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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: A brand-new book hit stores earlier today that the White House doesn't really want you to read. Joining me with an exclusive first look at the "Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies" is the author. Michelle Malkin is back with us.

Michelle, good to see you. Thank you for being with us. Appreciate it.


HANNITY: And by the way, with the book, you've got the culture of corruption — this is like baseball cards.

MALKIN: That's right, collectibles.

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HANNITY: We've got Chris Dodd. We've got Joe Biden. Michelle Obama, who you go after in the book pretty hard. Tax cheat Tim Geithner

MALKIN: Of course.

HANNITY: We've got them all. So you can have — are you selling these, like...?

MALKIN: We will.

HANNITY: And do you have bubble gum with them?

MALKIN: Not yet.


MALKIN: But collectables. Those are the dirty dozen. And I've joked that I could actually have an entire 54-card playing set. Two jokers. Guess which ones?

HANNITY: You say in the book early on in the book, and I spent a lot of time reading it this weekend. And you said the administration is teeming with long-lasting favor seekers and government business and a lucrative bridge in between.

And then, as I read the book, I felt like the one thing that kept coming back in my mind and resonating to me was this is Chicago politics. Explain.

MALKIN: It is the Chicago way. And I think what I've done is help shatter completely the myths of hope and change and the new politics in Washington by scouring every nook and cranny, top to bottom, every inch of this administration, and showing how, within a very short span of six months, they've betrayed every principle and every promise that they've made by installing these influence peddlers, power brokers and very wealthy people who have traded on their government service to serve not the public interest but the special interests, Sean.

HANNITY: On the — on the level that perhaps people have heard about, they heard all right, he's promised no lobbyists in the administration. We have lobbyists. He promised no ear marks. He gave us 9,000 of them. But it goes a lot deeper than that.

You literally examine person by person, starting with Michelle Obama. "America's a downright mean country." "For the first time in my life I'm proud of my country." Tell us about Michelle Obama and what you found.

MALKIN: In chapter two of the book, I call her the first crony. And she really is. She was born and bred into the Daley political machine. She and Barack Obama have been joined at the hip in exploiting their position as power brokers in Chicago and then posing as the champions of the little people.

She worked for one of the most prestigious law firms in Chicago, and she's hooked up with a number of Chicago cronies who are now running the government and running our economy into the ground.

I think her role particularly in health care, and you highlighted last week the patient dumping scheme that the University of Chicago Medical Center is very telling.

And there's also the bullying of the Chicago way. And I reported recently about her probable role in the ejection of the inspector general of the AmeriCorps program.

HANNITY: You also went into great detail. And this was a story that was covered but on a very small level. Her salary in 2004 when he became a senator was $124,000 a year. All of a sudden, a miraculous jump to $317,000 a year.

But more importantly, I want to go back to this patient-dumping scheme. I want you to explain to our audience, because she's at the Chicago Medical Center, University of Chicago Medical Center. And this was a well-orchestrated political campaign, hiring David Axelrod, other cronies and friends of theirs, where the very people that now claim they want to help the poor and the indigent and the disabled and help everybody get health care, were involved in a scheme to push them away from her hospital. Explain that.

MALKIN: That's exactly right. And I think people really need to look at this episode closely. It's why I spent so much time in the book on it, because what they did in Chicago is what they'll deliver to the rest of the country.

And as I said, you know, the Obamas and the administration have posed as the champions of minorities and poor people. And yet, under of guise of helping them, they booted them out of the University of Chicago emergency room, hired David Axelrod. He profits from a contract to sell this to minorities, and try and convince them that this bad medicine is good for them.

And now Susan Shirr, who is also another one who is part of — of the University of Chicago conglomerate and the sorority and fraternity that were architects of this, is now installed at the East Wing under Michelle Obama to help her sell the Obama care plan.

HANNITY: But you — you also — you go basically, person by person, like meet the average Joe Biden and that's a myth. You go through the crooked Cabinet. Explain what you mean by the average Joe and by the crooked Cabinet.

MALKIN: Well, Joe Biden, like Barack Obama, even when he was campaigning for president himself, tried to position himself as a man of the people. And he's always stressed the fact that he was one of the least wealthy members of the Senate.

Well, the fact is that he and his family, his son Hunter, who was a lobbyist, one of the evil lobbyists that the Obamas are always crowing about and his other son Bo, who is the attorney general in Delaware, all profited from the Biden name.

There's his championing of Amtrak that I think deserves a lot more scrutiny, particularly with the shenanigans with the inspector general there. But also because of all the stimulus money that Joe Biden has helped funnel into Delaware.

HANNITY: As I was reading your book, it struck me that, for whatever reason, the country seemed to go into a hypnotic Barack Obama trance. I define Obama Mania as the — you know, the very sight of Barack Obama either sending a thrill up your legs if you're an anchor or the feeling of omnipotent he ecstasy at the sight of him.

MALKIN: Right.

HANNITY: Do you think the country, as people like yourself, that do the hard work and the research — and this is a very well-researched book. Do you think people are waking up to the fact that he is not the anointed one that some people said or thought that he was?

MALKIN: Yes, I do.

HANNITY: You do?

MALKIN: I think the facade is starting to melt. And we've seen that. Even with the sycophants in the Beltway media beginning to question the cult of Obama.

But this is not going happen on its own. And I think through the force of talk radio, the blogosphere, and the book that I just wrote, the information will get out there. Luckily, there's no book czar yet.

HANNITY: It may be happening.


MALKIN: ... on the shelf.

HANNITY: They'll shut down talk radio then go after you.

Now that you've done all this research, and I'll let the audience — because you really, with great specificity and detail, go into the corruption. How corrupt is this administration, perhaps, compared to others?

MALKIN: Well, I think you have to judge them by their rhetoric. And if you look at the gap between the rhetoric and the reality, this has to be one of the corrupt — most corrupt administrations in recent memory.

I wrote an almost entire almost 400-page book, and it's just been six months!


MALKIN: It took six months for this administration to kill the era of hope and change. And it's very extraordinary. You know, a lot of your readers and listeners and viewers think they know how bad it is, but they really don't. And that's why I put this road map out there.

HANNITY: Well, it's incredibly well-researched, as is all your work. I love your Web site. And it's great to see you, Michelle. Thank you for being here.

MALKIN: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: Appreciate it.

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