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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Hi, I am Greg Gutfeld with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and in an oven mitt, it's her sleeping bag, Dana Perino, THE FIVE. Sorry, media. It looks like Iran hates its own government more than it hates us. Instead of burning U.S. flags, what did you see at Sunday's protests in Iran over its government shooting down that airliner?

A bunch of Iranians refusing to act the way our media wished they would. Demonstrators refused to walk on American and Israeli flags while others attacked images of General Soleimani. Yes, as much as they were expected to despise those two countries, it seems they loathe the revolutionary guard much more.

Video also showed government forces firing live ammo at the protesters. Media outrage here seems at a low end, though. They're still too busy complaining about Trump tweeting mean things about them. Yet in Iran, people who speak out endure bullets. Yet in America, the outrage is over memes. But also the Oscars, why no best director for little women, poor Greta, I blame Trump.

Meanwhile, yet another media narrative implodes. We now learn that Trump authorized the killing of Soleimani seven months ago. Talk about impulsive, erratic, and unstable. Trump only waited seven months to take the guy out? Clearly, he is a maniac, crazy on blood lust. Where is the 25th Amendment when you need it?

So once again, the media lies to you about everything. They painted Soleimani as a folk hero, not true. And they repeat the lie that Trump was acting irrationally, part of the madmen persona they helped fabricate. It's not true either. Only in America can our media get everything so wrong and still see themselves as the good guys.

I guess that's the only way they can look in the mirror without throwing up. Welcome back, Dana, from your, quote, "tennis camp," unquote.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: That's what we are calling it.

GUTFELD: That's what we are calling it, tennis camp. Who goes to tennis camp, America?

PERINO: You wouldn't believe what I really did.

GUTFELD: I can't wait to hear about it in the break. So does this feel like a new chapter in Iran or is that wishful thinking on my part?

PERINO: I think it might be possibly, although we've seen this story because it writes itself over and over again. So I believe that everybody and every human is born with this desire for freedom. It's innate. It's something that we all have. So then you have these dictatorial governments that are trying to ram down people's throats to keep them down, keep them from opportunity, tell them what to wear, tell them what to think.

They want their talents and they want their brains, but they don't respect their hearts. And so you see this in Hong Kong, Venezuela, Iraq, Lebanon, now Iran. We will get to that. And you think about the Arab Spring. There are these movements and then they get snuffed out. And then you think about Venezuela, for example, so we kind of help but then we can't do it all.


PERINO: So I do think it is a possibility that there could be some changes, but that would mean that Iran would have to change quite fundamentally. And I would bet that they are biding their time right now. But what we know about them in December, Iran killed about 900 of its own citizens in -- because they were protesting, and this is before any of this happened.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Maybe that might've been directed by Soleimani, who is no longer here, Jesse.

PERINO: It was.

GUTFELD: Yes. Thank you for that. Jesse, I get the feeling that maybe Iran wasn't as overjoyed or in love with Soleimani as our media told us.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST Yeah. I bet the people that came out to mourn Soleimani were people that were backed by the Iranian regime. And it is funny that the media has taken the same perspective as the Iranian regime. Think about it. They mourned Soleimani, both of us. And then they blamed Trump for shooting down the airline, both the American media and the Iranian regime.

And then they said that the street protests, oh no, those street protestors -- lots of reasons for people to be on the street, maybe somewhere shopping, maybe they were just out getting a breath of fresh air. But that fundamentally misunderstands the threat of protesting in Iran. You can get put to death if you chant death to ayatollah, which they were doing.

It doesn't take any bravery to chant death to Trump, down with America. It's an evil empire. Everybody does that over there. And they're doing that because they get paid to do it. Now, when Trump goes in there and takes out a bad guy without having to pay a bribe, with no American casualties, 9 out of 10 Americans give the guy a round of applause.

Only the media creates a scandal over Trump killing a terrorist. How many terrorists did Barack Obama take out in the Taliban? How many generals in Libya across the Middle East? He didn't have his guys go on the Sunday shows the next weekend telling the media, oh, here is the documentary evidence that he had that he was planning an imminent attack.

He didn't have to do that because the media didn't demand he do that. Soleimani's in business to kill Americans. His job for the last three decades is to plot attacks against Americans and our allies. We don't need a specific piece of raw intelligence saying, oh, he is about to kill an American. It's what he does for a living. So we killed him first, and there is nothing scandalous about that at all.

GUTFELD: Juan, feel for you to respond to anything this brilliant man just said.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I don't even know where to start. The idea that Obama didn't go after and kill terrorists, I mean --


WILLIAMS: -- so many drones --


WILLIAMS: His use of drones to kill terrorists that people said why is he doing this and why does he -- if we are going to go in should we send troops as opposed -- anyway, let me just go back --


WATTERS: He was not hammered the way this administration has been hammered.


WATTERS: I don't think the Republicans came out and went crazy when Barack Obama --


WILLIAMS: Whatever you think is not right. But OK, let me just say this --


WILLIAMS: Greg, you are conflating two very separate events. After Soleimani's assassination killing, whatever you want to call it, there were people in the streets. Jesse says they were paid. I don't know.


WILLIAMS: -- that's what you guys say my, but now there are people in the streets legitimately as much as Americans would be upset if our government shot down an airline. But they're not the two of the same events. They're separate events. And they have every reason to be angry at their government, which is now admitted that they made a huge mistake that took 100 plus lives.


WILLIAMS: OK. You were saying they're in the streets now --


WATTERS: You are saying they hate their government more than they hate Trump.


WATTERS: You go live in Iran.

WILLIAMS: No, here's the other part of this. The idea that somehow Democrats are to be, as Trump was today, putting Schumer and Pelosi in this picture with the Arab -- at the Iranian -- this is a vile thing that somehow Democrats don't go after terrorists or hate on people like Soleimani. Every Democrat has made a clear statement. Soleimani was a bad guy.

And then finally, that NBC then says, oh, yeah, seven months ago, he gave the authorization that if you have a shot, OK. So then Trump comes out and says what difference does it make if I had information about an imminent attack. The defense secretary says I never saw any evidence of an imminent attack. Trump says that Laura Ingraham, oh, there were four embassies -- this guy is making stuff up. And you guys are just running around, like, anything he does is just fine.

GUTFELD: Number one, we do realize you're only allowed to say imminent when you're talking about climate change, right? Only Democrats can use the word imminent, and it has to do with global warming, OK? Emily, I want to get you in here. I honestly think that what we are seeing right now is the real Iran. And a door is opening for actually some new dialogue that had been blocked, obstructed by the guy who is now dead, Soleimani.

EMILY COMPAGNO, GUEST CO-HOST: Yes, I agree. And I want to speak to just the perspective of the left and the mainstream media on these protests. Because the protests became inconvenient for the left and inconvenient for our media, because up until then, the Iranians were used as a tool for both of those entities when it was an anti-Trump vehicle for them.

They were able to further that message. And these are people allegedly who cared deeply about democracy and freedom and those tenets. And yet all of a sudden, they are mute, when as you said not two months ago, up to 1500 citizens were murdered for protesting increase in gas prices. These protesters are out there literally risking their lives because they are saying death to the supreme leader.

And they're saying specifically Trump is not the problem. Soleimani is. The Iranian government is. They are literally blowing open the sham and the bullying to let that light in. And there have been crickets from both the left and the mainstream media. Final point, this -- the foreign threat and the regime and the terror state that Iran is, that is a bipartisan threat.

And the most dangerous thing we can all do to ourselves, because believe me, all bleed the same, is to politicize. So I really hope the left gets in gear and starts viewing this from an American perspective rather than an anti-Trump perspective.

GUTFELD: All right, let's go to a break, shall we?

PERINO: We shall.

GUTFELD: All right, break, it's some that's tennis lingo. Coming up, President Trump mocking the 2020 candidates, and why Bernie Sanders is being accused of sexism.


PERINO: Actually, Greg, speaking of country music, I have a theme this week, and if anybody can guess it by Friday I will send you -- calendar.


PERINO: -- between Senator Warren, Bernie Sanders. Senator Warren furious after learning that Sanders volunteered and called her a candidate of the elite in conversations with voters.


ELIZABETH WARREN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I was disappointed to hear that Bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. We all saw the impact of the factionalism in 2016.


PERINO: Sanders denies that he had anything to do with it, and now things are getting even more heated with accusations of sexism. Sanders reportedly told Warren during a 2018 meeting that a woman cannot win in 2020. And Sanders is calling that report ludicrous. So this is the moment I have been waiting for. They're finally going to have to go at each other, Jessie, because they both can't win. And they have the same type of supporters.

WATTERS: Yeah. I just think it is so lame, these attacks.

PERINO: -- stronger attacks.

WATTERS: Yeah. I long for the days when Trump used to make fun of people's haircuts right to their faces.

COMPAGNO: You set 2020 goals for yourself was not to support or talk about personal attacks.

WATTERS: I said I wouldn't participate. I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy other people doing it.

GUTFELD: You're going to be on the sideline, egging on the bullying.

WATTERS: Like, I would never make fun of the new nickname for Mayor Mike Bloomberg, mini-Mike. I would not participate in that type of hate-shaming. It's not something I do.

PERINO: It would be beneath you.


WATTERS: I made a commitment. But in all seriousness, though, it is fun watching my prediction come true about a brokered convention. Because let's say Bernie wins the first two primaries, and then Super Tuesday becomes stop the Bernie train, and Bloomberg and Biden are throwing all they can at this guy. And you get to Milwaukee, and then they rob Bernie again.

AOC is going to be out in the streets with her squad. It's going to be a bloodbath, or they are forced to put Bernie somehow on the ticket. Imagine Bernie-Biden. Imagine Bernie-Warren.


GUTFELD: That's a lot of BENGAY.


PERINO: I accidentally combined the two names of Bernie and Biden today, and it comes out as a burden.


PERINO: One, do you think that Sanders is someone -- he wants to fight. He is willing to fight. He's got the brass knuckles out there. He's going to go for it. And he could be the one that points out that Elizabeth Warren has a lot of inconsistencies in her background. And she did all this corporate work that would make his supporters not want to turn to her.

WILLIAMS: That's possible. But, you know, at this point -- look. This is all standard. We got three weeks to go to Iowa. Things are going to get tighter. There's distinctions to be drawn. She could take shots at him even though she is the one that's been falling in the polls. And I think that -- she falling in the polls, it has a lot to do with her own sort of implosion on the Medicare for All.


PERINO: -- linked this report that Bernie Sanders said a woman can't win.

WILLIAMS: Oh, no. I think that's true, but that's coming in response. But that's my guess. I don't know that that's true. I just think that she's the one that leaked that. I guess you do too.


WILLIAMS: But I think that overall, if you have Sanders and Warren going at each other, let's say, tomorrow night in Des Moines at the next Democratic debate. The winner from that is Joe Biden, because they are not going at the man who is the national leader at the moment. So the second thing to say here is once that you get a sense of Donald Trump jumping in, he has been, just today, delighting in the idea that Sanders is taking on Warren.

Warren is this and that, because he is the incumbent. The incumbent has an advantage. He can stay there and take these pot shots. But you know what? That dynamic changes once there is a Democratic nominee. Democrats, as much as they've been trailing in terms of fund-raising to President Trump's campaign, you know the overall fundraising to the Democrats is about on par, and it looks to me like Democrats are fired up to take out Trump.

PERINO: Do you think the media, Greg, has taken the Bernie Sanders candidacy seriously?

GUTFELD: You know how much I don't like to bash the media.


GUTFELD: I think they want to anoint the person who is going to win. And that's why they don't think Sanders is going to win. That's why they bumped him out for Hillary. The media chooses the Democratic candidate. That's a fact.


WATTERS: And they can't control Bernie's people.

GUTFELD: Yeah, they can't. Here's the thing. Trump makes all these candidates look like runner-up's at The Bachelor, right? They seem so much smaller. You know, you can hate Trump all you want, but you can't replace America's bad boy. And he is America's bad boy. He's Fonzie. And they are all patsies. And right now, these candidates are suffering from Trump oxygen depletion effect, which happened in 2016.

Trump walks into the room, sucks at all the oxygen, but he's getting an assist from the media. So what happens is you end up having to have Liz and Bernie mimic him in these attacks, because that's the only way they're going to get any oxygen --


PERINO: -- so the other thing that happened today is that Cory Booker, the Senator from New Jersey, he dropped out of the race. What you make of that?

COMPAGNO: Yeah. I mean the sad reality is if you are not in the top tier for these candidates, then the dropout is in it of itself a footnote. And if I could just comment on that cocoon infighting of Sanders and Elizabeth Warren --

GUTFELD: You mean the movie?

COMPAGNO: No, the two old people going at it. Yes, exactly, which is so tiresome and predictable that she put him on blast and then that he comes at her in that way to begin with, because that is reminiscent of the 2016 campaign. And just because she's more liberal than Hillary doesn't make her free -- you know off the market for attacking.

And I think he has that luxury of being the furthest left in the top tier. So he is going to use his ideology as a weapon on issues, substantively and then also of character, right, just like he did with Hillary. You have your Goldman Sachs speeches, and Elizabeth Warren, you've done your corporate work and whatnot. And I think that ultimately as she is fading, she is grasping at straws, planting things so that she puts herself in the story.

And likewise, he is pouncing on her weaknesses, but that the overall winner from that is going to be Biden.


WILLIAMS: Just one last thing before we go. I just think that tomorrow night, the big news is that Tom Steyer isn't in this. This brings us back to the power of money that Bloomberg has been pumping up. And now you see, according to Fox polls, you see Steyer, I think, at like 15 percent in South Carolina, 12 percent in Nevada, and suddenly, he is on stage. Now, it's going to be --


PERINO: And money is Trump's identity.

WILLIAMS: Well, money seems to me --


PERINO: Cory Booker proved that nice guys finish last.

WILLIAMS: Well, Cory Booker has been bitter about the idea that billionaires have brought their --


GUTFELD: He was my best impression. I had a good one.

PERINO: You had a good one. But you know what? You'll always have --


WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You can't stop the show now. Go ahead, Cory.

GUTFELD: He talks like he just had a hot slice of pizza, and so his mouth is on fire, and he needs a glass of milk.

PERINO: All right. Coming up, some Democrats privately admitting that Nancy Pelosi's Trump impeachment strategy has failed.


WILLIAMS: Nancy Pelosi ramping up her attacks against President Trump. It comes as she's expected to send over articles of impeachment to the Senate this week.


NANCY PELOSI, HOUSE SPEAKER: Let's be optimistic about the future, a future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House. One way or another, 10 months from now, we will have an election if we don't have him removed sooner. But again, he will be impeached forever.


WILLIAMS: The Speaker also not ruling out the possibility of issuing a new article of impeachment. And Pelosi continues to go after Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans. Take a look.


PELOSI: The leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has signed on to a resolution to dismiss the case, to dismiss the case. That, in his view, maybe --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But he's committed to having the presentations first now.

PELOSI: I am telling you that he signed on, on Thursday to a resolution to dismiss the case, the dismissing is a cover-up.


WILLIAMS: A cover-up. So Greg, how would you make this out, a cover-up is what she is saying. In fact, I think most Americans, and even most Republicans, say that if you don't have witnesses and documents that essentially it is a cover-up.

GUTFELD: No. Actually, you know what's funny. I love the fact that the Democrats are hiding the whole point of this, which is they wanted to score an impeachment as an emotional victory against daddy, right? Trump to them is daddy. And he is still there. But it never mattered if he was going to leave or go, because they wanted to punch daddy, because he is so mean to them.

We have to ask ourselves, as Americans, are we OK with a government who use their office to exact an emotional tantrum. We paid for this tantrum. How much of that tantrum cost on lost work and wages, all the drama. The bright side, though is for America, Trump is still in power, kicking ass with one of the greatest economies in world history.

And the media and the Democrats got what they wanted, which was an emotional payback, so it's kind of a win-win. On a separate note, I cannot get my shoes out of the Peloton Bike.


WILLIAMS: All right. So Emily, how would you rate her strategy? Because there was a Washington Post reporter who was on the air today, saying lots of Democrats are grasping that this strategy didn't accomplish anything.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. I think it is a failed transparent strategy that did nothing more than waste our tax dollars. And every step of the way was so obvious, especially by her own comments even when you saw it just there, where she says it's just a box to be checked. It's just so that we can have this label put on it. And I think the big issue facing Democrats and her now is the fact that this entire gambit has run out of steam.

And we saw that even at the height of their impeachment growing, we saw that the polls reflected that the Americans were exhausted by it. They were uninterested in it. And now, even more so, we have the situation in Iran. We have the Iowa caucuses coming just right around the corner. People do not care about this. And for some reason, it's just like -- remember Spidey (ph) in L.A. who -- they would continue to insert themselves because they wanted to stay relevant.

She is grasping at every possible topic to try to keep this thing relevant when the rest of the world knows that it's been a dead a long time.

WILLIAMS: Well, Jesse, let's go to the counter argument, which is, in fact, she has now put the focus on whether or not there will be a fair trial in the Senate with witnesses, with documents, or it's just McConnell saying you know what, I said he was going to be acquitted. I'm coordinating with the White House. It doesn't matter. What do you say, Jesse?

WATTERS: Because the House trial was so fair, Juan. That was the height of fairness. It doesn't get any more fairer, that trial than that, right? Of course, you thought it was fair.

GUTFELD: Compared to Kavanaugh --

WATTERS: Right, OK. To Emily's point, we used to lead the show for months on impeachment. Now, it's like halfway through. No one cares anymore. To Greg's point about who's your daddy, Trump is doing so much damage to the Democratic Party. He destroys them everyday on live television, on Twitter. He busts through the blue wall.

He is nominating a hell of a lot of judges. And this has got a great economy, outflanked among trade and wages, that's why they are so mad. They're hysterical. This whole impeachment thing was just a backup plan because Mueller failed. And then this failed because they did it all in the dark. Once it saw the light of day, everyone said, OK, never mind, let's move on. If you think about what she says, it's so predictable.

Give me everything I want. No, you're guilty of a cover-up. That's obstruction. But he released the transcripts, the most transparent thing you could do. And if you start asking questions to her, hey, what about the whistleblower or where's Hunter? That's the cover-up. They don't want you to know anything about the whistleblower or Hunter. So she's a complete hypocrite.

WILLIAMS: I see. So that's -- it's not the case that the President is trying to prevent John Bolton for testifying, hasn't released document -- OK, all right.

WATTERS: See you in court.

WILLIAMS: There you go. That's the strategy.

WATTERS: Hey, that's constitutional.

WILLIAMS: That's a slow walk strategy. All right, so Dana --

WATTERS: And one more thing.

WILLIAMS: Go ahead.

WATTERS: I heard a rumor about the slow walk strategy. The reason Pelosi held the articles was so that all the Senate Democrats running for president could go and do this debate in Iowa and they wouldn't get to miss it.

GUTFELD: That makes sense.

WILLIAMS: Fascinating. Fascinating.

WATTERS: And now they can do it and now they get to the trial.

WILLIAMS: Dana, getting back to reality, Dana, one of the things that you have here is that you have Senator Susan Collins of Maine now saying she's working with a small group of Republicans, possibly Murkowski of Alaska, Romney of Utah, maybe Gardener of Colorado, to say to Senator McConnell, there should be witnesses. We want to have witnesses. We want to have a legitimate trial.

PERINO: Well, it's just that the game is -- we already know how the game is going to end. So it's -- permission to make a sports analogy.


PERINO: OK. Waiting for these articles of impeachment to go over to the Senate for the trial is like watching the fourth quarter of the Chiefs- Texans game yesterday. They were up by 20 points. The Senate -- the Texans were dragging on and on and you knew how it was going to end.

So the commentators are just like -- well, basically, they're just talking about what they're going to have for dinner. Like they're going to have steak. Like, what are they -- what are they're watching on T.V., because we all know what's going to happen.

Even if Susan Collins is able to put together these four senators and get some witnesses. We still all know how the game ends. So in some ways, I feel like they should just cut their losses. I thought that what Nancy Pelosi was doing yesterday was signaling that he's impeached for the rest of his life. He's going to be impeached. I don't even need the Senate --

GUTFELD: That was the emotional damage.

PERINO: I don't even care about the trial. Once the trial gets going, we all know how it ends anyway. And she got what she wanted?

WILLIAMS: You mean, even if -- even if John Bolton comes and testifies, that in fact --

PERINO: I think they should be careful what they wish for. I think if John Bolton testifies, it will help the president.


WILLIAMS: Well, possibly it would hurt the president.

WATTERS: Wishful thinking.

WILLIAMS: OK. Shoot him on -- shoot a man on Fifth Avenue, doesn't matter for Republicans, apparently.

GUTFELD: What does that mean?

WILLIAMS: Coming up next, the White has taken major heat from climate change activists over a tweet, find out more next on THE FIVE.


WATTERS: Brand new examples of climate change insanity. The left freaking out after the White House tweeted this picture of the first snowfall of the year in Washington. Liberals were furious because the photo from January 7th was posted yesterday when temperatures hit 70 degrees in D.C.

And the climate hysteria gets even crazier. A climate activist is now calling for the extinction of the human race. Ready? "50 years ago, I concluded that the best thing for the planet would be a peaceful phase out of human existence. We're causing the extinction of hundreds of thousands of other species. With us gone, I believe ecosystems will be restored and there will be enough of everything. No more fighting over resources." I mean, he has a point, Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes. You know how much I hate people. But I -- you know, and I am -- I hate people and I'm pro-environment. So -- but they have two major problems these climate activists have to deal with. They don't tell the truth, and then the media refuses to fact check them. Instead, the media goes around chasing memes instead of actually fact-checking.

If a meme upsets you more than the mayhem in Australia, you got a problem. Right now, you can look at it as Australia. You can hear people on Twitter say blame it on climate change while they arrest hundreds for arson OK. You think the arson story would be the lead story when it comes to climate change? It's not because then you can't blame it on a climate skeptics.

You should be questioning why there are so many arsonists. It's because it's due to spectacle. It's just like mass shootings. It's encouraged because of the news.

WATTERS: And they don't do the controlled burns like they used to do and clean up all the dry brush. Juan, care to respond to that factual analysis?

WILLIAMS: Yes, yes. You know what, I can't believe what's going on in Australia.

WATTERS: It's sad.

WILLIAMS: And I don't think that arson started it, maybe they're chipping in.

GUTFELD: Hundreds of arsonists --

WILLIAMS: Chipping in, but that's not to say that's the origin. But I would say this. The thing about the snow meme, this reminded me -- I couldn't remember it but you and I finally got it together in the break, of Trump with the Medal of Honor where you replace the recipients head with the dog. And I said, you know, people just should be able to trust that the president, the White House, that the Press Secretary is putting out the facts. And instead, you guys said no, you're just being you know --

GUTFELD: It's hilarious.


WATTERS: Are you alarmed by a tweet saying that it was the first snowfall of all the year that went out on a different day on hot day?

GUTFELD: We should love this man for doing this.

WILLIAMS: You know what -- you know what alarms me? It's sloppiness. I don't think that Trump meant much by it, I just think that somebody -- by the way, I think it was the White House that put it out, not Trump. And I think it's what you see there's evidence of staff sloppiness and --

PERINO: Maybe it was stuck in the queue.

WILLIAMS: I don't -- well, whatever, but it was wrong and --

WATTERS: So it's Scavino's fault. It's Dan Scavino.

WILLIAMS: -- again, damages their credibility, Dana. And his credibility can stand much more.

PERINO: I don't think a meme about snow is going to damage the credibility. This is one thing I found kind of interesting. So you know those intelligence squared debates. It's like a Lincoln Douglas debate type thing. So there actually having a debate on whether nuclear power should be utilized in order to fight climate change.


PERINO: So why aren't we having a debate?

GUTFELD: No, it's proven.

PERINO: It's like why are we -- why do we even need to have a discussion about it.

GUTFELD: The cleanest energy.


WILLIAMS: Don't tell people in Japan.

WATTERS: Yes. Let's not start Gutfeld on a nuclear thing. We'll be here all day.

COMPAGNO: The Japan thing --

GUTFELD: (INAUDIBLE) for nuclear reactors.

WATTERS: He already solved a little squirrely because he's got a new haircut. Look at him. Can we get a touch out of the hair?

GUTFELD: I'm not sure I like it.

PERINO: He's trying to look like you.

WATTERS: Are you stealing my style, Gutfeld?

GUTFELD: You're away for a week, I thought I'd steal your hair.

PERINO: I like it.

WATTERS: Emily, what do you think about this one whack job here, not anybody at this table, the person that thinks that we should just all kill ourselves off the human race, so the world can live in harmony?

COMPAGNO: I mean -- well, I don't know -- even though I work in that any type of airtime, but I have so much to say about everything else. So first of all, the White House did was accurate on the Flickr account. They attributed the photograph, it was correct on the seventh, etc. And this is an another example of the prime freakout that everyone goes through at a tiny error, again, ignoring all the protesters in Iran, ignoring everything else is more import to say that this is some kind of evidence or example of the complete incompetence of Trump.

It was just an error. It's no big deal. But it's the fire -- the firestorm from that, that gives it so much weight. Speaking of firestorm, I just learned this weekend at the wombats in Australia are literally actively herding the animals into their fireproof homes because they live in deep dugouts. How cute is that?

WATTERS: The wombats save the day.

COMPAGNO: And then my final point, yes, is about Elizabeth Warren and her comment that the survival of the planet depends on who wins this presidential election. It belies her participation in the collective incompetence of Congress and the Senate and the public policy that she's been a part of since 1995.

Because she is basically saying that everything up until now hasn't worked, or that it was so effective that Trump eradicated at all which last time I checked -- why are you smiling like that?

WATTERS: I'm wondering if this is your final point.

COMPAGNO: I'm not going to state that anymore. My point -- my point which is that she's basically saying out of both sides of her mouth that the president is so important that everything else fades away even though she crows about balance of power, or that everything up until now has been worthless. So either way, it's drawing back --

WILLIAMS: Wait a second. Wait a second. Can we just -- can we just --


WILLIAMS: This is wonderful.

GUTFELD: I want to know more about the wombat.

COMPAGNO: They're really big. They become human-sized, wombats.

WILLIAMS: Are you all right?


WATTERS: The Queen -- the Queen breaks her silence on Prince Harry and Megxit. All that drama next.


COMPAGNO: Welcome back. Queen Elizabeth finally weighing in on the Megxit drama, and it looks like she is going to give Harry and Meghan what they want. The Queen is speaking out after a high stakes summit with the Royal families today. She says she is entirely supportive of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's future plans, but adds that there's more work to be done. And final decisions will be reached in the coming days. OK, Greg.


COMPAGNO: Meghan says that she will move to L.A. but only after Trump leaves office. And for someone that is this self-proclaimed equalizer of inequities in the world, is this just another example of hypocrisy?

GUTFELD: All right, part of me says that she's become gullible to the new wokeness, but my other part of me says that it might not be true. I think what they want is the wealth and fame without being tethered to pomp and circumstance, but they don't realize that it was the pomp and circumstance that brought them the wealth and fame.

You know, Royalty was the original celebrity before there was T.V., and movies, and sports. It was -- now, they want to be more famous than this. They want to be George Clooney. They don't want to be -- they don't want to deal with this. But I think you know what, I think they're looking at gift horse in the mouth, and I still can't get the shoes off my peloton bike.

So I think -- my point is this. The shoes on the peloton bike problem is more important to me than this story.

PERINO: Right.

COMPAGNO: Dana, the Queen talked about in that statement, I thought pretty carefully. You know, they've decided to take a step back from the royal family, but they will remain valued members of my family. What do you think about --

PERINO: I think that was actually -- that was a def statement. And I think the question P.R. people are better than the P.R. people that Meghan and Harry hired. They hired the people that dealt with Harvey Weinstein. That wouldn't not necessarily have gone with them.

And also I'm surprised it in the statement they still called them Prince and Duchess because like if you want to step back, then I think you relinquish the title. Also, they say one of the problems was in Britain that they had too much media attention. Well, do they think that getting a job in Hollywood and -- is going to change that? It's going to be even more so? Do they think they're going to get more favorable coverage? Maybe for like six months and then watch out.

GUTFELD: And it will be controlled. The Royalty, it's controlled.

PERINO: Absolutely.

GUTFELD: It's not controlled with TMZ.

WATTERS: Yes. So they're going to come here, the British tabloids, they're going to follow them to America.

PERINO: Yes, totally.

WATTERS: So they're going to get U.S. and British press. He's going to have an Alec Baldwin moment. He's going to sock a Paparazzi right in the face. You can see it coming from a mile away. He's also going to have to deal with traffic. He's going to have to deal with Fox News. He's going to have to deal with hecklers. He's not going to have to deal with any of that stuff in Great Britain.

GUTFELD: And there's no fox hunting in California.

WATTERS: That's true.

PERINO: And we're going to bring it back.

WATTERS: Yes. Also, Prince Andrew is got to be psyched right now. I mean, he was getting a lot of press, negative press for many weeks and this all of a sudden --

PERINO: Maybe this is not --

WATTERS: -- flows it right up.

GUTFELD: Maybe that was the strategy.

PERINO: Maybe somebody is threatening the whole thing.

WATTERS: You think so? I don't know.

PERINO: They were the sacrificial lambs.

WATTERS: Maybe because -- I don't know. Besides Trump and football, I like Brexit. I'm now fascinated by it.

PERINO: Megxit?

WATTERS: Brixit, Megxit, same thing. I like whatever's going on with these roles. I think it's hot.

GUTFELD: They're leaving the U.N.

COMPAGNO: All right, Juan, what do you make of this multi-national spectacle?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, we talked about this last week and I said I just think Prince Harry still traumatized by what happened to his mother and felt that the Paparazzi, the British tabloids, they just, you know, I think he holds them responsible for his mother's demise.

But I think the other part of this for Meghan is I think that she feels like there's been a lot of racism involved in the way the British press, the British tabloids have gone after her --

GUTFELD: Garbage.

WILLIAMS: -- raising the letter, her white father. And I think she thinks that going to Canada and to LA, it'll be -- it'll diminish again that race is component of the way the British tabloids have gone after her. She's tired of it. She doesn't think this is a good thing. And I think she knows that her husband is a sympathetic audience given his personality.

GUTFELD: It's so pathetic to blame people on because you're having a lousy time, oh, it's racism. I want to see the examples. The proof.

COMPAGNO: You guys, the Queen is 93. Why didn't they just wait a couple years and do this after? Like, why break her heart now? Why not wait for Charles' reign?

PERINO: I think that they've been planning this for a long time. If you see that last summer Prince Harry talking to Bob Iger of Disney suggests oh, did you know that Meghan is quite interested in doing voiceovers? He's like, oh really? Yes. And so they're trying to work that deal. So they were planning this for quite a long time.

WATTERS: Can we just give proper respect right now to Dana who predicted this very moment when these two people were going to move to North America.

PERINO: I did.

WATTERS: You picked it on the air.

PERINO: For my New Year's prediction, I said that they would move to North America. I was very clear, North America.

GUTFELD: So you had some inside info, didn't you?

PERINO: I didn't.

WATTERS: Yes. What did Peter tell you?

PERINO: No, I just -- I just read things. Although I just said the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl.

WATTERS: You read the tea leaves, right. I predicted the Packers to win the Super Bowl and they're still in it, so --

PERINO: OK, well --

WATTERS: I'm going to pat myself on the back for that.

COMPAGNO: There's a lot of predictions to be still confirmed and hadn't.

GUTFELD: I predict you're going to go to the break.

COMPAGNO: "ONE MORE THING" is indeed up next.


GUTFELD: Time now for "ONE MORE THING." I'm going to start first with a serious one. Roger Scruton died at 75 this weekend. He was a brilliant philosopher. He's written over 50 books. He's probably one of the greatest Conservative minds of the last 50, 60 years. In his final years, he was unfairly attacked by the New Statesman, which was a magazine. God, it has nearly ruined his career. And then Douglas Murray helped clear his name.

He was just a tremendous person. I would urge you to check out maybe How to be a Conservative and the other book, The Meaning of Conservatism, or the Soul of the World is another book. But there's so many books and he's just an amazing person. He will be missed. Jesse.

WATTERS: Well, my one more thing was almost an obituary. Did you hear about the mountain man who was stranded for a month in the Alaskan wilderness.


WATTERS: His name was Tyson Steele, killer name, a survivalist. He burned down his cabin accidentally when he put some, I guess what was it? I don't know. Cardboard in a wood stove.

COMPAGNO: He put cardboard on the fire.

WATTERS: Yes. So now 30 days, he's surviving on his own. Here he is speaking with Fox.


TYSON STEELE, STRANDED IN ALASKAN WILDERNESS: I was concerned with saving my dog and saving a few supplies to sleep in, and saving my food. And that was all I could use to survive.


GUTFELD: He's an adventurer.

WATTERS: Yes. So it was two degrees Fahrenheit. He survived for 30 days. And wow, it's amazing, amazing story. Thank God he's alright.

GUTFELD: We had to pay for that, you know. Dana?

PERINO: All right, well if you thought the Royal family feud was getting intense, wait until you see what's happening on Canadian Family Feud.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Name Popeye's favorite food.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Show me chicken.


PERINO: All right, so the question was, name Popeye's favorite food and she rings in chicken. OK, obviously it's spinach. The question, of course, got her though, $10,000 worth of chicken from Popeyes, of course, the favorite restaurant who really seized the opportunity but honestly --

WATTERS: $10,000 of Popeye's chicken?

PERINO: That's a lot of chicken. That's chicken.

GUTFELD: I loved it. That is a hell of a chicken dance, though. Her dance was adorable.

WATTERS: She thought she had it.

GUTFELD: Yes. I am so smart.

WILLIAMS: All right. so my family went to a minor league basketball game on Saturday night, the capital city Go-Go of the NBA's G League. And at halftime, four members of my family were selected for the half time dance- off. So take a look. I'm going to let you be the judge. This is Raffi.

WATTERS: Oh Raff. Oh yes.

COMPAGNO: He's great, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right, here comes my daughter Regan.

WATTERS: Oh, Regan.

PERINO: Yes, Regan.

COMPAGNO: She's pretty good.

GUTFELD: What game is this, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Next up, Tony.

COMPAGNO: Oh, my God.

WILLIAMS: And now, here comes my wife Delise.

WATTERS: Go, Delise.

WILLIAMS: Yes, all right.

GUTFELD: Wait, what sport is this?

WILLIAMS: Basketball, NBA Basketball.

GUTFELD: But wait, there's nobody there.

WILLIAMS: No, no. That's the back of the stand. It's an NBA G League game so you don't get a big crowd. But guess who the winner was, folks. Obvious ---


WILLIAMS: No, no, now. Mom, big mom Delise. The crowd went crazy for her. Now, last week, Jesse and Greg said they're going to have a dance-off. We might have to invite them to the Go-Gos.

WATTERS: Oh Greg. Let's see what you got, Greg.

GUTFELD: I'm not going to --

WATTERS: Let's see what you got.

WILLIAMS: Come on, Greg.

GUTFELD: You don't want to see what I got.

PERINO: I can't dance in front of that crowd.

GUTFELD: All right, Emily, it's up to you to finish this show with professionalism.

COMPAGNO: And aplomb.

GUTFELD: And aplomb, yes.

COMPAGNO: Which I shall do. So everybody knows Jimmy Johnson. He's such a famous coach and he helped lead the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins in the 90s and also credited with the third win under Barry Switzer in the 90s. But check out when he found out that he is making the NFL Hall of Fame.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're going to be the 328th Hall of Famer --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- in the Football Hall of Fame.

JOHNSON: This is so special to me because when you put in the work that we put in, it's nice to know people appreciate it.

WATTERS: What a guy.

COMPAGNO: Oh, he's very sweet.


COMPAGNO: Fifteen more seconds.

WATTERS: Wow! That was not a plum.


COMPAGNO: One day I will get it right. Congratulations.

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