his family. Officer Singh will never be forgotten for his service and sacrifice.

BOOTHE: And we honor his legacy tonight. Sir, thank you so much for joining us. Our prayers are with his family and your community.

CHRISTIANSON: Thank you Lisa.

BOOTHE: Thank you Sir. Well, joining us now is Art Arthur from Center for Immigration Studies and Jose Aristimuno, Democratic Strategist. All right, I'm going to start with you so President Trump tweeted out tonight about this that this is the reason why we need the Wall. Do you agree?

ART ARTHUR, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: Absolutely, quite frankly this is a senseless death that would have been prevented had we had good border security, had we prevented this individual from entering the United States, he never would have been there to have killed Corporal Singh and it's absolutely inexcusable the we're not doing it.

It's on the books, it should be enforced.

BOOTHE: Jose, do you agree with that?

JOSE ARISTIMUNO, FORMER DNC DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY: Look, I've said this from the very beginning and I'm going to be very clear and first and foremost, let me say that my heart breaks for that family and any undocumented immigrant in this country who has committed high crimes should be deported.

Any undocumented immigrant who has committed high crimes, I got to say it again because sometimes my fellow Republicans don't understand it. If you are high criminal who have committed crimes in this country and you're undocumented, you should be deported.

BOOTHE: But coming country illegally is also a crime though, just to be clear.

ARISTIMUNO: Again, this is why I'm saying high crimes, okay? I'm talking about murder, I'm talking about rape and things as such so if we want to come to a- if we want to come to a real solution to this, the Sheriff said it. He said we want to make sure that we can find the criminals within communities across this country.

Well, I got a solution for the President. Let's pass comprehensive immigration reform. If we pass comprehensive immigration reform -

BOOTHE: But how would that address illegal (inaudible) at the border.

ARISTIMUNO: Well, let me start with this. We will legalize, we will legalize millions of good serving immigrants in this country who want to pledge allegiance to -

BOOTHE: How does that stop illegality?

ARISTIMUNO: It stops illegality again, because you allow yourself, once - once you get a majority of immigrants in this country who are good people, you take him out of the shadows, it allows for a law enforcements to actually look for the bad ones.

BOOTHE: But that doesn't prevent people from coming here illegally?

ARISTIMUNO: And coming to your question about the border, Lisa. Lisa, talking about the border - No, no, I'm not going to allow you.

BOOTHE: One at a time.

ARISTIMUNO: The question was addressed to me, Art. I'm not going to allow you to disrespect me and try to change the message.

BOOTHE: Hold one just a second, Art, I promise I'll get to you. Jose, I'm letting you finish.

ARISTIMUNO: A majority of illegal immigration, undocumented immigration in this country is because overstayed visa, they're not because of the border so the problem is really not in the borders and by the way, you want to talk about the borders then we should maybe build a fence around Canada, where a lot of illegal immigration also takes place.

BOOTHE: Well, speaking of fences- hold on just a second, Jose. Speaking of fences, Democrats have supported fencing along the southern border in the past so clearly both sides see the need to have some sort of physical structure at the southern border but now all of a sudden, they're broken down in any sort of agreement over border funding.

Art, what do you make of that?

ARTHUR: Quite frankly, it just underscores the politics of the entire thing. Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, all voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and yet today you can't find any of these people who are talking in favor of President Trump's border wall. Why?

Because it was political then, it's political now. And to go back to what Jose said. If Jose wants to get rid of the criminals, what we should do is get rid of the sanctuary policies. You heard the Sheriff before. The sanctuary policies are keeping the criminals on the streets. Those criminals go back and they prey on the immigrant communities that Jose purportedly speaks for.

We want to get those criminals off the street, we went unshackle I.C.E., we want to let them go to the jails, we want to find - we want to allow them to find the criminals, apprehend them and remove them from the United States. There's no high crimes in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

They're crimes involving moral turpitude. Robbery, drug possession, drug dealing, those are all removable offenses. Quite frankly, those are all offences that we screen for before you come to the United States.

You enter the United States illegally and you have one of those crimes, you're not allowed in. If you enter illegally and you have one of those crimes, we're never going to know that you had one of those crimes before and you're probably going to re-offend.

GAO found in 2011 that the average criminal alien commits or gets arrested 7 times. Criminal aliens commit crimes. Jose is obviously with me on this that we want to do away with sanctuary cities, that we want to do away with sanctuary policies, that we want to get the criminals off the street and Chuck Schumer back in 2006 said, we should build the Wall.

I think we should build the Wall and he's 100% behind President Trump.

BOOTHE: But Jose, why don't Democrats get on board with something that you previously supported, they were also willing to get President Trump $25 billion in exchange for DACA. They've supported a physical structure at the southern border. What is the hold up?

In my perception and I think in a lot of people's perceptions, it's politics, it's about denying President Trump that campaign promise that he made to Americans. Why the issue now?

ARISTIMUNO: I understand so look, let's go back to 2013. Democrats passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Senate and what happened in Republican controlled House? They denied it so Art wants to talk about Democrats not wanting to do away with immigration, that's a lie.

We've been trying to do immigration since Day one. President Obama tried to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and it was the Republicans who time and time again tried to block us from doing this and talking about the budget, let's just be very clear, we gave the Republicans $1.3 billion last year and they've only used under 10% of that money so now they're asking for $5 billion. We're telling you this next year, we'll give you $1.3 billion again but the President is obsessed with this Wall.

By the way, for folks who are watching you know, watching us right now, there's a wall with Mexico already, we don't need a wall. We have hi-tech technology to actually - to actually get away the criminals from the border, it's not that - the President is trying to make this issue a lot bigger than it truly is.

I'm with you Art, that we must get the criminals out of this country, lets deport them but a majority, you know this very well, a majority of undocumented population of this country are good people. And the solution that I keep hearing -

BOOTHE: But Jose - but Jose, I still have yet to hear you address the illegality at the southern border, we estimated 22 million illegal immigrants living in the country now, neither side of the aisle can figure out what to do with those illegal immigrants. Why would we not want to stop the flow of the illegality at the southern border adding to the problem that nobody can solve?

But unfortunately we've got to go, we're running out - we ran out of time but thank you both for joining me and I appreciate it.

ARTHUR: Thank you Lisa.

BOOTHE: Appreciate your insight.

ARISTIMUNO: Thank you.

BOOTHE: All right, well Democrats are not going to like the results of a new poll on 2020, we too will hear who voters want to see run.

Plus the shutdown showdown is about to enter its seventh day and Congress appears in no hurry to take any action. A live report from Washington D.C. next.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So long shutdown or short shutdown from today?

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: You know in the last 48 hours, I would - I would say that the needle has moved towards a very long shut down.




REP. JIM MCGOVERN, D- MASS.: It is an embarrassment any time the government shuts down and this being no exception but we have to work at it until we get to an agreement or a majority say yes but - and I think we had that until the President you know, went off his meds and who the hell knows what happened.


BOOTHE: Well, that was Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern on the state of the shutdown showdown as we head into day 7 tomorrow. The House is actually said there will not be any votes this week. The Senate is also quite tonight but President Trump is not, tweeting, "This isn't about the Wall, everybody knows that a Wall will work perfectly. In Israel, the wall work 99.9%, this is only about the Dems not letting Donald Trump and the Republicans have a win. They may have the 10 Senate votes but we have the issue, Border Security 2020!"

Rich Edson is live in Washington D.C. tonight with all the late breaking details. Rich, what do we need to know?

RICH EDSON, CORRESPONDENT: Hi, good evening Lisa and the House and Senate quickly gaveled in and out this afternoon and there is no indication this partial shutdown is ending. House Freedom caucus Chairman Mark Meadows says, "the needle has moved toward a long shut down" as Democrats and Republicans talk past one another.

The White House and Democrats are billions of dollars apart on border security and wall funding. The White House says, the administration extended an offer to Democrats, five days ago and has received no response. In a statement, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says, "The only rational conclusion is that the Democrat party is openly choosing to keep our government closed to protect the illegal immigrants rather than the American people. The President does not want the government to remain shut down but he will not sign a proposal that does not first prioritize our country's safety and security."

The President says, a Spending Bill must include more money for a border wall. House Democrats say, they've offered Republicans three Funding Bill options all including money for increased border security, though not a wall and they say they'll pass a Bill to reopen the government after they assume control of the House next week.

In a statement, a spokesperson for House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says, "With the House majority, Democrats will act swiftly to end the Trump shutdown and will fight for a strategic, robust national security policy including strong and smart border security, and strong support for our service members and veterans."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says if there is a breakthrough in negotiations, senators will have 24 hours to return and vote.

Though with little movement towards a compromise, the Senate is adjourned until next week. Lisa.

BOOTHE: Thank you Rich, appreciate it. Get ready for the 2020 Presidential race to heat up next week. There nearly three dozen Democrats reportedly considering a run but according to a new poll, Democratic and independent voters don't want any of them on the ticket.

Respondents overwhelmingly picked the option, someone entirely new, out of a list of 11 options that include Biden, Sanders and Beto O'Rourke. Notably Hillary Clinton came in last. Here now with my political power panel, Corey Lewandowski, Former Trump 2016 campaign manager, Tom Bevan is the co- founder and publisher of Real Clear Politics and Doug Schoen is a former adviser to Bill Clinton and a Fox News Contributor. Hey guys.


BOOTHE: All right so I'm going to start with you, Doug primarily because you're in studio and you're also my friend so we're -


BOOTHE: All right, so the way I see this, I find it interesting because you've got someone new, 59% and then beneath that, you've got Biden and you've got Sanders so no offense to Biden or Sanders, they're not young or new.

So is there some sort of generational divide going on right now?

SCHOEN: Well, there's two things, I think younger people certainly want new faces but I think what these numbers say more generally is while Democrats have a hierarchy based on the past, they're very much open to a new phase, a new candidate and a new approach.

BOOTHE: Tom, so I want to go to you as well so one thing I found interesting is you've got Kamala Harris, you've got O'Rourke, you've got Booker, you've got all these people that are essentially something new yet voters still 59% wanted someone that wasn't on that list, does that tell you anything about the chances of O'Rourke, Harris or Booker?

TOM BEVAN, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Yeah, it tells me this race is wide open and - and we could very well be talking about someone next year who's not even on the radar screen yet. As you mentioned, three dozen candidates potentially running in.

I mean this race is going to be, it's going to be - the fields going to be huge, it's going to be wild and woolly and Democrats are going to sort out this idea of do they want someone old, young, white male, a person of color, a female? All of that stuff is going to get fleshed out in a series of debates. There are going to be 12 of them starting in June. It's going to be a crazy race and it's going to be fun to watch.

BOOTHE: Corey, you're no stranger to crowded primaries. President Trump was certainly in one and was able to break through. Do you see any Democrats being able to break through this crowded primary field, or do you think we might be surprised by who it is?

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, look, I think this poll reminds me of the old television movie "Brewster's Millions" where they said vote none of the above. The Democrats don't have a candidate right now. You have to remember, you've got the billionaire in Michael Bloomberg who has already pledged to spend at least $100 million to potentially run. You've got the left wing activist in both Kamala Harris and Pocahontas.

The Democratic Party is so fractured right now that they are running to the left as far as they can, and in order for them to win the primary what they need to do is they need to do what Donald Trump did, which is to embrace issues that middle America wants, which is border security, renegotiating our trade deals, and bringing jobs back. And right now, the Democrats have no plan, and so their candidates are at a loss right now to see what issues they are going to run on.

BOOTHE: Doug, I think Corey makes an interesting point, because part of Hillary Clinton's problem, I think personally, was that Democrats really, they ignored these working class voters --

SCHOEN: Absolutely true.

BOOTHE: -- these middle class voters for eight years under President Obama. Do you think Democrats realize that?

SCHOEN: I think they do now. They didn't during the campaign. And the middle, western middle American states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, they all were up for grabs in ways that I don't think most people thought. And Corey is right. We need a jobs program for Democrats. We need an economic empowerment program. And we need a program for small business that is inclusive and broad-based. We just can't run on the same old issues that you rightly pointed out cost Hillary the election.

BOOTHE: And Tom, when do you think we're going to start seeing some of these candidates throw their hat in the ring and make some of these announcements, we can start to see the field a little bit clearer?

BEVAN: Well, we've already had a couple of announcements of people who are not running, Deval Patrick.

BOOTHE: Are not, right.

BEVAN: Yes, exactly. We'll see more of that. But certainly the candidates are plotting, building their infrastructure, building their organization, the folks who are seriously looking at this. And they should start announcing I would think in the spring, I would think, pretty soon, because as I said, the debates are going to start happening pretty darn soon. In June I think they are supposed to start is what Tom Perez said. So you'll have a number of candidates that are going to announce I think pretty shortly upcoming. And the race is already -- the invisible primary has already been going on for a few months and is well under way.

BOOTHE: So Corey, Elizabeth Warren is on this list, 27 percent. Do you think -- is she going to be able to recover from that embarrassing rollout. Essentially she went through great lengths, a campaign video, did this whole release essentially to tell us that she is less Native American than the average white American. Do you think she can recover from that?

LEWANDOWSKI: I don't think so. And look, I grew up in Massachusetts so I say this with the most respect. Everybody who gets elected in Massachusetts thinks they should be the president going back to Michael Dukakis and Paul Tsongas, and now Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney. Look, I don't know what's in the water down there. I got out and moved to New Hampshire so I'm not sure, but it's every elected official except Deval Patrick who has ever been in politics in Massachusetts thinks they should be president.

Her rollout was so bad, she stepped on the toes of Joe Biden and everybody else right before the election when she wanted to roll out that she's not actually a Native American. So I don't see how she has a path forward. And if she thinks she's going to carry Massachusetts and win she has another thing coming.

BOOTHE: Doug, any final thoughts on this?

SCHOEN: Look, I have been doing this 40 odd years. I've worked from city council all the way up to presidents. Every elected official in their heart of hearts, Lisa, thinks they should be president.


SCHOEN: That's just the truth. It is.

BOOTHE: Everyone is laughing.

SCHOEN: It's true. It's really true.

BOOTHE: All right, well, thank you all.

SCHOEN: Thank you.

BOOTHE: Well, nearly a year after the Parkland school shooting, one of Florida's largest newspapers is finally calling for the removal of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Next, the report that changed everything. Plus one of his deputies is here to explain why Sheriff Israel's firing is way overdue.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think Sheriff Israel should resign. I think he needs to be accountable for the policy that he put in place that failed on February 14th.




SCOTT ISRAEL, BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF: I gave him a gun, I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn't have the heart to go in that's not my responsibility.


BOOTHE: That was embattled Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel just two weeks after the deadly shooting at Parkland high school last February, refusing to take any responsibility in the breakdown of communication response that could have ultimately saved lives. And despite several calls for his resignation from high ranking officials, including Governor Rick Scott, Sheriff Israel is still on the job.

Now, one of Florida's biggest newspapers admits that it made a mistake and says the sheriff needs to go. "The Sun Sentinel" editorial writing, in part, quote, "the sheriff fails to accept responsibility for things that have gone wrong, instead suggesting that things couldn't have been better. If he fails to acknowledge that mistakes were made not only by individuals but by his command, how can we expect a better outcome next time?"

Jonathan Hunt is live in our west coast newsroom with the story. Jonathan?

JONATHAN HUNT, CORRESPONDENT: Lisa, Sheriff Scott Israel has been fighting for his job ever since the February mass shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The biggest issue beyond his self- praise, the witness statements that highlighted the contrast between Broward sheriff's deputies' actions as the shooting unfolded and those of Coral Springs police officers. A state appointed safety commission said sheriff's deputies, some of them at least, appeared to take their time putting on vests when they arrived at the school and took cover behind their vehicles rather than immediately entering the school to confront the shooter.

Coral Springs police officers, according to the commission, were far more proactive. The commission found, in fact, that eight sheriff's deputies heard gunfire but did not immediately enter the building. One of those was the school resource officer Deputy Scot Peterson. He, of course, was seen on video appearing to hide behind a wall. He was suspended at the time pending an investigation, and later resigned.

In a letter to the safety commission on Wednesday, Sheriff Israel highlighted policy changes instigated since the shooting, but again defended his department's policies at the time of the shooting, saying, quote, "It is the strong belief of this sheriff that no policies, no words would have led to Deputy Peterson going into that building."

Now the influential "Sun Sentinel" newspaper which initially defended the sheriff is, as you mentioned, calling for his removal from office, something parents of some of those who died that February day have long demanded.

Now, incoming Republican governor Ron DeSantis, who takes office on January 8th, could suspend Sheriff Israel once the safety commission report is formally published. The sheriff told the "Miami Herald" this week he has, quote, no plans to resign. Lisa?

BOOTHE: Thank you, Jonathan.

And joining me now is a man who has been calling for Sheriff Israel's resignation from the beginning. Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies' Association. Jeff, thank you for being with us, sir.


BOOTHE: So I want to talk to you about the shift by the "Sun Sentinel." Why is that important?

BELL: That is huge down here in south Florida. The "Sun Sentinel" has always been known as a left leaning liberal newspaper who has defended the sheriff at all costs, almost in a romantic relationship with the sheriff's office over the past couple of years. So for them to come out and admit that they made a mistake is huge.

And if you remember back in April of this year, 85 percent of our membership voted that we had no confidence in Sheriff Israel and we called for his removal. That action drew sharp criticism from the "Sun Sentinel" and they wrote a two-page full corner article against the union saying that we were overreacting and trying to extort the sheriff for a better contract over the Parkland massacre, which was the furthest from the truth.

Somebody in the last eight months at the "Sun Sentinel" finally found their courage and grew a backbone and unleashed their investigative reporters to go out and find the truth. And eight months later after our no vote of confidence of Sheriff Scott Israel, the "Sun Sentinel," largest supporter of Sheriff Israel, has finally reached the same conclusion, that this union and the men and women of the Broward Sheriff's Office reached eight months earlier, which is Sheriff Israel needs to be removed from the Broward Sheriff's Office immediately.

BOOTHE: Sir, what goes through your mind when you hear that Peterson did not go in, that these other Broward deputies took their time putting on their vests and did not go in ahead, what goes through your mind?

BELL: You feel disappointed that we didn't make the right decisions that day. But outside of the law enforcement community you can understand the anger from the community. Within our own department, we understand why failures of this level took place on this day. When you have a sheriff who, on November 4th, 2013, intervened himself into our active shooter policy and took out the word "will respond" and replaced it himself with "may respond," it causes a disconcert with the deputies responding to the scene of what action they should take.

And then when he publicly announced that we're no longer a law enforcement agency, and we're now a community-based law enforcement agency, and we're going to help out the community rather than to fight crime in Broward County, we're taking the wrong approach. And then when his further implementation of lack of training and stripping the money away from our training budget so that we spend more time in classrooms learning about politeness in policing and we only spend four hours a year, believe that, four hours a year practicing with our guns on a gun range that we lease from the county, the nation's largest fully accredited sheriff's office, which is the Broward Sheriff's Office, does not even have their own gun range or training facility to practice for these events.

And I put the full blame on Sheriff Scott Israel for his intervention into these policies and for failure to demand from the Broward County Commission a proper training facility so that we can better prepare for the next incident which is just waiting for us around the corner.

BOOTHE: Sir, what do you know about the commission report? Any key findings that viewers at home need to know about?

BELL: Well, that will be made public on January 1st. We've made recommendations to Governor-elect Ron DeSantis that we need to take better courses of actions with our juvenile justice system here in the state of Florida. I can tell you this, that on February 14th, 2018, Nikolas Cruz and Nikolas Cruz only went into the school and pulled that trigger which cost the lives of 17 people. But I can tell you that the failed programs such as the promise program and the lack of training, and the policies that this sheriff has created within Broward County, did not create Nikolas Cruz, but it certainly created an environment which allowed somebody like Nikolas Cruz to flourish in. And we are seeing the results of the poor policies and the promise program taking an effect where kids today are no longer held responsible for the actions that they take within the community.

BOOTHE: And these families certainly deserve accountability, and I think one of the issues and a frustration for so many Americans is the fact that Sheriff Israel refuses, continuously refuses to take any responsibility, and it really does start at the top, as you laid out. How does it make you feel when you hear sheriff Israel just refuse to take any responsibility for his actions or his failed leadership?

BELL: There is one word to describe the sheriff -- narcissistic. This sheriff believes that nothing can be his fault, and everything that he does is purely for political gain. This man is appointed a leadership within the Broward Sheriff's Office that is incompetence at best. Their friends, political appointments, and cronies that he has brought into this agency, a perfect example, Jan Jordan, captain of Parkland on the day of the massacre. What were her qualifications? That she was a diversity pick from Sheriff Israel? Or that she was competent, she was a great leader? No, she was not. And that was proven because she was overwhelmed when the very first minute of that shooting took place. That captain would have been overwhelmed with a simple traffic stop, and that was the sheriff's number one pick to go into Parkland as the captain in that district.

BOOTHE: Sir, do you expect the incoming governor, Governor-elect DeSantis to take action regarding Israel?

BELL: I've been hoping for the past 10 motion that Governor Scott would take action, but he's failed to do so. It's not an easy decision to do, but it's the right decision to do. I have made my opinions very clear to Governor-elect Ron DeSantis. He knows my opinions on the sheriff and he knows what needs to be done to fix Broward County not just only within the sheriff's department, but there's other areas that need to be fixed.

So hopefully, with the report that comes out on January 1st, and then what's expected to be the FDLE report shortly after that, he'll have enough ammunition to finally pull the trigger and remove Sheriff Israel as the sheriff of Broward County and replace him with somebody who is competent enough to be the leader of the largest fully accredited sheriff's office in the nation.

BOOTHE: Thank you, sir. Our hearts are still with those families who lost loved ones. It's a heartbreaking story. We appreciate you being with us.

BELL: Thank you.

BOOTHE: A landmark due process decision that could have a major impact on college campuses across the country, plus football fans sue for the right to swear, and the TSA getting rid of certain dogs because of their ears? My panel on that next. Stay tuned.


BOOTHE: Yesterday we brought you the story of the nearly century old World War I cross memorial in Maryland that a non-Christian group is trying to get torn down. Watch.


FRED EDWORDS, SUING TO REMOVE WORLD WAR I CROSS MEMORIAL: In 1985, the cross was declared to be in honor of all veterans of all wars. All veterans were not Christians. All veterans include Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, atheists, everybody. And we want to honor them all. That's the whole point of our case.

It gives the impression that no Jews are welcome in the city of Bladensburg. It presents Bladensburg as though it were a Christian enclave.


BOOTHE: Now the Trump administration is getting involved, filing a friend of the court brief, urging the Supreme Court to protect the memorial. The court is expected to hear oral arguments on it early next year.

Now, a settlement that could have an impact on universities across America. The University of Cincinnati reportedly paying out $47,000 to a male student who says he didn't get a fair shot to defend himself against sexual assault allegations by another student. The lawsuit claiming the school was motivated to favor the accusing female over the accused male. Schools treat male students accused of sexual misconduct with a presumption of guilt.

Joining me now is Eric Metaxas, radio host and author of "Donald Drains the Swamp," and Cathy Areu, liberal analyst. Thank you both for both joining me. Eric, so a lot of college campuses have been under scrutiny with denying due process rights to the accused, particularly under the Title 10 regulations with the Obama administration. Is that what we're seeing in this instance?

ERIC METAXAS, AUTHOR AND RADIO HOST: Of course. But the funny thing is, they're not just doing it on campus. They're also not even teaching due process on these campuses. In other words, even if you decide this is a private club, we can do what we want, you have to teaches your students how America works. In America not only do we have the presumption of innocence, but we're a nation of laws. That's what keeps us from descending into a French revolution style bloodbath. And when you base everything on feeling, which is what you're seeing in some of these MeToo situations, nobody can win. So it is absolutely important that they get this right. I'm encouraged that this happened.

I think it will also slow people down who are simply crazy in thinking I can make an accusation and I won't get in trouble. This woman seems to be a little crazy. When you read the details, it's pretty weird.

BOOTHE: Cathy, one of my concerns with the MeToo movement, we saw teen columnists, Emily Lindin is her name, she had said not too long ago who cares if innocent men get caught up in this movement. It's for the better good, essentially, I'm paraphrasing here. But isn't that a dangerous assumption to be made?

CATHY AREU, PUBLISHER, CATALINA MAGAZINE: Yes, but the MeToo movement has everyone having the conversation which is so important. I mean --

BOOTHE: But to be falsely accused if you're innocent, that's a concern, right?

ARUE: But still nine out of 10 rape victims don't speak up, which is so sad. So the fact that we're having these conversations and the MeToo movement has people investigating. So he is innocent, thankfully, because people are having the right conversations, because we're having the investigations. So I think the due process happened because the MeToo movement exists. He was let go.

BOOTHE: Eric, do you agree with that?


METAXAS: Then you admit that you stabbed me in the green room.

AREU: Let's investigate it and see if that's true.

METAXAS: As the stab victim I just want to say, people don't believe me, and it's not right.

AREU: As a victim you would you have spoken up. You would have spoken up.

METAXAS: I've got to say, it's such a sensitive thing, but in America we have to be really, really careful because our hearts are in the right place. We want justice, OK. I have a wife, I have a daughter, I have a mother. The idea that men, that pigs like Harvey Weinstein are behaving like this, it makes me and most American men sick and angry. So I think it is right we're talking about this.

AREU: However, victims do not come forward. Nine out of 10 victims still do not speak up. So now they are finally speaking up. And one person does not speak for all the victims out there.

METAXAS: Obviously not.

BOOTHE: But it's also important, I have three brothers, and so I think anyone watching at home with a husband or sons is concerned about having due process to the accused and making sure we get it right.

AREU: And there was due process. They got it right.

BOOTHE: That is a very, very important thing.

We're going to switch gears to something maybe a little more lighthearted, I don't know. But all right, so everyone has got a right to curse, right? I don't know. Two New York Giants fans are suing because they say their free speech was violated when they were arrested for cursing and flipping off players. The lawsuit claiming a police officer warned the pair to stop after they were heard screaming you bleeping -- can't say it on the air, then ordered them to be ejected. Somehow this hit a major escalation, and as you see here one of the plaintiffs went over the railing, onto the field, where he says he was tased and then kneed in the face. There is a lot to unpack here. Were their rights violated, Eric?

METAXAS: I mean, do I have right to say the n-word in public? Do I have the right? The point is, obviously not. The idea, the immature, childish idea that anyone can say anything, it's so stupid. Every American knows that if you want to exist in a civil society, you can't say whatever you like. If somebody uses the f-word or n-word in front of my daughter or my wife, I'll be right in their face. They do not have the right to say that in public. I don't even think you have the right wear a shirt that uses those words in public.

So the fact that these men want to drag everybody down -- at a sporting event you should be able to take little kids. And if you have these jugheads who can't control their mouths -- they are immature, they're not men. They're boys, they're children, they should have their mouths washed out with soap on the 50 yard line at halftime, and they maybe should be branded with a scarlet "f" on their forehead.

BOOTHE: I had my mouth washed out with soap when I was younger. It was not pleasant. So Cathy, what do you make of this?

ARUE: It actually is disorderly conduct. I think in two states, Florida, Texas, there's other states, it is actually against the rights. You're not allowed, it's a misdemeanor. It's against the law to actually say these things. So people think they have the right, but in America, that's not a right we have, actually.

METAXAS: And you were talking earlier, I blame pop stars and singers for incorporating this language. It vulgarizes the whole culture. Most parents know we don't want our kids hearing these things, talking about these things. These guys should be made an example of. They should not get away with this.

BOOTHE: We'll end on some agreement, Kumbaya. We're all heading into the night with some agreement.

We'll be right back with the Last Bite. Stay tuned.


BOOTHE: It's time for the Last Bite.

This a littlest Panthers fan is so excited to get a brand-new jersey for Christmas, and he thinks NFL star Cam Newton actually sent it to him.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you want to say to him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Cam Newton!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go Cam Newton and the Panthers!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't like the Eagles?




BOOTHE: He does not like the Eagles, what a cutie pie.

The thing is that jersey wasn't really from a Newton, but it all worked out anyways. After six-year-old Robbie's aunt posted the video, the Carolina Panthers tweeted "Santa Cam saw it and is hooking ya up with a new on. Merry Christmas, Robbie. Enjoy your new signed Cam Newton jersey.

That's all the time we have tonight. I'm Lisa Booth in for Laura Ingraham. Content and Programming Copyright 2018 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2018 ASC Services II Media, LLC. All materials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.