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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight. Well, as he reenters the political fray in a radically partisan way, what is it that former President Obama really wants. Dinesh D'Souza has the answer. And Raymond Arroyo reveals how Biden is choosing teachers unions over kids. And in a predictable turn Hollywood lionized as a Trump foe. Friday Follies explains. But first, agents of suffering. That's the focus of tonight's Angle.

This was another busy Newsweek and three major events that occurred demonstrate just how radical and how dangerous the Democrat Party has become. Now I know it sounds very hyperbolic but bear with me. The evidence is mounting that Joe Biden's party from elders to organizers has adopted a by any means necessary approach to winning in November, and the consequences for America will be devastating in both the short and long- term.

First, if you thought that we could find bipartisan agreement that rioting should never be tolerated. Think again. In fact, there seems to be an implicit consensus among Democrats today that efforts should not be made to stop federal buildings from arson or even to stop attacks on law enforcement at all. At the disgraceful inquisition of AG Bill Barr this week, Democrat members of Congress gave cover to actual criminals and treated Barr like he was the problem. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY): Shame on you Mr. Barr.


NADLER: Shame on you.

BARR: I think it's a very important non-lethal option.


BARR: No, for rioters.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sir, that was my question for protesters.

BARR: I don't know remember DeMarco is being--

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. Barr excuse me, this is my time.

BARR: DeMarco is being involved in with the decision making.


BARR: I don't think that what was happening immediately around the courthouse was a peaceful protest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's not my question Mr. Barr.

BARR: That's where that--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My question is that you think as the chief - reclaiming my time - reclaiming my time. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Every American who votes in November should understand that the Democrat Party will allow total mayhem to go unchecked and life's work destroyed if perpetrators are anti-Trump. So, if you have the right motives, they'll leave you alone. Now we learn that in New York alone at the height of its protests about $1 million in damage was done just to the police cars that were destroyed and the damage to businesses was likely in the tens of millions.

The city is a total hellhole now with skyrocketing crime, including murder rate going way up. Cuomo and de Blasio are a duo of disaster, but they don't care. It's all about amassing more power for them, more control for them and hurting the President's chances for re-election.

Now another indication that the Democrats have gone totally nuts so is their feigned hyperventilation yesterday about Trump's tweet about mail-in- voting. And this question of delaying the election. Now, they'll know he doesn't have the power to do that nor is even saying that he'd really try to do that. For good reason, the President believes though that mail-in- voting would be a nightmare that would end up delaying election results for weeks, even months. And that's what the Democrats themselves have repeatedly said. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

JOCELYN BENSON, MICHIGAN SECRETARY OF STATE: We are working to prepare all of you and the public with - to not get the results immediately upon polls closing on election night. It very well may take several more days. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: The Democrats are madly pushing mail-in-voting for one reason; they think it would help them beat Trump. They know and they don't even care that it can lead to fraud and corruption. And there are already plenty examples of this, including most recently in New Jersey. But Democrats are fine with millions of untrackable and sometimes untraceable mail in ballots floating around undermining the integrity of our entire electoral system, causing confusion, instability, and even violent unrest for days or weeks after Election Day. For them, it just ends up being another insurance policy to help Biden.

Thirdly, it's obvious that the Democrats including Biden want America to shut down again with newer and even more draconian controls over your movement.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: You can't get this country going again unless you get COVID under control. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We cannot expect to reopen the economy safely if the virus is spreading unchecked.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dr. Fauci, can you help us understand why, why Europe has largely contained the virus.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: When they shut down or locked down or went to shelter in place, however you want to describe it, they really did it to the tune of about 95 plus percent. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: You see, that's what we should have done. We should do it now, just shut it all down. Everyone stays inside, wait for their mailbox money. Well, our terrible GDP numbers released this week for the second quarter are due entirely to unemployment. And of course, that's caused by the shutdowns.

Consumer confidence is in the toilet. Kids will be stuck at home looking at screens and much of America this fall hurting them and their families. But the Democrats just consider it all necessary collateral damage on the way to they hope defeating Donald Trump. And by the way, the Eurozone released its numbers today and they're in a full-blown recession, the worst on record. France's economy shrank by nearly 14 percent in the second quarter. Spain fared even worse. Their GDP contracted nearly 19 percent. That's double what we lost. But Democrats consider all of this a success story.

And finally, today, this took the cake. Senate Democrats left town rather than agree to a short-term extension of unemployment benefits proposed by Republicans. And even CNN couldn't spin the Democrats behavior.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: While there were some offers from the White House to temporarily extend this extra $600 a week benefit that so many people are depending on, the Democrats didn't agree to that. The fear is that if you let this go as a standalone bill, you lose leverage in future negotiations. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Leverage. Did you hear that? Leverage. These are real people's real lives at stake, so instead of acting in the nation's best interest, Democrats are willing once again to see needless pain inflicted on American citizens. Because you see human suffering to them is useful if it gets them closer to their socialist utopia of a massive increase in people dependent on the government and a massive increase in state control over every aspect of our lives, every step of the way we see Democrats choose chaos over common sense.

They're OK with trashing the country's economy, taxpayer property and our history. They're fine with denigrating cabinet members as part of a show for the cameras. And they're even OK with hurting children by peddling false panic about school reopening.

And finally, they'll let you twist in the wind instead of working with Republicans. This entire year has been a post impeachment revenge quest for Democrats, and they only hate Trump, remember, because they hate the America that elected him. They need that America to get so demoralized that they stop fighting for their own lives and liberty. But they've made a very risky bet with this course they're on and they've gone all in, but so must we.

We owe that much to our children, our grandchildren and to those who came before us. So, let's stop complaining and start doing. Register people to vote and educate everyone who'll listen. I promise I'm going to do my part. And that's the angle.

Now, the big news of the day was Fauci and friends returning to Capitol Hill. Joining me now to break it all down, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Cardiologist and CEO of Foxhall Cardiology, and Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health. All right, guys, I want to start off with Dr. Fauci taking aim at a new study showing positive results for hydroxychloroquine. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

FAUCI: The Henry Ford Hospital study that was published was a non- controlled retrospective cohort study that was confounded by a number of issues, including the fact that many of the people who were receiving hydroxychloroquine were also receiving corticosteroids. So that study is a flawed study. And I think anyone who examines it carefully is that it is not a randomized placebo-controlled trial. I don't have any horse in the game one way or the other. I just look at the data. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Dr. Smith, he just looks at the data. Was the study flawed? And what about what Fauci said? DR. STEPHEN SMITH, SMITH CENTER FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES: I mean, we know it's not a randomized controlled study and it was randomized control, but it did control for steroid exposure and still hydroxychloroquine confers to benefit.

The bigger problem is that Dr. Fauci has taken aim at this study for not being randomized controlled study where he's endorsed other studies that also were - similar observations that including the infamous Lancet study, which of course was fraud and that when he say - all these other studies, he doesn't name them. They have to be uncontrolled study, there aren't that many randomized controlled. So, it's disturbing.

And also, there are controlled studies, even the first virologic study done by the French was that had control was randomized, so they were good controlled, now the controls are actually less than the drug receiving patients. The drug receiving patients cleared virus quicker and really, it's been controlled placebo studies in India. Again, not randomized, but the more controls in the health care workers that were the controls didn't decide not to take hydroxychloroquine.

These studies are controlled and on top of it, if I remember correctly, Shelly Wolf, my dad's friend, and Dr. Fauci's mentor, and Dr. Fauci, who was my mentor, I appreciate what he did for me. They published their big findings on Wegener granulomatosis back in the early 70's and an uncontrolled study looking at the effects of cytokine prednisolone which worked. I credit them with that. That was uncontrolled. So, you've got to look that at the same way. INGRAHAM: Yes, so it turns out, it turns out - let me jump in here. It turns out, Dr. Oskoui that Dr. Fauci doesn't believe that these randomized controlled studies are always necessary, but for some reason, they're necessary in the middle of a pandemic where we have hundreds of thousands of people dying in a situation where people want answers and realistic hope. No one is saying, it's a panacea or any of that. But what did you make of that testimony today just specifically on that and any other thoughts? DR. RAMIN OSKOUI, CARDIOLOGIST: Well, unfortunately, I think what Steve has eloquently pointed out, is lying by omission is still lying. It's very important to understand that that study did correct for steroid use. But it also pointed out what we seem to see in COVID, which was a steroid paradox, where if you have very mild disease, steroids probably don't help you, whereas if you have more severe disease that's quantified perhaps by a CERP of greater than 20, steroid dexamethasone specifically may be immensely helpful. And what I'm hearing is someone who is, frankly, very manipulative, and dishonest as a scientist. INGRAHAM: So, the CDC completed an investigation on COVID transmission, or they observed it at sleep away camp with children and counselors. And there's some severe limitations in the study. But here's what the CDC concluded. This investigation adds the body of evidence demonstrating that children of all ages are susceptible to SARS-COVID-2 infection and contrary to earlier reports, might play an important role and transmission. Dr. Oskoui, what does that tell you? Should we run from schools and keep our kids locked in the house? OSKOUI: No, I think it means we should believe our lying eyes. We should see that kids simply don't get that sick. We're not seeing wards, ICUs, and pediatric hospitals full of sick kids on ventilators. When children do get COVID or probably more reliably test positive for RNA fragments of COVID, they simply don't get that sick. This buttresses the idea, kids need in- person schools and they need to go five days a week and we need to get the show on the road, just like they're doing in Sweden and a number of other European countries. INGRAHAM: Here's an interesting point, Dr. Smith. Nancy Pelosi is often saying that, look, we just need to listen to the scientists, not scientists are actually treating patients, but the scientists. But behind the scenes, we found out something different. She reportedly said to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that Dr. Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you're in, Pelosi said.

So, I guess if you don't train for the cameras and posed for People magazine, Pelosi trashes you. What about that? SMITH: The whole thing is unbelievable that Dr. Fauci is right, that we have to look at data. That's correct. And look at data fairly. And that has not been done and to demonize people based on their interpretation of the data, that's just unbelievably wrong. I just can't get over this country's response to a drug that is so safe and does work. It's scandalous. INGRAHAM: Gentlemen, you've been two voices of reason and a very tumultuous in difficult time, both for science, for the people suffering, for the country as a whole, and we really appreciate you. Thanks so much.

And ahead, despite the removal of some federal agents, Portland rioters are resorting to more depraved tactics. So, what's their goal? Also, the Seattle City Council has just taken the first steps toward dismantling the entire police department. Sara Carter, Lara Logan, Raheem Kassam. Oh, boy. They'll react to that next. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


SEN. RON WYDEN (D) OREGON: What Chad Wolf and Donald Trump have done is basically inflame this situation. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Their presence here substantially increased the violence and the tension and the chaos in our streets. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Since they arrived, things have only gotten much worse. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: It almost seems like the Democrats running Oregon would prefer to see Portland burn than in any wayside with Donald Trump, while they may get their wish. While the violence in Portland was somewhat subdued last night, rioters resorted to more depraved acts like dumping a severed pig's head on top of an American flag. And they put a police hat on it and then set it on fire.

And authorities expect this weekend to bring more chaos. Joining me now is Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor, host of the Sara Carter Show Podcast. Lara Logan, host of Fox Nations. Lara Logan Has No Agenda. And Raheem Kassam, Editor-in-chief for The National Post. Lara, the Feds have pulled back and they don't expect it to die down, though, this weekend. So, what is the end goal here for Democrats and the Far Left? LARA LOGAN, FOX NATION HOST: Well, that's a very interesting question, Laura because what you've seen, for example, the mayor there in Portland is claiming victory, saying that the Feds have left. But I've been speaking to federal law enforcement officials who make the point that they absolutely have not gone anywhere. And there's a lot of confusion about what really happened in Portland, because there's been a big lie that's being created, which is the one that you heard in all those clips that you played. Right.

And the big lie is that the presence of federal officials and federal officers is what made everything worse in Portland. What everyone's conveniently ignoring is that night after night after night, Portland was burning. It was on fire. Just ask any of the local journalists who were there. Ask any of the local business owners. I mean, there are eyewitness accounts and there's - this has been well documented. It just hasn't been broadcast in the mainstream media until the federal officials went there.

And one law enforcement official told me, Laura, is that they got credible information that the courthouse, the federal building was going to be attacked. That's why they sent reinforcements. There were already federal offices there from the Federal Protection Services, FPS, whose job is to prevent these courthouses, protect federal property, and also federal U.S. marshals, they were inside, and that information proved to be correct. INGRAHAM: Well, some of the rioters in Portland, they don't seem very clear, Raheem, on why they're actually there. Here's what one of the organizers said. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Came out here to protect people's civil liberties, to support the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ and every movement that needs to be out here that needs to be protected. I've seen the vets come back from Vietnam fighting for the same thing, even if they come back from World War II, that's in a civil war, they all experienced this.


INGRAHAM: Raheem, I'm not sure what they're talking about. I don't believe any of them tried to burn down buildings or endanger the lives of law enforcement. Are they really this aimless, has it become kind of a social event at night in Portland? RAHEEM KASSAM, EDITOR, THE NATIONAL PULSE: Well, to a great many number of people who are showing up to this thing, Laura. Yes, it's a social event. It's borne out of boredom and it's borne out of stupidity in a great sense. But for the organizers here, there is a distinct goal. The revolution, the purpose of the revolution is the revolution itself. There is not to be any compromise. They don't want any reform. What they want and they're very clear about this is a full Marxist based revolution. Pull the entire system of the United States, indeed, of the Western world down around them.

And so, the President, his administration and indeed law enforcement need to understand that there is not going to be a compromise with these people. They're not going to suddenly stop when the federal authorities leave and go, OK, we're going to leave all aims. We've achieved everything we need. They're going to keep going, keep pushing.

And if there's one thing I can say at this point about where this administration needs to go, it's something that they've already said. They've said they want to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. We need that to be done so that the authorities can work properly and so that the right uses of legislation can be used against the organizers who are doing all of these things. But we're yet to see that happen. And I think that is critical for what's going on in cities like Portland. INGRAHAM: Well, Sara, an Oregon judge has blocked Portland police from recording the rioters terrorizing the streets. The ACLU brought the suit and they released this celebratory statement. It said this order temporarily blocks police from collecting or maintaining audio or video of protesters engaged in protected First Amendment activities in public spaces.

So, their point is, these are - this is civic demonstration at its finest. OK, this is peaceful. And how dare you try to influence or intimidate people away from exercising their First Amendment rights? No video. Sara, what is this do to the news media not blocking out so much of the real information coming out of there?

SARA CARTER, HOST, THE SARA CARTER SHOW PODCAST: Well, once again, we're seeing the information flow being shut down and there's a purpose for this, Laura. And I think Raheem is right. I also think Lara is right. I've also spoken with DHS officials that have basically corroborated every single thing that Lara was saying that was happening in Portland.

And the thing is, is once they stop this flow of information, they keep it from the American people and the American people don't know what's really going on. So, you've got this trickle down. As I was going through news stories about Portland, the majority of the mainstream media today reported it as if there were peaceful protesters and there were these evil federal agents.

What we know is that they have located nails, weapons, bats, projectiles, that they were targeting the federal court. And this is all about the election. I've spoken to people. This is why the Democrats and the liberals have been exacerbating the issue but keeping the flow of information from coming out of there. This is all about the election and riling up all of these young people who, like you, just played, are lost, and looking for something to believe in.

And unfortunately, Laura, they've been sent to universities and colleges where Marxist and socialist professors have indoctrinated them. So, they just believe in their hearts that America is wrong, that America is evil, that America has pushed over, pushed this colonialism out in the world. And they don't want to see our country. They're fighting. We don't even have to worry about China or Russia. We basically have Americans fighting Americans in here basically to end our freedom and liberties. And I think that's what's so frightening here. INGRAHAM: And Lara, I need to get to this because the Seattle City Council is considering now a measure that would dismantle the police force and replace it with a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention and the proposal for everybody who cares, the council is committed to confronting structural and institutional racism as a fundamental step toward addressing the racist institution of policing. Laura, quickly on that. Seattle is already reeling. What will this do? LOGAN: Well, it's fundamentally dishonest to present policing as if it's purely racist, Laura, and while nobody wants police that are racist or that overreach in any way, the voice of many people living in Seattle is being ignored and overlooked here because there are people that are crying out for the police to come in and help them and to restore law and order there who say they're not represented by city officials, they're not represented by the media, they're not the silent majority. They're just the people that nobody cares to ask their opinions or put them out.

And they're not hard to find. I've been able to speak to many of them. I reach out to people all the time and I hear this over and over. And what it essentially means is that you're putting the police in a situation that's going to be absolutely untenable because there's no support for them. And you're going to see more of what's been happening in different places in this country where police are resigning. They're taking early retirement. They don't want to respond to certain types of calls. They don't want to put themselves in harm's way, because not only are they now at greater risk, police are being shot. Police are being attacked all over the country.

But now they don't have the backing of elected officials. And so even if they do risk their lives and put people - arrest people, then they don't get prosecuted. They immediately get released by corrupt prosecutors and local officials. So, what's the point for them?

And as one police, former police officer said to me, Laura, he said, I'm trying to get people everywhere to understand, it may be happening in Seattle, it may be happening in Portland, it may be happening in Minneapolis. But you're next. It's coming to you next. And that's what people need to realize. It's not just going to stay in these democratic run and controlled cities.

INGRAHAM: Really quickly, Raheem, a scale of one to 10, 10 being most likely. How would you rate the chances of this anti-police movement violent at times moving to other metropolitan and even suburban areas, one to 10? KASSAM: If there is to be a compromise in all of this, then 12, they will only be emboldened by this. They will only move to more places and the shining lasers in the eyes of police officers, by the way, which is a crime under the UN's own conventions, if only ANTIFA would or a signatory to those protocols. And then you'd suddenly maybe hear some leftists talking about how it's against the UN conventions. But you're not seeing that anywhere. INGRAHAM: Yes, when they tell the Beverly Hills police and the Cambridge police and police in Georgetown and Washington and other very high heeled areas, we'll see how the rich residents of those neighborhoods and communities react to no police. Panel, thanks so much.

And another blunder-filled Biden event. Plus, Hollywood has a new crush, and no, it's not on Dr. Fauci. Raymond Arroyo is here with all the details in "Friday Follies" next.


ASHLEY STROHMIER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Ashley Strohmier.

Three people including a Florida teen have been charged in a massive Twitter hack and Bitcoin scam. Former president Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden were among the politicians and technology figures targeted earlier this month. Authorities say 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark was the mastermind. He was arrested Friday in Tampa. A 22-year-old from Orlando and a 19-year-old from the United Kingdom were also charge.

A federal appeals court throwing out the death sentence of the Boston Marathon bomber. The court ruling that the judge overseeing the case did not properly screen jurors for bias. A new penalty phase for trial has been ordered for him. Three people were killed and more than 260 others wounded during the 2013 attack.

I'm Ashley Strohmier. Now back to "The Ingraham Angle." For all of your headlines, log on to

INGRAHAM: it's Friday, and that means it is time for "Friday follies." For the latest we turn to Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor. Raymond, we have another installment of "Joe Down Below."

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: We sure do. Now this one came with the requisite technical difficulties, Laura, and gaffes that makes every Biden event a Biden event. The former VP interfaced with the president of the teachers union, Randi Weingarten, sort of.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We can't hear you.



BIDEN: Put me on, will you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, we're putting you on. So I'm going to do an introduction if I may.

BIDEN: But why don't you spend more time with your vice presidents? Spend more time with them. I have time. I really do, Randi.




ARROYO: You're on. No, he's not. This is almost an allegory, Laura, for the entire Biden campaign, OK. It's desperately trying to say something, but it's not landing the way it's supposed to.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The UFT represent teachers, professionals --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Priscilla, the vice president, can you hear the vice president? He just said hi.


BIDEN: I don't think she can hear me, but that's OK.


BIDEN: How are you? Where are you speaking from? Where are you now?


BIDEN: Where are you now speaking from? I mean where? Where's home?


BIDEN: Never mind.


BIDEN: I'll be quiet.


ARROYO: That might be best if he's quiet, exactly. Laura, don't you love how he tries to where are you speaking to me now? He's like trying to do some kind of faux sign language because what he's saying is not reaching the intended audience here.

This is the same teachers union, incidentally, that opposes opening schools on time, and the other day announced that its members would be engaging in safety strikes to oppose the reopening. And Biden is with him 110 percent. It was a weird event. This was very odd.

INGRAHAM: We tackled this last night, and my point is these are the people who are always professing their undying devotion to the children. They use the children as just a generic group. But when we're talking about the well-being of actual children who actually exist, then it's like whatever Randi wants, Randi gets.

But Raymond, back to that split screen, didn't she look like she was right out of a "Saturday Night Live" skit? That did look --


INGRAHAM: Maybe it was the backdrop or something. Who was playing her? Let Kate McKinnon play her next time and really get this going.

ARROYO: They're going to bring Joy Behar in to play her. It was like an affirmative session for Biden. Everyone was saying how blessed they were to have him and the sacrifice he was making to run. At the same time as this event was going on, Laura, the Biden campaign released a call with Obama and the V.P. They held it with an eighth grade teacher. Biden said kids are worried about going back to school because they lack clear guidance. Then Obama added this.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There used to be some boundaries around which you just didn't politicize certain things. You didn't politicize public health. You didn't politicize school safety.


ARROYO: Who is politicizing COVID, Laura? It has become Biden's running mate. This is unbelievable. But it's very interesting that they're having this conversation and trying to distance themselves from the very thing that they have been embracing all this time, COVID.

INGRAHAM: Don't you get the sense, though, that Obama is still mad that he couldn't drag Hillary across the finish line with her Scooby mobile and all of those weird things? So he couldn't drag her, so he's now trying to drag him across the finish line, and he's like, he's an athlete too so he's very competitive. So he's really kind of going all in on the Jim Crow voting stuff from yesterday. He's really laying it on thick.

ARROYO: Laura, he has become the spokesman for Joe Biden. Biden sits there and goes yes, you're right, that's correct, Barack. Yes, sir, yes.

INGRAHAM: A third term.

ARROYO: He's talking. There was something, though, that the teacher said on this call that caught my attention. Listen closely.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have to tell you that they are the most politically active group of kids, of eighth graders that I have ever taught. Yes, they're huge supporters.


ARROYO: This is the problem. They're in eighth grade. They should learn history and math and English and grammar, and they are being taught a political agenda. They are being propagandized in the classroom. This is all wrong. This should frighten every American watching, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Yes. No, you don't to worry about sentence diagramming because we're told that that's racist now. But you do know how to organize, so look on the bright side, Raymond Arroyo.

ARROYO: Unbelievable. Look, finally, you'll be very happy that you canceled your showtime subscription. The network released a trailer of a forthcoming movie. It's called "The Comey Rule." Can you guess what this flick is based on? That's right, Jeff Daniels plays FBI Director James Comey, and Brendan Gleeson is Don Corleone -- I mean, Don Trump. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I need loyalty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have looked at this from every angle. They're all terrible.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm really looking forward to working with you. Let's take a picture.


ARROYO: A higher loyalty has turned into a lower adaptation, Laura. Brendan Gleeson, if this doesn't work out for him, he can play a kind of over the hill Batman with that very odd accent he's got that sounds nothing like Trump.

INGRAHAM: But Raymond, they keep trying, they keep trying these hyperpolitical offerings. And do any of them really land or work? I think everyone is so marinated and suffocating and in politics 24/7, I just get the sense people want an escape from it. But they want to drag us all back in. These people should all quit their jobs and become pundits and then just leave entertainment behind. But if they really want to do punditry, let's come on this show and start debating. OK?

ARROYO: Brendan Gleeson will be here next week. We'll see. I'll book him myself.

INGRAHAM: All right, Ray, we'll see you next week. Have a great week off in parts unknown.

ARROYO: I shall try.

INGRAHAM: Parts unknown.

ARROYO: I shall try.

INGRAHAM: We'll see you back here next Friday, Ray.

Obama's reemergence into the political realm, it has shown him taking on a more radical posture. So what exactly does he want? Dinesh D'Souza is here to tell us. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: Barack Obama's speech at John Lewis' funeral yesterday wasn't just a partisan diatribe. It was also highly revealing about his real goal, perhaps one he thought was out of reach when he was president.

Here to walk us through it all is Dinesh D'Souza, conservative commentator and director of the upcoming film "Trump Card" which was initially set for release on August 7th but is now coming out in early September. Dinesh, you also did a movie a while ago on Obama, and the emergence of our former president has been marked by pretty divisive language. Let's start with his dismay at the efforts the Trump administration is taking to prevent voter fraud. Watch.


OBAMA: There are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive I.D. laws.

Some state legislators unleashed a flood of laws designed specifically to make voting hard, especially, by the way, where there's a lot of minority turnout and population growth. That's not necessarily a mystery or an accident.


INGRAHAM: Unleashed a flood of laws. Can you imagine people actually passing laws, Dinesh? He knows exactly what he's doing implying the worst motives and always lined with race. What's going on here?

DINESH D'SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE FILMMAKER: With Obama, we have a very divisive strategy, but one that is unleashed in a very cunning way. He stokes the very fires that he pretends to be extinguishing. That's kind of his trademark. And the problem with doing this at a eulogy, I think, is that he puts his comments out-of-bounds for debate because if you think of what a eulogy typically is, it's a celebration of the good things about somebody. Eulogies typically edit out all the bad things. And people who have bad things to say generally are quiet during a eulogy.

So here Obama presents all these debatable propositions. Laws that require voter I.D. somehow become identical with the old types of laws that were intended to prevent blacks from voting. And yet, no one is allowed to raise an objection because, after all, this is a eulogy to honor the memory of a civil rights hero.

INGRAHAM: Obama also targeted something else that he used to disagree with.


OBAMA: Making sure every American is automatically registered to vote, including former inmates who have earned their second chance.


OBAMA: Guaranteeing that every American citizen has equal representation in our government, including the American citizens who live in Washington, D.C., and in Puerto Rico. They're Americans.


OBAMA: If all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic, then that's what we should do.


INGRAHAM: And former Obama aide Ben Rhodes, he followed up with a tweet, Dinesh, saying the filibuster is a tool of structural racism. Get rid of it. It's time to stop playing by rules that work for the wrong people. Dinesh, they might rue the day they said that if it turns out the Republicans hold the Senate and manage to gain back the House anytime soon and the presidency. But he participated in the filibuster. Didn't he have the Alito confirmation in 2006? So what's the truth about this racial tool of the filibuster?

D'SOUZA: Well, the filibuster is good when it works for them and it's bad when it works for us. But I think more broadly come Obama talked about remaking America, you can't remake a country without taking down the architecture of its founding, depreciating and insulting its traditional flags and anthems and symbols. America, after all, isn't just a country, the land, or the people. It's also a set of ideas. And Obama despises those ideas. So camouflage within his somber rhetoric and pompous stylistic mode is this kind of vitriolic attack on American institutions, including the architecture of the founding.

INGRAHAM: Including, Dinesh, what he said about federal law enforcement who are actually out protecting property paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.


OBAMA: George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness a federal government sending agents to use teargas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.



INGRAHAM: This got a lot of applause, Dinesh, and it's like Reverend Wright is back.

D'SOUZA: Well, he was very clever in this section to invoke the memory of George Wallace, the segregationist, by the way, Democratic segregationist. Democrats and segregation really went together. But of course, what Wallace was defending with his law and order speeches was segregation laws. So we don't like Wallace as a law and order guy because he was supporting the wrong, unjust laws.

That is not the case here. What you're talking here about is not peaceful protesters but rioters and arsonists. And Obama is making a deliberately false analogy to somehow equate the bad laws of segregation with a good laws that the feds are now trying to uphold.

INGRAHAM: Dinesh, don't you also think he's just really ticked off that he couldn't drag Hillary across the finish line last time around, and that Trump just completely embarrassed him. And he has got to win this this time, because he thinks his reputation, being the egomaniac that he is, like a lot of people who run for president are, but he's competitive. But he's competitive. He wants to drag Biden across even if the guy can't campaign really on his own.

D'SOUZA: I agree. I don't think he has much left for Hillary or Biden, but I think he recognized politically that his agenda depends upon these characters being able to enact it after him. Trump's election was a stunning repudiation of Obama's eight years, a kind of undoing of Obama's own undoing. And Obama now is fighting desperately, I think, to stay relevant and to have his agenda march forward when time seems to have left him behind.

INGRAHAM: And that is an important point, and I'm so glad you made it. Dinesh, great to see you tonight, thanks so much.

And what did AOC spend her Friday doing and the halls of Congress? I can only wonder.


INGRAHAM: In case you're wondering what your representatives do on your dime, well, AOC spent it smearing the reputation of one of our beloved saints in the halls of Congress.

Well, that statue is of Damien, St. Damien, whom she claims is part of a white supremacist culture. He is a Canonized saint of the Catholic Church who ministered and cared for outcast lepers in the island of Hawaii. He eventually contracted the disease from those he was serving and died from it. AOC grew up Catholic, but apparently doesn't care about some of the Church's greatest heroes.

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