Dirtiest Campaign Trick We've Seen so Far This Year

By Bill O'Reilly

If you are looking for good prices on stuff, you might have shopped at a Target store. They are all over the country, with the company based in Minnesota.

According to an editorial on Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal, Target has been targeted by dishonest far-left fanatics, and you may not believe what I am about to tell you.

Last July, Target donated $150,000 to a pro-business group called MN Forward. That organization in turn gives support to political people who are business-friendly. Both Democrats and Republicans get backing from MN.

After Target's donation, MN Forward put out a TV ad supporting Tom Emmer, a Republican who is running for governor in Minnesota. The ad highlighted Emmer's position on taxes and spending. Mr. Emmer is a conservative socially, as well as financially.

Enter the vicious MoveOn.org crew, funded in part by George Soros. After hearing about Target's donation to MN, MoveOn attacked the company:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Target and other big corporations are trying to buy our elections.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALES: No way! We don't like that!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But if we all work together, we can stop them.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Boycott Target. Our democracy is not for sale.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: MoveOn.org Political Action responsible for the content of this advertisement.


And MoveOn didn't stop there. Because Tom Emmer opposes gay marriage, as does President Obama and Vice President Biden, MoveOn accused Target of bias, even though the company has a 100 percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

Unfortunately, some folks did what MoveOn told them to do, and Target got hammered in some areas:


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is the CEO here to talk to us? We have petitions from 240,000 people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Target literally gave $150,000 to one of the most anti-gay politicians in this state.


Now if that scenario isn't dirty, dishonest and disgusting, nothing is.

Target delivers low-cost goods to working Americans. It has a good employee record. It helps communities. And just because it donated money to a pro-business organization, the far-left wants to punish it and label it anti-gay. This is what our democracy has come to.

So the next time you hear the left scream about dirty money and shifty tactics on the right, think about Target. You might also go there this upcoming weekend and buy something just to send MoveOn and its acolytes a message.

And that's "The Memo."

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