Donald Trump Jr. calls impeachment investigation a 'disgrace'

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Hi, welcome to this busy news breaking edition of “Hannity,” reporting tonight from California. We're out on the West Coast.

And tonight, we have breaking news on multiple fronts. In just moments, Senator Lindsey Graham, he will join us to respond to Susan Rice, calling him a piece of bleep.

But we start in the Washington swamp where House Republicans, they are today fighting back against this corrupt, secret behind closed doors, smoke-filled room, Venezuela-style impeachment coup attempt.

Just hours ago, a group of lawmakers literally stormed into yet another top-secret session of the corrupt Adam Schiff's kangaroo court. And once again, the cowardly, corrupt Schiff, the lying Adam Schiff, well, he was said to hold another secret impeachment hearing with secret testimony recorded only by his secret transcript. Republicans can't see it unless they have a Democratic minder.

But then the corrupt Schiff, well, he immediately halted the session when Republican lawmakers entered the room.

Now, let this be a very clear warning to Schiff and Pelosi and Democrats everywhere, well, this secret Soviet-style impeachment attempt, this cannot stand. We do have a Constitution. We do have precedents. We do have something called due process.

Republicans who value the Constitution and the sovereignty of the American people, this is a fight worth fighting, an injustice worth overturning. And, by the way, every step of the way, every room in the U.S. Capitol, Republicans ought to have a right to be there. The president's attorneys have a right to be there.

That's why it's illegitimate and unconstitutional. They are rightly tonight demanding transparency, due process, basic fairness, equal justice, and in answer to a very simple question. Well, what does the corrupt Adam Schiff have to hide? Let's take a look.


REP. STEVE SCALISE, R-LA: What is Adam Schiff trying to hide? That's a question so many people have, so many of my colleagues have, so many people of the press should have, is through those hidden closed doors over there, Adam Schiff is trying to impeach a president of United States. Voting members of Congress are being denied access from being able to see what's happening behind these closed doors.


HANNITY: Now, it's obvious, the corrupt, cowardly Adam Schiff, he doesn't want you the American people to know the whole truth. He doesn't want you to watch this kangaroo court process.

Nothing can be further from the truth when he says, oh, we really want to be transparent.

Now, this so-called impeachment inquiry is one big corrupt hoax, one big massive lie. And, by the way, coming up tonight, lawmakers who did in fact take the right step and storm Schiff's top-secret session, they will join us with more details.

Let's be clear, we've said it a million times and I'll say it again: Congressman Adam Schiff is not trustworthy. We know he is a pathological liar. He lied about having top-secret evidence on the Trumpet Russia collusion. He promised that to us for two and a half years.

He lied when he said that evidence of collusion was right there in plain sight. No, it wasn't. He lied about not having any prior contact with the non-whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower. And we know now that his office in fact had contact with the whistle-blower and we believed was given advice from his office. That would make him and people in his office interior witnesses in this case.

It doesn't get any more corrupt and that's the real reason that he doesn't want this whistle-blower to testify. Well, if that happened, he would likely be exposed as having been a part of this hole, entire set up.

And, by the way, let's not forget one other thing, big lie Adam Schiff, he lied about the transcript of Trump's phone call with Ukraine. In fact, that guy, the corrupt Schiff read a completely fictional transcript into the record during an official hearing. This guy lies over and over again because the truth does not fit what is a warped, vengeful, rage induced, psychotic anti-Trump narrative of his.

There was no collusion. There was no quid pro quo. We have the transcript. We don't need hearsay whistle-blowers. We don't care -- except what he did was wrong, he should have been honest about it.

You know, we really don't care about the sham hearings he is running. What? He is going to come out of a hearing? You don't let Republicans in. You just selectively leak that which is favorable to you. You won't let Republicans see the entire transcript unless they have a Democratic staffer, a minder go in?

That is their job. They too have a due process rights. The president's attorney, yes, they should be in the room every single time.

Now, the president was freely and fairly elected and the Electoral College landslide, ever since he has been elected, he has been faithfully executing his sworn duty to the Constitution and to this country. One of those sworn duties detailed Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution requires that the president uphold the laws of the land. Well, that would include Ukraine election interference in 2016. That would include Biden using taxpayer dollars, $1 billion taxpayer dollars, shaking down Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired who we now know was investigating his son -- the same son who had no experience with gas, energy, oil, or the country of Ukraine.

No experience, he's being paid millions of dollars. Prosecutors investigating him, Joe says, you got six hours. Six hours. You're not getting the money unless you fire that prosecutor -- we now know that was investigating his son.

So, that sounds to me like they were trying to buy favor and goodwill from the Bidens. Why on earth would you pay a kid that had no experience -- he's not a kid, he's 49 years old -- why would you pay the son of a vice president millions of dollars when he has zero experience and anything related to Ukraine or energy?

This was why it's so critically important that the administration and Republicans in Congress to their job. Get to the bottom of all of this, on top of what we have identified as the single biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in modern American political history.

Now, we have an update. The inspector general's FISA report, well, we know it's finished, it's still not been released to the public. Now, we've seen delay after delay after delay after delay. Now, why?

Well, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa tweeted, quote, well, all of the delays and all the excuses, why the Horowitz IG FISA report is in public yet after several months of anticipation, well, that leads me to be suspicious it's going to be deep-sixed by the deep state.

Now, tonight, I don't know why the findings are not yet public. I'm as angry as everybody else, because we already know what happened. We know there was premeditated thought on the FISA court because we know the bulk of information was the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for, dirty Russian dossier. Oh, so they can help her get elected in 2016?

And, by the way, what did we learn from that? That they never verified it and it was unverifiable. That would mean the deep state is protecting their own.

We will find out, eventually we need to get to the truth. Now I'm told the first week of November. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

Now, thankfully, investigative reporter John Solomon, he'll join us in a few minutes with positive news about the FISA report. He has other breaking details about the origins of the Russia witch hunt.

Now, that investigation is being led by the U.S. attorney John Durham. And it's now ongoing and is now expanding in size and scope because of new, explosive evidence. Tonight, FOX News is reporting this brand-new evidence goes uncovered during a recent trip to Rome with the Attorney General Bill Barr. He was there. Durham has been there.

Now, keep in mind, this probe is focused on whether or not the powerful tools of our intelligence community where weaponized against you, we, the American people and people associated with an affiliated with the Trump campaign. And whether or not intel officials at the highest level to circumvent U.S. law were outsourcing surveillance against innocent Americans by other countries.

In other words, they're getting the friends in the intel community in Italy and Australia and Great Britain to do things they couldn't do legally here. OK. Well, that would make you guilty of circumventing the laws.

Now, both countries are now fully cooperating with the Durham probe. We can report that tonight. And according to a report from the "Washington Examiner," we now have identified four notorious deep state figures are now wrapped up, up to their eyeballs in this investigation, including Obama's chief John Brennan, Obama's director of national intelligence, James Clapper, fired FBI agent, the guy in the middle of it, Peter Strzok.

Also, the author of Hillary Clinton's dirty Russian dossier, that would be Christopher Steele himself. Now, this is big news tonight. And now, the walls seem to finally be caving in and we are going to get to the truth.

Now, one of these four men, what do they have in common? One, they all possess a rage and psychotic hatred for all things Donald Trump, and two, they should all be very, very nervous tonight because U.S. Attorney John Durham, the Attorney General Bill Barr, they're pushing to add to the truth. One other good sign is that Durham and his investigation is gaining serious traction.

You got Brennan's current colleague at MSDNC, that would be Area 51, Roswell Rachel Maddow, MSDNC, they're trying to spin the upcoming findings. They know it's going to be bad with a brand-new conspiracy theory. See, they were peddling conspiracy theories, lies, propaganda, misinformation, wrong, day after day, week after week, month after month. And it went on for years.

And now, they're trying to prepare themselves for one the real truth is coming out. Let's take a look.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: It really does seem like they are going to use the power of the U.S. Justice Department to help them make that case that the Democrats are the real source of the scandal here.

What Barr and Durham appear to be doing here to try to boost the president's campaign, they are crossing a bit of a Rubicon in terms of what the U.S. government is for. And part of what we're going to have to figure out when this is all over is how we crossed back over it.


HANNITY: Oh, now after two -- two-plus years, two and a half years of lies, they are back at it. More conspiracy theories, more lies, more speculation, zero facts. There you have it. Area 51, Roswell Rachel Maddow, at it again.

What will they learn? They don't care about learning. For them, it's an agenda. For them, it's about all things Democrat. For them, it's get rid of Trump anyway we can.

Truth? Well, that doesn't matter to her or anyone else frankly on that network.

But still, someone might want to remind NBC's chief conspiracy theorist, that U.S. attorney John Durham is an investigator, long respected by both sides of the aisle. In fact he was previously appointed by two Democratic attorney generals to investigate highly sensitive cases.

Remember Janet Reno? Well, she selected Durham to investigate corrupt law enforcement officials and their dealings with notorious gangster Whitey Bulger. Eric Holder appointed Durham himself to lead the DOJ's investigation into the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

And Durham's ongoing investigation now into the origins of the Russian witch hunt is not a political stunt. It's a very real probe about real abuses of power. What happened in 2016 and beyond?

If this continues to happen, you don't have a Constitution. You don't have a rule of law. You don't have equal justice under the law, and you don't have equal application of our laws. And there's got to be a reckoning any deep state, because if they keep doing this, they'll get you six ways, but Sunday, Chuck Schumer said. Were going to lose those constitutional protections that we thought we had in this country.

Also breaking tonight, investigative reporter John Solomon, we go back to him. He has brand new evidence that Comey's FBI knew that the dirty Russian dossier was garbage. They knew it. But they used it anyway to willfully defraud a FISA court and obtain the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign associate by the name of Carter Page, which give them a backdoor into all things Trump world. That would be the Trump campaign transition and presidency.

Joining us with more, investigative reporter, FOX News contributor, John Solomon.

So, I use -- I said it differently, premeditated fraud on the FISA court.


HANNITY: You've identified at least two instances and I'm told there is as many as six instances where the FBI, top officials, DOJ were all warned -- Hillary paid for it, it's not verified and Christopher Steele has an agenda and he hates Donald Trump.

Do we have more insight into this?

SOLOMON: We sure do tonight. If you remember, a few months ago, Sean, we broke out on your show the news that Christopher Steele, 11 days before the FISA warrant was obtained, made a secret visit to the State Department. He met with Kathleen Kavalec if you remember.

And her notes of that meeting showed all the things you just talked about, that he was talking about leaking to the media, he had an election day deadline, he was working for the Democrats -- all things that should have weighed in. But there was one mystery that was left when we last report it. There was a document that Kathleen Kavalec transmitted to the FBI two days after the meeting with Christopher Steele.

Tonight, I have obtained that document. It shows that Christopher Steele and the State Department bureaucrats were peddling what is now known to be a widely debunked conspiracy theory that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had a secret computer connection at the Alfa Bank where they were secretly talking and coordinating the election.

This theory peddled by Democrats all the way through the 2016, 2017 timeframe was not only knocked down by the FBI, it was knocked down by Robert Mueller. In fact, Robert Mueller during his testimony went out of his way to say, I don't believe this ever happened. It was bogus.

We now know that Christopher Steele and the State Department took that theory, sent it to the FBI ten days before the FISA warrant was obtained. Why is that important? It is clear evidence there should have been suspicion and a belief that they had derogatory information in Steele's credibility. They did not -- they should not have trusted Steele knowing that the FBI had already knocked this down once even before Steele peddled that in the State Department.

This is a very big development. I put the document up on You can take a look at it and you will see exactly how crazy the theory was.

HANNITY: Now, I was told many, many months ago that all this issue with Trump and Russia, that Hillary Clinton had her own problems as a relates to foreign election interference, although she was just told about it. I never -- never made sense, why didn't you go to Donald Trump and say, hey, we might have evidence that might be foreign interference, people getting around members of your campaign, will you help us out? Donald Trump, I bet, would have said yes.

Now, no, they turned it on him. They used it against them. Try to use it to bludgeon him.

Hillary Clinton, the same thing happened?

SOLOMON: Yes, let me tell you what happened, a very different scenario. Tonight, I have confirmed from six different sources, all who have seen documents in the last few weeks that in December of 2015, at the beginning of the election, Hillary Clinton was given a defensive briefing by the United States intelligence community about a foreign threat targeting her campaign.

So, she got treated very differently. I cannot -- my sources cannot tell me which country was targeting Hillary Clinton because it remains classified. But they have seen an unclassified document or an unclassified passage in the document that confirms Hillary Clinton's campaign got a defensive briefing.

HANNITY: John Solomon, thank you tonight.

Now, this week, the corrupt media mob, Democratic Party, they found a brand-new source of righteous indignation. This was after President Trump compared the Democrats secret coup attempt to a lynching on Twitter. Hysteria reaches a fever pitch and you have sleepy, crazy, Uncle Joe 30330, tweeted, quote: Impeachment is not lynching. It's a part of our Constitution. Our country has a dark, shameful history with lynching and to even think about making this comparison is abhorrent and despicable.

So despicable that Biden and many other top Democrats used the very same term to describe the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Amazing what tape can do in a moment when people lie and are just phony and just the biggest hypocrites. You'll enjoy this tape.


THEN-SEN. JOE BIDEN, D-DEL.: Even if the president should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this is just a partisan lynching or whether or not it was something that in fact met the standard, the very high bar.

REP. DANNY DAVIS, D-ILL.: I will not vote for this and the people's house. I will vote against this resolution.

REP. GREGORY MEEKS, D-N.Y.: What you are doing and what we are doing here is not a prosecution. It's a persecution. And indeed, it is a political lynching.

REP. JIM MCDERMOTT, D-WASH.: This day feels to me like we are taking a step down the road to becoming a political lynch mob.


HANNITY: Ah, even Jerry Nadler compare the impeachment process against Bill Clinton to a lynch mob on three separate occasions.

And, meanwhile, Biden, oh, now he's apologized for his own remark, but no outrage from the media mob, or his fellow Democrats -- why would they ever call them out on a lie?

Now, remember, according to the left, bad things are only bad if Donald Trump can be bludgeoned. That's it. Collusion, it's only bad if they can blame Trump. Foreign election interference only matters when it can be used to smear the Trump campaign. Quid pro quos are only bad if they could be used to bludgeon the president.

For Democrats, the media mob, everything is just a political game. No consistency, no truth, no intellectual honesty ever. The truth does not matter to them. Facts do not matter to them.

Now, just as clearly also doesn't matter to them, the only thing that matters is beating Trump and I know they can't beat them so they have to try to impeach him. By the way, because we -- before we got to our guest, just breaking moments ago, brand-new letter. Jim Jordan, Congressman Devin Nunes, Mike McCaul calling for the fake whistle-blower to testify before Congress.

Here with reaction to this news, FOX News contributor, Sara Carter, the author of the brand-new bestseller, it's called "Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History", FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

Well, this breaking news is interesting to me. I'd like to see where this goes. What else can you tell us, Sara Carter?

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, what we know is that the ranking members Jordan, Nunez and McCaul are not only asking to speak to the whistle-blower, but they want to be able to have access to all of the other sources that the whistle-blower spoke to because remember, Sean, the whistle-blower was a third-hand account. If anything, a secondhand account of that telephone conversation. So, they actually received information from other people.

Also, the chairman, former chairmen are saying that what they need to do is have the same access at the Democrats have to these witnesses, that they can keep it away in the American public. And they wanted to be a public, a public testimony.

So, this is going to be very interesting. They warned Schiff that if you don't comply you are basically going against a due process of law. So, either comply or this will be evidence that there is no due process here on the part of his committee, and I think that's really interesting. They're really putting him in a corner and forcing him to talk.

HANNITY: I mean, Gregg, it's very transparent. He's a fact witness now in the case. I have a few questions for him.

You said, you would like to talk to the whistle-blower and we haven't had an opportunity, but his office did. Now, did his office also recommend that they hire an attorney? Did they help pick the attorney? Did they advise to go to the inspector general? What role did he play here?

One thing I would argue right off the top, he must recuse himself for a clear, obvious conflict of interest, no?

GREGG JARRETT, LEGAL ANALYST: Oh, you're absolutely right. And Schiff knows this because he was a prosecutor. And, you know, as a lawyer, you're instructed about the rules. You can never be a fact witness and an investigator or prosecutor on your own case.

Disqualification is mandatory and yet Schiff ignores it with impunity and remember, whistle-blower is not a whistle-blower under the whistle-blower law. Thus, he's not entitled to protection. He can be called as a witness and forced to testify.

And if Democrats and the House won't do it, I would suggest that Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, start looking into this. Have him call the whistle-blower and in fact, have Lindsey Graham call Adam Schiff as a witness in this case, because he is a fact witness who was apparently lying about contacts with the so-called whistle-blower who was really just an anonymous informant who was peddling hearsay.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both.

Now, Susan Rice recently just made a pretty sick, twisted, ugly, ad hominem attack on Senator Lindsey Graham over his desire to get to the truth of what happened in Benghazi. Yes, when I interviewed the guys at the annex, the CIA annex a mile away from where the ambassador was getting killed and others were getting killed, yes, they told me that they were told to stand down.

Susan Rice went on the five Sunday shows and according to the guys that were there, she lied through her teeth. That's what they told me right here on this program.

Let's take a look what she's saying about Lindsey.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have to understand Benghazi to understand Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right because Lindsey Graham isn't just a piece of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) now.

SUSAN RICE, FORMER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: He's been a piece of (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I said it. I said it, damnit, finally. He's a piece of (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's lying, lying, lying, and raising money off of the death of four Americans. So, anyway, that's my little speech.


HANNITY: Here with reaction although I'm sure you don't want to waste much time on it, Senator Lindsey Graham of the great state of South Carolina.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Last time we played golf. It was worse. But, hey, judge me by my enemies. Judge me by my enemies. I will take that all day long.

HANNITY: I want to go back. This is an interesting point. Adam the cowardly corrupt Schiff is now, we believe, a fact witness, is he not?


HANNITY: You know, he's doing his top-secret, you know, Venezuela style of impeachment coup attempt and Republicans can even read what's going on.

GRAHAM: Right, right.

HANNITY: Would you be able to call them before your committee?

GRAHAM: I doubt it. The whole inquiry has been referred to the Intel Committee. I will get Horowitz here pretty soon.

But here's what I'm going to do tomorrow and I need your help quite frankly. I've got a resolution condemning the House process as being un- American, basically unfair. The president can't defend himself.

I'm tired of the president basically being trashed based on behind the scenes testimony that's one-sided. So, I'm asking the House to open up an inquiry consistent in what we did with Bill Clinton so President Trump can defend himself.

As to Adam Schiff, if he did coast the whistle-blower, that would be very interesting. If somebody doesn't find out who the whistle-blower is here pretty soon, that would be a miscarriage of justice because the whole thing started with an anonymous source.

HANNITY: Senator, let me go through the last. We'll put them on the screen for you. But we know that Newt Gingrich allowed -- this was Kevin McCarthy's letter.


HANNITY: Allowed the full -- had the full House authorize the impeachment inquiry. They allow the full house every critical step in the inquiry to involve themselves and to develop a scope. Establish rules and procedures.

Newt Gingrich allowed for the Democrats, the right -- the coequal right to subpoena the chair and the ranking member. And, by the way, all subpoenas are subject to the vote of the full committee at the request of the chair and ranking member.

And, by the way, the president's counsel, Lindsey, he had the right to attend all hearings, all depositions. He had the right to present evidence. The right to cross-examine. The president's counsel had the right to object to evidence that was admitted.

And also, the president's counsel had the right to recommend a witness list.

Now, Newt Gingrich did that for Bill Clinton, every one of those things. None of them happened for Donald Trump.

GRAHAM: None of it. As a matter of fact what's happened here is that they are interviewing the witnesses behind closed doors and they give the media part of the testimony, detrimental to the president. Like Bill Taylor's opening statement, how did John Ratcliffe do when it came to cross- examining Bill Taylor? You'll never know that.

What they're trying to do is drive the president's poll numbers down, impeachment poll numbers up, by using basically Star Chamber tactics. This is a political move by Democrats that will destroy the presidency in the future. It's illegitimate. I'm going to condemn it.

I hope every Republican will join my resolution urging the House to do for President Trump what Newt Gingrich did for President Clinton. Give him a chance to defend himself.

HANNITY: You said last night, if they are going to do -- and not allow due process, not allow what Republicans allowed Bill Clinton and the Democrats to have just not long ago, 1998.

GRAHAM: Right, I was there.

HANNITY: There were 11 felonies if I remember the independent counsel statute, OK.

So, if they're not going to allow that to happen, that would be -- that whole inquiry would be lacking in any validity to me. It would also mean it's unconstitutional. It would also mean there is no due process and I don't think that's any respectable Republican senator should allow to happen without dismissing it out of hand.

GRAHAM: Well, we are just not jurors in the Senate. We can actually make motions to dismiss articles of impeachment.

Here's what I promise your audience I'll do. If they continue to treat President Trump this way, if they continue to try to behind closed doors, deny him the ability to confront his accuser and they -- this results in the impeachment article, this process results in an impeachment article, I will move to dismiss it and the Senate because I think it's illegitimate and unconstitutional and I will do it not only to help President Trump who deserves to be helped, but to protect future presidents from kangaroo court proceedings in the House.

All I'm asking Democrats to do was have a transparent process like we did with Clinton so the American people can make a decision as to what happened and not rely upon a bunch of Democrats to tell us what happened.

HANNITY: Changing gears. We're waiting, we're waiting. The report on the FISA abuse, and waiting.

John Solomon is saying -- well, we know, the facts have been established, Lindsey, that it was an unverifiable dossier. Your memo along with Charles Grassley said the bulk of information in that application came from Hillary Clinton's dirty dossier. None of it verified. The top of the FISA warrant says verified.


HANNITY: That would mean premeditated fraud on the court. If I did that, you're a great lawyer, you couldn't get me out of jail without spending five years at least.

GRAHAM: I don't know if I could get you out of jail in this world at all. The bottom line is, --

HANNITY: By the way, you may not want me out.

GRAHAM: I do want you out. You need to be right where you're at, talking about what you're talking about.

Horowitz has finished his report. The only thing left to do is to make sure there is no classified information that would hurt our national security and notify people that are mentioned at the report to give their input.

So, it's done. We'll be getting it pretty soon.

Can I add on the Susan Rice then? The bottom line, everything she touched turned to a piece of crap national security wise. It does bother me that the person who lied about Benghazi is still relevant.

Here's her greatest hits -- the Iran nuclear deal, withdrawal from Iraq, the rise of ISIS. At the end of the day, the Rwanda genocide, the Syrian redline.

The bottom line is, I hope the American people will remember that it's Susan Rice and Barack Obama who brought you ISIS, who gave the ayatollah $150 billion. And at the end of the day, if she doesn't like me, I must be doing something right.

HANNITY: Amen, I agree with that. Sure she doesn't like me either, at least I hope so.

Senator, good to see you.

GRAHAM: We must be doing something right.

HANNITY: Keep up the good work. This is a very critical time in our country's history. Your work is critical. Thank you for being with us.

All right, a lot more breaking tonight. As we just mentioned in our opening monologue, Republican members of Congress showing a backbone, storming into one of the corrupt cowardly Schiff secret Soviet-style impeachment hearings today.

We have the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to weigh in. Also, two of the Congressmen that forced their way into that hearing, they will join us and tell us what happened and Donald Trump Jr. weighs in as well. Straight ahead.


JONATHAN HUNT, CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's News Headquarters, I'm Jonathan Hunt. President Trump announcing that Turkey has agreed to a permanent cease-fire along its border with Syria. The President also says he's lifting all sanctions against Turkey.

More than two weeks ago, Turkey launched an assault against Kurdish fighters who helped the U.S. fight ISIS. Turkey moved in, following President Trump's surprise decision to pull back U.S. troops from the area.

California's largest utility announcing a second round of blackouts to prevent wildfires sparked by its equipment. Pacific Gas & Electric began shutting off power this afternoon to 179,000 customers in Northern California. The company says hot, dry winds and low humidity are creating a high risk situation. Southern California Edison might also shut off power to thousands of customers starting tomorrow. I'm Jonathan Hunt, and now back to “Hannity.”

HANNITY: And finally, and it's a good thing, earlier today a group of Republicans stormed into the corrupt Adam Schiff's secret Soviet-style impeachment hearing. Now, why weren't they allowed to be there?

Well apparently, the cowardly corrupt Schiff well he couldn't handle it all, so he suspended the hearing for hours and fled the scene as quickly as he could. Here now with more from Washington, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

You're the leader of these Republicans Congressman. This has to happen every day. I read your letter and I just mentioned all of the items you brought up about fairness and due process. Let me read to you what Pat Cipollone had to say here, when he said, this inquiry is constitutionally invalid, violates basic due process right, separation of powers, the invalid impeachment inquiry plainly seeks to reverse the election of 2016 and influence the election of 2020.

You're the one that identified the difference between what Republicans did in the case of Bill Clinton. None of the - nothing is being afforded Donald Trump.

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY, R-CALIF.: Nothing is, Sean, and the thing you have to remember too, this is a star chamber. England abolished the star chambers in the 1600s. Our founding fathers wrote in to our Bill of Rights a due process. Why, because they were so fearful. And here we are in America today, back with the Star Chamber, where, in the US House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi.

The question the American public have to ask, what are they so afraid of, of people knowing. These are duly elected members of Congress that people have lent their voice to for two years to represent them and they're denied from going into a meeting. They're going to have to vote on this, but they're not given any information. What is Adam Schiff hiding and why is he afraid to show the American public?

HANNITY: Well, I have sources, Congressman, as I think you know, we work pretty hard behind the scenes, and my sources tell me without exception, including John Ratcliffe's beatdown of this guy yesterday, without exception that this is not going the way the Democrats want.

When and if they don't burn the transcripts, they will - not a person said there was a quid pro quo or tied any action to any monies being sent to Ukraine. That was clear in the transcript. So the question is, will - I think you guys should do this every day. Let us in, open the doors, let the American people see this.

MCCARTHY: The American people have a right to see this, just as we've done everywhere before. But you know what the Democrats are afraid of? Just like in the Mueller Report, if it's given enough time, the truth will come out. The lies of Adam Schiff, remember when Adam Schiff was so afraid this administration was going to stop the whistleblower from testifying, the only person who knows who the whistleblower in Congress is Adam Schiff, and he won't bring him forward.

You know what's interesting is in this whole process, he is a fact witness. There is no reason in any of our judicial system that would allow him to be the prosecutor. Again, he's not upholding the rule of law. Why is he so afraid? And you were right, not just Republicans should be standing up, but anybody who believes in the Bill of Rights, anyone who believes in the idea of America should stand up and tell us the truth of what's going on.

If you want to impeach a duly elected President of the United States, you better be sure you have due process and you better be sure the American public is able to see it all.

HANNITY: Thank you for being with us Congressman McCarthy.

MCCARTHY: Thank you Sean.

HANNITY: All right and joining us now are two House GOP members, who are directly involved in the storming of the Democratic closed-door Soviet- style impeachment coup attempt. Florida Congressman Michael Waltz is with us and New York Congressman Lee Zeldin. Thank you both.

Congressman Zeldin, let me go to you first here. OK, this never happened in history. This is unprecedented. No due process, frankly no legitimacy. I hope you guys do this every day. Why won't they afford President Trump, Congressman Zeldin, everything they afforded Bill Clinton in 1998?

REP. LEE ZELDIN, R-N.Y.: Yes, I know all the rights that they would demand if the roles were reversed, they're doing it because they're trying to take down the sitting President, not based off of actual charges built on actual facts, actual evidence.

What Adam Schiff is trying to do right now in his bunker in the Capitol basement, is to try to write the world's greatest parody. And in that, he can't bring in the witnesses that the minority party will want. He can't allow the President to have his Counsel present to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence.

He says it's analogous to a grand jury. In this grand jury, he's the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury. None of this is right on the process and the substance where we seen it all fall apart, but that's why he doesn't provide all the transcripts to the public.

HANNITY: And I go to you, Congressman Waltz, and ask you the same question. I mean you guys going to do this every day? I want you guys every day to pound the pavement. I hope you - are you planning on it?

REP. MICHAEL WALTZ, R-FLA.: Look Sean, I'm a Green Beret, I've been in combat from Afghanistan to Africa and third world countries, all over the Middle East, and they treat their officials more fairly than what we're seeing here. At least the defense can call their own witnesses and the accused can have their own counsel present.

But not in this case, and I'll remind folks, every single hearing has started in Schiff's in this court that he's running with, with a statement that what they're talking about is unclassified. Unclassified, there is no reason to be down in that bunker, except that he wants to control it, selectively leak it, drive the narrative and then get the moderates in his party comfortable with voting for what he has always wanted in the first place, which is to drive for impeachment, if not Russia then Ukraine or something else.

So I simply - look, they are over-playing this. We sat down politely and asked, it was Assistant Secretary of Defense, I'm on the Armed Services Committee, and asked to hear and see. I've been asking for three weeks for Kurt Volker's transcript, and as a sitting member of Congress, I'm not allowed by Schiff to at least read what the man said.

HANNITY: The guy, Congressman Zeldin, he's conflicted, he's a material witness in this case. Now he's hiding the transcripts, he won't even let Republicans go unless one of his minions a minder walks you over. You can't have the transcripts. Do we even know why they want to impeach him, what is the exact article or reason or scope of the impeachment inquiry, do we know?

ZELDIN: They are going to make new stuff up, because this thing started on this whistleblower complaint, but the whistleblower complaint has totally fallen apart. So now what they need to do is scramble to figure out the new shiny object or objects, and again they don't care what the charges are.

This impeachment started when the President was first elected. I remember being there when the President was getting sworn in. Pennsylvania Avenue was lined up, while the President's hand was on the Bible, with signs that said impeach him now. They won the House by pledging to resist, oppose, impeach and obstruct everything and anything.

It's about an enraged liberal activist base that they want to appease. They're going to lose their majority because of it. Ironically, the President's going to get reelected because of it. But you know what, it's not right despite the fact that it might help the President politically or Republicans regain the House.

It's just not the right thing to do. The President doesn't deserve to be impeached. He said they should be working with him.

HANNITY: All right, so when they finally vote - so they got their closed smoke-filled rooms, all these antics, no due process, totally illegitimate, no constitutional anything, then the question is OK, are they - did they jump out of the plane now Congressman Waltz, they can't get back in, they are now 5,000 feet below the plane. Is there any - they can't pull it back, so they're going to impeach him. President won't be convicted, but the American people then get to reelect him, don't they?

WALTZ: That's right. And that's what they're trying to do this as fast - as quick as possible, because we're within a year of the election and they don't want to show in no uncertain terms that we could just go to the election. And can I just say, Sean, this is the Intelligence Committee, we have China, Russia, Iran, North Korea.

And instead of dealing with those real intelligence issues, this is what they're doing with their time, and we also don't have a defense bill right now for our military members that are all over the world waiting on that funding. So a lot of things not getting done, while Schiff is leading a very important Committee down this ridiculous path.

HANNITY: Keep it up, great job today. This is a big change.

Now coming up, this isn't a joke, Hillary Clinton reportedly seriously thinking about entering the 2020 race. Donald Trump Jr.'s response to this and of course the latest witch hunt, witch hunt, not whistleblower hearsay, whistleblower, oh all the madness in other words. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right, so the Democratic Party, they're getting pretty nervous about the possibility of a second Trump term. The Washington Post is reporting "Anxiety rises among Democrats worried about for their party's prospects in 2020." Now this, as reports are emerging that Hillary Clinton is considering entering the race again.

Here now with the author of the soon-to-be-released bestseller, it's called Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, by the way out November 5, he is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, President's son Donald Trump Jr.

Triggered is an interesting word, because I believe even the sound of your dad's voice, even the sight of your father or a 16 year old kid wearing a MAGA triggers them into insanity.

DONALD TRUMP JR., SON OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well Sean, all-time low unemployment for every minority group in this country, 6.3 million people taken off the food stamp roster because they're able to actually be self-sufficient. Even those things will trigger the left these days. It's a - it's certainly a fitting title.

HANNITY: It's funny because look where we are, you went through the whole thing with Mueller and I'm sure I'd love to know how much you probably spent on lawyers, I got to imagine a fortune.

TRUMP JR.: Millions.

HANNITY: RB Lowe (ph) isn't cheap.

TRUMP JR.: No listen, the reality--

HANNITY: Millions?

TRUMP JR.: Millions, over a nonsense. I actually write about it extensively in the book, you can get that on Amazon now. But this is no different than the first time. From day one, from November 2016, when he won the election, they were setting up an impeachment. They failed the first time with the Mueller hoax, that only cost the American taxpayer $40 million, Sean.

I wrote about that extensively because I was probably the number two target of that hoax. And now, we have it again. They won't do it out in the open. You have one person controlling all the information, shifty Schiff, right. That's the same guy who likely changed the dates on my emails to create all the bombshells that we saw on CNN.

Breaking news bombshell, it turns out to be fake. Four days later, there's barely a retraction, oftentimes there wasn't even a retraction, they just leave it out there as though it was fact, even though it was total nonsense.

This is a guy that was leaving my testimony every 30 minutes and then I get to read about it concurrently with those bathroom breaks on CNN seven, eight hours later. It's just nonsense and it's going on again.

And I'm surprised that the media who has been so vocal about not wanting democracy to die in darkness, Sean, they don't want it to die in darkness, they're totally fine with this being and going on in total darkness.

It's a disgrace. And what's happening right now—

HANNITY: Well, he's a material - Don, he's a material witness in the case. He is a pathological congenital liar, he's been telling us three years lies and conspiracy theories. He can't call the heresy Don whistleblower whistleblower, because he did have contact and he lied about that too.

So they bring in the whistleblower, then the questions come out which are, oh what did Schiff's office tell you, did they recommend an attorney, did they recommend you bring this to the IG?

TRUMP JR.: Well more importantly, Sean, beyond all of that obvious, I mean you have someone who's literally as you've said a material witness in this thing, what he's going to investigate himself?

I mean he's literally one of the major root causes as far as I'm concerned of this three-year process, right. He's got the investigators over there, he's had his own slip-ups, he's taking calls from Ukrainian shock jocks.

I mean this is not a guy that I trust to do anything, let alone run this process and no one's actually doing anything about it. It was great to see guys like Matt Gaetz and so many other Republicans the House finally say enough is enough, but when is it really going to be enough, Sean, when are they actually going to do something about it, because this is nonsense.

And for it to go on and continue with this--

HANNITY: No, I think—

TRUMP JR.: And then you see the selective--

HANNITY: Don, they jumped out of the plane--

TRUMP JR.: Of course.

HANNITY: They jumped out of the plane and now they're going to try and - they will probably impeach him, they won't convict him, but then something else happens, then the American people get to weigh in Don Jr. and they ultimately make the decision and maybe show the ultimate revenge is we're tired of your Washington swamp games and the sewer that is DC, and we like what Donald Trump has done in the last four years.

TRUMP JR.: Well, they should be sick of it, right. It's insane and you see the selective leaking by the only person who has any of the "information" is coming from there. Meanwhile, guys like Lee Zeldin are out there fighting. They're out there saying, hey I've been sitting in these meetings.

This is fourth person heresy, this is not direct communications, it's a telephone game of nonsense proportions. But the media gets that first vibe, they get it directly from Schiff, they get to run with it as though it's fact.

In a month, when they open up the process and everyone else sees it, they will have done the damage. That's why it's disgraceful, Sean, and the American public should be sick of this kind of crap. This shouldn't be going on here. If this was going on in a Banana Republic, we'd say that's pretty bad. It's going on in the United States of America, it's going on in Congress and it's enough.

HANNITY: All right, Don's book out November 5, it's called Triggered., we'll have you back for the book, great to see you. All right, when we come back, you're not going to believe what our villain of the day said about you, that our Trump supporters, that's kind of worse than calling them deplorable. That is up next as we continue from Los Angeles.


HANNITY: All right, our Villain of the Day, the Trump hating documentary filmmaker, the crazy Michael Moore, well he went on, yes, Roswell Rachel Maddow Area 51 MSDNC, they call white working-class Trump voters racist, wow shocking. Take a listen.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, you grew up in the same back as you - you had stick with Trump, working class white people, if you will, or working class people generally.

MOORE: Well, you said the key word, white. Sadly, I think it is a racial thing on some level with a lot of people. By the 2040s, the white people will be the minority, and I think that there is some level of fear about that, probably in the way that white people in South Africa were afraid what's going to happen in - they'll and the black majority.


HANNITY: I don't even have words to respond to that idiot, but anyway tolerant left, right?

Unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. Our promise, we are going to seek the truth, we are going to finish this through, waiting for the Pfizer report. We will never be the rage, hate Trump media mob, and let not your hearts be troubled, Laura Ingraham is up next as we say good night from Los Angeles.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is “Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight.

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