Family Reunion or Mexico's Congress?

You know, we may have our red states and our blue states, but I'll tell you what. Most of us recognize we're states first. We disagree. Sometimes we can get disagreeable. But as yet, we rarely get physical.

Something to think about when you watch the scene in Mexico yesterday. Lawmakers wrestling, slapping, even punching each other on the floor of Mexico's congress.

Jeez, it looked like one of my family reunions. But no, it's the leading legislators of one of the leading democracies on earth -- acting like asses. And all over that razor sharp presidential election there that has opposition legislators threatening to block the inauguration of the incoming president.

You know, as bad as things got in the Bush-Gore Florida chad craziness in 2000, not once did I see either camp physically go after the other camp. They filed briefs. But not a one filed fists.

So say what you will about political disagreements in this country, our Constitution seems to work in this country.

Al Gore gracefully conceded, some not so gracefully complained. But all went along, without so much as a tag-team fight.

That's what happens in stable democracies. This is what happens in unstable ones.

There's a lot you can criticize about how we do things here. Until you stop to consider, how some countries, even very close countries, do things there.

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