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HANNITY: We all know that Al Gore doesn't like taking questions very much and that was certainly on display last month when journalist Phelim McAleer confronted him at a conference for environmentalist journalists. Gore reacted well by cutting off his mike. Take a look.


PHELIM MCALEER, "NOT EVIL JUST WRONG:" There were nine significant errors in it. Given this film has been shown in schools to children, do you accept those errors? I know you say it's funded by that court but a judge in the British high court, after the hearing, finds there were nine significant errors. This has been shown to children. How do you accept those findings and have you done anything to correct those errors?

AL GORE: Well, I'm not going to go through all of those. The ruling was in favor of the movie by the way and the ruling was in favor of showing the movie in schools. And that's really the bottom line on that. There's been such a long discussion of each one of those specific things. One of them, for example, was that polar bears if I remember correctly, it's been a long time ago, that polar bears really aren't endangered. Well, polar bears didn't get that word. [Laughter]

The number of polar bears have increased, actually, and are increasing.

MCALEER: You don't think they're endangered do you?

GORE: The number of polar bears have increased.

MCALEER: Do you think they're endangered?

GORE: The number has increased. If they've increased they're not endangered.

We have to move on.

MCALEER: Vice President Gore hasn't — vice president —

GORE: We're not doing a debate here.

MCALEER: He hasn't answered the question.

GORE: We have 10 minutes left for these people to ask questions.


HANNITY: Pretty classy, right? Mr. McAleer and his colleague Ann McElhinney have produced a new movie that shows why Al Gore's wrong about global warming. And outlines just how damaging global warming hysteria really is. The movie is "Not Evil just Wrong." Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney now join us. Guys good to see you, welcome back to the program.

It was the other journalist that shut off the mike, not Al Gore? We don't know who shut it off.

MCALEER: A journalist.

HANNITY: So-called journalist.

MCALEER: Environmental journalist. I think they're environmentalists rather than journalists. They think it is their duty to protect the multimillionaire politician/businessman rather than support the journalist asking difficult questions.

HANNITY: Well he's claiming that this court decision actually, you know, favored his point of view. That is absolutely false.

MCALEER: That is false.

HANNITY: Explain.

MCALEER: The court, it was a month of hearings. There was nine aspects of an inconvenient truth. They looked up and found nine significant errors or exaggerations. I wouldn't like my documentary, our documentary to have nine significant errors. And if it did, I certainly wouldn't be showing it to school children across America. That's the important thing.

HANNITY: And there was also more to that decision if I recall. They didn't say that it should be shown in schools as he was saying. That there was — there was an addendum to that, wasn't there?

MCALEER: Like a pack of cigarettes in the U.K.

HANNITY: With a warning. This is a political film and not necessarily factual, this is a political film and not necessarily science.

ANN MCELHINNEY, "NOT EVIL JUST WRONG:" Exactly and doing the same thing with his new book. One scientist that he interviewed suggested that if we rearrange the way we were organized soil use that basically you could actually soak up all the co-2 emissions in the world. And guess what his assistant did? His assistant got in touch with that scientist and said could you dial back? I'm getting that from "Newsweek" who are huge fans of Al Gore.

So he asked a scientist to dial back his science. This is who Al Gore is. Al Gore, so much for "the inconvenient truth." He just doesn't like the truth.

HANNITY: Well I think he likes his position that he now has. And in that sense, he is a propagandist. Now we've had you guys on before on HANNITY'S AMERICA and we have literally put on the screen meteorologists and scientists and there are hundreds and hundreds of them that disagree. Why don't they get the same, you know, amount of attention as Al Gore?

MCELHINNEY: One of the things they keep saying is there's a consensus. Everyone agrees. That's not how science works. It doesn't matter if 99,000 people all agree about something and one person is right. Science, politics works like that. Politics works with democracy, a certain number of people vote for something and then it becomes true. It becomes the person who they elect.

But with science, the one person who tells the truth, so it's very interesting. And of course it's because the IPCC, the IPCC, it's not a scientific body, it's a governmental body, it is the intergovernmental panel. So they work by consensus, that's not how science works.

HANNITY: It's not how science works. But isn't this interesting? You know what is this, the ninth coldest year on record since we've been recording it since the last time I checked? Liberals will say if it's cold, it's global warming, if it's snowing, it's global warming, if it's hot, it's global warming, if there's a volcano or an earthquake it's global warming. There's nothing that doesn't prove that there is global warming.

MCALEER: It's called the weather where I come from. It's a big planet. And there's always extreme weather. So it's a win-win situation.

HANNITY: Is global warming a farce? Is the whole thing a hoax?

MCELHINNEY: For any of your viewers who might be slightly concerned about this, the one thing that really should comfort them is watch and observes the behavior of the people who are telling us the world's about to end. They spend all their time in airplanes. Apparently that's the worst thing you can do. The IPCC people, nowadays, and I know Al Gore is on the board of Apple and they're great for the whole videoconferencing and this new technology that we have. Why is it that they don't videoconference? They're traveling all the time. I know last week they were in Barcelona. Next week they are going to be in Copenhagen.

HANNITY: We've caught him on a Gulf Stream 2. One of the least fuel efficient.

MCELHINNEY: And it is done all the time. This guy flies all the time. For anyone who is slightly worried about it, look at these guys. Look at Al Gore himself. Until he was pointed out, until Tennessee Policy Institute pointed out the fact that his own electricity bill was four times what an ordinary American

HANNITY: Twenty times a month. He uses more electricity in a month than most Americans use in a year.

MCELHINNEY: That had to happen. When that was pointed out he suddenly installed the solar panels. How sincere is this guy?

HANNITY: He's phony.

MCELHINNEY: That's what we think.

HANNITY: That was a brave question. Great job, great work and I'm sure you'll be excoriated and beaten up for great work.

MCELHINNEY: The truth is good fun.

HANNITY: Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it.

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