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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Republicans still hope to wrap this up so quickly that it could be done by the end of next week. We shall see. In the meantime, I'll see you tomorrow. Here comes The Five.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Juan Williams along with Katie Pavlich, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Gregory Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City. This is the five. Democratic House managers are making their final arguments in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Tomorrow, Saturday, it's the President Trump legal team's turn. The president's lawyers will get to respond to the week of attacks from Democrats. Take a look.


REP. JERROLD NADLER (D-NY): This presidential stonewalling of Congress is unprecedented in the 238-year history of our constitutional republic. It puts even President Nixon to shame.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): If the truth doesn't matter, we're lost. No Constitution can protect us. Right doesn't matter anymore.

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-NY): President Trump tried to cheat. He got caught. And then he worked hard to cover it up.


WILLIAMS: Partisanship has been running high all week and it looks like neither side is willing to break from their position.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): Yesterday's arguments by the House managers was precise, was dramatic, was emotional.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): I don't know about you but it became mind- numbing after a while.

SCHUMER: I look around at the Republican members, a lot of what they are hearing, they don't want to hear. They don't want to hear the true facts.

GRAHAM: I got the general point you are trying to make the fourth time you told me. So, they are over trying their case, and I would just urge them to not do that, because eventually it gets just hard to follow.


WILLIAMS: Jesse, tomorrow, I think people are trying to figure out exactly how the president's team begins. Because as I understand they are going to have just about two or three hours beginning at 10 a.m. going forward. What do you expect?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I expect amazing performances by the defense team, Jean.


WATTERS: Dazzling. A thrill is going to go up my leg. I want to talk to you in a language that only you understand, Juan, and that is the language of polling.


WATTERS: Because the first poll came out from ABC News/Washington Post after all this garbage we heard all week and guess what, Juan?

WILLIAMS: What, what, what?

WATTERS: To use your words, guess what.

WILLIAMS: Guess what.

WATTERS: Fifty-one percent say do not remove the president. Only 45 percent say it. Fifty-eight percent say he is getting a fair trial and his approval rating is at 47 percent. So, like we saw in the House, the longer the American public listens to these Democrats drawn on and on and on, support for impeachment drops. Now the Democrats have put all of their political capital on impeachment. They didn't do it with health care, they decided not to rebuild America, they decided to not talk about loans, they went after political revenge and they are going to pay a price for it. They didn't read the room because this country was so exhausted for three years. Investigation after investigation and finally when Mueller said no collusion, everyone in this country kind of exhaled. And what did the Democrats do? They teed up a swing with the whistleblower and put us all through this again. Force feeding us hearing after hearing, constitutional crisis after crisis. And at the end of the day, 17 percent, that is the approval rating for Congress, which is horrific. They didn't put one single fact witness on in the last six months to say the president committed a crime, or the president should be impeached. Remember those videos the House hearings all of the Democrat witnesses themselves said, no, I didn't witness a crime, I didn't see anything impeachable. And that's on tape and you will see that tomorrow. Americans watch so much television. When you promise to deliver the goods, a smoking gun, and you don't deliver they're just going to turn the , and that's what has happened. To lead with an abuse of power article is so vague. Everyone can interpret that whichever way they want. It's so flimsy. And then obstruction by asking a judge to get involved? Everyone American knows when you have two parties, they're in dispute, you go to a judge and he settles it. That's not an impeachable offense. If you see this from a big picture perspective and you're watching Fox, because Fox is the only network that is going to tell you the truth about this, there are no principles on the Democrat side because Jerry Nadler himself voted against the legal aid to Ukraine.

Joe Biden himself is on tape bragging about a quid pro quo. Hillary Clinton herself paid for an agent to dig up dirt on the political opponent in an election year.

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait, wait.

WATTERS: So, at the end --

WILLIAMS: This is what you will make as the case tomorrow morning if you were representing the president?

WATTERS: They should just play The Five.

WILLIAMS: So, don't -- yes, that's what they should do.

WATTERS: And then there's like audio visual presentation.

WILLIAMS: Wait, wait, wait. Can I -- can I second that? I think that's exactly what they should do.

PERINO: That would be awesome.

WILLIAMS: That would be awesome.

WATTERS: We can do that.

PERINO: We should tape an extra special one for them tonight.


WILLIAMS: Why not? We can do that.

PERINO: I'll stay. I'll stay.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Dana, the other breaking news today was ABC says they have a recording, apparently made by Lev Parnas, that has him --


PERINO: What a guy.

WILLIAMS: -- at a dinner with the president, and the president saying, let's get rid of Marie Yovanovitch, who was the ambassador to Ukraine at the time.

PERINO: It seems to me that these are well-timed little leaks and that there will probably be some more. I wouldn't put it past somebody to have some other sort of thing or tape by Sunday night, going into Monday morning when people start to pay attention again. So, but I do -- you know, the White House basically said that -- I don't remember. They said they didn't know him beforehand, and now they're like, well this is not a big deal because she could've been fired anyway, et cetera. It will be something I guess that they try to bring into it. But remember, the House went to the vote for impeachment with the information and evidence that it had at the time. And then they did -- they rolled the dice to see if the Senate would actually complete their homework, and the Senate, especially the so-called moderate members which are moderate now means if you are polite. But they're -- even Lisa Murkowski is saying, wait, you didn't go through the courts.


PERINO: It's afforded to all of us to be able to do and so I think that the obstruction article is very weak and that's probably what they are arguing right now. I felt like the summary by Adam Schiff was just a kitchen sink summary. it's like he threw everything in there. All the grievances. This is a grievance trial rather than an impeachment trial. And I feel like it was making just the election argument and they kept saying that the president is going to do bad things in the future, that's not what a trial is supposed to be about. And I think that if you're arguing about things that you are worried about what he might do in the future, there is a remedy for that for you and that is to try to win an election in nine months.


WILLIAMS: So, Greg, what I was struck by was the support for the close by Adam Schiff last night. I just heard lots of people talking about it. Schiff said something to the effect of, if you don't respect the truth, if you don't understand what's right, then the Constitution can't protect us, the founders can't protect us. What is your take?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I didn't watch it. I have a lot of people that are saying how wrong it is. Like there's this the new criticism right now from the slobbering cheerleaders is that there is something wrong with you --


GUTFELD: -- if you find it boring --


GUTFELD: -- or repetitious. It's like a director blaming the audience --


GUTFELD: -- when the movie flops --


GUTFELD: -- because their movie is four hours long and nobody wants to see heaven's gate. It's old, old statement. But, so, you are the problem. By the way, my favorite, I saw something today in the green room, it's the only time I watched it before our show was Sylvia Garcia saying it was a cover-up in plain sight. A cover-up in plain sight. It's not a cover-up if it's in plain sight. The point is, I go back to what Dana said yesterday, which was let's get high later. That was --


GUTFELD: You don't have to listen to the lawyers because it's all opinions.

PAVLICH: Allegation.

GUTFELD: There are no fact witnesses, as Jesse says, it's what all judges tell jurors. You listen to the witnesses who were there, you don't listen to the lawyers because the lawyers are spinning and spinning a story. And you have to remember this, it's the most important thing you should take away from my blathering voice, these lawyers, we are poisoned from the start, OK? They are the main players from three to four years ago vowing to impeach Trump. These are the same people running the show. Would you take that seriously? Should the media take that seriously if all they were doing was waiting to do this for three to four years? You have to refuse to listen to their opinions and arguments if you know that's the case. It's poison. It's a bad batch of reheated opinions.

WILLIAMS: All right. Well, Katie, the president he's been tweeting up a storm this week. He set a record for tweeting. Today he tweeted that the impeachment hoax is interfering with the 2020 election, but that was the idea behind the radical left do-nothing Dem scam attack. They always knew I did nothing wrong, Katie.

PAVLICH: Well, they would allege that he has done lots of things wrong. But he is fighting back on that. Look, it does damage to the Democrats in terms of their primary process. It's all beneficial to Joe Biden, who nobody except for Lindsey Graham and Republicans in the Senate seem to want to look into. But the politics of this have always been at the forefront. Adam Schiff, who was the lead impeachment manager on this, try to make the argument today that this is all about the Mueller investigation. Which if you are a Republican senator or even someone like Joe Manchin who is a Democrat sitting and listening to this argument, you are going, this is a really bad sequel the last three days of the really bad Mueller testimony we saw a year ago. It proves what the president has been saying all along. The Mueller investigation and now this Ukraine impeachment trial that's moving forward was all about the 2020 election and trying to bloody him up to damage him and to gain what they could, politically out of it because they weren't, didn't have anything else.

WILLIAMS: All right. Coming up, the intense battle over impeachment witnesses. It's ramping up. Plus, what President Trump is now saying about the impeachment trial. Next on The Five.


PERINO: The battle over potential impeachment witnesses rages on. Also, I think it's ramping down, but anyway, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Democrats are digging in on their demand for John Bolton to testify and Republicans continue to push for Hunter Biden to do the same. And Senator Chuck Schumer weighed in on that debate.


SCHUMER: Hunter Biden has nothing to with this. And by the way, and people forget this, the Republicans could call Hunter Biden on their own. They have 53 votes. You know why they don't? Because they know that it will just confirm to every American that everything the president is doing, has done in this whole sad saga, everything the president's lawyers are doing, everything the Republican senators are doing is just political. They call in Hunter Biden, someone totally unrelated to the charges against the president.


PERINO: Meanwhile, Adam Schiff is continuing to get high marks from the media.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: I don't think any of us knew that it would be an impassioned sort of, (Inaudible) there from Congressman Adam Schiff.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Very emotional closing there from the lead impeachment manager.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was very strong, it was passionate, it was thoughtful, it was cogent. It was all those things.

LAURA COATES, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: His emotional appeal to a sense of what's right. To a sense of what is right for the country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You heard a powerfully emotional, direct statement to the Senate.


PERINO: And President Trump is taking issue with the fact that his legal team has to start their defense on Saturday. Quote, "Looks like my lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, which is called Death Valley in TV." But we won't tell Fox & Friends that because a lot of people watch Fox & Friends. I -- we tease this segment, Katie, by saying that the call for witnesses is ramping up. I actually think for the few senators that were on the fence it feels like it's ramping down basic -- based on sort of the smoke signals that they are sending.

PAVLICH: Yes. And there's two different reasons why. The first is that Democrats keep repeating their same argument. You had Lindsey Graham saying today, if you told me four times, it's twice too many. They're heard everything and they're looking at it and going, you don't have a case and you're begging us to do all of this legal work for you so that you have more to talk about to drag this out. If Mitt Romney as reported is dying throughout this process, I doubt that he and the others who are on the fence with the moderates are going to want to extend this any further. And it's just the matter of what the relevant is here. The House called the witnesses that they said were important, they didn't call John Bolton and go through the court system to force him to testify. And if they want to go down that road of trades, they've also said they don't want to do that either. This argument they're making is that Democrats are the only ones who are allowed to call witnesses, that's not going to fly. And Hunter Biden, I'm sure, may not be called as a witness for impeachment but based on what Lindsey Graham said today, he may be called to testify in a Senate judiciary committee hearing --


PERINO: For some --

PAVLICH: -- about Ukraine for more oversight on that issue.

PERINO: So, that means, Juan, I guess it that won't end. But if the Democrats over the weekend start to realize, like some of those poll numbers that Jesse talked about in the a block, that the interest is waning, that the numbers aren't moving and they look like they're not going to get the witnesses, do they just decide to get this over with as quickly as possible and get back to the campaign trail?

WILLIAMS: Wow, no. I mean, first of all, I just disagree with the premise. Let me just say that the same Washington Post poll Jesse was talking about, finds that two-thirds, 66 percent of Americans think in order to have a fair trial you should have witnesses, you should be able to introduce evidence.

WATTERS: Republicans don't want to see Hunter testify.


WATTERS: Whoever (Ph) wins the power.

WILLIAMS: And then, I might -- listen, if you look at this, you know, do Americans think that the president did something wrong? It's like 63 percent, including a third of Republicans. Now the point, and I think this is the point that Jesse was trying to make, a lot of people said yes, he did something wrong but I'm not sure that he should be removed from office.

PERINO: Impeached. Right.

WILLIAMS: So that's the difference. But you have a high percentage of people who want witnesses and that creates, Dana, public pressure. It's pressure, not only on the Senate as a whole but it's pressure, specifically, on the moderate Republicans.

PERINO: Yes. But that pressure would, I think dissipate pretty quickly. The news cycle moves so quickly.


PERINO: If they decide not to do witnesses, the Democrats will probably cut a bunch of ads against the Republicans but is that going to matter?

GUTFELD: Yes. Two points. One about the witnesses. The argument by the Dems for witnesses is a joke because it's not your place, shut up. You had your chance. Right? You boasted you had an airtight case. Too late. And your choice of witness is simply backfilling your three-year obsession so there's no point even discussing it, it's not going to happen. So, the montage that we played that the media is swooning, I don't see how the media cannot step aside and wonder why they like it. It's because the show is for them. The reason why they like it is it's designed for them. Impeachment is the birthday clown for the brats and the party hats known as the media, the trial, another analogy, is like the hotel black light, right, that reveals the stain of bias on the media mattress.

WILLIAMS: Thank you very much. Yuck.

PAVLICH: Wow. Thank you, Greg.

PERINO: Did you want to mention anything about your new hairdo?

GUTFELD: No, because I find that it's making quite -- creating quite a storm on the social medias.


GUTFELD: So, I'm just letting it grow out.

PERINO: It's getting dead reviews.

GUTFELD: I'm letting it grow out. It's not quite on the level of Dobbs.

PERINO: It's not a wig.

GUTFELD: It's not -- well, unlike Jesse, this is real. This isn't some kind of meaty.


PERINO: Do you, Jesse, do you feel like Greg is trying to copy your hair cut?

WATTERS: A little bit, but you know what, I'm flattered. Because what did they say about copying? Highest form of flattery.

PERINO: Indeed.



WATTERS: Do you know what they say?

GUTFELD: CNN is going to write, during impeachment, The Five discusses hair.

PERINO: Yes, we did.

GUTFELD: That's your story.

PERINO: Jesses, do you have a prediction on how witnesses vote is going to go?

WATTERS: There will be no witnesses and here is why. There's no moderate senators under any pressure to call witnesses. The pressure would be from their base if they voted to call witnesses and make this thing drag out for another month. You know how long this impeachment trial would take if they try to subpoena John Bolton?


WATTERS: It would take until June. And that's what the Democrats want. They want to drag this out and make this thing long and painful.

PERINO: But even then, I don't think that the chorus would -- I think the president would prevail on an executive privilege, Juan.

WATTERS: Right. But then you still have this ongoing Senate trial forever.


WILLIAMS: There is no executive privilege.

PERINO: Sure, there is.

WILLIAMS: There is no executive privilege.


WILLIAMS: Because he doesn't work for the president anymore. He's not there.

PERINO: No, no, no. You're protected for that work that you did at the time.



WILLIAMS: No. But he can come now just like he can write a book.


PAVLICH: But he can't talk about -- no, that's not how it works.

WILLIAMS: He is he is not covered by executive privilege at this moment. That's a bogus argument.

WATTERS: No, no, no.

WILLIAMS: I tell you --


WATTERS: The president has invoked it, Juan, just Trump is being impeached for doing it.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. While this person, national security adviser works to you, Bolton is gone.

WATTERS: Bolton doesn't want to show up --


WILLIAMS: Yes, he said he wants to show up.

WATTERS: -- unless he --

WILLIAMS: Bolton said --

WATTERS: No one is going to show up. Bolton said if he's forced, he'll go.

GUTFELD: It doesn't matter.

WILLIAMS: You know what I think? We should wait on Rudy Giuliani to produce the evidence he promised this morning.

PERINO: All right. Let's have it.

WATTERS: OK. I'll trade that for the whistleblower, deal?

WILLIAMS: No. I'm not making a deal.


WATTERS: He won't shake.

WILLIAMS: This guy is --

PERINO: We're going to move on. Ahead on The Five, President Trump attends the March for Life and it's been one year since the media attacked the Covington kids at that very same event. Stay tuned.


WATTERS: Donald Trump became the first-ever sitting president to attend the March for Life rally in Washington today. Here he is earlier.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Democrats have embraced the most radical and extreme positions taken and seen in this country for years and decades. Every life brings love into this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting.



WATTERS: And it's been one year since the media viciously smeared the Covington kids who attended that same event. CNN ending up having to settle a lawsuit with Nick Sandmann, but apparently there is no self-awareness at all at that network. Chris Cuomo tweeted this about Greta Thunberg. "Why do these Trumpers think it is OK to go at a kid?" Really, Chris? Who would ever go after a kid?


CHRIS CUOMO, HOST, CNN: The face-to-face encounter, the man Nathan Phillips apparently wanted to defuse the tension and he walked up to do exactly that. And surely the kid, Nick Sandmann, he doesn't seem to be afraid, but he did make a choice and that was to make it into a standoff. That was not a good choice.



WATTERS: Well, that caused CNN a lot of money. Katie, explain the significance in your opinion to the president speaking personally and physically there for the first time ever at a March for Life rally.

PAVLICH: Well, the March for Life has been going on for almost 50 years, it's gotten bigger and bigger every year. And I think as the dynamics of abortion politics change, younger generations are actually more pro-life than then their predecessors as the science people understand what abortion actually is. And the left has never been afraid to go to the extremes on abortion when it comes to politics and fund-raising. And it's interesting to see the president saying, I'm not afraid of controversy, I'm going to jump right in, support this people who yes, are going to knock on doors and come out for me in 2020, but also not just allowing the left to have a monopoly on the conversation. And every single Democrat who is running for president right now will not talk about or condemn late-term abortion. There is no room there. When it comes to these types of politics the right is always seen as the extremists but yet, when you look at the way that the left has handled these issues, they don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of what these things actually mean. The president isn't afraid to go there. I don't see it as necessarily controversial that he go there -- going there, I'm glad that he's embracing a movement that has been around and led by women for nearly five decades.

WATTERS: Do you expect the president in the campaign later in the year to dive really hard into the abortion issue?

PERINO: Well, there's a couple of things that are happening this year that will be interesting. On March 4th there is going to be a hearing at the Supreme Court on a significant abortion-related case that's coming up through the courts through Louisiana. And what's different now is that you have Kavanaugh and Gorsuch --


PERINO: -- on the courts. So, in some ways one of the things the president said today is, you know, the judges have made a difference and there could be more to come on that. I think that it also served to solidify his report. He has earned their devotion and these are people that are active voters and they're not the kind that just will donate the limit. They will actually go out and knock on doors and make sure -


WATTERS: Very passionate.

PERINO: -- that their neighbors get there. However, I do think that their - - as the way the politics of this works, Planned Parenthood is going to dump a bunch of money into it and Cecile Richards, who used to run Planned Parenthood started a new group called Super Majority. They are committing a huge amount. And one of the things that this does is that it increases the fervor on both sides.

WATTERS: That's right. Greg, are you feeling any fervor?

GUTFELD: Yes, I am. You know, Chris Cuomo said, How dare you go after a kid? Jesse, how dare you go after a Cuomo? That is worse than attacking a child for a number of reasons. Look, why does this story keep happening? Like you see this with Kavanaugh, you saw it with Covington, and you saw recently with the Virginia gun rally where they predicted death and disorder and nothing happened. The media keeps, keeps committing these offenses because they never -- they're never forced to learn. They never learned from the mistakes until Nick Sandmann's suit, thank God. But to me, I think -- I think it's really about class. The media is an elite class that is separate from the rest of America. These are people that are overly educated, right? They -- most of these people went to journalism school, which is thoroughly unnecessary. And for the media to improve, to actually improve, they have to open their doors to people who do not go to journalism school, who may not go to college at all, because there was a time when people were journalists who didn't have a college education. It wasn't that long ago. But now you've got these completely isolated, secluded elite snobs who look down at people who are pro-life, or Catholic kids, or whoever, and just see them as aliens, space aliens that they can degrade and mock. And that's how you get these stories, that's how you get the gun right story, that's how you get every time -- every time a story is wrong, it's because of that class difference.

WATTERS: Yes, Juan, how do you think the mainstream media treats the pro- life movement?

WILLIAMS: I think it's incredible to me that no matter what I'm watching, or a radio station I'm listening to, or newspaper I pick up, they gave equal coverage to the pro-life movement or March or a pro-choice, movement or march. It's always treated as yes, we're going to cover both sides. But if you look at the numbers, ABC poll, Monmouth poll, Wall Street Journal, 60 percent of Americans think that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. And in fact, Gallup has new numbers out that say that there's more discontent right now with abortion law in the country. Why is that? More people who are pro-choice feel that they're more and more restrictions being put in place and abortion, and they don't like it, so they say they're not happy right now with abortion law in the country. That's where the energy and the passion is coming from. But to me when I see the president do this, you know, as someone who's been around awhile, I saw Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan didn't do this. George W. Bush, his dad, none of them did it. Why did -- why did -- why does Donald Trump think that this is good? It divides the country --

WATTERS: Maybe it's in his heart.

WILLIAMS: Excuse me. Let me finish.

WATTERS: Maybe he believes truthfully about this.

WILLIAMS: This is -- I don't doubt that those people felt fiercely. All of us sitting here might have some strong opinion, but the president of the United States hammering this culture wars issue to his political benefit is expedient and does not -- this is a guy who was pro-choice for most of his life.

GUTFELD: Not if he changes his mind. You know, you can't read everybody's mind, Juan. If he believes it or not, you don't know that, so that's a stupid argument.

WILLIAMS: Why is that stupid? In fact when he put Gorsuch --

GUTFELD: Let me finish.

WILLIAMS: -- Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the court, what did he say, oh, I'm not going to talk about abortion, now he's talking about it.

GUTFELD: In the old days -- in the old days, pro-choicers had a unique way of looking at abortion. They look at it the way people looked at war. It's evil and wrong, but sometimes it's necessary. That's how pro-choicers used to look at it, and it used to be almost the middle of the road. I'm a pro- lifer, but I can understand abortion is like war. Pro-choice has changed so much that if you voice any of the slightest thought that a late-term abortion is bad, you are wrong. The extreme -- pro-choice has a change to such an extreme level that you have to run out there and exclaim that abortion is great.

WILLIAMS: And you know who's changed, pro-life people because guess what, Republicans used to be big advocates of family planning until you got into a situation where they saw, there was some political benefits to this.

PERINO: Republicans and conservatives have been for -- in fact, over the counter birth control. I mean, that is --

WILLIAMS: I'm saying, I you go back to --

PAVLICH: And Planned Parenthood --

PERINO: Yes, but go back how far?

WILLIAMS: Well I'm just saying, last 50 years what you see is the big change has come from the right not the left

WATTERS: A very divisive issue, obviously. Liz Warren gets called out by a voter over her radical plan to just cancel student debt. See it next.


PAVLICH: Elizabeth Warren has a controversial plan to wipe out $640 billion in student loan debt and make college free. But that proposal is not sitting well with voters who worked very hard to pay off their loans. Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just want to ask one question. My daughter is getting out of school I've saved all my money. She doesn't have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): Of course not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you're going to pay for people who didn't save any money, and those of us who did the right thing get screwed.

WARREN: No. It's not like you got screwed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of course, we did. My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I do. But I worked a double shift, work extra. My daughter work since 10. So you're laughing at her.

WARREN: No, I'm not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That exactly what you're doing. We did the right thing, and we get screwed.


PAVLICH: Well, it's -- you know, Dana, Elizabeth Warren is so indignant there when she says, of course, you're not going to get your money.

PERINO: Of course not. So a lot of these progressive ideas sound really great on -- when you first hear them. Like we're going to -- like free college for everyone. And -- but then they melt upon the first follow up question. Like, well, how are you going to pay for that? And like, what about this? I think about somebody who's close to me who just recently paid off her student loans from a university, and that was 10 years of -- she had no extra spending money, but she paid it all off. And she's really proud of the fact that she did that but she's not going to get anything more. And she's in competition with all these other kids as well.

PAVLICH: You know, when we hear a lot of arguments about fairness from the left about it's only fair to get rid of the student loan debt, it's only fair to give free college to everybody while taxing everybody else. But it's really not fair to guys like that who worked for themselves or for their kids to be able to go to college and get out debt free without being a burden to other people?

WILLIAMS: Well, I'm in the same group with him. But I must say I have a different attitude about it, which is like if you think about something like healthcare, Katie, you say, well, you know, they used to be that the elderly in this country, if they didn't have the money, they were in trouble. But now we have social security, now we have Medicare, Medicaid so should we go backwards? No, I think we want to improve as a society. We want to do better. And I think the society benefits from a higher level of education, in my opinion. So I just think that this is an improvement. But I understand his frustration. He did the right thing. He's a good man, and he was a great family man. But I don't see why that's an argument against helping people who are burdened by student loan.

PAVLICH: So, Greg isn't the government -- the government power policies like the one Elizabeth Warren is proposing responsible for all the student loan debt by making it seem like everyone should go to college and get degrees that don't actually pay off the debt that they -- it's gone in the first place.

GUTFELD: (INAUDIBLE) college administrators. There are more college administrators than there are professors at this point.

PERINO: And they get paid a lot.

GUTFELD: But to your point, you know, progressive worst enemy is a follow- up question. And if she didn't have an answer for -- that's like the most obvious question. You're going to be faced by somebody who already paid. So they're going to be pissed off, they're going to be angry, and they're going to say, why is it I did the right thing and I'm getting punished and the person who's not doing the right thing, you're benefiting? So if you don't have an answer with that, Trump is going to roll over you. You better find another nominee. Also, I mean, who is this benefiting? It's benefiting a specific class, right? This is -- this is benefiting the educated middle to upper class, gender studies major. If you want to really cancel debt that affects all Americans, why not car to car loans, why not to that? Everybody has got a car. Why wouldn't we do that? Because at that point, you will never get another loan.

PERINO: Or a credit card debt.

GUTFELD: Yes, a credit card debt. Why don't you do that? There's no logic to this. She is actually just promising something free hoping that she gets votes. It'll never happen. Jesse.

WATTERS: Well, I think we all know when a father comes up to you and dad is mad, and dad has done the right thing, and he's upset, you don't laugh at dad. You don't -- you don't just blow off dads because dad's done a lot of hard work to get where he is today and make sure his family does better than he did. And that's what she was doing. She's buying votes, except she's only buying votes from debtors. She's not buying votes from savers. If you save, you're a sucker, you got screwed. And then you're just mad at your neighbor who didn't save and spent like an idiot and got bailed out. And that's why Trump got elected in the first place is because Wall Street and the rich people get bailouts, poor people get handouts, and everybody in the middle that did the right thing gets nothing.

PAVLICH: Yes, and she didn't even try to sympathize with him.

PERINO: Yes, like she's -- she could have said that it's a complicated issue. It's like, wow your daughter. And why not pivot like, oh your daughter, she's so wonderful. What does she want to study? Like --


PAVLICH: Of course, you're getting screwed, man. That's the way it works.

WILLIAMS: You know what comes to my mind as I'm listening to this is the prodigal son, you know, where the guys stayed home did all the work says, why are you going to celebrate this guy went off and had such -- well but that's not the issue as the bible tells you. The issue is a community trying to do better --

GUTFELD: It's in the Bible.

WATTERS: Juan is calling the Bible, good. Do you want to open the floodgates on that one, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I'm all for it.


WATTERS: Bible Friday, Juan.

PAVLICH: There is no such thing as free. We'll leave it right there. "FAN MAIL FRIDAY" is up next.


GUTFELD: All right, "FAN MAIL FRIDAY." Answering your question. Let's get - -what?

WATTERS: I think they probably -- Flo Rida probably rip that off.

GUTFELD: Yes, I think so.


GUTFELD: All right, first -- this is a good question. Who was the first famous person you met? Jesse? Me?

WATTERS: God, first famous person, oh, Dr. J.

GUTFELD: Oh, wow. You asked for an autograph and he said no.

WATTERS: No, that's another athlete. That was Alonzo Mourning.


WATTERS: No, I got Dr. J's autograph in a sixers game in the tunnel and then I lost it. Yes.

GUTFELD: I have a similar story. I lost something in a tunnel as well. Dana?

PERINO: I actually think that is John Elway.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: Former Bronco's quarterback. I don't think he'll remember me though.

WATTERS: I don't think so, Dana.

GUTFELD: He's going to call her right now. And he goes, Dana, I love you. Katie?

PAVLICH: I can't remember but I almost ran over Geraldo Rivera in the University of Arizona library on accident. He was walking for a book signing and I turned around and he was right there and I almost ran him over. So, I guess I kind of met him then.

GUTFELD: You kind of met him. It almost killed him.

PAVLICH: Almost, yes. Sorry, Geraldo.

GUTFELD: Yes. It could be worse. Juan.

WILLIAMS: It depends on your definition of fame, because I mean, when I was like a rookie reporter during college at the Philadelphia (INAUDIBLE) I met the mayor, Frank Rizzo and stuff like that.

GUTFELD: That's kind of famous.

WILLIAMS: But then I remember one day, Martina Navratilova was walking through the newsroom. I thought, wow, that's Martina Navratilova. That's awesome.

GUTFELD: Yes. I would say my mom because, you know, she's my mom.

PERINO: She's famous.

GUTFELD: So that makes her famous. But Kent McCord and Martin Milner, Adam 12. I went to a car show at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco. And you know, they always have celebrities, and I waited in line.

PERINO: I have another one. It's Larry Wilcox.


PERINO: From CHiPs, because he -- my mom went to high school together and at -- the at the high school reunion, I met him in Rawlins, Wyoming. And he -- I think he watches the show. Hey, Larry.

WATTERS: Hey, Larry.

GUTFELD: Larry, what was his name in CHiPs?


GUTFELD: John, I don't know. Erik Estrada, though. He was my favorite CHiPs.

PERINO: No, Larry Wilcox was better.

GUTFELD: No, Erik Estrada is my favorite CHiP. Let's just leave it there. OK.

PERINO: Don't listen to him, Larry.

GUTFELD: Well, I said leave it there. What's happening to me. Frenchi, of course, what emerging technology are you excited about and why? Katie?

PAVLICH: Jetpack. I got to Uber myself away from the traffic on a jetpack. But preferably one that includes your bodies you're not freezing.

GUTFELD: Interesting. I like that.

PAVLICH: The jet pods.

GUTFELD: A little -- a little tube. A little tube.

PAVLICH: Yes, a little flying -- it's basically an individual plane.

GUTFELD: Juan, any technology you're looking forward to?

WILLIAMS: Well, I love voice recognition so that you can assist -- you don't have to push buttons or program things. Like I think it would be great if I didn't have to want to go upstairs write in my password repeatedly. If I could just say something --

GUTFELD: What is that password?

WILLIAMS: I'll tell you a little bit later.

PERINO: He's not saying it here.

GUTFELD: Just say it and I'll record it. There is a lot of voice recognition going on now, Jessie.

WATTERS: So I discovered this app. So you punch this thing in and then all of a sudden, you can order groceries, and then they're delivered to your house.

PERINO: You just discovered that?

WATTERS: Yes, it's amazing. I don't ever have to go to the grocery store again.

PERINO: We have it for 10 years.

WATTERS: It's emerging.

GUTFELD: That -- no, that's here. You need a dictionary --

WATTERS: I'm a little behind the times with technologies.

PERINO: I have to say on the voice -- on the voice texting, Emily Compagno sent me a text yesterday and I responded to her using voice text because I was walking and then -- it was scheduling question. And I looked at it this morning and it had me saying the F-word to her. And I then apologize to her. I didn't say that. I'm excited for that, the thing you'll have in your laundry room where that folds the clothes for you.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's good.

PERINO: And they're all being uniformed.

GUTFELD: I think it's called a maid, Dana. Don't pretend you don't have one. You know, I would -- my e-mail I sent to you about what happens when artificial intelligence -- I'm for -- I'm pro-artificial intelligence. Imagine when they -- when they start painting. Because when you think about it, like artificial intelligence, if they start painting, every painting is going to look like a picture because it's going to be perfect. You wouldn't be able to notice. Like a painting of you will be a photograph, right?

PERINO: I hope it'll be better.

GUTFELD: So then what happens is then you realize how crappy all human art is. Like the Mona Lisa doesn't look like a woman. It's a terrible painting. But art -- if A.I. had done that lady, you'd know exactly what she looks like.

WATTERS: All right, Greg.

PERINO: Maybe it wasn't a lady.

WILLIAMS: Wait a second.

GUTFELD: You all knew what I'm talking about, America. All right, "ONE MORE THING" is up next.


WILLIAMS: Time now for Friday "ONE MORE THING," and I'm going to go first. You know what, life is full of surprises. So please keep your eyes open as Toni Colombo is busy filming a rainbow on a Hawaiian tour boat. Yes, that was a giant humpback whale that jumped out right next to the Maui charter tour boat. Columbo was recording the colorful rainbow over volcanoes on behalf of the tour company when she got much more than she expected. Talk about filling two bucket list items in one moment. I think Miss Colombo got it. Awesome. All right, it's Greg's turn.

GUTFELD: Yes, all right, the "GREG GUTFELD SHOW." It's tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. with Johnny Joey Jones, and the comedian Michael Loftus, Kat Timpf, and Tyrus. That's 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. It's going to be awesome. No impeachment. Also, let's do this.


GUTFELD: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.


GUTFELD: Anyway, you know what, in these polarizing times, you know how I love to unify people and bring people together. So let's take a tip from these little critters here. Look at this. You know, at the end of the day when impeachments over, what do you need? You need a little hug, a little hug. See, Liberals and Democrats -- well, Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, dogs, cats.

WATTERS: McConnell and Schumer.

GUTFELD: Fox and CNN. Look at that. Isn't that great? That's the nicest thing I'm ever going to do on this show.

PERINO: I mean, it's pretty sappy. If others -- if somebody else had that, you'd be going --

GUTFELD: I would -- yes, I would be making the puking noise.

WILLIAMS: All right, Jesse.

WATTERS: It's all frank for you. How about some mom texts? Do we have an animation? There you go. OK, number one. "Jesse, you cannot appear on THE FIVE and not have followed all testimony up until 4:59 p.m. Irresponsible and uninformed, your business is the news." How did you know I didn't --

PERINO: I love her.

WATTERS: All right, number two. "Missed the show. Did you behave with a modicum of respect? We were at the film 1917." And yes, I did. Number three. "That grammar usage was really cringe-worthy. Her and Beto?"

GUTFELD: Oh my goodness, Jesse.

WATTERS: Number four. "Scary times honeybun. Nothing is black or white. Don't land in one place and end up holding on for dear life."

PERINO: Great advice.

WATTERS: Wow, should I change my position on impeachment? And then lastly, "OMG, let me pray for you. I know Nancy Pelosi is already." You know what, I pray for Nancy to watch "WATTERS WORLD" at 8:00 Eastern Saturday night where I will be having Tucker Carlson talk about all this stuff. And we found where Hunter Biden was.


WATTERS: All right, so watch that.

WILLIAMS: Dana Perino.

PERINO: So we had some travel coming up and I just wondered if you guys would like this. This is an elephant in Sri Lanka and it appears to have acquired a taste for the high life at this hotel. It just like wandering around in the hotel, an Asian Bull Elephant. His name is Nada. And he calls jet wing his home. It's pretty cute. I now have it, a new episode of I'll Tell You What Podcast just posted

WILLIAMS: Katie, go, Katie Pavlich.

PAVLICH: The expensive security deposit, they're not going to get back for that elephant. OK, so after a two-year deployment in South Korea, one Army soldier decided to surprise his mom. Last Friday, he surprised her at a pep rally at the DM Therrell High School in Atlanta where she works. L.J. Williamson ran into her arms. He's a U.S. -- wait -- ran into her arms. U.S. Army specialists Shakir Aquill. And she couldn't stop crying. You can see them hugging there. They had a long time apart, and now they're together. She could not stop talking and --

PERINO: Very sweet.

WATTERS: Say something negative, Greg. I dare you. I know you want to.

GUTFELD: I know you're tempting me. I know. Don't say it.

WATTERS: All right. That's it for us. Have a great weekend, everybody.

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