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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Democrats are desperately attempting to tie the Republican presidential and vice presidential contenders to the recently controversial comments made by embattled Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin.

That's right. Despite the fact that Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, immediately denounced the congressman's comments and called for him to drop out of the race, the left, liberals, are pathetically attempting to suggest that Romney and Ryan actually agree with Akin.

Now even worse, the Democratic National Committee is looking to raise money over what almost all conservatives agree are absolutely inexcusable comments.

Now this is the graph that is splashed at the top of the Democrats.org, the official web site of the party. It reads, quote, "The GOP is dangerously wrong for women." And I quote, "Romney, Ryan and Akin and the GOP want to take women back to the dark ages." Of course, if you click on that image, a letter from the DNC appears, begging for money, begging for donations.

Now clearly, this is a desperate party that wants to talk about anything except the failed record of President Obama. But tonight, as usual, we are going to hold the president accountable.

And here to help us do just that, the author of the number one New York Times bestseller, "Demonic," available in paperback, the one and only Ann Coulter.

Miss Coulter, I wanted him to drop out. You wanted him to drop out. Rush Limbaugh suggested for the good of the party, drop out. Romney, Ryan -- let's see, Danforth, you know, everybody -- Ashcroft -- everybody in Missouri.


HANNITY: It goes on. So now they are trying to do this, another lie, more dishonesty.


HANNITY: Where's the president in all of this? Silent as usual.

COULTER: No. You are absolutely right, but if I could put aside the liberal hypocrisy for a moment. This is a problem. This is why I think the Republicans need to stage a write-in campaign of a well-known popular Missouri Republican, someone like Kit Bond, because this selfish swine, Todd Akin, is going to hurt the Republican Party.

We are not only going to lose a guaranteed Republican pickup seat, unless we stage a write-in campaign. Remember, Lisa Murkowski won on a write-in campaign just two years ago in Alaska. So it's very possible that that would work.

But it is going to bleed over into other races. Not everyone can be expected to be watching Sean Hannity or listening to radio or looking up the FEC reports to see that Karl Rover pulled out millions of dollars and the RNC pulled out millions of dollars.

And just one little side note before we move on, I am really getting a little annoyed with this Todd Akin being blamed on the Christians and him pulling, you know, God into this.

You know, the Butler County Republicans, a very socially conservative group in Missouri, unanimously voted last night to disinvite Todd Akin from their Lincoln Day events.

The other two Republicans in the primary, one was John Bruener who had the endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life, National Right to Life and the other one, Sarah Steelman was endorsed by Sarah Palin.

They were all good Republicans. Todd Akin was the one who was chosen by the Democrats. They spent millions of dollars to get him elected because he's the candidate they wanted.

HANNITY: I don't want to talk about it anymore. Here's why --


HANNITY: No. This is important. The only thing that bothers me, President Obama speaks out three times -- we will get into this in more detail later -- publicly about the lack of civility.

In this case, Sandra Fluke who is speaking at the Democratic National Convention and after Gabby Giffords, he's utterly silent on Bill Maher. He is silent on Romney being called a murderer, causing this woman's cancer. He is silent on the felony talk. He is saying that Republicans want dirty air and water. He doesn't get called out for it.

This is a campaign of smear and slander and frankly, Romney's right. This is hateful to lie about people.

COULTER: Yes! I hate for this to be seen as in any way a defense of Todd Akin. It is not. I want a write-in campaign against him because this is the first thing they've had that could possibly fit into the war on women.

But I mean, Todd Akin is being attacked for saying something stupid about rape. The Democrats' keynote speaker is someone who was credibly accused of rape. If they are going to have Sandra Fluke at their convention, we should have Juanita Broaddrick speak at ours.

The idea that the Republicans are the party waging a war on women. No, I'm sorry, we can't because the Democrats have already won that war between, you know, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner.

Yes, I know there is a large gulf in what is expected of Democrat politicians and Republican politicians. But I still say the most important thing is taking back the Senate so we can repeal ObamaCare and get some good Supreme Court justices.

HANNITY: By the way, what Congressman Akin, I think, wants, but that doesn't stop him. One of the things that I think -- I know that there is a little bit of a split here. We should talk about this.

There are some conservatives that want to draw a line in the sand and say, they are tired of the double standard. Here's the problem. You know, we can whine and complain all we want. It is not going to change the double standard. It exists.


HANNITY: Here's the question. Will this impact the campaign? Could it negatively impact our ability to beat Claire McCaskill and beat Barack Obama in Missouri? And if the answer is yes --

COULTER: Not only that --

HANNITY: -- one person does not, you know, take precedence over the conservative moment.

COULTER: No! That's right. Not only harming us in other House seats in Missouri, losing what should have been a Republican pickup before -- before Todd Akin's statements on, I guess, it was Sunday that came out on Monday.

Republicans had a 75 percent chance of picking up this seat. Now it's down to 37 percent. We have gone from an easy win to a loss. And you say, oh what Todd Akin cares about is stop overruling Row V. Wade and saving unborn babies.

No, I don't think he does. I don't think he does. What he cares about is his own ego. He was showing off, showing a little fancy footwork and what he knows about the medical impact of rape on a woman's body.

He has harmed the Republican Party and this is not a time to be fooling around. I don't care if he's a nice man. This isn't -- this isn't -- you know touch football. This is the NFL. And Republicans have got to pull out a nuclear bomb at this point.

We tried waiting until 5:00 p.m. yesterday. That didn't work. I really think -- I mean, there are other possibilities that he could switch seats or races with Anne Wagner, but I think a write-in campaign is a very good possibility.

HANNITY: I don't care if this happens. If you want to put in Kit Bond's name and you want to start that campaign that's fine. But one thing I don't want to lose focus. Everybody has to understand this.

We still have one in six Americans in poverty, 25 million underemployed Americans, 49 million Americans needing food stamps from Barack Obama, 15 million more than when he took office. And we have hundreds of thousands fewer Americans working.

So while this is happening, we can't lose focus every time Barack Obama and the Democrats, you know, find some other issue that they want to act outraged about, which I don't believe this is real.

This is selective moral outrage once again. If they were really outraged, Joe Biden wouldn't be on the ticket after saying they want to put y'all back in chains -- the way he said it last week.

COULTER: Joe Biden?! What about their keynote speaker being Bill Clinton. Let's look at the women in Mitt Romney's life and Paul Ryan's life and the women in Teddy Kennedy's life -- the ones that are still alive and weren't killed by him -- and Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner and the rest of them.

Don't talk to me about a war on women. But I do think there needs to be some clear differentiation here. We can't give up this seat and we can't give up Scott Brown's seat.

HANNITY: I think the Democrats did elect years ago a guy by the name of Ted Kennedy.

COULTER: Yes. The conscience of the Senate, they called him.

HANNITY: I think they did. Ann Coulter, great to see you.

COULTER: Good to see you.

HANNITY: All right, thanks for being with us.

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