Economic Advice From Europe? No Thanks!

I have a deal I want to make with my European friends:

I won't offer you dietary advice, if you don't start offering me economic advice.

I figure we're both in glass houses — put the stones down.

So not a word about "eat your broccoli" from me. But apparently plenty of words on "staying competitive" from you.

The European Union is going after Microsoft again.

They say it's still too big, still too threatening, still stifling competition. The only thing I see stifled here is reality.

The reality that we have a 4.4 percent unemployment rate in this country. France's is about double that, Germany's is easily double that and Italy is up there as well.

All I know is, thanks to Microsoft and scores of thriving, innovative companies just like it in this country, we appear to be getting it done in this country.

We're generating a lot of jobs and our companies, a lot of sales. There "is" a connection, you know: It's called success.

Look, I have nothing against European enterprises that work and easily thrive on their own. I have everything against European state-sponsored corporate terrorists that do not and bash anyone who isn't their own.

As if Microsoft succeeding means Google or YouTube or IBM or Apple or countless others cannot.

Good grief.

On this Good Friday, Europe, take a good look in the mirror.

We are not perfect, but we produce more jobs, more opportunity and more competition for the world to see and apparently you to envy. And now you have the audacity to lecture us and one of our most successful companies?

Why don't you get out of your glass house, and build a better one of your own.

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