Far Left Influence: 'Hurricane Soros' Is Getting Stronger

As we have bench reporting for months, far left billionaire George Soros is buying political influence in America in an unprecedented way. Soros is pouring tens of millions of dollars into far left Internet sites and organizations designed to intimidate democratic politicians and advance his radical left agenda.

Up until yesterday “The Factor” was pretty much alone in reporting about Soros. But in it's Sunday edition, The New York Times ran an article entitled "Anti-war Groups Use New Clout to Influence Democrats on Iraq."

While the article doesn't mention Soros by name, it does say that every morning, a cluster of anti-war mostly far left groups gather for a conference call with the Democratic leadership in Washington. Every morning.

At the center of this cluster is the notorious Move On organization, which has received at least $5 million from Soros himself and an unknown amount from organizations he funds. Doesn't take a James Carville to figure out that Soros now has direct access to the most powerful Democrats in the nation. And they had better listen up. —By the way, I want to compliment The New York Times for reporting it.

Once again, "Talking Points" will pinpoint the big picture for you. One billionaire and his friends using the McCain-Feingold law and disenchantment over Iraq are attempting to call the shots within the Democratic party and are making strong progress.

John Edwards pulled out of a debate sponsored by the Nevada Democratic party and FOX News to curry favor with the Soros group. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson did the same. Both men have been treated very well by FNC, but neither can survive in the presidential race without the direct help of Soros.

Another by the way — you didn't see any Republicans pulling out of the MSNBC debate, did you, even though that network has moved sharply to the left.

Most Americans have no idea who George Soros is, but he is one of the most feared men in the world. If Mike Myers didn't invent Dr. Evil, some might give Soros the moniker:

- In 1992, Soros made a billion profit by selling the British pound short, badly damaging that country.

- In 1999, the president of China banned Soros from doing business in his country.

- In 2002, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France and fined $2.3 million.

Soros is so powerful that he can ruin most countries financially if he decides to attack their currency by selling it short.

And now Soros has set his sights on the political landscape here in America. He has his character assassins lined up. He has MoveOn ready to move out. And he has direct access to the highest levels of our government.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an urgent situation.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

“The Factor” is lifting the boycott of France. However, "Boycott France" bumper stickers do remain available on BillOReilly.com for nostalgia purposes. And you never know — we may have to re-impose it.

France's new president, Nicolas Sarkozy, we believe he will be much more fair when dealing with the USA, helping out NATO and fighting the War on Terror. The fact that thugs took to the streets after Sarkozy won tells you what you need to know about the election. If these animals don't like Sarkozy, then he must be doing something right.

Anyway, many on “The Factor” staff are very pleased the boycott is lifted so they can eat their littletruffles and escargots and drink their overpriced wine.

For me, I like visiting France, but I'm going to wait to see what happens before checking into some chi-chi farmhouse in Provence. To not do so would be ridiculous.

The Boycott on France lifted!