Dennis Miller on Super Tuesday, Super Bowl

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Miller Time" segment tonight: Dennis has some insights into the Super Tuesday vote. He will also explain his dramatic loss to me in the Super Bowl. Here is Miller from Los Angeles.

So you have now — as people missed you last week — you switched from Rudy Giuliani to John McCain. And McCain did well on Super Tuesday. How do you see it?

DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, everything is still up in the air, Bill. I had to break through a "Draft Kucinich" rally on my way into the studio today. And evidently they had forgotten that he's gone back to the planet Vulcan...

O'REILLY: Right, he's out of it.

MILLER: ... for an every-seven-year spawning ritual. But it's still up in the air.

I thought the most interesting development of the night was Barack Obama taking Missouri. He's had the "mo" for a while. Now, he literally has the MO. And that's a pretty big precursor of who wins races, Missouri. So I thought that was an interesting development. I can't stand the living hell out of her.

O'REILLY: But he lost your state, though, California, where some people thought there might be an upset in the wind.

MILLER: California at the end of the day fancies itself to be, you know, a rebel state, but quite frankly, it's almost like Tammany Hall out here. When they click, everybody gets into lockstep, and Hillary destroyed him out here.

You know, for a state that's all about dreaming the big dream, when it came time to actually log a vote for a guy who's a very, very invigorating dreamer, it would appear, nobody was there for him. This is a machine state, a company town.

O'REILLY: But it was a Hispanic plurality that put Hillary Clinton over. It was about even in white voters, but the Hispanics in California went for Hillary Clinton. Do you know why?

MILLER: Well, listen, I don't think that Teddy Kennedy endorsement is what it used to be. Let's say that.

O'REILLY: OK. Now, if McCain, your guy, runs against Hillary, if she gets it, in California, which is the biggest electoral vote state, can McCain compete against her in your state?

MILLER: Well, I'll tell you one interesting thing that I've noticed on the radio this week, Bill, is that — and you must hear this, too — I'm surprised that the amount of — well, just this short of hatred, let's say deep-seated animus for John McCain.

I mean, listen, I'd be willing to vote for McCain if for no other reason than after two years in a Vietnamese prison they said, "You can go," and he said, "No, I'll stay." Now his criteria goes to the presidency. Yes, I disagree with him on a lot of things. But you've got to say, that is a massive Macy's balloon-sized cajones he has there.

And, you know, I'm a little surprised that people on the far right are turning on him. But I think he brings enough moderates into the tent that he would have a good chance to win.

O'REILLY: You know, because that's going to be interesting, because any other Republican candidate, Huckabee or Romney, they can't compete in California. They'll cede it. They'll New York right off the thing, like Bush did. They're not going to win. But he brings a little bit more.

Now, what you were talking about is that John McCain is a prisoner of war in Hanoi, was offered early release because his father was a big admiral, and they wanted to make a big propaganda statement. They would have fed it to Jane Fonda right away, and then she would have run out and told everybody.

But McCain didn't want to leave his guys because he knew he was getting preferential treatment. And then he stayed four more years in captivity, where they beat the living daylights out of him because he didn't take the early release.

So what you're saying and what I believe and I think even conservatives who don't like John McCain, I don't think anybody questions his courage. The man is a patriot. The man is brave.

Now, when you go down the list, do you think it's all over, as Dick Morris said at the top of the program, in the Republican primary, or can Romney and Huckabee, maybe ally or something happen to deprive McCain of the nomination?

MILLER: Well, listen, heretofore I had not believed in the contention that Christians disliked Mormons. I hadn't seen that evidenced in anyway. I see it in Huckabee though. He really has it in for this Romney guy. He does not dig him. I think Huckabee is now Huckaveep, and he'll do anything he can to stop Romney. And so I don't see him working in cahoots with — if anything, I think he and John might have had a back channel thing on the veep, if not in Florida.

O'REILLY: You can't — because conservatives don't own — and I want to state again for the 50th time that both Governor Huckabee and Governor Romney, both men ran good campaigns. I think they ran clean campaigns. They tried hard.

But McCain has got to put a real conservative on the ticket, and Huckabee does not. He's a social — he didn't govern Arkansas conservatively. You need somebody with real cred on the conservative line. Plus, he needs to look at the map and get a Florida or an Ohio or a Missouri or one of those keystone states.

Now we have to segue over into a very painful subject for you, Dennis Miller, Mr. Football Sports Fan. I told you very gently that the Giants were going to win for one reason and one reason only. And that's destiny. There is a controlling force in the universe, Miller. Even though the Hollywood pinheads will not acknowledge it, there is.

This was what this was all about. It wasn't about Xs and Os or skilled positions or first downs or cheerleaders. This was about a force in the universe that said the coach and the quarterback were beaten to a pulp by a vicious New York City press corps that is more sadistic than "Saw 4." And God said, "You know, I don't like that. I'm going to make sure the Giants win."

There's no other explanation because Eli Manning got away, and never in his life had he done that before. He threw it to a fourth-string receiver who caught the ball with his helmet, Miller, OK? So next time I tell you something, go with me.

MILLER: Billy, for a press hater like you, that must have been the most cathartic thing you've seen since Richard Todd lit up Steve Serby in the locker room years ago. And I agree with you. When he caught that ball against his head…

O'REILLY: With his helmet.

MILLER: ...Harrison, that was destiny, my friend.

O'REILLY: Right. It was destiny.

MILLER: Can I compliment the referee, Bill?


MILLER: I'm telling you for the first time in a long time, I watched a game, and I thought they're not running into that private booth at Show World every five minutes to analyze this thing. I thought that cat who reffed that game did a great job letting them play.

O'REILLY: They called a great game.

MILLER: Good for him.

O'REILLY: Right. Now, you have to buy me a dinner. And you were going to take me to Smith & Wollensky in New York, but the next time in New York I might be dead. So I'm going to come out to L.A. in a couple of weeks, and you want to go to Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills.


O'REILLY: But here's the problem with Mr. Chow. Here's the problem. You go in and there's Mr. Chow, "Oh, Bill, Dennis, great."

And then you say, "OK, Mr. Chow, how much does this cost?"

And Mr. Chow just goes, "Oh, don't worry about it." And then he takes your car.

OK, so I don't know. I don't go to restaurants where I don't know how much the food costs. Do you know what I'm talking about?

MILLER: Mr. Chow is not big on numbers on that menu, but I will say this: I've been eating there for 20 years. I've never had a bad meal. So I'm more than willing to pay whatever he asks for.

O'REILLY: I know, but he took your house in Lake Tahoe, Miller, the last time you were in there.

MILLER: Look at this. He took my pants.

O'REILLY: He's wearing shorts. Are you wearing shorts on "The Factor," Miller? Is that what you're doing?

MILLER: Mr. Chow, Mr. Chow took my pants.

O'REILLY: All right. Mr. Chow has got more publicity in 30 seconds than in his whole life.

Dennis Miller, everybody. I'm looking forward to the meal.

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