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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And with just 36 days to go before the midterms, a number of races once considered safe for Democrats are now looking like they could very well be in play this November for the GOP.

And we begin tonight in the traditionally blue state of Connecticut where the Republican Senate candidate continues to close the gap in the polls. Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment now trails Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal by only five points.

Now this is the closest that race has been since May when Blumenthal's campaign was reeling from allegations that he lied about his service in Vietnam.

And another race in the northeast that we are watching tonight is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A stunning new Boston Globe poll has Governor Deval Patrick leading his Republican opponent, businessman, Charlie Baker by only a single point.

And as we saw earlier this year with Scott Brown's come-from-behind victory, anything is possible even in the bluest of blue states.

Now that includes the golden state of California where the longtime ultra liberal Senator Barbara Boxer is in the fight for her political life. And now the left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle has announced that for the first time it will not endorse Boxer, saying she's responsible for, quote, "Eighteen years of uninspired representation."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

And here with his analysis is the man who predicts a Republican revolution is on the horizon, he's the author of "2010: Take Back America," former Clinton adviser, the one and only Dick Morris.

Dick, welcome back. Good to see you. You're in Pennsylvania. Toomey still up by eight points there. If you look at Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, certainly a bellwether for what we can expect in 36 days?

DICK MORRIS, FORMER CLINTON ADVISER: Yes. Absolutely. I'm here in Pennsylvania. I was campaigning for Kim Burns who lost the special election to Critz for Murtha's seat and now he's five points ahead.

I think in Pennsylvania we will pick up six additional House seats. I think Kathy Dahlkemper is going to lose. I think burns will win. Barletta will defeat Kanjorski. I think Marino is going to defeat Carney. I think Argall will defeat Holden.

I think we're looking at a wipeout of the Democratic congressional establishment in this state, but all over the country, Sean. What I just did is I counted, in all the public polls, how many districts a Republican challenger is leading a Democratic incumbent. Fifty-four, which is the same total we won in '94.

And there are another 19 where the Democrat is under 50 and the Republican's within five points. That is 73 seats, Sean.

HANNITY: You think this could be -- look, I am -- I'm more cautiously optimistic than you. And I don't want to dampen people's enthusiasm, as if I could, because I think the intensity is as great as I've ever seen in my lifetime. So I think there's anything we can say or do that's going to dampen that.

But with that said, so you think that much is in play, because I -- anything short -- go ahead.

MORRIS: I think more is in play, Sean. If people go to my website, DickMorris.com, every morning I post a commentary and you'll see more and more seats are in play. When I went through the list of polls, Sean, you know why I couldn't come up with more than 73? Because there are 160 districts represented by Democrats that nobody is polling because they think they're -- nobody imagined they could be in play. So --


MORRIS: I'm setting up something new called Project 100 doing it with a Reagan pack -- I'll give people information later about it -- where we are targeting another 25 seats that have not been in play because I think we can reach 100 seats.

HANNITY: You're talking about a political earthquake, the likes of which the country has not seen. You're even looking, for example, you wrote a column about New York.


HANNITY: I mean, Rick Lazio now is getting off the conservative ticket.


HANNITY: The conservatives will be supporting Palladino. That race was a six-point race. Nobody thought -- The New York Times excoriated Andrew Cuomo over the weekend.

You got Kirsten Gillibrand only up by one point in that race in the Senate. And you're saying as many as nine House seats in New York could change hands?

MORRIS: That's right. I think that in the Senate race we have eight states where Republicans are leading in districts -- in states now represented by Democrats. The ninth is Nevada. And I'm working that race intently.

And I guarantee you, Sean, that Harry Reid isn't coming back. One of the big reasons is the support that your viewers have given Americansfornewleadership.com that's been funding that race.

HANNITY: Yes. Well --

MORRIS: And then we have five shots at the 10th seat. California, Washington, Connecticut, New York and Delaware.

HANNITY: Which is interesting. And there's been a six-point shift just in a couple of days in Delaware.

All right. Let's go through this, though, very, very carefully. You think Russ Feingold is going to lose in Wisconsin. You think Blanche Lincoln is gone in Arkansas.


HANNITY: You think Bob Portman is going to win in Ohio and John Kasich will be the new governor there. You think Pat Toomey is going to win in Pennsylvania.


HANNITY: You think Barbara Boxer -- I thought this was a pretty stinging rebuke by the San Francisco Chronicle.

MORRIS: Boxer could still go either way but I think it's going to be a victory for Fiorina and it could still go either way.

HANNITY: And Patty Murray in Washington?

MORRIS: Patty Murray and Rossi could go either way. Rossi has really gotten his act together in the last couple of days and is aggressively out there answering Patty Murray's charges.

HANNITY: Why are you -- go ahead. Why are you so confident -- go ahead.

MORRIS: He has a great ad on. He said -- the great thing he said, Murray criticized him and said he's the tool of Wall Street. So Rossi said, I opposed TARP, you supported it, who's the tool?

HANNITY: Good answer.

MORRIS: That was a great comeback.

HANNITY: Why do you -- I am not as confident, I'm concerned about Sharron Angle a little bit in Nevada because the polls are dead even.

MORRIS: No, Harry Reid is dead in the water. He has not moved since August 1st.

HANNITY: But why?

MORRIS: He hasn't moved since August 1st. Well, nobody liked him to start with. And he only gained a second breath when he attacked Sharron Angle over Social Security and Medicare.

And then this group Americansfornewleadership.com put on the full quote of Sharron Angle where she said she wanted them not to raid the lockbox. And when people saw that Reid was lying in his ad, they just turned off and he hasn't budged above 45 in seven weeks.

He's dead in the water, Sean.

HANNITY: So you've been saying now for a couple of weeks that you think anybody that is undecided at this late hour is going to break for the party out of power.


HANNITY: How important and what do you see in the gubernatorial races? A lot of governorships up for race. Up for -- go ahead.

MORRIS: I think we can win -- the Republicans will win a huge number of them as well as state legislative chambers, that makes a big difference for reapportionment.

There's so much happening this year, Sean. I've got a movie coming out on Thursday, October 1st, called "Battle for America." And it's BattleforAmericamovie.com. You can preorder a copy. That goes in -- we have Gingrich and Coulter. And we go into each of these opportunities.

We're going to take 20 or 30 governorships, 20 or 30 legislative chambers. And we are talking not about a cyclical change. We are talking about the obliteration of an entire generation of Democratic congressmen.

HANNITY: All right. Dick Morris, thanks for being with us. Appreciate it. We'll --

MORRIS: Thank you.

HANNITY: We'll be following, 36 days to go. Five weeks and a day until Election Day.

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