Early reaction to prime-time move

As some of you might have heard, I do another show on another network after I'm done with this one. It's on Fox Business Network and it's moved this week to prime time -- 8 p.m. on the East Coast.

And man, oh, man, have I been getting an earful from both coasts and everywhere between coasts,

Some early reaction now from Tom, who e-mails via Yahoo:

"I could never get your 6 p.m. show on FBN because I was driving back from work at the time. I had the first chance to see your live stuff at 8 when you were in Wisconsin and it was a blast. I think I'm sticking around."

Thank you very much, Tom. I promise to make it worth your while.

Karen in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

"I was thrilled you took the trouble to come to my state for your debut week. I didn't realize you were so funny. It almost made me forget your even funnier striped shirts! Welcome to prime time, Neil."

Thanks, I think, Karen.

Victor in Connecticut:

"Ok, so I DVR'd O'Reilly and watched you, then the second night, I DVR'd you, and watched O'Reilly. My conclusion? You're both kind of weird looking, especially when you're going by fast-forward."

Then slow the tape, Victor. You'll find I'm a lot more handsome.

Gary in New Jersey:

"I'm at a loss. What's the difference between you and Bill again?"

I have no "Financial Factor" gear, Gary. None.

Ann via AOL:

"You know, Mr. Cavuto, all my friends have talked about you for years and how much they love your afternoon show on Fox News, but I could never see you because I worked. Well, I just did, and now I understand... you're cute as a button and have these cheeks I just want to pinch, and when you smile, this 64-year-old gal just melts."

Ann, I have that effect on people. Thank you very much.

Connell in Atlanta:

"I never thought I'd watch a business show at night, but if people are going to keep cursing at you and throwing stuff at you like they were when you were in Wisconsin this week, I just might!"

Stephen gmails:

"I've concluded you make a worthy addition to the evening choices of Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Ed Schultz and "Kung Fu Panda" on Nickelodeon. Right now, it's between you and the panda."

Steve, do you have picture-in-picture?

Kelly in Des Moines:

"I'm sorry Neil, but I like O'Reilly, and I always have, ever since you were on his show and defended the oil companies and their greedy profits. You're just a filthy, selfish human being who doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone but your rich buddies. I hope he eats you alive in prime time and Fox kicks your fat rump to the curb."

Ok, I'll put you down as a "maybe" on my show, Kelly.

Dion in Baton Rouge:

"Three words, Cavuto -- 'The Factor' rules."

Dion, four words -- tape Bill, watch me.

Josh via Yahoo asks how I possibly benefit from suggesting viewers take a peek at me during Bill's commercial breaks:

"Hey idiot, isn't the idea to get them to watch your whole show? What's a quick snippet going to get you?"

A viewer for life, Josh. That's what it will get me, a viewer for life. Once you click, you stick. And by the way, again, Bill is perfectly fine with this.

Karen in Brooklyn doesn't believe that:

"No way in hell Bill would be OK with a fellow Fox guy telling viewers "not" to watch a fellow Fox guy. What do you think we are, stupid, you overweight, out-of-your league idiot?"

Bill knows the viewing public is very large and growing. It's not taking one viewer from another. It's growing the pie. And as you seem to note, Karen, I know a thing or two about pies. By the way, Karen, "you" sound like an idiot.

A guy named "Dodge" isn't buying any of this though. He e-mails:

"Sorry, Neil, Love you to death but if it's between you and 'The Factor,' you're the one going down. There's only room for one guy at eight."

Oh, really, Dodge? Just like there was room for only "one" news channel decades ago? Take a look around the dial now.

Then, look at this, an uplifting message from two young boys, Jeremy and Bradley -- ages 10 and 9 -- with a very simple request:

"Please watch our dad. He's funny and nice and generous. And plays video games with us and takes us out to movies and does great impressions of animals. If you don't, we won't be able to do any of that stuff, And we'll probably get kicked out of our house and starve and dad will be forced to do "Kung Fu Panda" impressions out on the street for food. So give him a chance. Bill's already set for life, and besides, he scowls. Our dad never scowls. And the McDonald's manager always smiles when our dad walks through the door. That's how happy our dad makes people. So can't you make him make you happy too??? Please? Pretty please? Watch him on Fox Business. What, you don't get Fox Business????"