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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right, Tucker. Thank you.

And welcome to "Hannity".

We begin tonight with the FOX News alert. The president just capped off a very busy day on the campaign trail, a huge, massive rally and crowd in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Look at this crowd, look at Winston-Salem tonight. Take a long look and ask yourself -- by the way, that's not at all the video I wanted to show. How many p -- how many people feel this way -- you can run the other video -- about the week and the frail Joe Biden?

Because earlier, the president also delivered a speech in Jupiter, Florida, where he was also met by massive crowds.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden spent today in his basement bunker doing nothing as per usual. We'll have that in a minute. Apparently, he needed to rest after a very rough weekend on the campaign trail -- more weird gaffes, more strange statements, more constant confusion. He looked like a masked deer in the headlights.

We're going to show you the very worst moments from this weekend of Joe Biden, coming up.

Plus, we're going to bring you a critical warning that the rest of the media mob won't tell you about, and that is mail-in voter fraud. It is real. This coming from a Democratic operative who organized and coordinated mail-in ballot voter fraud in many previous elections.

And later, we have brand new disturbing video from this weekend's far left riots.

But, first, we start with a very important observation about the 2020 race, 56 days from now.

As we speak, there is nothing that I could otherwise describe as what is a sickening, sick, ugly alignment among so many of the powerful elitist groups in this country. You got the Democratic Party there, 99.9 percent. You got weak Republicans, you know, the ones that always demanded, if you're a conservative, you got to suck it up and support their RINO candidates, the ones they preferred. You have all the deep state bureaucrats that desperately want Trump out, so they can return to their nefarious deeds.

And then the 99.9 percent of the mob and the media, 99.9 percent. You got "The New York Times," "Washington Prost (ph)," all the print media for the most part, nearly every single, solitary so-called cable news network, they're all fake news. Every broadcast channel, ABC, NBC, CBS.

And then you can add Hollywood snobs and elitists, and then you can add now many pro-athletes.

They all speak in one voice. They're all working on the one goal. They all want one outcome on November the 3rd. They want to beat Donald Trump.

Now, it's time for a HANNITY history lesson and what we call perspective because remember, I know for years have gone by fast, but the same exact thing was happening four years ago.

In 2016, same groups all lined up against Donald Trump. They laughed at Donald Trump's campaign. They mocked him from running. They all made the prediction, ha-ha, he can't win. Almost all of them said no chance of winning.

They orchestrated then the biggest smear campaign in history. You might remember some of this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising because I just assumed he was running as a joke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do it. Just do it. Look at me. Do it. I will personally write a campaign check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president but which badly wants you to run.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This man has got some momentum and we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know you don't believe that but I'm going to go on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Which Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Of the declared ones right now, Donald Trump.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Trump, to answer your call for political honesty. I just want to say you're not going to be president, all right? It's been fun.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States exclamation point, @RealDonaldTrump. Well, @RealDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Donald Trump is a here today, gone tomorrow candidate for president of the United States.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT): Let me assure every person here, Donald Trump will not become president of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you imagine Donald Trump standing up one day and delivering a State of the Union Address?

OBAMA: Well, I can imagine in a Saturday night skit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump, we project, will win in Kentucky with its eight electoral votes. Kansas with its six electoral votes. Nebraska with its five electoral votes. Utah, Wisconsin, Arizona.

Capping his improbable political journey with an astounding upset victory.


HANNITY: Now, as it turned out in 2016, we learned their collective opinions, predictions, were not only wrong, but they were all meaningless. Here is a simple truth. The Washington swamp will not decide this election. Neither will those Hollywood snobs.

The truth is, none of these people matter. Their opinions do not matter. Fake news doesn't matter. The power rests with all of you.

Look at North Carolina today. That's not the mob, that's not the swamp, that's not Hollywood elites. That's you, we, the people. You will decide.

You get to be the ultimate jury in just 56 short days. You, the American people, 56 days, will decide on the future of this great country. The stakes, they've never been higher.

By the way, for informational purposes only on , we have an interactive map that shows you everything you need to know about where to vote in your district, when do you get to register, when is the registration deadline. When is early voting stop -- start, when does it end, and so much more.

Who was running for Congress? Is there a Senate race in your state? Make sure to check out for all the information and details that you could ever want.

This is the single most consequential election of our lifetime and the media, the mob, the Democrats, Hollywood elites and all of their allies, they're not telling you the truth. They've lied to you for four-straight- plus years. In fact, as we speak, they are turning a blind eye to the obvious and serious concerns about -- let's be honest here -- the whole country is talking about it, they talk about it behind closed doors, Democrats even tell me. Media mob people even tell me.

Joe Biden's strength, his stamina, his alertness, and mental acuity, yeah, they're all worried about it. Just like the riots, oh, yeah. It's a myth, it's not happening. They are ignoring a walking disaster in Biden and they know it.

They are so desperate to beat Donald Trump that they are willing to put this country literally in the position of supporting somebody that would be elected president that is weak, that is frail, that is obviously a candidate that is not up to the job, the hardest job in the entire world, president of the United States, leader of the free world.

For example, during one virtual event on Monday, Biden struggled mightily to answer a question without a teleprompter. Well, actually, with a teleprompter. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would like to know, what will your administration do to help them given that chance? Thank you.


You know, there used to be a basic bargain in this country. Workers shared in the wealth that work helped create.


HANNITY: Remember last week, during a Biden town hall in Kenosha, Wisconsin, one person actually had to complain that she was being forced, forced to read off a written script. Just think if this was Donald Trump, think for a minute. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm just going to be honest, Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper, but I can't. We need the truth, and the truth of the matter is, we are heavily angry. Not angry as to where people say, oh, they are protesting, they're -- it's a different between a protester and a rioter. A very big difference.


HANNITY: The Biden campaign, they should be ashamed, if this was any Republican, the media mob would have a field day. Instead, they just play along. They cover up the truth. They act like reality is not happening. They have zero moral compass, intellectual honesty or curiosity.

It is such a disservice to you, we, the American people. It is a dereliction of duty. Now, let's go back to the video I promised you earlier in the show. This is the president -- this is the crowd in North Carolina.

I want you to take a deep long, hard look at this video. We are going to keep running in total. Looked at this crowd and ask yourself, by the way, could Joe Biden ever get a crowd like this, this massive, this much energy on the ground?

Because if you listen to the mob and the media and you listen to Hollywood, and you read print and you watch fake news cable news and fake news broadcast news, they're corrupt to the core. They've been lying to the American people for four-plus years.

Biden's campaign staff even preselected reporters during last week's brief so-called press conference. Now, we all know why, the reason is obvious. When Biden goes off script, well, disaster ensues. He needs a teleprompter to answer questions. He doesn't know at times what office he's running for, what day of the week he is, he doesn't know what positions family members have had.

Biden's daily struggles have become so bad that his former White House stenographer, well, he's now speaking out warning us telling us the truth. "Washington Free Beacon" pointing out that he is not the same Joe Biden that his mental acuity having deteriorated. He is not the only person by the way hiding from the press.

On Monday, his radical extreme to the left of even Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, could not be bothered to take a single question. Instead, keep looking at that crowd, she avoided reporters with one of her famous and awkward laughing fits.

Let's look at this crowd. Look at that crowd. Ask yourself, can Joe Biden get that crowd in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, like the president did tonight? Looks pretty big to me.

Anyway, watch Kamala.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I will pass it back over to you, because I know you want to take some questions before you get out of here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you. We're all set. Thank you. We're going to head out the same way we came.

HARRIS: I once lived in Wisconsin, do you know that? Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, guys.


HARRIS: Wisconsin is part of my story.


HANNITY: No questions, no, I can't do that.

By the way, she might have to answer why she supported defunding the LAPD, might have to answer questions why she's left to Bolshevik Bernie, might have to answer why she doesn't support any choice for health care. It's no wonder polls are turning now in the president's favor.

And this includes the all-important state of Florida, brand-new NBC News poll has President Trump tied with Joe Biden. Yesterday, Trump supporters turned out in force, one of the largest boat parades we have ever seen, and there's been a lot of big ones.

Notably, no Biden parades that I've noticed around the country. That would be called an enthusiasm gap.

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a large gathering of Biden supporters like this anywhere.

The contrast between the two campaigns is massive. Look at these images from Winston-Salem where the president was on offense against his Democratic challengers. Take a look again. The mob won't show you this.

Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Joe Biden devoted his career to offshoring your jobs, throwing open your borders, dragging us into endless foreign wars, along with some of his other friends, and surrendering our children's future to countries like China.


TRUMP: Remember this, very simple to remember. If Biden wins, China wins. Remember this, if Biden wins, the violent mobs, you see these mobs all over the place, they're Biden people, they're Biden states and cities, they're Democrat states, if the mobs win.


HANNITY: Joining us now, author of the brand-new book "Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats' Defense of the Indefensible," Donald Trump Jr.

You know, the reason why I wanted to do the "Hannity" history lesson is because all of the predictions, all the same people, they were all laughing at the idea that your dad was even running, that he can get the nomination, can beat 16 other pretty well-known Republicans and then win the general election against the Clintons.

Now, I'm looking at tonight's crowds and today's crowd and I'm saying, Donald Trump Jr., I would say there's a lot of enthusiasm for your dad.

DONALD TRUMP JR, AUTHOR, "LIBERAL PRIVILEGE": Well, it feels pretty good and it's sort of ironic that those are the same people that out of 150 million American Democrats, Joe Biden, who can't remember where he is 50 percent of the time, is the best they've got, Sean.

It's -- honestly, it would be sad if it wasn't so scary for our country. What's going on in that campaign, the inability to articulate a thought, the inability to do events two days in a row without having to go back into his basement borough and hide -- and I don't mean to make light of cognitive decline as his stenographer has pointed out, and has so many other people have pointed out.

All you have to do is go back and look at a tape of him in the Senate 20 years ago and realize it's not the same guy. I don't mean to make light of that. That's something that everyone, you know, has -- knows someone who is dealing with an issue like that.

We're just not necessarily trusting that person with the nuclear codes. We're not trusting the person with our children's and our grandchildren's futures.

I mean, that's what they are doing, doing it because Joe Biden is the perfect camouflage for the mainstream media to push their radical leftist agenda into Middle America. They can go to Ohio and Pennsylvania and say, Joe's moderate, look, it's moderate Joe.

But you're not a moderate with his platform. You're not a moderate with the people he's chosen to surround himself with. So, it's a big lie.

But as to the enthusiasm gap, you're right, Sean, it was incredible. I was at the boat parade yesterday in Florida. It went for 20 miles. Every dock, every restaurant on the water had people, hundreds of them. Just look at my Instagram page, I mean, just cheering and screaming.

You know, it's amazing. The Democrats are going to have to play a lot of games to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people with this one but they will. It's what they're doing.

They're not bothering to staff up a ground game. They're not bothering with any of those things. What they're doing is they are staffing up lawyers so they can try to win this thing after Election Day, not on it.

HANNITY: We're going to talk a lot about that in a second here. Hillary Clinton saying, don't concede. Then, of course, "The Daily Beast" writing, oh, there's a whole resistance if they don't get the result that they want.

It's a little scary that this is now the most radical, mainstream party ticket in history, Donald Trump Jr.

TRUMP JR.: A hundred percent. I mean, I wrote a book about it. It's sort of amazing.

Liberal privilege is basically what I did for four months during these, you know, government lockdowns where you couldn't go to work, church, or school. Rioting, looting, Sean, no problem.

But since I'm not going to go riot or loot, I stayed at home. I didn't go to work.

And I was able to look at Joe Biden's 50 years of failure. I was able to document all of these things that if Donald Trump did, they would be career ending. It would be over, whether it's the brain surgeries, whether it's the disastrous trade policies supporting NAFTA, TPP, China's permanent status in the World Trade Organization.

Joe Biden, as a politician, he's probably done more damage to the American middle class and to American manufacturing than any other person alive. And yet, the media will allow him to run Middle America like he's going to be the savior.

If he's going to be the savior of anything, Sean, why did he wait 50 years? Why didn't he do this already? That's the reality.

When you have the mainstream media that refuses to actually be journalists and just wants to be activists, it creates a problem because all of the things that are Biden's major flaws, they don't have any interest in. It took someone like me to sit there and look at this 50-year track record of failure, whether it's through his positions in government, whether it's through his family, whether it's the graft, the Hunter Biden --


HANNITY: Race, Iran.

TRUMP JR.: -- to Jim Biden, the brother, and the government contracts to build housing in the Middle East, yeah, minor details. He'd never built a home before.


TRUMP JR.: These are things that would be huge news if any conservative did.

HANNITY: Partnering with the former Klansman.


TRUMP JR.: But if Donald Trump did it, it would be over. If I did what Hunter did, I'd be in jail.

HANNITY: You would.

TRUMP JR.: So, liberal privilege, since I get to hear a lot about privilege these days, liberal privilege is the ultimate, it's the ability to be able to flip-flop on every major decision of your life.

But, again, Joe Biden is the camouflage for the radical left. The media doesn't love Joe Biden. They think he's as incompetent as you and I think he is.

They like him because he's a way to get Kamala in there. He's the way to get Bernie Sanders and AOC and Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the squad and get their policies in there.


TRUMP JR.: Because those aren't his policies at this point.

He's flipped up on all his other policies. All those supposed moderate policies are out the window. He's endorsed the Bernie Sanders joint unity platform. This is a radical leftist agenda, but they can try to sell it to the American people as though it's not.

And the radical left loves it. The last six months has allowed them to accelerate their disastrous plans for America through lockdowns, through all the disasters we see in the media today. They don't even pretend to be objective anymore, and that's what we're up against and that's why we have to fight so hard.

A guy like me shouldn't be the only person in America writing down what's going on --

HANNITY: I hate to tell you --

TRUMP JR.: -- about Biden's history, to allow the American people to decide --

HANNITY: I'm not a potted plant, you know.

TRUMP JR.: -- for themselves.

So, I recommend if you know someone who's on the fence, who aren't sure check out liberal privilege because it's all there and if we had honest journalists, I wouldn't have to do that job.


TRUMP JR.: But since we don't, we did.

HANNITY: They're protecting -- they're protecting and defending the indefensible. Your book is right.

Donald Trump Jr., thank you.

All right. Tonight, Democrats, they continue to advocate for widespread mail-in ballots, oh, 56 days before an election. They don't really seem to care about the risks of fraud and those possibilities. Some completely deny that fraud even exists.

And, by the way, they are once again lying to you the American people, just like on Russia, just like on obstruction and quid pro quo Joe.

Look at the Heritage Foundation, there have been 1,285 proven cases of voter fraud in America. Look at the state of New Jersey, one city councilman, three others, recently charged with a mail-in voter fraud scheme. Also, mail-in ballot fraud in North Carolina, that resulted in a new election. 2018, four cases of illegal mail-in voting schemes in Texas that caused two elections to be overturned.

In Georgia's June primary, a thousand people illegally voted twice and the "New York Post" just conducted a shocking interview with the top Democratic operative who spent a career committing voter fraud, mail-in voter fraud as a matter of fact. Look at "The Post", quote, he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This is how you want the election decided because make no mistake this is exactly what the Democrats are now pushing for.

Here with more, former White House press secretary and FOX News contributor Ari Fleischer, along with former Arkansas governor, FOX News contributor Mike Huckabee.

Ari, 1,285, nearly a thousand convictions. That would say, there's a real danger.

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It is a real danger, Sean, and what we all have to fear on election night is states particularly that have never done it before and now have ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting is really the biggest problem out there, because what it means is it's licensing people from the parties and it's particularly the Democrat Party that does this to go out and subject voters to possible intimidation, to collect votes and if they collect votes from a Republican area not turn them in from a Democrat area, round them up and turn them in.

There's no accountability. There's no tracing or tracking on these ballots once they're collected. That's a real problem.

The other, just to be quick is states that have deadlines way too close to Election Day to apply for your absentee ballot. You won't get it in time, and then all the lawyers are going to be empowered to demand to count every vote even the ones that came in after Election Day.

HANNITY: I've seen a lot of elections in my lifetime, 33 years in radio, Governor, and I'm in my 25th year here at FOX. I've never seen an alignment of the left against one person more than this president. Now, we saw it in 2016.

How do you read this?

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think it's important to note that there's no enthusiasm whatsoever for Joe Biden. It's just that they hate Donald Trump and they want to do anything they can to keep him from being elected. And, frankly, they don't care who gets elected as long as it isn't Donald Trump.

But what Ari said -- and by the way, I love Ari. I think he's one of the most important and helpful people to the president. He's always spot on, and he's -- even his --


HANNITY: By the way, he's okay, Governor. We kind of like him, you know?

HUCKABEE: He's a great guy. No, he's terrific. I love being on with him.

But I wanted to just mention that --

FLEISCHER: The check is in the mail.

HUCKABEE: -- in the past -- yes, will make it a big one.

But in the past, we worried about people voting from the graveyard. You know, I have to be honest with you. There were times in Arkansas, I used to say that if you can't get the cemetery vote, there's no way you can win. Now, it's not a matter of the people who are dead, it's a matter of how many people are going to vote more than once because they're going to get a ballot in a lot of places. They'll be voting people from nursing homes and very senior centers, all sorts of ways, and that's what I think we need to be worried about.

Donald Trump has to have an army of people to go vote and ideally go vote in person and if the river is flooding, swim the river at flood stage but do not sit this one out.

HANNITY: Let's look at -- OK, my advice, Ari, is simple. Poll watchers everywhere. They -- double checking signatures, making sure lawyers everywhere.

Your thoughts?

FLEISCHER: Yeah. He also needs an army of lawyers. They're going to need an army of lawyers to go up against the Democratic army of lawyers. And I hate this, Sean, because I went through the recount in 2000. This is not good for the country if we have a disputed race.

But take a look at what happened in the 2008 race between Al Franken and Minnesota and Norm Coleman. Norm Coleman won on election day and then through Democrat lawyers, they started to engineer every kind of trick in the book, chains that you could find, 25 precincts in Minneapolis had more ballots cast than there were voters registered.

And when it was brought to the attention of the judge looking at the recount, he said there's nothing we can do about it. It's too late we can't un-count those votes.

Donald Trump and the Republicans better have that army of lawyers ready to go to toe with the Democrat lawyers who are going to try to ex-post facto change every rule in the book to give themselves the advantage.

HANNITY: Thirty seconds, Governor, and by the way, we're looking at live pictures of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews if -- right there. Governor?

HUCKABEE: Well, the simple thing is, once again, Ari is right. This is one of the few times that I'm really going to be hoping for lots of lawyers. Normally, I think the fewer the better. But in this case, on election day, all -- calling all lawyers who are fair-minded and hopefully Republican be on the lookout and stand up and be counted.

HANNITY: I don't want my lawyers to hear this, but you know what, you call a lawyer at the bottom of the ocean. Ouch.

All right. Thank you, Governor. Thank you, Ari Fleischer.

Coming up, left-wing protesters continue to harass people literally, stealing their drinks while they're dining. This tape should shock the conscience.

Also breaking tonight, Rochester, New York police chief, members of his command staff, they're all quitting. We'll tell you why.


HANNITY: So, now, we have left-wing agitators continuing to target innocent Americans all across the country. Look at this disturbing video. It's in Pittsburgh, PA.

Demonstrators swarming diners at an area restaurant. They are shouting, they're yelling, they're confronting restaurant innocent patrons. Another video appears to show one of the same agitators with the bullhorn harassing workers inside a McDonald's. Now, authorities in Pittsburgh, they're investigating all this.

Remember, this is the behavior Biden, Harris, they wouldn't criticize. Democrats even ignored what's happening, denied it for months. This is the behavior of the anarchists, the mob, the media told you that didn't exist. Up in Rochester, New York, it gets even worse. Protesters there turned chaotic last Friday in response to troubling body cam footage being released in the Daniel Prude case.

Again, look at your screen. Rioters descending onto a restaurant to harass innocent diners before later marching directly into neighborhoods, and according to reports, allegedly trying to enter an apartment building. It was a scene of complete lawlessness and total anarchy, you know, that's been going on over a hundred days now. And just breaking tonight, the city's entire police command staff, including the police chief, they are leaving. They're retiring.

Can any of you blame these heroes? They are prevented from doing their jobs and they are unfairly demonized and subject to vicious assaults, and this is happening in every big liberal city and state all across the country. We'll continue following all these stories.

But get this -- the new extreme left is so unhinged, so out of touch, so dangerous even. Al Sharpton is sounding the alarm and having his election year conversion, 56 days out of an election. Obviously, Al Sharpton is looking at the same polling data and the same focus groups as groups that scared the crap out of CNN's fake news Don Lemon, seriously. Not doing it because they believe it, they're doing it because, uh-oh, we may lose because of it.

Take a look.


REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST, "POLITICS NATION": You know, I got a lot of attention when I did the eulogy for George Floyd's funeral, but I also a month later preached a one-year-old kid's funeral in Brooklyn who was killed by a stray bullet. To take all policing off is something that I think a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as some academic problem, but people living on the ground need proper one policing.


HANNITY: One year olds, 7-year-olds, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds, other teenagers, 19 year olds in the summer of love zone.

Now, Sharpton ands others, they're only singing this tune at this point because they know Biden is behind. His coalition is collapsing. America is watching.

Let me be clear, the violence you're seeing playing out on city streets, this is what you can view as a preview of coming attractions. In other words, if Joe Biden is elected president, they get their way in November. This is part of their radical agenda and part of their radical base. They're already laying the groundwork for even more election chaos.

Far left groups like are getting ready for, quote, a massive public unrest, they don't like the election result on November 3rd. Other liberal activists, they're setting the stage for an all-out ballot bonanza. Well, that could tie the race up from litigation for weeks if not month. Do they care about the country? Nope. They just care about themselves and their agenda.

Now, don't forget, back in August, we learned that John Podesta played Joe Biden in an election war game scenario, refusing to concede the race. Hillary Clinton recently said that Biden should refuse to concede, even after losing.

Well, an op-ed in the Washington compost suggesting Americans should prepare for war if Biden doesn't win in a landslide. This is the M.O. of what, radical statist, socialists around the globe. They don't get their way, they want power that bad.

"Daily Beast" reporting out, laying out of plans of progressive groups to sow even more division, more chaos if Biden loses. Buckle up because Democrats, they're making it clear, they intend to drag this out for as long as possible and sow as much chaos as possible from now until November and beyond.

Here with reaction, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, FOX News contributor Dan Bongino.

You know, I happen to believe in law and order and the peaceful transition of power, Leo, but it seems to me, Donald Trump wins by a landslide, people have other plans in place.

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Well, Sean, first of all, I just -- everything you just showed, I'm embarrassed to have been a Democrat this year. I'm embarrassed and I apologize. What has gone on in Pittsburgh is just unbelievable. It doesn't make a difference what your color is.

They are attacking black people, white -- they're attacking Americans and they don't even have a reason to do so. These are not registered voters. They're not even -- they're just criminals.

In Rochester, it's a black mayor and a black police chief. Systemic discrimination? Really? From where? From whom?

And what's happened is I would hope every police chief just resign, leave these Democratic left-leaning city. Put Al Sharpton in charge. He's trying to talk a game now -- put Al Sharpton as police chief, because these individuals are hurting American citizen,

They went to that McDonald's, that same guy, I saw all these videos. Bottom line, America, we only have one choice because these Democrats have just made a deal with the devil these left-wing criminals who don't register to vote, who don't care are trying to burn our city down. Embarrassment to be a Democrat. Put Sharpton in charge of these cities.


HANNITY: You know, Dan Bongino, look at the video we just aired, going into people eating outside, finally people want to, you know, be able to dine, how to get life back to normal. They take their drinks and they just suck it down in front of them.

They're with bull horns in neighborhoods, get out of our house, that's my room, get out now?


HANNITY: When other people own those homes?

BONGINO: Yeah, Sean, I got to tell you, I think this segment you're doing right now, not because I'm on it, but the content you're covering is probably the most important segment you're going to have done in a long time.

Folks, listen, what you're seeing right now is going to be Sesame Street after the election if Donald Trump wins. Now, you may say, oh my gosh, I'm sure the left-wing lunatics watchers, say, look, it's a conspiracy theory from Dan Bongino. Folks, I encourage you to read and to look at the left's own material on what they plan to do after Election Day.

You think this chaos is bad now, I want you all to -- here's a little homework, I want you to look up the Transition Integrity Project run by Rosa Brooks who you just had up in your segment there. Rosa Brooks, I want you to look up who she's affiliated with, by the way, it'll open your eyes. They're planning for, quote, Sean, their words not mine, these are not my words. These -- look it up folks, they're -- this is in the event, by the way, that Joe Biden loses. They're planning for a street fight after the election.

Now, just to be clear, Sean, in case, you're thinking, oh, you know, people throw that term around a lot of street fight (ph). No, no, they're very clear they don't mean a legal one, matter of fact they say a street fight, not a legal one, in the very same sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a group of supposed liberal, intellectual elitists telling you about the chaos they want to play. Combine that with Hillary Clinton saying, don't concede under any circumstances.

And another project, I want you to look this one up folks, check out "Defeat Disinfo". That's another leftist group. You know what they're doing? They're using people like Stanley McChrystal and others, military and people experienced in attacking foreign governments and sowing insurgencies overseas, they're using the same tactics right here.

Don't take my word for it, just look up what the group is actually doing, go do that homework tonight, folks. You will be stunned that you're witnessing a proposed coup in front of your very eyes right now. Again, not my words, this is what they are proposing.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both. It's so scary.

TERRELL: People are being hurt right now.

HANNITY: What's that, Leo?

TERRELL: People are being hurt right now. We have no choice. We have to vote for Donald Trump. They are too extreme, period.

HANNITY: And, by the way, we give you absolution, Leo. We accept your 2.0 now, you're OK.

TERRELL: Yeah, and hey, listen, I'm one of these Republican lawyers now for the president. I'm a lawyer. I can help the president.

HANNITY: All right. They're going to need them based on what they're saying.

Coming up, another example proves just how hypocritical San Francisco officials are when it comes to COVID restrictions on top of Nancy Pelosi. And the mayor of Los Angeles widely mocked this weekend for suggesting his residents turn off major appliances, rolling blackouts. What do we call that? A preview of Joe Biden's America if God forbid he's elected, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. The craziness in nutty California continues. Over the weekend, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was mocked for a tweet urging residents to conserve energy amid rolling and massive blackouts.

Tweet reads in part: It's almost 3:00 p.m., time to turn off major appliances, set your thermostat to a whopping 78 degrees or use a fan instead of an air conditioner. Turn off excess lights, unplug any appliances you're not using.

In other words, a preview of coming attractions for America under Biden. Well, his plan goes further than the Green New Deal. Trillions he's committed.

And this is pretty unbelievable. In San Francisco, you know, gyms, the government buildings, they've been allowed to stay open, despite privately owned gyms being forced to stay closed due to COVID. This is Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco. With the speaker, she ignored the state's coronavirus restrictions to get her hair done without a mask and accuse the salon owner of a conspiracy theory and setting her up.

Here with reaction, nationally syndicated radio host Larry Elder, the host of "The Rubin Report", Dave Rubin.

Dave, all right, so you got rolling blackouts, open borders, higher taxes, no more energy independence. You got appeasing anarchists and a candidate I would describe as a -- well, cognitive decline to say it mildly, but there they go.

DAVE RUBIN, HOST, THE RUBIN REPORT: Well, Sean, besides all that, the weather is usually pretty decent when it's not 120 degrees here, if you can put all that stuff aside.

But, you know, right now, while Garcetti is telling us to put our thermostats at 78, my office, my studio is at a cool 68. Larry Elder, your other guest is right near me in L.A. So, Larry, if you want to come over after, you are welcome. We can chill out over here.

But, look, this is so consistent with everything -- this is so consistent with everything that progressives do.

Garcetti, you are my mayor. You are welcome to come in here and I'll gladly ask you these questions face to face. But what have you done for the power grid?

Have you done anything to ensure that instead of shutting down air conditioning and turning on fans and unplugging appliances, things that we know by the way that you and Gavin Newsom won't do yourselves, you're just telling us to do, what have you done to make sure that the grid can actually keep us all cool when we have these hot days, which yeah it's SoCal and it does get hot occasionally.

HANNITY: Larry, you live in southern California. I don't know, I would think 78 degrees kind of hot.

LARRY ELDER, TALK RADIO HOST: It is kind of hot. And to follow up on what Dave said, here is the end result of living in a one-party state. There isn't a single Republican who holds statewide office here in California. The Democrats don't have just majorities in the Senate and the assembly, Sean. They've got super majorities. So Republicans don't even need to show up to go to work.

And they've not invested in the power grid. Forget about building power plants and the idea of nuclear completely off the chart, and as a result, we have these brown outs, fuel prices are higher than they otherwise would be and guess who hurt -- gets hurt? The very low income people that these environmentalists claim that they care about. It's outrageous.

And regarding 78 degrees, Sean, I live in Hollywood Hills. My temperature would not get anything under 80 degrees, even though I had the air conditioning on because of the inefficiencies here. So it really didn't matter.

HANNITY: But they're pledging, Dave Rubin, they're saying, no more oil, no more gas, no more coal. It's written -- writing the Bolshevik Bernie Biden manifesto.

ELDER: That's right.

RUBIN: They're basically telling us -- guys, we don't know how to govern, so you're going to have to cut back on the American way of life. That's not to say we should all be wasting resources endlessly, but we should all be able to go about our lives in the way that we've always gone -- gone about it.

And Larry's totally right because since we have a one-party system in effect here in California, when you ask the average Californian, you know, something's wrong here, and they go, you know, it sure is, and then you remind them that the governors and the state assemblymen and the mayors are all Democratic, you have to get that light, no pun intended, to go off in their head and then they might go, oh, maybe we got to change something here.

HANNITY: You know, Larry, if they if they make --

ELDER: Sean --

HANNITY: In-N-Out Burger too hot, it's going to kill me when I go out there.


ELDER: And, Sean, it's only going to get worse right now. Right now, 30 percent of our energy has to come from renewable sources. In 10 years, that goes up to 60 percent. Whether or not it's cost effective is immaterial, 60 percent.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

All right. Dave, Larry, thank you both.

All right. Sarah Sanders, got to give her credit. She did something I wouldn't bother doing. She went on "The View" today. Well, Joyless and Whoopi, they couldn't take it when Sarah set the record straight about the president's accomplishment. That great moment, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Sarah Sanders, great courage, today, joined "The View" and some of the co-hosts didn't want to hear any of it when Sarah spoke about the mob violence, Democratic-run cities for decades, the president's accomplishments.

Too much for Joyless to handle. Take a look.


SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The worst places we have these problems are where Democrats have been allowed to lead. We're finally starting to clean this mess up, starting to make things better.

This is a president who has empowered the African-American community. He's done more than his predecessors.


SANDERS: We have the lowest unemployment for black Americans, historic funding for HBCUs, Opportunity Zones, criminal justice reform.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Go ahead, go ahead, Joy.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Sarah, it's only an hour show.


HANNITY: Here now, the author of the brand new book just out today, it is "Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House", former White House press secretary, FOX news contributor, Sarah Sanders.

I don't know how you did your job as press secretary. I don't know how Spicer did it. I don't know how Kayleigh McEnany does it. Couldn't pay me all the money in the world to do that job.

But then you take it to "The View"? Really? A lot of courage there.

SANDERS: I definitely like coming on your show a lot better, Sean. That's for sure, and they didn't like it very much when I reminded them as they were talking about the problems and all these major cities, who was the one that was leading those major cities.

It was very interesting that the second I started naming off all of the accomplishments and all of the things that the president has done to empower the black community and help the black community they quickly cut me off and decided it was time to move on.

Let's not forget that one of the hosts of that show actually called the president a terrorist, despite the fact that --


HANNITY: Which one was that?

SANDERS: -- for years this president.


SANDERS: Joy -- the one you call Joyless.

HANNITY: Oh, Joyless Behar. Yeah.

SANDERS: Yes, despite the fact that the president spent the last four years wiping the most dangerous terrorists off the face of the planet. They are the definition of hypocrisy and they've decided that they hate this president more than they love this country. And it has never been more evident than the fact that they can't be happy about the positive things that this president has done to help all Americans particularly black Americans across this country.

You know, I look at the enthusiasm in North Carolina tonight, and I don't see that for Joe Biden. I look at the accomplishments -- they can't acknowledge a single thing Donald Trump has done well, because Biden and Obama, they didn't set record low unemployment. They didn't do opportunity zones, Joe's record on race.

They left after eight years with 13 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate since the ‘70s, and then the Iranian mullah deal, $150 billion. I don't think that's a good record to run on, Sarah.

SANDERS: Not at all. And if you don't believe me, just listen to Joe Biden's running mate during the primary. She actually pointed out how bad Joe Biden's record was when it came to race relations during his almost five decades in public service. He has done nothing in almost 50 years to help black Americans. Why should we expect him to do that now? The contrast is clear, and Donald Trump needs to be reelected in November.

HANNITY: You bring us inside the White House and the real Donald Trump. I read the book cover to cover this weekend. Well done. Sarah Sanders. More after this.


HANNITY: All right. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left tonight.

Thank you for making it number one in the country. "Live Free or Die: America and the World on the Brink". Costco's, 40 percent discount on Amazon, Costco's, Walmart, Target, Books- a-Million, Barnes and Noble.

Fifty-six days, you decide.

Let not your heart be troubled, Laura Ingraham takes it from here. Laura, welcome back.

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