Did WikiLeaks tweet prompt Manning's commutation?

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: This is a Fox News alert. Just three days before leaving office, President Obama has commuted the majority of former soldier Chelsea Manning's 35 year sentence for leaking army documents. Her sentence, which was supposed to end in 2048 will now end on May 17th. So, Greg, I was taping the podcast with Chris Stirewalt about 20 minutes ago, and I looked up and saw the breaking news and I thought oh, Greg Gutfeld was going to have a lot to say about this.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, I mean, I'm not a fan of Chelsea Manning, that's for sure. Why did this happen? Why did this happen? Because when she was a he, leaked incredible information, a lot of information about embassies, about intel that had to do with how we are treating prisoners, he was a hero. Then he became a she and became a different kind of hero, a hero in the transgender community and in the media because that is something to be -- that's admirable. You put that together, you know, how could she lose? And then, you have this concern about her health, that her health is under threat in prison. But is the threat to her health because of herself? I think she has attempted to kill or herself a number - twice, a number of times.


GUTFELD: So you want to get pardoned. If this were just an average guy that had leaked this stuff and just went to jail as an average guy and didn't go and have a sex change and become a sympathetic character, with that person be treated differently? I think the person would be treated differently than Chelsea Manning.

PERINO: Well, actually, can you tell me who tweeted that? WikiLeaks. So apparently, five days ago, WikiLeaks tweeted that if President Obama were to take this action for Chelsea Manning then Julian Assange would agree to extradition to the United States.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Did she clarify -- did Assange say if it was commuted or pardoned?

PERINO: I don't know.

BOLLING: There is a distinction.


BOLLING: A commutation means the guilty verdict stands on your record, the pardon says no, your guilty is removed. So that could be a little distinction that Assange could actually say I'm not coming out of hiding.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Why would Assange come to.

GUTFELD: Manning made Assange's career.


BECKEL: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that.

GUTFELD: Manning delivered all of these documents to WikiLeaks. If it wasn't for Manning, you wouldn't have Assange.



PERINO: Her name was Bradley Manning at the time. It is actually very interesting. This seems to negate the Democrats' frustration with Assange and WikiLeaks over the Russia stuff because what do they like more? Do they prefer that Chelsea Manning get the pardon they've been asking for or are they mad at WikiLeaks for the Russia hack?

BOLLING: That's a good point.

GUILFOYLE: We were covering this on O'Reilly pretty closely. And I'm surprised by this action. People actually thought he would pardon Bowe Bergdahl and take a pass on Chelsea Manning.


GUILFOYLE: And what's interesting is, yes, that's true and that could still come. He has been quite active in historic they probably one of the most prolific pardoners. Someone putting a lot in terms of commutation and sentences, Chelsea Manning actually confessed to all of this at the court- martial. He said listen, I wasn't quite myself at that time, I had a lot of issues. And therefore, I acted based on that and I was unable to make a good decision or understand essentially the quality of the decision-making. I don't buy that.

PERINO: Can I ask you a legal question?


PERINO: Because they are telling me that what WikiLeaks tweeted five days ago, if President Obama granted clemency, that's not a pardon. That's not a commutation. Do you know the legal distinction?

GUILFOYLE: Well, maybe he's referring to it more in terms of you know a different country, the language. You can parse words on it. Some people are saying with a pardon? No, she was not pardon. It's just a commutation to be out in May. So they're going to have to negotiate that. Is it going to be enforceable? Is that some kind of contract in writing? I mean, he doesn't have to go through with Assange, and come over here. I mean, this is interesting. And if that is the motivation for why President Obama did it, and I agree with Greg, if the situation were reversed and this was somebody who did this, like a Snowden type, would President Obama do that or is it because he was sympathetic to his constituency, the LGBTQ community.



PERINO: Conceivably it would have been an option to transfer.


PERINO: If you are concerned about her well-being, then conceivably you could be transferred to a civilian female prison to carry out the sentence. Because the feedback I got immediately from people in the military and the intel world was that this feels like a real kick in the face from President Obama on his way out.

GUTFELD: He, at the time he was a he, copied of hundreds of thousands of incident logs and 250,000 diplomatic.


GUILFOYLE: . from American embassies, dossiers on the intel. The bottom- line, he put people at risk. And then, when he became a she, he became a sympathetic person.


BECKEL: He was a low level intelligence person.

PERINO: So was Ed Snowden.

BECKEL: Snowden had access to NSA documents. This guy had access to embassies, a few other things. I'm not so sure it's as big an intelligence leak as we've seen recently, both coming from here and.

PERINO: You don't remember the coverage of this when it happened?

BECKEL: Do I remember?


PERINO: It was a big deal.

BOLLING: This is far more relevant, important.


BOLLING: These leaked documents. As Greg points out, 250,000 cables, also describing what our military activities were in different parts of the world. You juxtapose that to Ed Snowden who leaked some NSA activity, the unconstitutional search and seizure of all Americans. It's different. It's data mining of people on the phone here versus where our military people are stationed and what they are doing, who they are talking to.


PERINO: Including -- including translators that were helping the United States who then were targeted.

BECKEL: Most of the coverage I was laid up.


BECKEL: Actually that was good.

PERINO: Let me ask you something you do know about for sure.


PERINO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You were there and you'll remember. The Marc Rich pardon. On his way out the door when President Clinton decided to do the Marc Rich pardon, anybody here, trivia? Who was the pardon attorney at the justice department at that time who approved that? Eric Holder.

BECKEL: Eric Holder.


PERINO: I mean, that really stuck to President Clinton.

BECKEL: Like glue.


PERINO: . like glue forever.

BECKEL: I'm not trying to apologize for Obama at all. I think this is one of the stranger pardons or whatever you want to call it. I don't understand why he wants to get in the middle of this when we are in the middle of a lot of discussions about intelligence leaks, coming from the Soviet Union, having to do with the Trump presidency. There's a lot going on now. I'm not so sure I would use this as a time to do this, you know, male or female.


GUILFOYLE: The thing is clemency meaning leniency. You can argue about this back back-and-forth and say but it's lenient if you are letting get someone get out in May.


GUILFOYLE: Is this because President Obama is calling Julian Assange's bluff? Is that we are basing this on, which is really inappropriate reason?


BOLLING: The most egregious thing about President Clinton's pardoning of Marc Rich was that they were a massive donor to the Clinton Foundation.


BOLLING: This is a complete payback. Her husband made a billion dollars selling oil to the Armenians. That guy should have been in jail for a long time, certainly not allowed to do business again.


BECKEL: I tell you, it was a very, very bad decision to have somebody in the White House, the chief of staff, who was also in favor of doing that. And it did stick to him. And I think this will stick to Obama for a while. But there are a lot of other pardons that will stick to him as well.

GUTFELD: What about the crack dealers and meth dealers?


GUILFOYLE: That's another offensive part because they're supposed to be people with not any violence associated in their convictions and almost all of them have weapons, gun charges along with drug dealing. Highly inappropriate.


BECKEL: Crack and methamphetamine stuff shouldn't happen. The marijuana pardons I thought.


GUTFELD: I mean, crack dealers destroy communities. The only way crack dealing ended was when the community turned on them because they couldn't stop. Nobody could do anything. The communities had to sheen these people out of their communities and get them out of there. I understand we've had a huge decline in crime overall in the last three or four decades. I think that leads to a false sense of security. It's like you know what, 30, 40 years old, what are they going to do? Get them out now.

GUILFOYLE: Those aren't proper criteria.


BOLLING: One last thought, what signal do you send to anyone who is thinking about leaking state secrets, when you know, I mean, not just a couple documents like locations, names, hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and you pardoned -- I'm sorry, you get commuted.


PERINO: You get out of jail, you get out of jail, basically free.


BECKEL: There's a bigger question here and I don't know if it's ever going to get answered. Why did Obama do this?

PERINO: Hopefully we will get answers but we will stay on the story.


GUTFELD: Yes, a romantic, heroic figure for leaking documents that exposed American injustice worldwide, then has a sex change, has a victim identity status. Put that together, you've got a hero.


BOLLING: Did he and does she check all boxes Obama is trying to leave in his legacy?


GUILFOYLE: And he gets to beat Assange. Call your bluff.


PERINO: We will probably get more information about this because tomorrow is President Obama's last press conference.


BECKEL: I would do it.

PERINO: All right. Bob is back.


PERINO: The senate confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos, president-elect Trump's nominee for secretary of education is about to get underway in Capitol Hill. You can watch it all on the Fox Business Network.

Up next, three days before the inauguration, the left is still trying to delegitimize president-elect Trumps presidency. We got the details next.


GUTFELD: Like gods descending from Mt. Olympus, our nation's precious celebrities will take to Manhattan to protest the inauguration. So leftists, if you're watching, it's this Thursday. Put it in your calendar next to chain self to a tree and create a fake hate crime.

Who's going to be there? The usual fools who protest on blind reflex, while ignoring the inhumanity around them. They say Trump is sexist, homophobic, racist while defending actual sexists, homophobes, and racists in the Islamo-fascist lands operating in plain view. Their outrage isn't fueled by real suffering or else they'd bravely condemn Jihadism.

Mayor de Blasio is going to be there, anything to keep that dumb ass lurched from working. So is Mark Ruffalo. Doesn't this marble mouth do anything else?

Now, I get the concern over Trump. He is prone to conspiracy, he is impulsively child-like, he has a big ego. In a word, he's like you, the celebrity. That could explain your anger. He did it and you didn't. And now, you cool kids are ignored wondering why no one cares about you say anymore. Like this Variety inauguration cover. Have you seen anything more self-important, more pretentious, more hilariously tone deaf? Look at Michael Moore. Oh, God, are you done throwing up?

As for the so-called partisan divide, that cover shows you a uniformly liberal media establishment. And now, they're a joke. Their worst suspicions have been realized. America tolerates you, but they don't take you seriously.

So put those clown noses back on and make us laugh. That's all you are good for.



GUTFELD: They are coming here to protest. Would you have any suggestions for them?

BECKEL: Yeah. Protest as much as you possibly can. I said this yesterday. I was not upset at this guy's inaugural, let him have it. Because the day after there is going to be plenty of protests and the day after that, I -- you heard what Eric did, the last shot he could at Obama. He has been plucking away Obama.

GUILFOYLE: He's not done.


BOLLING: I have three more days.

BECKEL: You have three more days. After that, buddy, I've got at least four years. And I'm telling you, I said yesterday.

BECKEL: You're going to like this guy by the end, Bob.

BECKEL: No, I'm not.


BECKEL: But I am waiting for his son-in-law to really bring peace to the Middle East. That's going to be one of the really big things to look forward to.

GUTFELD: How can you protest a guy who isn't even in office yet?


BECKEL: Have you listened to him?



BOLLING: It's the liberal streetcred (ph). If you're against a Republican or GOP especially guys who are big and a celebrity like Donald Trump, the more you protest, the more you create attention.


PERINO: Can I add another thing? It's not just streetcred (ph). It's about follow the money. This is about the future in terms of rules, contracts, being able to get the auditions that you want.


PERINO: As long as you pass that test. That's why you have the friends of a group because the conservatives who are like the secret society of conservatives because if it was known they were conservatives, they couldn't get any jobs.


GUILFOYLE: Look at the hypocrisy. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and if people were carrying on like this and saying they weren't going to show up and they were going to boycott the inauguration and protest and all these things, people will go insane. The left would go insane. And it would be appropriately disrespectful. Just like there are people, plenty of them, upset when Barack Obama won in 2008, but you didn't see anything like this. People were respectful of our democratic institutions, of the fact that we have a democracy and actually vote and everybody gets to vote that is registered. And give the man his inauguration, show some respect for the office. And then it's you know free, open play.

BECKEL: You can show respect to the office by not upsetting his inaugural. After that, the fact of the matter is there are 66 million people out there who voted for Hillary Clinton, including myself, who believe unquestionably if it hadn't been for Comey and the Russians, Donald Trump would not be president.

GUTFELD: It's too late.


BECKEL: I know it's too late, but we could have picked a better candidate.


BOLLING: Comey was the left hero two weeks before the election when he said I'm not recommending the indictment for Hillary Clinton.


BOLLING: Oh, this is the greatest director in history.


BECKEL: He mishandled everything. It was terrible.


BOLLING: He went from hero to go in a couple weeks.


BECKEL: That's because the weekend before, he decided to release more stuff about Anthony Weiner. I tell you that did change people's minds.

GUILFOYLE: He probably would have done better than Hillary, just saying.


BECKEL: He probably could've done better tweets or Instagram. You all have got to seriously understand it's not all liberals. There are 66 million people out there who don't like this guy. I haven't seen anything like this since Nixon.



BECKEL: He used to be a liberal Democrat out in New York, which was a nice thing.


GUILFOYLE: Why did he win counties that Barack Obama won?


GUILFOYLE: OK, it's the Bikers for Trump.

BECKEL: He got the right message to those people. I will give him credit for that.


BOLLING: It's not the Russians. It's not Comey.

BECKEL: It is, too.


GUILFOYLE: He worked harder than Hillary Clinton.


BOLLING: No, no, no.

BECKEL: Have you lost your mind?


BOLLING: When it was going on, these Podesta emails about recipes.


BECKEL: It was a lot more than that. There was a lot more than that.


GUILFOYLE: You know what? Hillary coasts through the whole election, doesn't work hard enough.


GUTFELD: Can I mention to Dana, what Bob is saying there is a partisan divide. Is there a chance for Trump to even make any headway with these people?

PERINO: Probably, yes. I think emotions will settle down, the governing will begin. The governing is going to be hard.

BECKEL: Governing is going to begin? A governing by tweet. I want to see the policies. And by the way, aren't you all excited?


BOLLING: He said healthcare for everyone. He said infrastructure to a trillion dollars...


GUILFOYLE: Bob, taking care of minority communities.

BECKEL: He has got to have healthcare for everyone?


BECKEL: Alice in Wonderland.


GUTFELD: He's going to go for that over free-market principles.

BECKEL: And by the way, he did a wonderful job with the Germans. The last of them and said 35 percent tariff are going to put in your cars. Now, there is an idea.


GUTFELD: Try building better cars.

BECKEL: Yeah. That would be a good idea.


GUILFOYLE: I will be honest.

BECKEL: And have a bad morning.


PERINO: We have to have commercial breaks.

GUTFELD: We've got to go now.

GUILFOYLE: We have to pay the bills.

BECKEL: Well, Donald, I'll be back.

BOLLING: Of course.

GUILFOYLE: After the break.

GUTFELD: The senate confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos.


GUTFELD: President-elect Trump's nominee for secretary of education is underway at Capitol Hill. You can watch it all at Fox Business Network.

Up next, new reaction from Mr. Trump on the inauguration boycott. A preview of Ainsley Earhardt's sit down with the president-elect next.


GUILFOYLE: Oh, Bob. Bob, we're back last week. Welcome back.

Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt got a special one-on-one interview with president-elect Donald Trump which will air tomorrow morning. Now, in this preview clip, Mr. Trump responds to the Democratic lawmakers including Congressman John Lewis who are boycotting his inauguration.


AINSLEY EARHARDT, FOX NEWS HOST: Congressman Lewis is saying he didn't remember that he skipped the inauguration.

DONALD TRUMP, U.S. PRESIDENT-ELECT: He conveniently doesn't remember. How did you forget an inauguration? I can tell you when I was at the inauguration, you don't forget something like that. So he got caught and it's pretty bad. And it's making him look bad, frankly. This is a very important time. This is a transition and a very important transition. Especially because things will be done beautifully, but they'll be done differently than they have been over the past eight years. And I can say over the past 16 years, there will be a difference. And we have to have a smooth transition, and President Obama understands that very well. And that's why he's been so gracious, but he understands that. And I think for him to have grand standard. I think he grant standard John Lewis. And he got caught in a bad lie. Let's see what happens. As far as other people not going, that's OK because we need seats so badly. I hope they give me their tickets.


TRUMP: I will give them to other people. I hope they're going to give us their tickets.


GUILFOYLE: Well, congratulations to Ainsley Earhardt about that fantastic to get this sit down right before the historic inauguration that's going to take place on Friday.

OK, Eric. There's a little bit of pushback here because you know, people talking about celebrities not being a part of it. But I know Drew Carey is at one of the inaugural balls.

BOLLING: Listen. First of all, congratulations to Ainsley. That's a fantastic interview. Good for you. It just blows me away to see the list of congress people. I'm not sure any senators have said it, but Democratic congressman who said who are not showing up, it was like 45 this morning.


BOLLING: It was like 58 by the time we got down to the show, 58 congress people are not showing up to the inauguration or the swearing in of the 45th president. That is disrespectful. You guys, I will remind you of this when you're up for reelection in 2018. All right. We will remind you.

GUILFOYLE: The list will be in writing. It's like the bandwagon disrespecters of the office of the presidency and inauguration.


GUILFOYLE: All right, Dana. What do you make of it?

PERINO: Well, those Democrats who have decided not to go, they pay no political price for not going. They actually got good press in their districts. They can hang together, and they pay no price. Right?

So there's a lot of things that you do in Washington when you are an elected leader, like go to the State of the Union. If you're a Republican member, having to go to the fifth one of President Obama. You don't go there to cheer, and it's not because you like the message, necessarily. But you go because democracy is a participatory sport.


PERINO: But here's the other thing. If they don't want to go, it's OK. And I think Mr. Trump is right. Give the tickets away.

And I also -- one thing I noticed about the transition...

GUILFOYLE: Good answer.

PERINO: ... inauguration this week was Boris Epstein, one of the spokespersons for the transition, said that one of the things they really wanted to do was to keep the ticket prices at $50, so that they weren't getting to be astronomical, so that more people could be able to attend that wouldn't have necessarily attended before.

BECKEL: Well, I thought one of the most amazing things he said was John Lewis told a lie. From this guy? Are you kidding me?

Hey, listen, I've got an idea.

BOLLING: But he did, though.

BECKEL: Listen, let me -- first of all, this is an icon we're talking about...

BOLLING: No doubt.

BECKEL: ... and this is somebody who got -- who got his brains beat in on Pettus Bridge.

BOLLING: Not questioning his civil rights credibility. I'm just saying he did...

BECKEL: What did Trump ever do? Is probably get hit by a board on one of his construction sites. But that's not the point. I have an idea.

GUILFOYLE: Doubtful.

BECKEL: I have an idea. Barnum & Bailey Circus is ending. It's sad, but it's ending in the next week or so. The elephants could go, and they could participate. They could be right there.

GUTFELD: There are no elephants in the circus.

PERINO: There's no elephants. That's the reason that they're having to close.

BECKEL: No. They still have them.

BOLLING: PETA said no. No, PETA...

BECKEL: Still got them?

GUILFOYLE: You were laid up during that time.

BECKEL: OK, well, good. Let the rest of them. Let the acrobats come. This is as he's giving a swearing in.

I mean, it's -- you can't blame these people for not going. I agree with Dana. A lot of this is business on their part. But a lot of it, you guys just will not accept the fact that we are angry about this.

GUTFELD: All right.

BECKEL: We don't believe this is a real deal.

GUTFELD: Can I explain why this does nothing but help Donald Trump? Right now they're saying that, according to this poll, that Donald Trump is less popular than past presidents at the time of inauguration. He's, like, at 40 percent favorable. Obama is at 79 percent.

As you keep doing this more and more and create this panic and hysteria, and make people so unhappy, you help Donald Trump, because all he can do is pleasantly surprise you. He can't let people down if people aren't expecting anything.

So now what you're doing, you're saying, "I hate this guy. He's terrible; he's awful." And then he's going to end up doing something and everybody's going to go...

GUILFOYLE: He's going to continue to exceed expectations.

BECKEL: Everybody's going to go -- you think a week from now, they're going to remember this?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, but you know what, Bob?

GUTFELD: Well, then that doesn't...

BECKEL: A week from now.

GUTFELD: That's pointless, too. Well, then that means it's pointless, too.

BECKEL: Yes, right, I agree. Listen, I think they should probably go. I mean, I...

GUTFELD: Maybe this is an excuse. They just want to sleep in.

GUILFOYLE: They should go. They just look like spoilsports and crybabies. And they're hypocritical, because if Hillary won or, if God forbid, some bizarre thing of a third term of Barack Obama, they'd be there. They'd be mad at anybody that was disrespectful about it. So...

BOLLING: Early in Barack Obama's term, if you just disagreed with anything he had -- his policy, if you disagreed...

GUILFOYLE: Then you are racist.

BOLLING: ... you were racist. Can you imagine boycotting or not showing up at his inauguration eight years ago? Everyone would be called a racist.

BECKEL: Wouldn't you...

BOLLING: Get out there. You don't have to clap. Just show up. Just show up.

BECKEL: I'll repeat what John Lewis said. I think he's an illegitimate president.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I don't think that was a good idea. But you're probably about to find out. OK.

And now the president-elect said he likes his odds, because even at 40 percent, he said the same people that discount him in the polls, proved them wrong. Let's get it going. Be sure to check out "FOX & Friends" tomorrow for Ainsley's entire interview with President-elect Trump. Good job, Ains.

Directly ahead, "The Fastest Seven." Don't go away.


BOLLING: Welcome back. Time for...


GRAPHIC: Fastest 7


BOLLING: ... "The Fastest Seven Minutes on Television." Seven sublime stories, seven spirited minutes, one sapient host.

First up, the band Green Day has used their popular punk-rock lyrics and videos to make political statements for decades, and they're at it again. Yesterday, Green Day released another protest video, this time against President-elect Donald Trump. And this time, they may have crossed the gray line of acceptable art-as-protest rules.


GREEN DAY, BAND (SINGING): The world stops turning, paradise burning. So don't think twice. We live in troubled times. We live in troubled times. We live in troubled times.


BOLLING: All right. Images of KKK members and what's being describes as a Trump-like figure in the new song. I want to say, wow, what trash.

I know Greg is the expert on this, but I want to go to Bob for your first reaction...

GUILFOYLE: The trash expert.

BOLLING: ... to that video.

BECKEL: Well, you know, I wouldn't buy it. The -- no, I don't -- I agree with you. I mean, it's in bad taste.

BOLLING: There you go.

BECKEL: And that's coming from me.

BOLLING: Yes. There you go.

GUILFOYLE: That's saying something.

BOLLING: Greg, art as protest?

GUTFELD: I mean, I don't -- of course, they can do this. That's what -- that's what they do. But I wish Johnny Ramone was alive right now to kick the crap out of these nasally little brats.

Green Day is about as edgy as Justin Bieber. And they talk about doing protests? Where were they for the last eight years? They wouldn't speak truth to power if they -- you know, to President Obama, but now all of a sudden, they're back being radicals? Shut up.

Are they pushing 50? I think they're almost my age at this point. Grow up!

BOLLING: I'm not sure I heard any...

GUILFOYLE: What about you?

GUTFELD: I'm old.

GUILFOYLE: Growing up?

BOLLING: ... Beastie Boys, Dixie Chicks. I just wrote a few down. Eminem, Green Day. REM. I didn't hear any of them protesting the drone programs. Did you?

GUILFOYLE: Oh, no. And I mean, my gosh, President Obama was the most lethal of all time. There's nothing he likes better than a nice commutation or a drone strike.

BECKEL: Took out -- took out an awful lot of al Qaeda people.

BOLLING: Without the ability to question them.

GUILFOYLE: The point is the hypocrisy that they don't protest him.

PERINO: I just -- I'm a First Amendment advocate. Last week we spent an entire week talking about a painting that a 17-year-old did that won a contest from a panel that was then ultimately taken down because people were offended by it. I think that Americans could have a stronger stomach for art as protest.

BOLLING: Very good, very good. Shameless comedian Stephen Colbert, whose career kind of on life support, trying to get attention by mocking President-elect Donald Trump.


STEPHEN COLBERT, HOST, CBS'S "THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT": Here's some shocking news. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey is officially shutting down. Yes. Apparently -- apparently, the circus doesn't think they could compete against a Trump presidency.


BOLLING: The only problem with that, Greg, is I saw that joke by Ann coulter on Sunday right after they announced that they were closing down. Within minutes, she said they can't compete with the left since Donald Trump has been elected president.

GUTFELD: I see that happen a lot with these late-night shows.

GUILFOYLE: Joke stealers.

GUTFELD: I think their writers-- and it's not, like, Colbert's fault. It's the writers: "That's a good one. No one is going to know that and Coulter tweeted that, so I'll use that."

But a better story, too, is really about the circus. Like, nobody goes to the circus anymore, because the circus is on your phone. You have the whole world. The most deviant, twisted acts you can see on your laptop, on your phone. The circus can't compete with that.

Donald Trump should call the circus and save those jobs.

BOLLING: Make the circus great again.

GUTFELD: Make the circus great again. Bring it back to America.

GUILFOYLE: The circus isn't supposed to be deviant. It's for children, Greg.

GUTFELD: But they can't sit for two hours.

GUILFOYLE: Get in touch with kids, I don't know.

BECKEL: You ever try to walk into a circus?


BECKEL: First of all, check your shoes when you walk in, is the first thing I can say.

GUILFOYLE: There are animals there, Bob.

BOLLING: You don't have to check them anymore.


BOLLING: There's no more animals.

BECKEL: They've got tigers and lions and bears. Oh, my.

BOLLING: Oh, my.

BECKEL: Oh, my, Trump's going to be president.

What's wrong with that joke? I think it's a very funny joke.

BOLLING: All right. Dana.

PERINO: It was a fine joke. I do think that we have missed the point about this Barnum & Bailey thing. Because it was the left and the animal rights people who that the animals, the elephants in particular were being harmed. They've had to take the elephants out of the show. People stopped coming. So it's a supply and demand problem.

What happened is, actually, now you have less money available and the education for it that is pushing that money towards conservation for elephants. So the left ends up, again, cannibalizing themselves.

BOLLING: Hang in there. "The Fastest Seven." The first family will be retiring in a few days. So what have they planned for the weekend? Palm Springs vacation, of course.


JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The first family is looking forward to flying to Palm Springs, California, on Friday. The president vowed to take his family to a destination that is warmer than Washington, D.C., on Friday, and Palm Springs fits the bill.


BOLLING: All right. After all, they've been back in D.C. for a couple of weeks after that huge Hawaiian vacation they just took. Are you wondering if they're taking Air Force One again, at $200,000 per flight hour?

GUILFOYLE: They can't.

BOLLING: Here's the answer: yes. The president will take Air Force One to California, six hours each way, for a grand total, round trip, of $2.4 million.

K.G., air fare alone...

PERINO: But it's not called Air Force One anymore.

BOLLING: Well, at 200 grand, it's still going to cost the taxpayers $2.4 million.

GUILFOYLE: Deal smeal, what can I say? But I know why he's going there, because he's buying a place there. And the golf is fantastic in those communities. Everybody goes there to golf and hang out. Like, kind of like they go to Palm Beach. So...

BOLLING: Am I the only one who...

GUILFOYLE: No, I think it's awful. But I mean, come on.

BECKEL: Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to Nome?

BOLLING: Here's what he can do. He took a lot of vacations. He could have weighed in and said, "I'm going to forego that last trip" that he's allowed to have.

BECKEL: He can go to a warm area and play golf. What's wrong with that?


BECKEL: Your time in warm places.

GUILFOYLE: No, that's the tanning booth.

GUTFELD: What do most men do when they retire? They play golf. But what if you've been playing golf for the last eight years of your job? He should go back and work. He should get a job.

GUILFOYLE: Job fair. Community organizing.

GUTFELD: He could get into politics.

BOLLING: Saving people.

PERINO: I'm not going to give the president any grief for taking a vacation, and he's going to Palm Springs. And it's not called -- I was being a little facetious. It's not called Air Force One anymore, because he will no longer be president as of noon. But I think it's fair enough for him to be able to go back and forth on that last trip.

BECKEL: Do you know that most presidents do fly out, former presidents?

BOLLING: I know. That's the right. You have the right to take that last trip on the American taxpayers' dime.

BECKEL: I see, but it's only Obama you're talking about?

BOLLING: You know what? Trump probably won't. Who knows? Maybe he will.

BECKEL: Trump probably will. He owns an Air Force.

BOLLING: All right. Let's move on. Up next, we're getting lots of your feedback on the return of our good friend Bob Beckel.

GUILFOYLE: Look at his face.

BOLLING: Mr. Beckel reveals some of your nice and not-so-nice comments about him when we return. And there's Dana.

PERINO: Yes, why am I in that?


BECKEL: It's great to be back here with my friends at "The Five." Since the moment I walked into the studio yesterday, many of you, our loyal viewers, have been sharing your thoughts about my return. Here are some of the tweets.

From Jason, hashtag, "#BeckelisBack and all is right in the world." Thank you, Jason.

Maureen tweets, "Welcome back, Bob. We still -- oh, we missed you. You're still completely wrong with everything you say, but you're still a great guy." Thank you.

And Glenn says, "What is that clicking sound heard across America? People turning the channel to FOX News because #BeckelIsBack." Let's hope so.

And not everybody, however, is thrilled, including Eric. Dostoyevsky (ph). Michael writes...

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God.

BECKEL: Dostoyevsky (ph), is that Russian for good-bye? Trump.

Hashtag "#BeckelisBack," hashtag "#StillDontLikeHim." Thank you very much.

Another right warrior tweets, "Dumped Beckel? Was he not looney enough? Thirty minutes into 'The Five,' had to cut it off." Hashtag, "BeckelIsBack and he's still a jerk." Well, thank you very, very much.

And I can say you probably have a lot of fans out there who agree. And just you wait this year. Because if you voted for Trump, you're really going to be happy with me. You really are.

GUTFELD: This is turning into WWE.

GUILFOYLE: No, it is. It's like a whole thing.

GUTFELD: Like a wrestler that sounds like -- calling out Trump.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, he's like, "Hey, I'm coming for you."

BOLLING: No, I'm not coming for him. I'm just going to follow him every place he goes.


GUILFOYLE: On Twitter.

BECKEL: Those were nice, don't you think?

BOLLING: I predicted. I said, you know, first they were like "Where's Bob? We miss Bob." Then can get Bob back and Bob's back, within a couple of minutes, "Can you get Bob out of here again?"

Look, you've got to have -- about that seat right there, you've got to have a thick skin. Juan has a thick skin. You have a thick skin. It's a credit to you. But it is going to be an interesting four years.

BECKEL: It certainly is.

BOLLING: It's going to be an interesting eight years.

BECKEL: No, I don't think so. No, no, no, no.

BOLLING: Trump, eight years.

BECKEL: Eight years for what?


GUTFELD: When he changes the rules, it's going to be 16 years. And then there's Ivanka. And then Baron.

GUILFOYLE: He's just going to buy the White House.


GUTFELD: I'm just looking at these other ones that I can't repeat, because they're so disgusting.

BECKEL: Can Ivanka run for president? She can't, right?

GUTFELD: Why? Because she's a woman?

BOLLING: Oh, my gosh. Liberal sexists.

BECKEL: No, she's not American. She wasn't born in the United States, was she?

GUTFELD: Yes, she was.

GUILFOYLE: You're talking about...

BOLLING: The wife, the wife.

GUILFOYLE: ... the wife, not his daughter.

BOLLING: That's Ivana.

BECKEL: Which one's the wife?

BOLLING: Beckel's back. Ivana is the one who was born...

GUILFOYLE: And Melania is his -- another wife.

BECKEL: She's the one with the clothing and negligee thing, right?

GUTFELD: Well, what about Tiffany?


GUTFELD: Let's talk about Tiffany.

GUILFOYLE: Ivanka does have a very nice clothing line.

BECKEL: Yes, but then both of them, I mean...

GUILFOYLE: Melania, his current wife, was a model.



BECKEL: Yes. That's very nice. She's got very nice clothes. And she's got a line of negligees. What's wrong with that?

GUILFOYLE: I don't think so, Bob.

BECKEL: You know, I think she does.

Now Dana, that was nice, some nice people.

PERINO: Those were some nice people. You know, it was a -- we surprised everybody. You surprised us, and it's been fun.

BECKEL: Thank you.

PERINO: It feels like you never left.

GUILFOYLE: Doesn't it? It's like that. It's like that for 30 minutes...

PERINO: When you went to bed last night were you thinking, "Wow, what have I gotten myself back into"?

BECKEL: No, not at all. What I was thinking was...

GUTFELD: He never went to bed.

BECKEL: Come -- I never went to bed. No, come 12:02 on Friday, the world is going to change for me and Eric. Now the places are going to change. But that's OK, because Eric is going to be there. And by the way...

GUILFOYLE: This is like Groundhog Day.

BECKEL: ... Monday morning everybody is going to have health care, and we're going to have peace in the Middle East.

PERINO: Remember when you used to say Obama sure makes it hard to defend him sometimes?

BECKEL: Yes, he does, but Eric has got to defend him.

GUILFOYLE: The president-elect.

BOLLING: Tease the "One More Thing." We've got some good stuff in "One More Thing."

GUILFOYLE: We've got to go, Bob.

BECKEL: Wait, oh, sorry. I forgot. It's been a long time. "One More Thing" is up next.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing."

I posted something on FOXNews.com today. It's an excerpt from "The Good News Is," and it was about my last day at the White House on inauguration day and a little bit of what that's like.

Josh Earnest gave his final briefing today. He had some humor there. And of course, not to be outdone, President Obama showed up and photobombed it in a very charming way. And here's a little clip from my package I did with him in December that we didn't show. It's about what he plans to do next.

GUILFOYLE: That's nice.


PERINO: Do you know what you want to do after you leave?

JOSH EARNEST, OUTGOING WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Spending more time at home is a given. One of the things that I want to do is actually read a book that doesn't have anything to do with politics.

PERINO: I have a good one to recommend.

EARNEST: That's what I've heard.

PERINO: It's about a dog.

EARNEST: The other aspiration that I have is to work on my golf swing.


PERINO: There's more golf for you.

GUILFOYLE: More golf.

PERINO: More golf. So congratulations to Josh Earnest, who conducted himself so well at the podium. And looking forward to the incoming press secretary, Sean Spicer, who will start, I suppose, on Monday.


GUILFOYLE: I thought Josh Earnest did a very good job for the president.

GUTFELD: Let's keep talking about him. OK?

GUILFOYLE: Let's not. Let's -- you're going to like this, because you love "Golden Girls," too.

GUTFELD: That is true.

GUILFOYLE: I want to wish a very happy birthday to television icon Betty White. Bob, this is the perfect woman for you, I've decided.

BECKEL: Is she still alive?


GUTFELD: She's asking that about you.

GUILFOYLE: She's 95 years old. She was shocked to see that you were still available and breathing.

So let's listen to Betty describe what it feels like in an interview that she did with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News.


BETTY WHITE, ACTRESS: I keep thinking, "Betty, you're 95 years old." I don't -- I'm so blessed with good health and faculty. I mean, I've got memories and all that. And that you can't really expect that at 95. I am the luckiest old broad on two feet.


GUILFOYLE: Oh, my God, she is so cute. Bob finds her attractive. You like her nose.

BECKEL: I sound like her about three months ago.

PERINO: Bob, you're next.

GUILFOYLE: The cutest.

BECKEL: Eric's next.

PERINO: Sorry, Eric, you're next. You go.

BOLLING: I'll go very quick.

GUILFOYLE: Look at Bob paying attention. Nice.

BOLLING: Come to realize that every time someone vows to keep jobs in America because of Donald Trump, we're going to bring it up; we call it Trump-onomics here on the white board.

Find out today Walmart, they're going to add 10,000 jobs, and they're attributing it to Donald Trump. We heard GM say a billion-dollar investment. How about Hyundai? Hyundai? Hyundai like "sundae"? I think it's Hyundai. Fifty percent investment, $3.1 billion investment.

And Boeing's CEO met with Donald Trump, saying it was a very good meeting, and they're going to look to cut some costs. Anytime the jobs are staying in America, Bob, we'll talk to you about it right here on the whiteboard.

GUILFOYLE: All right.

BECKEL: All right. Now, there's a new whiteboard this year, and it's going to be. No. Donald Trump takes a lot of credit for building this ice-skating rink in Central Park, wall something.

GUTFELD: Walden.

GUILFOYLE: Walden Rink.

BECKEL: And it's got these people ice-skating around, hitting each other and all that stuff. And where is Donald? Is there a picture of Donald?

GUILFOYLE: This is the worst whiteboard I've ever seen in my life.

BECKEL: Wait a second. Because he took a lot of credit and he complains all the time about how government was not doing its job, and he can take care of it. And what did he do? He put it out to a Canadian firm to do it. Congratulations.

GUTFELD: And it got built in, like, three months.

Can I do mine now?


GUILFOYLE: Look at the hieroglyphics on yours.

GUTFELD: I have a new column out called "Stone Age Liberals." You're going to love it. It's the best one I've done in a while. Check it out. And that's it.

PERINO: All right. Set your DVR so you never miss an episode of "The Five." You can tell it's going to be fun.

That's it for us. "Special Report" is next.

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