Dr. Ben Carson: I'll run for president in 2016 if...

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: As we promised, so is he in or is he out? Here to answer the question is he going to run for president in 2016 -- by the way, some are trying to draft him --the author of this brand new book -- by the way, in bookstores now on Amazon, it's on my website Hannity.com -- "One Nation" is the new book by Ben Carson.

That is the question. Are you considering a run for the presidency?

DR. BEN CARSON, AUTHOR, "ONE NATION": It's interesting. I'm in about four or five states a week, huge record-breaking crowds, very enthusiastic.

HANNITY: What do you mean record-breaking? They tell you, "We've never had a crowd this big"?

CARSON: Yes, they say, "We've never had a crowd this big." And that is always what people want to know and people want to say, "You've got to do it." Someone said to me today in the elevator today, didn't know me, "You've got to run." It's just everywhere I go.

And I think what people really are looking for is common sense and courage and somebody who understands the Constitution and the principles of freedom, innovation, social responsibility. And if someone can come along with those things and really gain a lot of traction, I would be delighted, and if they don't, I would certainly give it serious consideration.

HANNITY: So you will give it -- are you giving it? I mean, have you -- you remember "Gladiator," one of my favorite movies. Marcus Aurelius says to General Maximus, "Will you not accept this great honor?" And he goes "With all my heart, no." What about Commodus, who was Marcus Aurelius' son? "You have known since you're a young man, he's not a moral man." So are you saying with all your heart you don't want to do it, but you might?

CARSON: I don't want to do it, but if we're left in a situation where there is not a lot of enthusiasm for anybody else --

HANNITY: You'll get in.

CARSON: I would never turn my back on my fellow citizens, even though, you know, I was hoping after a very arduous neurosurgical career --

HANNITY: Thought you'd be on the golf course right now, right?


HANNITY: You gave a prayer whether you should do this speech in front of Obama, and it changed your life.

CARSON: I do find it fascinating just listening to people say, "You know, he couldn't possibly know anything about economics, couldn't know anything about -- he's only a brain surgeon, so he couldn't know any of this stuff."


CARSON: "We're the great wise ones, we know everything." I just find that fascinating.

HANNITY: What experience does Obama have? None. He was an ACORN guy, an Alinski-ite. "I'm voting present."

CARSON: I would just say whether I run or not, I'm happy to have a conversation with those people. We'll see what good ideals they have.

HANNITY: We're going to watch it. The book is phenomenal. The story you tell about that prayer breakfast is awesome in the book. Good to see you.

CARSON: You too.

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