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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Welcome to "Hannity."

A lot of news breaking this Friday night. While two deranged, angry lunatics fight it out in what is an increasingly nasty battle for the Democratic nomination, there was President Trump fully focused on the job, serious issues.

Earlier today, he toured what is the devastation sadly to our friends in Tennessee. Multiple tornadoes ravaging the state on Tuesday night, killing at least 25 people, including five children. On the ground, the president offered his full support, vowed to provide whatever federal assistance the state will need.

And then he flew to Atlanta, where he met with officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Convention (ph), the CDC for short. The president's trip to CDC marks what has been the single, most aggressive and most thorough response, the quickest response by any modern day administration to any type of the pandemic or virus outbreak -- in this case, the coronavirus.

But predictably, sadly, they can't even agree to work together to prevent people from getting a virus. I don't think the virus cares if it's a liberal or a conservative infected.

Anyway, the mob and the media, Democrats, what do they do? They want to use a deadly virus as a political weapon against the president, seemingly rooting for this to be, quote, "Trump's Katrina." They want you to believe that the spread of coronavirus is the president's fault, and he is not doing enough to protect you.

They couldn't be farther from the truth because we have the facts, in spite of "The New York Times" saying it's the Trump virus. No, it's the Trump virus. If you're feeling bad, you know who to blame -- Trump. No, it's not either.

Here's the timeline: first identified December 30th. Oh, they had a virus in the Wuhan province area of China. By the way, and then it is identified as having pneumonia symptoms.

Then it was January 7th, when we first actually named it the "coronavirus." Remember that? Now, corona -- this one is the corona variation of a previous corona.

On January 31st, the Trump administration, they in record time declared a public health emergency. Americans returning from most areas impacted to quarantine, mandatory, on military bases, something that hadn't been done for decades in this country.

February 2nd, the temporary travel ban went in effect for all non-U.S. citizens who recently visited the entire country of China. Unprecedented steps by the president. He made the call, and we now know and through my interview and others most officials thought it was too early for travel ban or for any quarantine.

In the following days, the president formed a task force filled it with the top, the greatest, the best scientific medical professionals in the world, led by the virus president of the United States.

On February 29th, the temporary travel ban was extended to, quote, any foreign national who has visited Iran within the last 14 days. On the same day, the State Department issued new travel restrictions to Italy, where the outbreak has been fairly large, and in South Korea.

Also on the 29th, the FDA cut regulations allowing a more rapid testing response and capacity for coronavirus. On March 2nd, the president met with pharmaceutical executives where he learned that phase one testing of this vaccine is imminent, record time again.

March 3rd, the administration ordered the CDC to lift all restrictions on testing. Today, the president signed $8 billion emergency spending package into law. He even donated his salary to the Department of Health and Human Services to fight back against the virus.

The media mob's weaponization and politicizing of this very serious issue is beyond predictable and disgraceful. Yes. Last week, believe it or not, "The New York Times" said if you're feeling sick and you know who to blame. This is the Trump virus, because if the dog bites, the bee stings and you're feeling sad, it's Donald Trump's fault.

Instead of, what? Well, maybe coming together and providing you with truth and facts, what have they been doing? Sowing fear, panic, distrust.

Now, make no mistake. Like with every pandemic, even the one that Biden and Obama did not react as quickly to as they should have in 2009 and '10, that was H1N1, and better known as the swine flu. The coronavirus is serious. You should be informed about real risks and real dangers, as with the flu, as with any virus, as with any pandemic.

This is not the first major pandemic, possible pandemic to impact the United States. We've been impacted far less thankfully than other countries, but we want a cure for everybody.

2009, here's their timeline under President Obama. H1N1, that virus infected 61 million Americans leading to, what, 13,000 deaths of within almost a year. So put that in perspective. And by the way, took six months for Obama to declare the full national emergency.

So far, there are around 250 cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., 250 too many. According to the assistant secretary of health, the overall estimated mortality rate for the coronavirus is less than 1 percent. OK. Pretty low.

The H1N1, that tended to impact young children. This one tends to impact older people a little bit more, especially those that are more susceptible with the weakened immune symptoms, the elderly with other underlying health issues. Watch yourself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for the COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.1 percent and 1 percent. OK? That is lower than you heard probably in many reports.


HANNITY: Lower than what fake news CNN, MSNBC would like you to believe perhaps.

The world is not coming to an end. It's not the president's fault. When the president put the travel ban in effect, fake news CNN says, oh, we're going to stigmatize other country. Joe Biden said the president is a xenophobe.

Well, we have been other news. They've been predicting the downfall of our economy. Not happening either. Our economy, well, in spite of Wall Street always being jittery, it continues to show the fundamental strength is at all-time high. Why? Because in February, we now know as of today, we added a whopping 273,000 new jobs, causing the unemployment rate to fall yet again. Yes, a 50-year low of 3.5 percent.

Here with the full report from the FOX Business Channel, Melissa Francis.

Look, I have never been the person that says -- I said on my radio show a lot that says the barometer of an economy is the stock market. Markets get jittery. It's normal. It's a process. There are market corrections.

I wouldn't recommend anybody putting money in a market unless you leave it there for ten years and don't look at it. But when you look at these unemployment numbers revising upward December unemployment numbers, record low, the same with January. This is to show a lot of the strength and the growth continuing.

MELISSA FRANCIS, "OUTNUMBERED" CO-HOST: It is. That was part of the tremendous news today. What you really laid out for the viewers is what the market is looking at, which is a lot of cross currents and uncertainty. The jobs number was enormous. It blew away the expectations, like you said, unemployment rate falling unexpectedly to 3.5 percent.

Larry Kudlow, the king of pro-growth economics, coming out today and telling Stuart Varney among others that he is ready to come in with the targeted stimulus. And he knows exactly how to do that.

But so much of this is based on emotion. And to that end, we have New York Governor Mario Cuomo -- forgive me, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

HANNITY: Chris Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, Chris is the journalist.

FRANCIS: No, no, I got it. I got it.


FRANCIS: Saying that the facts do not merit the level of anxiety we are seeing here.

Also, Steve Moore, another economist, saying fear more than anything else is hurting the economy right now.

Steve Forbes, at the end of the day today, after the close of the market, said that he bets we're going to see one to two months to the uncertainty and a big bounce back. Who knows?

The bottom line is, though, this is one of the many reasons why the president was trying to wean us and our economy from China, because of this kind of uncertainty in our supply chain, and this is where this whole thing started, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Melissa Francis, thank you.

Joining us with more on the president's response to coronavirus and the outbreak is with our FOX News medical "A" team, Dr. Marc Siegel.

It took three weeks. Yes, the travel ban and the quarantine hadn't been done in decades. Three weeks. Now the money was signed, you know, everything everybody wanted. He said that, you know, whatever is needed, we will make available.

How many people die from a flu every year? What -- compare it to the H1N1, which you are an expert on, and let's compare and contrast how Obama-Biden responded to that, which was attacking more children versus this virus?

DR. MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: They were not stepping up on to the plate on that virus. I can tell you from my own experience. And in terms of this virus, President Trump was projecting calm leadership in the midst of all of this coronavirus hysteria today.

He traveled to the CDC where flanked by the health leaders including HHS Secretary Alex Azar and the CDC director and the noted virologist, Sean, no one ever says that, right, Robert Redfield, he talked about coronavirus but a far more serious current killer which disrupts our lives every year, known as influenza.

In fact, this year is a particularly bad season because of two different strains. And according to preliminary figures from CDC, get this, it's already infected 39 million to 42 million people leading to hospitalizations and 20,000 to 50,000 deaths.

The president heard those numbers today, Sean, and he was deeply affected by them. And while he wasn't downplaying the coronavirus, he did point out that by comparison, it's only confirmed 240-plus people infected in the U.S. with 11 deaths. Eleven important deaths he said.

Trump acknowledged that with the more test kits becoming available and we heard there are going to be now private as well as public, many more cases will appear, especially the mild kind that we have been overlooking. Maybe we'll have more hysteria, right?

In fact, testing reveals how the fear-mongering World Health Organization - - what a disgrace -- is making things worse about the questionable statement of the coronavirus death rate being 3.4 percent. Well, in fact, if you look at South Korea, which we know well, which has an advanced healthcare system like ours, they've tested over 200,000 people to reveal 6,000 cases with a death rate of far less than 1 percent.

Sean, you know what else has a death rate of less than 1 percent? The yearly flu.

HANNITY: Why -- listen, even friends of mine saying, is it really that bad? Do you have to do -- and I'm not a doctor. I'm not going to begin to go down that road. I put my trust in you. You were an expert.

They never implemented the travel ban. They never quarantined anybody H1N1. And we lost I think ultimately it was close to, what, 13,000, 14,000 whatever thousand people, and worldwide over half a million. Isn't that correct?

SIEGEL: Absolutely. Over 300,000 deaths in the United States alone when all the figures were counted.

And let me tell you something, this virus should be compared to the flu, because at worst, at worst, worst case scenario it could be the flu. As you pointed out, the president jumped in quickly, started the travel bans. He understands the public health issues. He's got top leaders advising him. Guess what the reason is? Try to prevent and slow the spread before it takes root here.

HANNITY: Last question. Is there anything the president could have done sooner, faster in your view, medically?

SIEGEL: Absolutely not. He has had leaders working on it. Now that the cases are starting to come, the test kits are come something we get them in time.

I think the president has been projecting calm. I have written a book on fear. He has been very cool. Did you see him today? He is the anti-fear monger in chief -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Dr. Siegel, thank you for being with us. The FOX News medical "A" team.

Tonight, we're only eight months away, 242 days to be exact, from the presidential election. Democratic Party on the brink of the full on civil war.

Now, despite sharing many of the same and insane socialist policies, Bernie supporters, Biden supporters, they absolutely hate each other. Last night, fake news CNN, debate between the co-chairs of the Sanders campaign and the Biden hack, Hilary Rosen, it spiraled a little bit out of control. Emotions are high now.

Take a look.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: How do you deal with the record of votes and of stories that don't hold up?

HILARY ROSEN, DMEOCRATIC STRATEGIST: You know, Nina referenced Dr. Martin Luther King before saying he said from the Birmingham jail that we should be concerned about the white moderates. That's actually not what Martin Luther King said. What he said --

NINA TURNER, SANDERS CAMPAIGN: He did say that. Don't tell me what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Are you kidding me?

ROSEN: Don't use Martin Luther King against Joe Biden. You don't have that -- you don't have the standing. I'm sorry. You don't.

TURNER: Don't tell me what kind of standing I have as a black woman in America. How dare you.


HANNITY: Poor Chris Cuomo. Wow. Mark Levin once had a similar situation and he goes, stereoliberalism, he was in the middle box.

Anyway, following that shouting match, Rosen offered a truly insulting, backhanded apology on Twitter, quote: On air Thursday, I said my colleague Nine Turner didn't have standing to use MLK Jr. That was wrong. I am sorry for saying those words. Please no need to defend me and attack angry, quote, black women. They have standing. I always need to listen more than I talk. We rise together.

Rosen since apologized for the apology and deleted the tweet.

But this kind of nasty infighting is likely to increase as we get further in to the Democratic nomination. You got Bolshevik Bernie on one side and his supporters who will share the truth about their insane socialist policies and beliefs and even the support for murdering dictatorship.

Now, on the other side, quid pro quo Joe. Well, he's going to pretend to be a moderate all he can, but we all know that's not true. Biden has embraced the insane Green New Deal, which is what? $93 trillion socialist Trojan horse masquerading as a climate change bill, and also proposing massive tax increase on we, you, the American people. That's $4 trillion more than Hillary Clinton's plan in 2016.

Biden also proposing government paid family leave and expansion of Obamacare, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, open borders, and oh, yes, he wants to take away your guns. And he will go use Bozo Beto O'Rourke to help him.

The media mob thinks this is so wonderful. But they realize the American people won't buy it. So they're going to try hard and pretend that Biden is a moderate candidate. I keep going back to my analysis of Tuesday night. What happened Tuesday night?

Bolshevik Bernie defended the murderous dictators in the regime leading up to Super Tuesday. That was the party they agreed with. Not the socialism. They are all in agreement on that. Tape we showed you last night, the same people trying to trick the American people to Joe Biden being a moderate.

And -- well, say to you there really aren't issues with the gaffe thing. Does he have the stamina, the strength, the acumen and the focus that will be needed to take on number one hardest job in the entire world? By the way, that would include lying Brian, MSDNC, along with "The New York Times" editorial board, well, absolutely embarrassing themselves last night.

Take a look.


BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC HOST: Do you see it as a possibility if he wants to spend a billion bucks beating this guy, he could do it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Absolutely. Somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he spent, he could have given every American $1 million.

WILLIAMS: I got it. Put it up on the screen. When I read it, tonight on social media, it kind of all became clear. Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads, U.S. population is 327 million. Don't tell us if you are ahead of us on the math. He could have given each American $1 million and have had lunch money left over.

It's an incredible way of putting it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's incredible way of putting it. It's true. It's disturbing.


HANNITY: Brian, it's called, it has a calculator on it. It's your phone, 500 million. A million each, 500 people would be the winners.

These are the people that pretend to be, oh, better than everyone else. They can't do simple math.

If they were real journalists, maybe they would know that the tweet that they threw up on the screen had been widely mocked on social media. Oh, yes, for days. And, of course, they could have taken out a calculator.

Anyway, just one more example of the so-called media mob journalists, not morally or intellectually superior. Holier than thou, overpaid liberals who at this point are little more than the hate Trump emotional support group and the state run DNC for all things radical socialists.

But in 242 days, the beauty of America, you do the research. You collect the facts. You don't rely on them for your information. This will be the greatest choice election in your lifetime, and too much is at stake.

Here now, the former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

I got to start with you tonight, Reince Priebus. First, when you talk to all of your friends in your great state of Wisconsin, will you please tell them on behalf of this audience that the dairy farming they do, the other farming they do -- dairy farmers never get a day off, it's impossible. That it's more than taking a seed and digging a hole and putting the seed in the hole and covering it with dirt and putting water.

That it takes real science, agricultural ingenuity, technology, advancements to feed the whole world and the United States. Will you please say "thank you" for me for what they do and the hard work they put in every day?

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Absolutely, Sean. I expect my first job was on a farm next door to our house in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. And it is hard work. But it's technical work. And it's something to be celebrated.

But, look, people talking about Joe Biden and, you know, this fight that's happening in the Democratic Party. Just remember why Michael Bloomberg got in to the race. He got in the race because Joe Biden collapsed.

And why did he collapse? He collapsed because he flopped in the debates. He's forgot basic facts. What day it is, what office he is running for. What is the name of the Declaration of Independence? And not --


HANNITY: Wait, wait, wait. I can do it.

PRIEBUS: And during the impeachment --

HANNITY: We are endowed by our -- endowed by the thing, you know, the thing, the thing that we are endowed by, the thing being God Almighty in heaven that made everything.

Yes, go ahead.

PRIEBUS: And, remember, during the impeachment, what happened at the end, in that impeachment? Exposed for family corruption and then Donald Trump started beating head to head for the first time in a long time Joe Biden in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.

I led the debate prep for the president during the last campaign. And, you know, besides all the socialistic policies that Joe Biden adopted, he's got the same exposure on TPP, NAFTA, China, and Social Security, Medicaid, so many other issues. But it's so much of the same, but yet he's adopting all the other things. I think people need to calm down and be careful what you wish for and focus on the accomplishment of this administration.

HANNITY: You know, Steve Scalise, the big underreported story all week is the president in Texas had more votes than Bernie, Biden and Warren combined. This is an uncontested primary.

The highest turnout in the great state of Colorado and the last three presidential primaries, records in -- shattered in every single solitary state in terms of the turnout in an uncontested election. What can we glean from that?

REP. STEVE SCALISE (R-LA): Well, Sean, it's exactly what's happening out there. I've seen the enthusiasm first hand and, you know, you go to these Trump rallies with the president and I went to Iowa --


HANNITY: No, you go to the Trump rallies. I'm not allowed to go. I got to work.

SCALISE: Well, yes. But, you know, you had to go to that Biden event in New Hampshire.

But I went to the Trump rally with the president. And you had not only tremendous enthusiasm, there were more than 50,000 people that tried to get tickets in New Hampshire, and 11,500 people could fit in the arena.

And the enthusiasm in the arena was off the charts but on the streets, we saw it, too. I would go to some of those primary locations. Don Trump Jr. was out there, some of the other family members. Ivanka was there.

And you would go and there would be maybe a large group of Trump people, and then when you look at the Democrats, all the candidates included, there were more Trump people than all the other candidates included. And then President Trump broke the record in New Hampshire for the most votes, double the number that Obama had set. And that was the previous record for the sitting president.

The media doesn't want to report this enthusiasm because they know there is no enthusiasm on the side of Joe Biden. And Reince is exactly correct. They got him out there because they thought he would walk away with it. He wasn't.

And so, you saw all these other people coming in.

HANNITY: Last question.

SCALISE: And then they gave him mouth to mouth, you know, and brought him back to life in South Carolina.


HANNITY: Who -- is it going to be Biden or Bernie -- Bolshevik Bernie have a shot? Real quick, exit question, Reince.

PRIEBUS: I said Biden to you six months ago. It will be Biden.

HANNITY: What do you think, Steve?

SCALISE: Biden, but a very fractured primary in Wisconsin.

HANNITY: Yes. And -- good luck.

SCALISE: At their convention.

HANNITY: Good luck, Joe.

You know, they're trying to hide this gaffe problem, whether he has the energy, the stamina needed for the most important job. That's a real question. Just like Burisma is a real question. And his radical agenda, we will vet it every night here.

Thank you both.

When we come back, fellow Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, pushing forward with the plan he is going to get to the bottom, he is fully investigating quid pro quo Joe and zero experience Hunter. We have an investigation. He will join us.

Also breaking today, Senator Mitt Romney finally on board issuing subpoena. Big news. We tell you why and much more as we continue this busy breaking news Friday night.



HANNITY: All right. It appears at this hour, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has come to the senses tonight, saying he won't stand in the way of the first subpoena in the Senate's Biden Burisma probe.

Joining us now is Senator Ron Johnson, and he is vowing to hold a committee vote as soon as next week, and to subpoena Hunter Biden-linked associate who work for the consulting firm that represented Burisma Holding, which hired zero experience Hunter being paid millions, no qualifications.

Here to explain, he is the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson.

Senator, thank you for doing this.

Our country was dragged through an impeachment over a phone call. Where we had one fact witness that testified before the House that said oh, yes, he said no quid pro quo. That was their one -- everyone else was an opinion witness or a hearsay witness. No fact witnesses. Not even admissible under federal rules of evidence.

And now, we have Joe on tape, we played it many times. You're not getting $1 billion unless you fire the prosecutor that he knew was investigating his son being paid millions. And we know the son said on "Good Morning America", he had no experience.

To me, it is breath-taking hypocrisy.

Do you see it the same way based on just what we know?

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Well, of course, it's hypocrisy. That's really the definition of Democrats.

But the good news, Sean, is I'm not Adam Schiff. We're not Democrats. We're going to be careful. We're going to be deliberative. We're going to go through this investigation and we are going to reveal the truth.

And, by the way, it pays off. You know, my committee, we've got excellent investigators and attorneys. It was our committee's efforts that really exposed the editing process of James Comey exoneration memo.

And then that prompted an I.G. report. And then we're working with the I.G., it's my committee that made public most of the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text.

So, diligent oversight, tenacious oversight eventually brings forward the truth. And what's been hampering us right now is we had the special counsel. And it's really difficult to get information when you have criminal investigations ongoing. The impeachment really stopped us as well.

But now the impeachment is over, we're starting to get documents, for example, about 2,800 pages out of the State Department. We got the National Archives sitting on probably more than 10,000 pages responsive to our request for notes and the information on these meetings that took place between DNC officials, Obama administration officials, including one certain National Security Council Ukrainian specialist and Ukrainian prosecutors. We're just waiting on President Obama's legal counsel to release those so our committee can continue its oversight work.

So, we are diligently --

HANNITY: Let me ask you this --

JOHNSON: -- pursuing this and the American people will eventually get the truth that they deserve.

HANNITY: The evidence to me is overwhelming and incontrovertible. Just like we have overwhelming, incontrovertible, that subpoenaed e-mails were purposefully deleted and we know that Bleach Bit was used to prevent any forensic recovery of the e-mails. We know what happened with devices. Nothing happens.

Russia dossier, people are warned, premeditated fraud on a FISA court, nothing happens.

I.G. reports show, oh, referrals because high-ranking people like Comey and McCabe lied under oath.

Now, they surrounded Roger Stone's home, 29 guys in tactical gear and frogmen for the process crimes. It seems like we have a dual justice, Senator, and that would be Burisma, too.

JOHNSON: Yes, I'm highly concerned about it. I spoke with Attorney General Barr about this. I know John Durham, I've never spoken to him, but he sounds like a man of real integrity.

My concern is he speaks with convictions. And the problem he had in any court case, and most of these things get brought within the district of D.C., it's a jury pool that's heavily tilted toward Democrats which really is one of the reasons why they decided against indicting Andrew McCabe.

So, my point to the attorney general is, even if you don't indict, you have to write a report, or you have to give that information to Congress so the American people know what happened.

You know, one of the requests was to the Attorney General Barr right now, within the inspector general's report, the FISA report. There are four footnotes. They were redacted. They were classified.

When you read those footnotes and you compare it to the text and the public report, it's misleading. Now, I'm not blaming the I.G. You know, he writes a report, others redact it.

We are asking for the attorney general to declassify those four footnotes. It gives a completely different view point of really what happened.

HANNITY: Senator Johnson, I really applaud your work. It's very important. I hope that everybody is held accountable and to the same standard if we're going to have equal justice under the law. Thanks for what you're doing.

Now, also developing tonight, author of the fake, debunked, dirty Hillary Clinton, Russian dossier, Christopher Steele, who actually once said, I have no idea if any of it's true in an interrogatory. He's broken his silence, sounding off on Robert Mueller, telling an audience at Oxford, he will not cooperate with the Durham probe. OK.

Here with more, we have former acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker.

OK. We have extradition issues. We recently have this big deal going on about Julian Assange, don't we? And I'm thinking, Julian Assange, I think I'm one of the few people in the country that interviewed the guy. I asked him hard questions about where this information came from.

He went to the long detail how he is a journalist. We do have a free press, I believe, in this country but they want to send him here.

Now, I assume if they're going to send him here, we can also send Steele here. Couldn't we?

MATT WHITAKER, FORMER ACTING U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: We could. It's really what he said was extraordinary, which is he thought somehow the Mueller investigation wasn't comprehensive enough, and didn't dig deep enough in the president's businesses. I thought it was extraordinary his statement at the Oxford Union where I spoke a couple of weeks ago myself.

And I just really think Chris Steele better be careful because again, the dossier, you like to say it's unverified and unverifiable. I would say it's untrue.

HANNITY: Now, here's the thing -- this guy put together a dirty dossier. Hillary Clinton paid for it. They were all warned not to use it. They used it to take away Carter Page's civil and constitutional rights to spy on a candidate, transition team and president of the United States. So far, those people have not been held accountable, have they?

WHITAKER: They haven't. And, you know, Senator Johnson mentioned a good point which is we cannot have a two-tiered system of justice where people like Andy McCabe were not charged or really, or where there aren't the investigations in to Burisma and Hunter Biden, where at the same time, Republicans or people associated with Trump are investigated until they just relent or run out of money.

HANNITY: Yes. Well, I will tell you this, if we're going to spend time extraditing people, I want him in this country. He is the one that put forward the Russian interference. He did it. I want him here. We're going to extradite anybody, I pick him.

WHITAKER: It's continue -- and he is continuing to promote that debunked theory, as of just yesterday.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you. Matt Whitaker, appreciate it.

WHITAKER: Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: When we come back -- all right, members of the squad, they are back, and more unhinged than ever.

Also, the Trump campaign suing fake news CNN, yes.

We have all the true details straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. So, the Quad, well, they are becoming increasingly unhinged. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all but admitting there is a civil war in Democratic Party now that it's down to her preferred candidate. That would be Bolshevik Bernie Sanders versus the establishment, who is radical left wing himself, quid pro quo Joe.

Take a look.


SETH MEYERS, NBC HOST: Is it safe to assume that you will support Joe Biden if he is the nominee?

REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): Yes. I think I have said throughout the process that what is so important is that we ultimately unite behind who the Democratic nominee is. I think it's a two-way street. I have been concerned by some folks that say if Bernie is the nominee, they won't support him, and the other way around.


HANNITY: By the way, Congresswoman, you are always welcome to come on the show. We will be respectful. We will have tough questions but you are always welcome.

Now, she went on to say in the same interview that all illegal immigrants should fill out the 2020 census.

Also, tonight, Congresswoman Omar pushing the racially divisive rhetoric to the new extremes. Not surprising but sad. Take a look.


REP. ILHAN OMAR (D-MN): Our task as organizers is not only to call out specific instances of racism. It is to recognize that our history is built on the oppression of black lives. From slavery to Jim Crow to redlining and mass incarceration, to voter oppression, racism is part of the foundation of American power.


HANNITY: Meanwhile, the Trump campaign, they're fighting back against the Trump media mob, suing fake news CNN for allegedly pushing malicious Russia fake news and hysteria and complaint filed today specifically cites an article written in June of 2019.

Here with the reaction, Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, and former White House press secretary, looks much better out of green, our friend Sean Spicer is back.

Kayleigh, let's start with you.

You know, there's a very high bar when it comes to any public figure. You know, you have to show, oh, there was no malice. OK, it doesn't matter. The bar is so high.

I think the law should change because people get away with slander and smears all the time. Tell us specifically why the campaign thinks it will be successful.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN NATIONAL PRESS SECRETARY: Look, we think it will be successful because there is no denying that CNN, that "The Washington Post," that "The New York Times" have all displayed malicious intent. They knowingly published false information.

I totally agree with you, Sean. The libel laws essentially allow you to slander anyone and libel anyone. And that's why Justice Antonin Scalia said they need to change.

But we have to work within the structure we have right now and you cannot go out there and lie, knowingly do so, peddle this Russian collusion narrative and think you can get away with it.

This lawsuit is an effort to hold the fake news accountable. Bottom line.

HANNITY: And, Sean Spicer, I mean, one of the things I like about the Nicholas Sandmann suit and there is nobody better than Lin Wood, and Charles Harder, the Gawker case those are the two go-to guys in this country.

And I will tell you that he's an innocent kid. They didn't even ask to do one bit of research, and then even what was known was proven false, they continued to slander this kid.

I would love to snow the amount. If I had to venture a guess, this is a guess, only a guess. I'd bet CNN paid over $100 million to that kid. They had to. Lynnwood wouldn't take less in my opinion.

SEAN SPICER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I hope so. They ruined his life. And I mean, I'm sure he will live with this forever. There will be a Google search every time it comes up. So I hope he got a ton of it.

But, look, I just want to say this -- CNN in particular leads the sanctimonious charge about the Donald Trump misleading and false things and how many times the "Washington Post" counts every statement. And yet when they falsify a report, and Kayleigh is right. I mean, this is just made up.

They make false allegation. They walk away from it. Then they get caught misleading, all of the above. When they do it, it's OK.

But they are the first to go after Trump day in and day out, and call every Republican and every conservative, and yet they dismissed what they do on their air every single day and what their correspondents do to demean Donald Trump as the president and every other conservative. It's so unbelievably wrong.

And no one except for you and the rest of your teammates, Sean, call this out. It is so ignored and so washed over by the rest of the media. It's unbelievable.

HANNITY: All right. Good to see you both.

When we come back, the video we're about to show you is well beyond disturbing. Fifteen-year-old girl brutally mugged in New York City by a group of teenage boys. One report says they wanted this poor girl's sneakers, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Dangerous crime wave continues to plague New York City. NYPD is reporting year-to-date rise in almost every major crime category.

And just this morning, new video released of a brutal attack against a 15- year-old teenager by a large group of males. This is happened in Brooklyn, New York.

"The New York Post" reporting the mob stole her sneakers, Air Jordans. Now, overall, a crime spike is being largely blamed on New York's controversial new bail law.

That allows dangerous criminals to walk free. The scariest part these are the policies that Biden and Bernie would bring to your neighborhood.

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor Dan Bongino, former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik.

You know, Dan, I look at this and I'm like, I -- there are other stories underlying this group of kids, that group of kids. They don't like it -- I don't -- this is a brutal beating. How do people became this insane and violent? Look at this.

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, Sean. I mean, that's -- the 15- year-old girl. I mean, her life is going to be changed forever. She's going to remember this for the rest of her life.

Listen, this is just a Twitter video, however disturbing it is to a lot of people. You weren't the ones on the floor being beaten up. But to that girl, that happened. This is going to scar her for the rest of her life.

And, listen, I'm not going to pin this specific incident but there's no question about it, that liberalism is a damn forest fire. And every time you put these people in charge of a big city and they get their holds on law enforcement, and they go with this permissive, make criminality easy atmosphere, what do you get, Sean? You get more criminality, and more nonsense. It's a real shame because real people are being hurt by this.

HANNITY: You know, when Comrade De Blasio, the mayor of New York, I appreciate that he comes on the show. Bernie, you know this more than anybody. He comes on the show and I say, we got video. Look what they're doing to these cops, look what they're doing to cop cars.

We have video of every guilty person. Will you pledge to get every person? And he wouldn't answer. He turns around, you don't have faith in the police department. No, I want your support for the cops that we're going to use the evidence to get everybody.

I want the tape used to identify every one of those kids involved in the beating.

BERNARD KERIK, FORMER NEW YORK CITY POLICE COMMISSIONER: You know what, Sean? This is exactly -- that's the problem. It's the leadership. It's not the police department.

You know, today, the police commissioner, Shea, testified before the city council and went on a rampage basically talking about how the crime spike is the result of the bail reform. And you have members of the city council saying, well, I need to see more data.

Well, pick up "The New York Post" and look at any of the tabloids, listen to the people in the street. You know what? Take a ride around the city, and take a look around. You have to be a moron or an ostrich with your head in the sand not to see what's going on, and it's their fault.

HANNITY: Hey, Bernie, it's bigger than that. Look at these criminals. They are bragging. Oh, you let me out of jail. There's no bail. They're brag -- thank you! I get to go rob more banks and I get to exit for crimes. And they are mocking the state and the city.

KERIK: And thanking the governor and thanking the mayor for changing the law. Nobody, and Dan can tell you as a New York City cop, nobody with any common sense six months ago or a year ago when we talk about doing this, no one would have said it was a good idea. No one.

HANNITY: You know, I watch this, my heartaches. The fact they are letting the violent -- what about the sanctuary laws, Dan Bongino? How many more people have to die? Violent criminals released, aided and abetted and not handed over so that they repatriated. No, they get to commit more violent crimes.

When do we say blood is on their hands? When for those who don't control the border where 90 percent of the heroin and so much fentanyl comes in, when do we get to that point? That, oh, maybe you are responsible because you won't take measures to protect the American people?

BONGINO: They're not going to do any of that, Sean. They're not interested in that. They are interested in scoring cheap political demographic points to win the next election.

I mean, when are we going to get past that? Some of us is concerned, not us on the show. And stop giving -- not all Democrats but liberals credit -- they don't deserve any credit. They don't care about that.

I mean, when Bernie Kerik was the commissioner, and Bill Bratton before him, and Rudy Giuliani were in office. And they applied simple common sense, Sean. If you jump a turnstile, you get arrested, you get a check for a warrant, you go to jail.

You know what happened? Crime went down. You know why it went down, Sean? It's not hard. The guy who jumped the turnstile was the guy who was going to rob someone on the train. But he couldn't rob someone on the train because he went to jail. It's called common sense.

That's what they did, and what Bill de Blasio is not doing.

HANNITY: Unbelievable. We've got to protect the city.

Last word, Bernie, you got 20 seconds.

KERIK: You know what? Just on Dan's point, 50 percent of the people we locked up jumping turnstiles were wanted for violent felonies, warrants for guns, warrants for murder and everything else. So, Dan is right.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you, both. Praying for that kid. Safety of people. Not that hard.

When we come back, Rush Limbaugh laying into, yes, Bolshevik Bernie. That tape, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Rush Limbaugh sounding off today on Bolshevik Bernie. Let's listen in.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Bernie Sanders, there he is, I am watching on Super Tuesday night. He's in Vermont, he's -- were going all the way, we are taking it to the convention. He hasn't the slightest idea what just happened to him.

That day, on Super Tuesday and the day before, Bernie Sanders literally has no idea what happened. Washington, the Democrat establishment circled the wagons and made sure it's not going to be Bernie Sanders.


HANNITY: All right. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. As always, thank you for joining us.

As of Monday, 239 days, you make the ultimate decision and get to decide if you shock the world again. I hope you do. Please set your DVR. Please never miss an episode.

Thank you for giving us your time every night. We will never be the destroy, psychotic hate Trump media mob. We seek the truth.

And let not your heart be troubled, Tammy Bruce tonight filling for Laura Ingraham. See you next Monday.

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