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BOB BECKEL, GUEST CO-HOST: Last month we brought you the story of Norma Peterson Fluke, a Stanhope, New Jersey, resident who stood to lose her home of more than 60 years to eminent domain. The city planned to seize the family owned tree removal business, as well.

This week, the Flukes received some good news. Back with us now are Norma Peterson Fluke and her daughter, Margery Fluke.

Congratulations. Now, tell me, how did this happen and what's going to happen tomorrow? What about the other people?

NORMA PETERSON FLUKE, HOME THREATENED BY EMINENT DOMAIN: We have no idea right now. The land use board will be meeting Monday night, so it's still up — up in the air for them.

BECKEL: OK, but how did you get — except for the viewers of "Hannity & Colmes" — how did you get — how did you get exempted? You got away here and others did not?

N. FLUKE: We fought it right from the beginning.

BECKEL: Good for you.

N. FLUKE: We went right to the media.

BECKEL: OK. Now let me tell you something, this is unusual for me, being a big-mouthed liberal, but I have not followed this story and they have, so I'm going to turn this over to Sean and let him ask you the questions.

SEAN HANNITY: All right. I want to remind — and by the way, thank you. I want to remind everybody, tell everybody your story of what happened in this case, because it's so outrageous. It's just another example. They wanted to take your home and they wanted to build...

N. FLUKE: We don't know. As far as we know, it's going to be high-density housing.

HANNITY: Condos?

N. FLUKE: Well, a form of condos.

HANNITY: A shopping center?


N. FLUKE: Just condos, I believe.

M. FLUKE: They're giving it to a builder.

HANNITY: And so all you find out is they're going to take your home of 65 years. And what happened after you left this program the last time?

N. FLUKE: The town notified me that they would be willing — they gave me two options.

HANNITY: As a result of this program? I'm not trying to take credit. I just want to know.

N. FLUKE: I — it was all the media. All the media.

HANNITY: Really?

N. FLUKE: I really have a lot of people to thank, my friends, my neighbors and, you know, even school children. They went around and had petitions signed.

HANNITY: Because everyone knows you. Everyone knows your business. It's been there forever.

N. FLUKE: That's right, forever.


N. FLUKE: But the children, they had petitions signed. They took them to two meetings. They sat there through the whole meeting. I guess a civics lesson.

HANNITY: Yes. And they — and they stood — everybody stood up for you.

N. FLUKE: Yes, they did. The whole town was...

HANNITY: And you brought it to the media and they got a little afraid?

N. FLUKE: And all — well, I don't know if they were afraid. I just think...

HANNITY: They weren't exactly courageous.

N. FLUKE: I think they'll use another tactic next time, maybe.

HANNITY: So you're safe for now?

N. FLUKE: For now. This is just round one, as far as I'm concerned.

HANNITY: But there are still other people in the community that...

M. FLUKE: There's another 18 acres. It was a 19-acre park.


M. FLUKE: We're only one acre.

HANNITY: They took that out.

M. FLUKE: There's still 18 acres that they're going for redevelopment for. It's right behind us. And that meeting in Monday.

HANNITY: Go ahead, Bob.


BECKEL: Finally, the story got caught up to me. So the other 18 people, they're going to go and they're going to try and seek relief and they're going to say because you all blazed the trail they should have the rights, too?

HANNITY: Absolutely.

M. FLUKE: Absolutely.

BECKEL: Good. Well, good for you. And congratulations.

HANNITY: This is actually your justices, by the way, on the Supreme Court. That's why we need Roberts and Alito.

BECKEL: We were having a nice conversation and a successful night. And you know?

HANNITY: You know what? This is America. This is your home of 65 years. They're not building a road or bridge or a school. They wanted to take it to increase the tax base.

N. FLUKE: That's right.

HANNITY: This is happening all over the country. You have shown people that they can fight city hall and win. It's an inspirational story. If we did play a tiny part, we were grateful that we were able to help a little bit.


M. FLUKE: Yes.

HANNITY: Thank you guys. And we're very happy for you.

M. FLUKE: It comes out Monday for the meeting on Monday for the rest of this.

BECKEL: We want to thank both of you. And liberals don't like it either. We want to hear your stories of eminent domain abuse. E-mail us at ItCanHappentoYou@FOXNews.com.

Thank you.

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