Family Support: Gov. Palin's Siblings Rate Her Debate Performance

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: And tonight, what a night here in St. Louis at the vice presidential debate. And it is not over. Look behind me. People are still here and right now you are live in the middle of the spin room.

We're in St. Louis, Missouri where Senator Biden and Governor Palin just did battle. Governor Palin's brother and sister will be here in moments, but first, here's part of the first and only vice presidential debate of this election.


SEN. JOE BIDEN (D-DE), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: John McCain said at 9 o'clock in the morning that the fundamentals of the economy were strong. Two weeks before that, he said George -- we've made great economic progress under George Bush's economic policies.

9 o'clock the economy was strong, 11 o'clock that same day, two months ago, John McCain said that we have an economic crisis.

That doesn't make him a bad guy, but it does point out he's out of touch. Those folks from the sidelines knew that two months ago.

GWEN IFILL, MODERATOR: Governor Palin, you may respond.

GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: John McCain, in referring to the fundamental of our economy being strong, he was talking to and he was talking about the American work force.

And the American work force is the greatest in this world. With the ingenuity and the work ethic that is just entrenched in our work force. That's a positive, that's encouragement, and that's what John McCain meant.


VAN SUSTEREN: Well, now it's party time for both candidates, friends, and their families. Both sides are now taking a breath of relief. It's over. We know there's a big party in Alaska and now we are going to take you to that party.

We're going to take you to the debate party in Governor Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

Joining us live are Governor Palin's brother and sister, Chuck Heath and Heather Bruce.

Heather, first to you, how was it?


VAN SUSTEREN: I guess I know how it was from the noise behind you. But, Heather, is it -- is Governor Palin you're younger or older sister?


VAN SUSTEREN: And Chuck, how about you? Where do you fit in in this family?

CHUCK HEATH, GOV. SARAH PALIN'S BROTHER: I'm the oldest. I am a year older than Heather and two years older than Sarah.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Chuck, when she walked out on that stage, was your heart in your stomach?

HEATH: Yes. My stomach was a little tied up in knots. But I was really excited for America to finally get a chance to see what we already know up here in Alaska.

VAN SUSTEREN: Heater, looking at it from here in St. Louis, it appeared, and you know, so tell me if I'm right or wrong, it looks like she might be having fun. Do you think she had fun?

BRUCE: I think she was having a great time because she was very well prepared and just very, very confident and took on a very experienced senator and I thought that she just did -- just a fabulous, fabulous job.


VAN SUSTEREN: Can you tell me where are you? Where are you in Wasilla?

BRUCE: You remember Kristan? Kristan Cole? We're at her home on a lovely evening.

VAN SUSTEREN: I do. We did -- we did the show on her back deck.

BRUCE: Yes. We had a great evening. It was just a magical moment here. The atmosphere was -- electric even in this house, even our small crowd here.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did -- have either of you, Chuck, or Heather, have you heard from your sister? Has she called you or text message you since the debate ended?

BRUCE: No, not yet.

HEATH: We're trying to get a hold of her and my parents, also. And things must be crazy back there and we haven't been able to talk to anybody.

BRUCE: Yes, hi, Sarah, you did a great job.

HEATH: Yes, hi, Sarah.


BRUCE: Yes, we love you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Tell me, in watching this, though, were there times when you just -- you know -- that you're gushing with joy or absolutely overtaken with panic? I mean tell me your emotions as you watched this.

BRUCE: I wasn't panicked. I did enter it with a little bit of apprehension, but I knew that people were going to see, basically, what they saw at her inauguration speech there when she was nominated, I should say, that she stepped out. She did her job. She pressed the point that she needed to.

She's so confident that a lot of my apprehension, again, it dissipated, and I just -- I just felt very proud and that she exuded the confidence that we knew she had.

She didn't let us down.





VAN SUSTEREN: Chuck, growing -- growing up, did it ever -- in your wildest dreams, did it ever occurred that your little sister might be vice president of the United States?

HEATH: Never. Never in my wildest dreams that I ever imagine this. And sometimes I still have to pinch myself. It's surreal. But we are really excited and, obviously, we know she's up for this.

VAN SUSTEREN: Heather, we'll give you the last word on this. I'll throw you an easy one. Are you proud?

BRUCE: Extremely proud.

And, America, I mean, look at what we can get. We can get this most fabulous vice-presidential candidate up there, and what a great team she and McCain are going to make.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any chance you're prejudiced?

BRUCE: I'm sorry I didn't hear that last one.

HEATH: Maybe a little bit.


BRUCE: What?

VAN SUSTEREN: I asked him if there's any chance.

HEATH: Said we're a little bit biased.


BRUCE: Yes. Sorry. Yes, I'm very biased, sorry.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, tell me, how big -- how big is that crowd behind you?

HEATH: There's thousands of them.


HEATH: No, there's about 30 people standing in here.

Sorry, sorry, guys.

BRUCE: But half of them already went home. It's late.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well, you guys are lucky. The night is young in Alaska, because you're several times zones behind. So go enjoy yourselves and call us when you hear from your sister.

BRUCE: Ok, we will.

HEATH: Thanks, Greta.

BRUCE: Thanks, Greta. It's been great.

VAN SUSTEREN: Heather -- Heather, Chuck, thank you both.

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