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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: In the past, his books have shined the spotlight on the controversial records of presidential candidates, like senators John Kerry and Barack Obama, and now Dr. Jerome Corsi's brand new book, "America for Sale: Fighting the New World Order, Surviving a Global Depression and Preserving USA Sovereignty," is calling on you the taxpayer to stand up and fight back against the expansion of big government.

Joining me now for an exclusive interview is the author himself, Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Dr. Corsi, good to see you.

DR. JEROME CORSI, AUTHOR OF "AMERICA FOR SALE:": Sean, great to be back with you.

HANNITY: As I read this, I said where is — where the liberal bloggers are going to attack from, and I think I found the area.

CORSI: I think you and I, too. We agree, it's — I'm showing that Barack Obama is a globalist, and the attack on American sovereignty, the giving away of the United States has never been greater than under Barack Obama.

HANNITY: It's controversial but there's so many areas where I find agreement. There's so much information here. I learned — for example, I've often talked about the Community Reinvestment Act of Jimmy Carter, doubled down by Bill Clinton, about Raines and Johnson and how much money they made. You have all that information in there, but it is a deeper story than that.

CORSI: Because there was fraud. There was an attempt here to use the Community Redevelopment Act as a way to extort banks into giving loans to people who didn't deserve them, home loans to people who couldn't afford them.


CORSI: And this was a strong Democratic initiative that carried through ACORN that Barack Obama was a lawyer for ACORN, helping ACORN extort banks in the subprime area.

HANNITY: See, I think a lot of people need to understand this. That there is reason that we have this economic downturn.

CORSI: Right.

HANNITY: Now specifically, for example, you talk about four reasons America is for sale. And I want to go through this so our audience can follow along with us. We start with the mortgage bubble, the subprime crisis, Fannie and Freddie.

CORSI: And also keeping interest rates artificially low. 2003, 2004 at one percent, and by the way, that's not even good enough for the Obama administration. Now we have interest rates at zero. Or close to zero. So we're bubbling up again. And the bubble produced this housing boom that was certain to collapse once interest rates increased as the subprime lenders couldn't afford the homes.

HANNITY: There's also corruption.


HANNITY: You describe all of the friends, advisers you point out. And I didn't know this. I learned this in this book.

CORSI: Friends including some prominent senators, like Senator Dodd, who utilized friendships with a very extreme subprime lenders, to get favorable rates…

HANNITY: Countrywide.


CORSI: Countrywide mortgage.

HANNITY: It was Johnson — I think it was Johnson. Yes.



HANNITY: Friends of Angelo and so our congressmen, a lot of the Democrats have themselves lined up.

HANNITY: But they made millions.


HANNITY: And if this was a private corporation, would they be in jail?

CORSI: They should be right now investigated. Again, these private deals that Senator Dodd and the others had, to their benefit, while the economy tanked, and there's millions of people now facing losing their homes, Senator Dodd and the other Democrats should be held accountable for this.

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HANNITY: Now, there's — again, back to the four reasons America for sale.


HANNITY: All right, so we've got the mortgage bubble, which we just talked about.


HANNITY: The second thing that you point out is the dependence on — by the way, I — if we don't end our dependence on foreign oil, we are nuts.


HANNITY: But the dependence on foreign oil.

CORSI: Right. And right now, we're — 60 percent of our oil comes from foreign sources. At the end of the Bush administration, there was voting in Congress to allow offshore drilling.

The Obama administration is still holding that up, and again, we find countries like Brazil. Brazil is about to become the Saudi Arabia of the western hemisphere with offshore oil. If Brazil can do it, we're going to allow Russia and China to drill off Key West.

HANNITY: And we have enough resources.

CORSI: Right now.

HANNITY: Right now available.

CORSI: Exactly. Alaska, ANWR. We're finding there's huge amounts of natural gas at deep levels within the continental United States.

HANNITY: And in the Gulf?

CORSI: The Gulf — we found tremendous new resources that if we will allow offshore, we could within a 10-year period of time move dramatically closer to U.S. oil independence.

HANNITY: All right, so now — so those are the first. Americans for sale. You talk about a global new deal.


HANNITY: A lot of people here they think conspiracy.

CORSI: No, it's a matter of the pushing the international organizations. We had a new deal under Franklin Roosevelt, which was redistribution of wealth in the United States, creating all these massive social welfare programs. Now it's internationally going on where groups like the U.N., other groups, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund. They want to redistribute U.S. wealth to the world.

And Barack Obama, instead of talking about the U.S. economy, the U.S. worker, is focusing on our world position.

HANNITY: You were convinced that these organizations, and you go into great specificity and details. You name names. We don't have time to go through them all, but you are really convinced that there are people in this country that want America, not just to redistribute wealth among Americans.

CORSI: Right.

HANNITY: But to the world.

CORSI: Exactly. And I site them. I name some of these globalists, I go through George Soros...

HANNITY: We're going to get into these four in the next segment.

CORSI: And the whole issue is that if the International Monetary Fund is going to — or the United Nations or the World Bank say we've got to have more voting control from the third world. We've got to level the U.S. economy. We've got to make sure the U.S. plays by these international rules when — every time the president goes to these G-20 meetings.


CORSI: We just had one in Pittsburgh, again, rules were signed to give China and the less developed countries more control over the International Monetary Fund.

HANNITY: This is the fourth thing. Destroying the dollar.

CORSI: Destroying the dollar.

HANNITY: And replacing the dollar as the standard.

CORSI: Exactly. And this attack is going on. Now even the Obama administration has endorsed the plan to use the International Monetary Funds special drawing rights as an alternative to the dollar in international trade.

China has advanced this plan. Russia has advanced it. And President Obama at the G-20 meeting in London in April signed the agreements that we are going to put $250 billions into the special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund.


HANNITY: And we continue now with the author of the brand new book "America for Sale," Dr. Jerome Corsi.

All right, you give — you name names in this book.


HANNITY: You give the names of people that you say are putting America up for sale and the name that our audience is familiar with, we hear it often, especially in presidential election years, this guy by the name of George Soros.

CORSI: Yes. And I also cite the writings. So George Soros says we had an international economy. What we need now is an international governance systems to control the international economy. In other words, the U.N., the World Bank, the IMF, to the detriment of American sovereignty, because George Soros thinks that nation states are like when kings had castles.

HANNITY: But when you say that, that would mean that we the people, the United States constitution, would be circumvented at the altar of this one-world what?

CORSI: One world government. One world secondary. We would be — our sovereignty would be subject to the dictates of the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the U.N. In Soros's view, we've got an international economy, so the international governance organizations should set the rules.

HANNITY: Does that mean — and he has said this. You've gone through.

CORSI: I've cited his writings. In the book — in "America for Sale," I quote page by page out of Soros's writings where he says things like nation states like the United States should be when kings had castles.

HANNITY: This raises the question, how does somebody like that, a multi-billionaire, have the power to impact so much in terms of our electoral process?

CORSI: Well, with his billions, he thinks he can buy votes and he always has gone — I mean he bet against the pounds. That's how he made his original money. Now he's betting against the dollar. He doesn't want U.S. sovereignty or U.S. economic strength to be predominant. So you've got this global vision which dictates his backing of Barack Obama.

HANNITY: But, you know look at all the groups that he's formed. And look at all the groups that he funds, all these Democratic groups, so many of which attack me personally.

CORSI: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Or any opponent.

CORSI: And me.

HANNITY: Any opponent of the president or any opponent of the Democratic order.

CORSI: . supporters of U.S. sovereignty. Anyone who wants there to be a strong U.S. economy, who cares about the U.S. worker, who cares about the 9th and 10th amendment of limited government, George Soros singles out and wants to attack.

HANNITY: All right, so he's number one in terms of who you blame.


HANNITY: The second group that you blame is the Obama administration itself.

CORSI: Yes. Because the Obama administration has gone along with this globalism. If you just take a look at the last G-20 meetings in London in April and just recently in Pittsburgh, agreements have been signed that undermined the dollar. We're putting money into the International Monetary Fund to create these special drawing rights, and the plan, according to China, is that this will replace — the special drawing rights will replace the U.S. dollar as a standard for foreign exchange.

HANNITY: Do you really believe that Americans would tolerate America giving up its sovereignty?

CORSI: Well, this whole administration, Rahm Emanuel, even Hillary Clinton, says don't let a crisis go to waste. So a crisis in which we have, as I show in the book, as $65 trillion, with a T, unfunded liability. Money that we're going to have to pay out in Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. There's no way.


HANNITY: Do you really believe that they in their mind want America to cease to exist? Because when you say, it "gives up its sovereignty," American as we know it ceased to exist.

CORSI: What I show is President Obama is post-American. He believes in this internationalism. Just listen to his speeches when he went to Cairo and reached out to the Muslim world. Listen to his speeches at the United Nations. It's no longer — he puts down American exceptionalism.

HANNITY: He does.

CORSI: We're into.

HANNITY: His answer was, well, I assume the Greeks think, you know.


CORSI: Well, so you know, the United States, where is the shining city on the hill? Where is the defense of the U.S. middle class?

HANNITY: Do you think — are these just socialist policies or are these policies that really would have — really surrender American sovereignty?

CORSI: They really surrender American sovereignty. And I document that with the economics in "America for Sale." That's why I go through George Soros's writing. Zbigniew Brzezinski's writings.

HANNITY: Well, let's go to Brzezinski here for a second. He was Jimmy Carter's, what?


HANNITY: National foreign policy advisor.

CORSI: Right. Exactly.

HANNITY: And he recently was quoted as talking about that if the Israelis deemed it necessary to take out Iranian nuclear facilities, to shoot Israeli airplanes out of the air, how is he on the list of the people that you blame?

CORSI: Well, because Brzezinski has advocated again that the United States, as a superpower, should not be dominant in world affairs. We should let international organizations, like the United Nations, even determine international foreign policy, tell the White House what they can and can't do, where the President should first go to check with the Security Council.

I mean here's Barack Obama chairing the Security Council. And Zbigniew Brzezinski would have the Security Council determine what the president could or could not do in foreign affairs including Afghanistan or Iran or any other.

HANNITY: That's pretty frightening.

CORSI: It is frightening.

HANNITY: Yes, but that reminds me of just that weak foreign policy and Jimmy Carter.

CORSI: You've got Jimmy Carter, too.

HANNITY: Worse. You know? And Barack Obama is already worse.

CORSI: Barack Obama is much more concerned with what the world opinion is when he should be concerned with the people who are losing their homes and their jobs. The American middle class. And that's why I'm calling it "America for Sale" for the rise of 21st century American patriots.

HANNITY: All right, you've got this last guy, this Columbia University.

CORSI: Joseph Stiglitz.


CORSI: And Stiglitz again is a good example because he is an economist, but he says globalism is fine, we send international trade to the detriment of the United States, but we should have the underdeveloped countries be more represented. And U.S. wealth should be transferred to under developed countries.

HANNITY: So we're going to pay for their health care, too?

CORSI: And Barack Obama in Pittsburgh signed agreements, again, with the International Monetary Fund, is going to allow greater governance for China and the underdeveloped countries. This again — most Americans aren't aware of that these technical agreements that come out of the international meetings often compromise U.S. sovereignty.

HANNITY: It's kind of chilling what you're saying. You don't really paint a very optimistic picture.

CORSI: I am optimistic and the book ends very strong.

HANNITY: Well, you're optimistic because you think people will rise up against this.

CORSI: I think people will oppose it. I think what's going to happen and has happened, the tea parties, the town halls, middle Americans are saying no to a global new deal. And that's what "America for Sale" is all about. How you can organize your life to survive economic hard times, pay off debt, make sure you get your primary residential real estate, consolidate families, and then go back to the fundamental principles of the Constitution, the Ninth and 10th Amendments, limited governments. And just say no. International trade is fine. We need to be in an international environment. But not to the detriment of U.S. sovereignty or giving up as a country.

HANNITY: Dr. Corsi, I have no doubt you'll be attacked first thing in the morning.

CORSI: Certainly, I will.

HANNITY: I will tell you, it's a provocative, well-researched book. And I've got to tell you, I think it's a warning for a lot of people. In many ways, we're heading in the wrong direction, and there's a lot at stake.

CORSI: It's a call to action. And it's a great honor to be again with you, Sean. Thank you very much.

HANNITY: Thank you very much.

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