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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: So Paris Hilton is going to jail, but not without a fight. She's asking friends and fans to petition Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to get her jail sentence commuted.

Joining us now is the author of the brand new book "Living the Truth: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty", Dr. Keith Ablow's with us.

How are you doing, Doctor?


HANNITY: I want to run this tape. Because the truth, I think, is the most important thing in life.

ABLOW: That's what it's all about.

HANNITY: Let's look at little Paris Hilton upset about the sentence.


PARIS HILTON, HOTEL HEIRESS: I feel that I was treated unfairly. And that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted, and I don't deserve this.


HANNITY: Treated unfairly, and it's cruel and it's so unfair. And...

ABLOW: And she needs a copy of "Living the Truth". Because the bottom line is, not only does she not get it, she doesn't understand that a judge, after she drank and drove, gave her a warning, essentially, a break.

HANNITY: Right. Right.

ABLOW: You can't just do what you want in life.


ABLOW: Because it did can hurt people. There is a petition saying, well, look, she's our drug so let her out, because our lives are boring without her.

HANNITY: Well, maybe.

But you know something? I'm looking at her mother. And, for example, the mother, Kathy, notorious, you know, mother of this party girl, she went to the courtroom. She laughed in the courtroom when they argued she need jail time.

When the judge ordered the 45 days in jail, "May I have your autograph?" she said. And then she came out and told reporters, "This is pathetic, disgusting, a waste of taxpayer money."

No wonder this girl has come out, turned out this way.

ABLOW: Well, it is no wonder. Things add up. Like, I think that life is a little bit of arithmetic. And that's why I wrote this book to begin with, because I want people to be able to go back and add up the numbers and figure out who they are. Of course, this sense of entitlement, it doesn't come from nowhere. And you know what?

HANNITY: Everybody that I know is happy because of the arrogance and the lifestyle and the snottiness of a lot of these girls. They are ecstatic that she's going to jail.

And I make the prediction, hopefully, if she can learn her lesson, this may be the best 45 days of her life, because maybe she'll come out with a different attitude.

ABLOW: Well, she might. But, listen, I've done this work a long time and sometimes with very prominent people. So I can tell you that there's an equal or better chance that she'll come out and release a new song called "Jail House Rock", OK, and do a big spread for Vanity Fair, where she's covered in diamonds, and it says "Jail House Rock". So the truth is hard to find, my friend.

HANNITY: So, in other words — in other words, see, I think the thing that would worry me the most — and I'm a lightweight. I'm like Half-a-Heineken Hannity. I don't drink a lot.

ABLOW: Well, I'll keep that in mind to tease you with later. OK.

HANNITY: All right. But if I had gotten the DUI, I would think I was lucky, and I'd be thankful I didn't have to go to jail in the beginning. I would have followed the judge's orders and, thirdly, I'd be thankful I didn't kill anybody.

ABLOW: You would be. But see, you don't need the alcohol to dodge the truth.

ALAN COLMES: Come on, Keith. Save Paris now. Free Paris now.

ABLOW: You want — you want her released?

COLMES: No, no, no. You know what? The arrogance is unbelievable.

And also, as Sean was beginning to point out, the mother, some the comments the mother made, I mean, going up to one of the prosecutors and saying, "Can I have your autograph?" sarcastically. You know, some of the attitude of the mother shows why Paris may be acting out the way she is.

ABLOW: Absolutely. And you know what? The truth, I like to say the truth always wins. So sometimes the cost has to be higher to break through denial.

COLMES: And, you get the mother now playing the victim, with this tape coming out that we showed a little bit of, and calling the whole court case a joke. And the mother acting like her poor child is being victimized by this horrible system.

ABLOW: Yes, listen...

COLMES: ... rather than taking responsibility for what you've done.

ABLOW: And I testify in these cases, right? And I've testified in much worse cases, where somebody ends up killing somebody with a car.

When a judge says you're not able to drive, there's a good reason for it, generally. But apparently this mother doesn't think that the justice system should hold sway in her family.

COLMES: What's going to happen? Is there are going to be a post-jail video or, hopefully, not an in jail video?

ABLOW: Yes. Well, it won't be call "Shrink Rap".

COLMES: Very good. Very good title there.

HANNITY: I just feel — I feel really bad for her, though, Alan. No pedicure, no hair coloring, no manicure, no hair extensions.

COLMES: She might look good in orange.

HANNITY: No cell phone. How will she live without her BlackBerry, Doctor? It's going to be so hard.

ABLOW: I'm going to send her the book, though, because it's a hard cover.

HANNITY: Are you going to send it?

ABLOW: Amazon will send it right to the jail.

COLMES: Shameless promotion, Ablow. Shameless, shameless promotion.

ABLOW: You know, you can't jail me for that.

HANNITY: Good to see you, Doctor.

ABLOW: Good to see you.

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